Drake Family Record

Drake Family 

Compiled from a Register of Family Records, similar to a ledger, located at the Durham Center Museum. The Register seems to be primarily in the handwriting of Priscilla A. Frost, circa 1870, although there are other records written in different handwriting.

Primary families: Drake, Frost, Tanner, Hollenbeck, Dean, Underhill, Hagadorn

Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Page 1:
Anna Dean b. May 25, 1768
Israel Dean
Marian Dean

Page 2:
Gerrardus Drake b. May 11, 1763
John B Drake and Katie
Peter Drake and Phebe
Hannah Drake and ? Hicks
Betsy Drake and Martin Stover
Sarah Drake and ? Deyo

Page 3:
Isaac Frost b. April 3, 1718
Mary Frost b. June 3, 1722
Children of Isaac and Mary Frost:
Anna Frost married Thomas Thadbolt
Sarah Frost married Benjamin Worden
Hannah Frost married Daniel Lawrence
Mary Frost married Thomas Stringham and had 10 children, the youngest Mary married Benjamin Sheldon
Rhoda Frost married Isaac Cook and James Baker
Elizabeth Frost married Obadia Powell
Ethelannah Frost married Jonathan Wright of Long Island
Obediah Frost married Underhill and Halsted
Mordecai Frost married Underhill and Weeks
James Frost never married
Solomon Frost married Anna Vail
Isaac Frost married Patience Haight of Nova Scotia
Jordon Frost was born February 11, 1754 and married Amy Underhill
George Frost was born March 11, 1760

Page 4:

Thomas Underhill was born
Mercy his wife
Children of Thomas and Mercy Underhill:
Sarah Underhill b. June 5, 1761
Mary Underhill married Halsted
Esther Underhill married Wm Cornell
Joel Underhill married Abigail Dean

Page 5:
George Frost b. March 11, 1760
Sarah Frost b. May 6, 1761
Children of George and Sarah Frost:
Ethelannah Frost b. January 31, 1783
Esther Frost b. August 4, 1785
Ivel Frost b. February 2, 1787
James Frost b. March 20, 1789
George Frost b. February 23, 1791
Daniel Frost b. February 22, 1793
Caleb Frost b. April 1, 1795
Stephen Frost b. May 25, 1797
William Frost b. August 24, 1799
Hannah Frost b. October 24, 1801
Mary Frost b. December 22, 1804

Page 6:
Gerrardus Drake was born May 11, 1763
Anna Drake was born May 25, 1768
Children of Gerrardus and Anna Drake:
Hannah Drake b. September 30, 1791
Mary Drake b. December 24, 1792
John B. Drake b. July 21, 1796
David Drake b. September 8, 1794
Nancy Drake b. April 12, 1798
Miriam Drake b. July 12, 1800
Isreal Drake b. October 13, 1802

Page 7:
Caleb Frost b. April 1, 1795
Miriam Frost b. March 12, 1800
Children of Caleb and Miriam Frost:
Anna Frost b. July 13, 1820
Edward Frost b. March 12, 1822
William D. Frost b. September 9, 1823
Catharine Frost b. April 24, 1825
Nancy D. Frost b. May 22, 1828
Jane Frost b. February 11, 1831
Sarah H. Frost b. June 15, 1832
Hannah Matilda Frost b. April 15, 1834
Eliza Frost b. August 12, 1835
Joel Frost b. January 3, 1837
Israel Frost b. July 11, 1838

Page 8:
Edward Frost b. March 12, 1822
Phebe A. Frost b. June 18, 1830
Children of Edward and Phebe Frost:
Priscilla Frost b. November 18, 1848
Sarah Rosella Frost b. October 10, 1852
Arthur C. Frost b. June 6, 1857
Libbie Matilda Frost b. June 13, 1859
Jane Miriam Frost b. April 7, 1868

Page 9:
George Frost and Sarah Underhill was married December 1781
Gerrardus Drake and Anna Dean was married November 13, 1788
Gerrardus Drake and Catharine Frost was married February 1808
Caleb Frost and Miriam Drake was married September 30, 1819
Edward Frost and Phebe A. Hagedorn was married December 30, 1819
William M. Clelland and Catharine Frost was married January 15, 1846
Emmor H. Haight and Anna Frost was married November 3, 1853
Edward Wood and Jane Frost was married January 3, 1854
John Drake Frost and Mary Jane Morham (sp?) was married November 29, 1854
William D. Frost and H. Ellen Tewksbury was married June 11, 1862
John Drake Frost and Phobe Sheldon was married October 10, 1860
Isreal G. Frost and Lydia Chadwick was married September 15, 1868
Emmor H. Haight and Matilda Frost married May 4, 1892

