Eleventh Regiment

The Eleventh Regiment
Albany Militia
Coxsackie and Groote Imbocht

From "Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York"
edited by Berthold Fernow

Extracted by Sylvia Hasenkopf. Please note that the lists below do not appear in the book in this way. There is an alphabetical list of soldiers in the book and these lists have been extracted from the list and compiled by Company. Bear in mind that individuals enlisted generally for short terms, a few months at a time and would reenlist, often in a different Company, although within the same Regiment. Greene County, at the time of the Revolution, was roughly split in half; the northern part was part of Albany County, the southern part was part of Ulster County. The Eleventh Regiment, however, encompasses the Coxsackie District and the Great Imbought. During the Revolution, no battle with the English took place in Greene County.

To extract the lists, I used the Regiment name (Van Bergen) as an indicator of the Eleventh. Consequently, I found 5 distinct Regiments, the Houghtaling (1st), the Van Schaick (2nd), the Dubois (3rd), the Witbeck (4th) and the Snyder (5th). Bear in mind that changes to the leadership of these regiments happened from time to time. Indeed, the 5th Regiment was originally led by David Abeel. Spelling during the Revolutionary period was often phonetical; wherever possible I included in brackets the probable known spelling of the name.

I found a Honeywell Company under the Van Bergen Regiment, however a scan of the names makes it clear that these men were not from the Albany/Greene/Ulster counties, consequently I did not include that list on these pages.

A final list of men is included, where the Regiment is listed as Van Bergen, however the company is not listed. This list is separate and MAY include men from the Honeywell Company.

The Militia companies were raised by the respective states and were not recognized as regular army. The Continental Troops fell under that category and their records are held by NARA (www.nara.org). Militia records were held by the State. Unfortunately, New York State suffered a serious blow when there was a serious fire at the Capitol in 1911, and the vast majority of the original records of the militia during the Revolution were lost. A few charred documents remain. Pension records for all troops, whether the Continental Army or the Militia were handled by the federal government and are held by NARA.

The Albany County Committee resolved on the 3d of May, 1775, to raise troops for the defense of the Colony and appointed on May 4th the following officers, subject to the approval of the Provincial Congress.

Colonel: Anthony Van Bergen
Lt. Colonel: Cornelius Du Bois
Ist Major: Ignatius Van Orden
(The above list of officers were reappointed June 20, 1778)

1st Company:
Capt. Thomas Hooghteeling
1st Lieut. Henry Van Bergen
2d do Rich'd Van Den Bergh
Ens'n Corn's Conine

2d Company:
Capt. Philipp Bronk
1st Lieut. Myndert Van Schaick
2d do Albert Van Loon
Ens'n Jochim Tryon

3d Company:
Capt. Sam'l Van Veghten
1st Lieut. John's Rows
2d Lieut. Jacob Van Veghten
Ens'n John Dubois

4th Company:
Capt. John A. Witbeeck
1st Lieut. Francis Salisbury
2d do Wessel Salisbury
Ens'n Barent Staats Salisbury

5th Company:
Capt. David Abeel
1st Lieut. Wm. Snyder
2d do Wm. Van Orden Durmond
Ens'n John Wigram

Changes in the Regiment:
June 20, 1778
Albertus Van Loan, Adjutant
Benj'n Van Orden Qr. Mr.
Leonard Bronck, 1st Lieut.  )
Jochem Trayon, 2d Lieut.    )  Myndert Van Schaick's Company
Peter Van Schaick, Ensign   )
Peter Van Bergen, Ensign, Witbeck's Company
Benjamin C. Dubois, Captain of the Company in his beat.
Jacob Van Veghten, 1st   )
Benjamin J. Duboism 2d ) Lieut.
John Persen, Ensign
Anthony Abeel, 2d Lieut.  )
Christ'n Meyer, Ensign       ) David Abeel's Co.

May 3, 1779 and October 21, 1779
Henry Van Bergen, Captain, vice Hooghteling, resigned
Richard Van Den Bergh, 1st  )
Cornelius Conyne, 2d            ) Lieut. (first mis-named Hardenburgh)
Peter Bronck, Ensign
Wm. Snyder, Captain, vice Abeel, resigned
2d Major John L. Bronck, re-appointed June 20, 1778
Adjutant: John Ten Broeck
Qr. Master: Hubartus Van Loon

Anth'y Abeel, 1st   )
Christ'n Meyer, 2d )  Lieut.
Fred'k Meyer, Ensign
John Person, 2d Lieut., Dubois' Co., vice Dubois, resigned

October 21, 1779
John Schenneman, Ensign, Witbeck's Co., vice Peter Van Bergen, cashiered