Page 10:
Gerrardus Drake and Anna Dean was married November 13, 1781
Children of Gerrardus and Anna Dean:
Joel Frost and Nancy Drake was married February 1816
Isreal Drake and Jane Palen was married (no dates)
Caleb Frost and Miriam Drake was married September 30, 1818 (1819)
John B Drake and Sarah Hollenbeck was married January 30, 1823
John B. Drake and Elizabeth B. was married January 1852

Page 11:
Phineas Lounsberry and Esther Frost was married January 1812
Joel Frost and Nancy Drake was married February 1816
James Frost and Agnes Smith was married May 1820
Isaac Hallbeck and Ethelannah Frost was married February 1823
Stephen Frost and Mary Williamson was married
William Frost and Sarah H. January 6, 1831
Caleb Frost and Miriam Drake was married September 30, 1819
George Frost and Mrs. Abigail Showerman was married March 1824
Daniel Frost and Amy Fish was married June 28, 1837
Enoch Hoag and Hannah Frost was married November 24, 1837

Page 12:
George Frost d. September 18, 1830
Sarah Frost d. October 5, 1834
Esther Lounsbury d. February 14, 1819
James Frost d. June 1, 1832
Mary Frost d. February 23, 1835
Ethelannah Hallack d. January 30, 1848
Stephen Frost d. February 15, 1850
Joel Frost d. October 13, 1854
George Frost d. June 25, (no date)
Hannah Hoag d. September 21, 1865
Daniel Frost d. October 16, 1874
William Frost d. January 14, 1878
Caleb Frost d. February 8, 1885

Page 13:
Gerrardus Drake d. January 14, 1827
Anna Drake d. June 12, 1806
Mary Drake d. August 14, 1796
David Drake d. August 22, 1796
Nancy Frost d. May 15, 1865
Mariam Frost d. May 29, 1861
Jane R., d. August 12, 1875, w/o Israel Drake
Hannah Drake d. January 16, 1871
Israel Drake d. September 4, 1878
John B. Drake d. April 2, 1880
Eliza J. Drake d. December 5, 1880
Mary Drake d. October 10, 1895, d/o Israel and Jane Drake
Sarah P. Rushmore d. September 28, 1902
John U. Rushmore d. 1904
Charles Rushmore d. April 21, 1915, s/o John and Sarah

Page 14:
Caleb Frost d. February 8, 1885
Miriam Frost d. May 29, 1867
Eliza Frost d. May 17, 1840
Joel Frost d. April 2, 1840
Mary Jane Mayham Frost d. November 22, 1858
James F. Wood d. February 26, 1860
Sarah H. Frost d. March 21, 1872
Anna F. Haight d. February 22, 1891
William D. Frost d. February 16, 1895
Edward Frost d. December 8, 1896
Phebe Ann Frost d. February 2, 1903
Israel G. Frost d. August 12, 1900
Edwin Wood d. October 23, 1902
Catharine Frost McClellan d. October 10, 1904
Emmor K. Haight d. September 24, 1893
Matilda Frost Haight d. March 20, 1905
Nancy D. Frost d. November 21, 1907
John D. Frost d. May 3, 1908
Phebe E. Frost d. November 9, 1908

Page 15:
Isaac and Maryís son:
Jordan Frost married Amy Underhill and his children:
Catharine Frost b. October 26, 1783, married Gerrardus Drake 1808, married Henry Hoag 1828, d. in 1869
Hannah Frost b. 1785, married Leonard White (child Anna White), married Niles Othneil Phelps
Jacob Frost b. 1787, married Merrbeth Drake, d. 1862
Solomon Frost b. 1792, married Anna Hoag
Isaac Frost b. 1795, married Sally Bear, children Melinda, Henry and Hannah M.
Othneil Phelps married Polly Fiero and had 2 children, George and Catherine and married Hannah Frost, 2 wife
George Phelps married Zewiah Potter, 1 wife, 2 children Bruce and Samuel
Bruce Phelps married Sarah Graham Van Buren
George Phelps married 2 wife Mary Chapman and had 8 children
Wallace married Lydia Palmer, 2 Cornelius Zelie
George was married ? , 2 Georgia Church
Helen married Isaac Stryker
Lucinda married Lorin Hay
Mary married Samuel Russell
Catherine married Samuel Irwin children 2
George married Anna Rushmore, their child Everett Irwn