March 26, 1781
James Waldron, Captain                )  of a Company now assigned
Coenradt F. Ten Eyck, 1st Lieut.   )  to the 11th Reg't, formerly
Jacobus Moll, 2d Lieut.                   )  part of the 5th
Andrew Sitzer, Ensign                   )

James Bogardus, Ensign, Dubois' Co.
Anthony Abeel, Captain
Christ'r Meyer, 1st Lieut.
Abr'm Overbagh, 2d Lieut.
Jeremiah Overbagh, Ensign


Van Bergen Regiment Ė Houghtaling Company
1st Company

 Thomas Hoghtaling, captain

John Parsin, lieutenant (likely Person)
John Parson, lieutenant (likely Person)
Jocham Tryon, lieutenant
Henry Van Bergen, lieutenant
Jacob Van Vechten, lieutenant

Henry Bogardus, sergeant
John Corby, sergeant
Joseph Groom, sergeant
Henry Small, sergeant
Sw. Tallor, sergeant
Jacob Van Valkenburgh, sergeant

Phillip Bronk, corporal
Aaron Hendricksa, corporal (likely Hendricks)
Abrím Overpagh, corporal (likely Overbagh)
Wilhelmus Overpagh, corporal (likely Overbagh)
Nichís Goose, corporal (likely Goes)

James Begordus, ensign
John Van Schaack, ensign

Saml. Allen, private
John Barnett, private
Peter Begordus, private
Jacob Bogardus, private
Nanníg Bogardus, private
Wilhelmus Branda, private (likely Brandow)
William Brondo Jr, private (likely Brandow)
Ephraim Bronk, private
Jonas Bronk, private
Samíl Buskark, private (likely Buskirk)
Solomon Christyanse, private
Ephraim Comlin, private
John Corby, private
Fredík Dedrick, private
John Demorist, private
Luke De Witt, private
Barint Dubois, private
Benjín S. Dubois, private
Joel Du Bois, private
Lawrence Dubois, private
Wm. Emrick, private (likely Emerick)
Edward Groom, private
Joseph Groom, private
Gose Hairmancy, private (likely Heermance)
Wm. Hendricksa, private (likely Hendricks)
Gose Hermana, private (likely Heermance)
John Kaan, private
James Kater, private
Lawrence Market, private (likely Markel)
Jacob Newkirk, private
Walter Norris, private
Peter Ostrander, private
Clement Oberbagh, private
Peter Overbagh, private
Jeremiah Overpagh, private (likely Overbagh)
John Overpagh, private (likely Overbagh)
Garrit Parsin, private (likely Person)
James Patterson, private
Peter Reightmyer, private
Edward Roberts, private
Henry Romer, private
Henry Romes, private
Lawrence Salisbury, private
Peter Scut, private
Solomon Scutt, private
William Scutt, private
Dirick Severson, private
Fredík Smith, private
John Souser, private
Jacob Totten, private
David Van Bergen, private
Garret Van Bergen, private
Aurt Van Dyke, private
John Van Housen, private
Nichís Van Schaack, private
Teunis Van Slyck, private
Cobus Van Volkenburgh, private
Derík Van Volkenburgh, private
Casper Van Wormen, private (likely Van Wormer)
Cornís Van Wormen, private (likely Van Wormer)
Killian Winne, private
Lawrence Winne, private


Van Bergen Regiment Ė Van Schaick Company
2nd Company 

Myndít Van Schaick, captain 

Saml. Allen, sergeant
Jacob Bakeman, sergeant
Barent Dubois, sergeant
Dirk Van Valkenburgh, sergeant

Michael Knifer, corporal
John Overpagh, corporal (likely Overbagh)
Zacharias Snyder, corporal

Jonas Bronck, private
James Cater, private
Chass. Chause, private
Peter Dedrick, private
Jacob Palmer, private
James Patterson, private
Lodewick Predickman, private
Storm Rosa, private
Lawrence Salsbury, private (likely Salisbury)
Jeremiah Scham, private
Dirk Severson, private
Peter Shaddon, private
Christophel Shorfelt, private (likely Shufelt)
John Thorn, private
Dirk Van Slyke, private
Prince Van Slyk, private
Teunis Van Slyk, private
Abím Wills, private (likely Wells)
Michíl Winter, private
Henry Van Bergen, rank not specified

Regiment not listed Ė Van Schaick Company
(Possibly under Van Bergen Regiment) 

Flores Bancker, 1st lieut. 