Page 16:
Jacob Frost and Meribeth (Drake) child. Mary Hun
Amy married Peter Hollenbeck
Ambrose married Juliette Tabor and Martha Ritchmeyer
Rolla married Dorothy Tabor and Mary Burhans

Page 17:
Emmor K. Haight born September 26, 1813
Anna F. Haight born July 13, 1820
Children of Emmor K. Haight:
Yoemans Haight born December 22, 1840
Emeline Haight born August 16, 1842
Sarah E. Haight born August 4, 1845
Emeline Haight born November 8, 1847
Deaths: Henry Whitbeck killed his wife Emma Haight Whitbeck and then himself in Buffalo in March 4, 1906
Emeline Haight died
Sarah H. Haight died March 2, 1863
Yoemans Haight married Mary J. Story September 1, 1869 and died February 7, 1901
Emeline Haight married Henry Whitbeck October 25, 1876
Lizzie Haight daughter of Yoemans and Mary Haight died April 6, 1886
Yoemans Haight died February 7, 1901

Page 18:
William McCleland born January1 5, 184_
Catharine McCleland born April 21, 1825
Children of William and Catharine McCleland:
Anna Matilda McCleland was born September 5, 1848
William Edward McCleland was born May 3, 1850
Sarah Jane McCleland was born October 22, 1852
Married: George Gerald married Anna M. McCleland June 22, 1881, Died May 5, 1908
W. Edward McCleland married Mary Palmer May 23, 1894
Deaths: William McCleland died September 20, 1889
Catharine McCleland died October 10, 1904
William Edward McCleland died December 7, 1896
Children of Wm. Edward McCleland and Mary his wife
Births: Kathryn McCleland May 5, 1895
Robert McCleland October 29, 1896

Page 19:
Died: J. Sheldon Frost May 12, 1932 Albany, NY
E. Stanley Frost December 16, 1942 at San Diego, Calif.
John H. Alger October 20, 1915 Durham, NY

Page 20:
John Drake Frost born December 22, 1828, died May 3, 1908
Mary J. Frost born November 29, 1854, died November 23, 1858 (inconsistent with the following facts Ė SH)
Children of John Drake and Mary J. Frost:
Mary Jane Frost born November 2, 1858
John Drake and Phebe Sheldon was married October 10, 1860
Phebe S. Frost born October 12, 1826, died November 9, 1908
Children of J. Drake and Phebe S. Frost:
J. Sheldon Frost born December 1, 1864
J. Sheldon Frost and Dorothy Guild were married October 15, 1902
Married: Mary J. Frost and Hubert Alger (b. December 10, 1858) were married January 13, 1884
Born: Children of Hubert and Mary Alger
Ada M. born November 1, 1885
John H. born March 9, 1887
Married: Ada M. Alger and Orville D. Hull June 10, 1908
Born to Orville and Ada:
Blanch M. Hull April 27, 1910
Austin Lansing Hull March 28, 1912

Page 21:
Israel G. Frost of Medusa born July 11, 1838
Lydia C. Frost wife of Israel born ______
Children of Israel G. and Lydia C. Frost:
Florence M. Frost born December 22, 1870
Enoch Stanley Frost born September 28, 1876
Annie Frost born December 16, 1877
Florence M. Frost married Maynard M. Wey
Annie F. Frost married Hulbert Bond 1905
Born to Hulbert and Annie Bond twins:
Newton Frost Bond and Francis Morgan Bond July 14, 1907
Married: E. Stanley Frost and Maude May Marshall in Albany September 7, 1909
Died: Hulbert Bond January 31, 1941

Page 22:
Died: Charles Rushmore April 21, 1915 after an operation in Albany hospital
Children of John and Sara Rushmore:
Married: Charles Hattie Almey
Edward Emily Herrick
Anna married George Irwin September 5, 1894
Everett Phelps Irwin born October 12, 1895
Children of Charles and Hattie Rushmore:
Elizabeth married George Gretzer
George Rushmore Gretzer

Page 23:
Israel Drake born October 13, 1802
Jane P. Drake was born _________
Children of Israel and Jane Drake:
Sarah R. Drake born September 15, 1831
Anna Drake born March 19, 1833
Mary Drake born November 10, 1834
Adeline Drake born October 16, 1837
Adeline Drake died ____ 22, 1840
Anna Drake died July 22, 1840
Mary Drake October 10, 1895
Sarah P. Rushmore September 28, 1902
John Rushmore February 21, 1904
John N. Rushmore and Sarah P.R. Drake was December 28, 1859

Page 24:
Children of Phineas and Ester Lounsbury:
Betsey Ann married _______ Gulick (Grelick?)
Pernelia married John Gay
Sarah married Allen W. Daily
Children of James and Agnes Frost:
George (T. ?) married ________
Henry I. married Sarah Ann Gribner (1st) and Elizabeth White (2nd)
Daniel married Caroline Pierce
Sarah married Hiram York (1st), ______ Green (2nd)
Mariam D. (b. 1829) married ________Barringer May 10, 1878
Child of Isaac and Ethelannah Hallock:
Betsey Hallock died ______
Children of Stephen and Mary Frost:
George married ___________
William P. _______________

Page 25:
Children of William and Sarah Frost (Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co.)
Robert Frost married Nettie Louise Webber
Mary Ellen married George Berry
Joseph George married _____
Children of George and Abe Frost:
Phebe Ann married Robert McClelland
Stephen G. married Elizabeth Elizabeth Fairchild
William G.
Sarah Diana married Sewel Niles (Viles?)
Phebe Ann Ė Stephen Ė Sarah live in Iowa
Robert and Phebe have two sons
Stephen has one son
Sarah Niles (Viles?) has two girls

Page 26:
Copied from Mary Algers book:
Wm. Frost came from England sometime in 1600. Settled first in Boston then moved to Long Island. He had 2 sons, Wm and Wright.
Wm. son George married Anna Underhill who lived on Long Island. Samuel moved to Peekskill, West Chester Co., NY. Benjamin married Rosa Springer and moved to Nine Partners, Dutchess Co, NY. John went to White Plains, West Chester Co, NY. Isaac married Mary Cock of Oyster Bay, Long Island. Thomas- Rebecca Ė Hannah and Sarah all moved from Long Island. Wrights descendants, Caleb and Gideon lived on Long Island.

Page 27:
Isaac Frost was born 1717. He and his wife Mary lived in Dutchess Co. They had fourteen children, the youngest George Frost, born 1760 married Sarah Underhill. They had eleven children and they lived in Dutchess Co. All the children were born there. In the year 1805 they moved to Albany Co., town of Renseville (Rensselaerville?) where they afterwards lived and died. George was sick for thirty years before he died. One of George Frostís sons, Caleb Frost, born 1795, kept the old homestead and married Miriam Drake. They had twelve children. His oldest son Edward Frost married Phebe Hagadorn and had five children. Edward Frost was born 1822 and his only son Arthur was born 1857.

Caleb and Miriam Frostís children .
The oldest Anna born in 1820 married Emmor K. Haight in 1853 and lived in Green Co.
Edward born 1822 married Phebe Ann Hagadorn. Lived in Rensville (Rensselaerville?)
William D. born 1823 married Ellen Tewksbury. Lived in New Jersey.
Kate born 1825 married Wm. McClellen. Lived near Undella (Unadilla?), Delaware Co
John Drake born 1828. Married Mary Moham 1854. She died and he married Phebe Sheldon in 1860 and lived at Potters Hollow, Albany Co.
Israel Frost born in 1838 married Lydia Chadwick and lived in the old farm in Albany Co., Town of Rensville (Rensselaerville), New York. Israel Frost afterward moved to
Albany where he worked on the railroad and died in 1900 Aug. 12. leaving his wife and three children.

Page 28:
John Hagadorn born in Dutchess Co in November 1797. He married Hannah Lape and afterward moved to the town of Rensville (Rensselaerville) Albany Co., where they had nine children. The youngest George Hagadorn was born 1797 (inconsistent with fatherís birth date above Ė SH) and married Watie Tanner in 1823. They had five children. John Hagadorn and his wife were Dutch and he died in 1797 when George was five months old. George Hagadorn always lived in Albany Co. and died in 1858 of cancer on his face. His oldest son Arthur Hagadorn went to California in the year 1853 and his youngest went to California in 1860. His oldest daughter died and his next Phebe Hagadorn born in 1830 married Edward Frost and had five children. The youngest Elizabeth married Lorenzo Borthwick and had three children. They moved to Kansas in 1879 where Lorenzo died and his wife married Bennett Avery. Elizabeth Diana Hagadorn Borthwick Avery died July 25, 1902.