Lodwick Snyder, ensign 

Hugh McMannes, private (likely McMannus)
James Padget, private
Will. Spotten, private
Naníg Van Der Heyden, private
Abrím K. Van Vleck, private


Van Bergen Regiment Ė Dubois Company
3rd Company 

Benjín Dubois, captain 

Wessel Salisbury, lieutenant
Benjín Van Vechten, lieutenant

Jacob Berkman, sergeant
James Bogardus, sergeant
John Gose, sergeant (likely Goes)
Jacob Leamin, sergeant (likely Layman)
Andíw Van Boskirk, sergeant (likely Van Buskirk)

Christyane Abram, corporal
Hendík Scherme, corporal

Christyana Myer, ensign
John Persin, ensign (likely Person)

Thomas Astin, private
John Barnett, private
Abím Bogardus, private
Hendík Bogardus, private
Jacob Bogardus, private
Peter Bogardus, private
Wm. Brandaw, private (likely Brandow)
Philip Brunk, private (likely Bronk)
Abram Cammer, private
Jacobus Carkel, private
James Chicister, private (likely Chichester)
Solomon Christinse, private
John Claw, private
John Claw Jr, private
Jocham Collier, private
Fredík Dedrick, private
Abm. De Witt, private
Luke Dewitt, private
Fredík Diedrick, private
Peter Diedrick, private
Joel Dubois, private
Lawrence Dubois, private
Andíw Ekclor, private (likely Eckler)
Jesse Ellen, private (likely Allen)
Felty Feero, private (likely Fiero)
Benjín Fralic, private (likely Freleigh)
John Fralic, private (likely Freleigh)
Silas Frumen, private
Nicholas Gose, private (likely Goes)
Joseph Groom, private
Jacob Hallenbeck, private
Jacob Hellinbeeck, private (likely Hallenbeck)
Jenry Lantfire, private
Clement Lemon, private (likely Layman)
Lawrence Markel, private
Jacob Newkirk, private
Matthias Out, private
Jerry Overbagh, private
Jacob Palmer, private
John Perry, private
Garret Persin, private (likely Person)
Jacobus Persin, private (likely Person)
Gysbert Schirp, private (likely Sharp)
John Schomaker, private (likely Schoonmaker)
Clemít Schram, private
Fredík Schram, private
Wm. Smith, private
Peter Tansa, private
Peter Tryon, private
Samuel Tutton, private
Samíl Van Baskirk, private (likely Van Buskirk)
Matthise Van Dyke, private
Joacham Van Platt, private (possibly Van Pelt)
Nichís Van Schaack, private
Tunis Van Slyck, private
Casper Van Whermen, private (likely Van Wormer)
Cornís V. Van Whermen, private (likely Van Wormer)
Nichís Wells, private
Philip Wells, private
Michíl Winter, private
John Wolfe, private


Van Bergen Regiment Ė Witbeck Company
4th Company

 John A. Witbeck, captain 

Francis Salisbury, lieutenant
Wessel Salisbury, lieutenant
Joacham Tryon, lieutenant

Jacob Acker, sergeant
Jesse Allen, sergeant
Ephím Bogardus, sergeant
Baurint Dubois, sergeant
John Goes, sergeant
John Gose, sergeant (likely Goes)
Casper Hellenbeck, sergeant (likely Hallenbeck)
Aaron Hendericks, sergeant
Jacob Lamen, sergeant (likely Layman)
Jacob Leaman, sergeant (likely Layman)
John Persin, sergeant (likely Person)
Peter Shadow, sergeant
William Smith, sergeant
Diedík Van Valkenburgh, sergeant

Peter Brandaw, corporal (likely Brandow)
John Overbagh, corporal
John Stenbergh, corporal (likely Steenbergh)
Peter Van Norden, corporal (likely Van Orden)

Peter Van Bergen, ensign

Ephraim Adams, private
Thomas Barkere, private
John Becker, private
Robis Bergerdis, private
Will Bory, private
Lodwick Brackman, private
Hendík Brandaw, private (likely Brandow)
Nichís Brandaw, private (likely Brandow)
Peter Brandaw Jr, private (likely Brandow)
Strom Bratt, private
Casper Bronk, private
Ephraim Bronk, private
Nicholas Bronk, private
James Cater, private
James Chichester, private
Solomon Christyanse, private
John Claw, private
Dierick Collejeine, private
Abím Commer, private
John Conley, private
Nathíl Cotton, private
John Cranks, private
Fredík Dedrick, private
Peter Dedrick, private
John Demire, private
Lawrence Dubois, private
Fredík Eycklon, private (likely Eckler)
Andíw Eycklor, private (likely Eckler)
Fredík Faklar, private (likely Eckler)
Henry Faladay, private
John Fiero, private
Leonard Fire, private
Benjín Fralic, private (likely Freleigh)
John Fralic, private (likely Freleigh)
Silas Framen, private
Benjín Frelic, private (likely Freleigh)
Benjín Freligh, private (likely Freleigh)
Jacob Goodchus, private (likely Goetschius)
Michael Hellenbeck, private (likely Hallenbeck)
Isaac Hellenbeeck, private (likely Hallenbeck)
Nichís Huss, private
Landert Inyer, private
Conradt Jansen, private
Thomas Jones, private
Clement Lamen, private (likely Layman)
Clement Lamen Jr., private (likely Layman)
Jacob Lamen, private (likely Layman)
Will Lamen, private (likely Layman)
Clemít Leman, private (likely Layman)
Wm. Leman, private (likely Layman)
James Millikin, private
John Moore, private
Gerardus Newkirk, private
Abím Oberbagh, private
Jacob Palmer, private
Robít Palmer, private
John Parie, private (likely Perry)
John Parrie, private (likely Perry)
Jacob Peley, private
Joseph Peley, private
John Perre, private (likely Perry)
David Plamer, private (likely Palmer)
John Plank, private
Michíl Plank, private
Jeury Plonk, private (likely Plank)
Abím Rose, private (likely Rosa)
John Rous, private (likely Rouse)
Abím Salisbury, private
Francis Salisbury, private
Lawrence Salisbury, private
John Schanemen, private (likely Schuneman)
Jacob Schermehorn, private (likely Schermerhorn)
Clemít Schram, private
Hendík Scut, private
John Shanemon, private (likely Schuneman)
John Shoemaker, private
John Schuneman, private
Hendík Smith, private
Nichís Smith, private
John Spoore, private (likely Spoor)
John Spore, private (likely Spoor)
Isaac Spow, private (possibly Spoor)
Jeremíh Steenbergh, private
Bastyane Stroop, private
Jacob Stroop, private
John Teller, private
Robert Thorn, private
Samuel Totten, private
David Van Bergen, private
Martin Van Bergen, private
John Van Low, private (likely Van Loan)
Jocham Van Pelt, private
Nichís Van Schaack, private
Tunis Van Slyck, private
Derík Van Valkenburgh, private
Isaac Van Valkenburgh, private
Nicholas Vosburgh, private
Henry Webber, private
John Webber, private
James Wells, private
Nicholas Wells, private
Philip Wells, private
James White, private
Michíl Winter, private
John Yeller, private
Eliab Youmans, private
Henry Young, private


Van Bergen Regiment Ė Snyder Company
5th Company 

Antíy Abeel, Lieut.


Van Bergen Regiment Ė Company not listed 

Cornís Dubois, lieut. colonel 

John Person, lieutenant 

Peter Bunt, sergeant
Jacob Burton, sergeant
Jacob Lemon, sergeant (likely Layman)
John Overbagh, sergeant
Zachaíh Snyder, sergeant
John Van Orden, sergeant
Peter Van Orden, sergeant
Abím Wells, sergeant

George Biggraft, corporal
Lodwick Brickman, corporal
Zachaíh Snyder Jr., corporal

Peter Bronk, ensign
James Bogardus, ensign
John Van Schack, ensign

Garret Abeel, private
Conrat Baut, private (likely Bont/Bunt)
Johannis Becker, private
Ephm. Brank, private (likely Bronk)
Jacob Brickman, private
Lodiwick Brickman, private
John Cain, private
Casper Cause, private (likely Couse)
Solomon Christian, private
John Clow, private
Peter Conine, private
Ephraim Conklin, private
Joseph Cook, private
John Davis, private
Christíl Deo, private
John B. Dumond, private
Will. Dumond, private
John Freligh, private (likely Freleigh)
Jerone Grant, private
Jacob Hallenbeck, private
Aaron Hendrick, private
Adam Hylton, private
Jacobus Kater, private
Fredík Martin, private
Stephen Marutt, private
John More, private
Henry Ostrander, private
Isaac Overbagh, private
Jeremíh Overbagh, private
John Parcey, private (Likely Percy)
Garrit Person, private
John Race, private
Thomas Race, private
John Rightmyer, private
Wm. Salisbury, private
Peter Scharm, private
Cornís Schermerhorn, private
Christír Schaufelt, private (likely Schufelt)
Benjín Sivell, private
Samuel Snow, private
Wm. H. Snyder, private
Zachíh Snyder, private
George Speed, private
Henry Speed, private
John C. Spore, private (likely Spoor)
Benjín Stenbrander, private
David Stenebrander, private
Thomas Van Bergen, private
John Van Orden, private
Peter Van Orden, private
Gose Van Schaaick, private
Peter Van Slytes, private (likely Van Slyck)
Derík Van Valkenburgh, private
John Ward, private
Abím Wells, private
Michíl Wenter, private (likely Winter)
Henry Wiley, private
Holmas Wolfe, private
Wilhelmas Wolfe, private
Jacob Wood, private
Ahasuerus Yeller, private
Hendrick Young, private

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