Page 29:
Some time in the 1600 Ė 17th century a little boy by the name if Tanner William Tanner was stolen in the streets of London as he was going home from school with a bible under his arm and put aboard a ship and taken to America and settled in Rhode Island. He grew to be a man and married a lady by the name of Mary. They lived and died in Rhode Island. They had three sons one of them was named John Tanner. John Tanner married and had sons and daughters. One of John Tannerís sons was named Job Tanner. Job Tanner was born about August 22, 1733. Job Tanner married Anna Sherman.

The above Job Tanner was my motherís grandfatherís father and I am Priscilla A. Frost January 1st, 1870, Medusa, NY

Page 30:

Job Tanner was born about 1740 Ė August 22, 1738- (G.C. Tanner record gives his birth April 5, 1740)
Anna (S. or I. or J.) Tanner
Children of Job and Anna Tanner:
Moses Tanner was born about 1763
Daniel Tanner was born ________
John Tanner was born ____________
Joshua Tanner was born about 1771
Sherman Tanner was born ______________
William Tanner was born ____________
Susan Tanner was born 1779
Waity Tanner was born 1782
Clark Tanner was born 1785

Page 30:
Job Tanner died March 19, 1813
Anna Tanner died May 3, 1828
Joshua Tanner died March 14, 1813
Waity Holmes died ____ 6, 1852
Clark Tanner died January 1860
Moses Tanner died May 1844
Katie, wife of Moses, died July 1843
William Tanner died _________
Bety, his wife, died April 1849
Diana, wife of Joshua, died November 29, 1803

Page 31:
Moses Tanner married Katie Sandford
Daniel Tanner married Phebe Dean
John Tanner married Enia Aget
Joshua Tanner married Diana Gifford
Sherman Tanner married Lucena Dean
William Tanner married Betsey Gifford
Susan Tanner married Abner Briggs
Waity Tanner married Augustus Holmes
Clark Tanner married Betsey Cline

Page 32:
Job Tanner married Harriet Talket
They had nine children
Julia married Alvin Devereaue
Welina married David Obrien
Harriet married ______ Mumford
Adeline married James Henyon
Elizabeth died
Philo 1st and 2nd died
Alvin married and had 2 children
Dewitt married twice had 3 children and died
David and Melina Obrien had 3 children Julia, Mary ad Dewitt
Julia married Addison Gifford and had son Dewitt and one daughter Rose Mary
Mary married Vernon Bates
David Obrien died
Melissa Obrien died January 23, 1912

Page 33:
Moses and Katie Tannerís children:
Elizabeth married Thomas Sinburg and Erq (?) Wincup (Wynkoop?)
Job Tanner married Harriet Talket
Anna Tanner
Santford Tanner
Ebenezer Tanner
Lydia Tanner
Isaac Tanner
Melina Tanner
Sabrina married Peter Ostron
Nelson Tanner died

Page 34:
Children of Daniel and Phebe Tanner:
Josiah married Betsy Earl
Polly married John Owens
Job married Polly Dellamatter
John married Betsey Whitman
Hannah married Asa Palmer
Susan married Leasom Mackey
Lucina married Leansom Beech
Sarah Ann married Ira Palmer
Hiram married Mary Done
Zilah Tanner died

Page 35:
Children of John and Enia Tanner:
Mary Ann Tanner

Page 36:
Children of Joshua and Diana Tanner:
Nancy Tanner was born 29th of July 1790
Abigail Tanner was born 20th of June 1798
Watie Tanner was born 25th of July 1802

Page 37:
Sherman and Lucena Tanner children:
Joshua Tanner

Page 38:
William and Betsey Tanner children:
Harry died
Diana Tanner died
Phebe Ann Tanner
William Ramson Tanner
Phebe Ann Tanner and Joshua Hall were married
Children of Joshua and Phebe A. Hall
Uriah married Elizabeth Parkhill
Elizabeth married Thomas Hagadorn
Ramson married Katharine A. St. John November 20, 1866
W.R. Tanner and Janet Niles (Viles?) were married
Children of Ramson and Janet Tanner:
Augusta E. Tanner died
Albertie D. Tanner was born 5 of January 1851
Bertie D. Tanner and Cornelia Waldron were married 1873, died June 16, 1930

Page 39:
Abner D. and Susan Briggs children:
Anthony Briggs
Job Briggs
Tanner Briggs
Elizabeth Briggs
Anna Briggs

Page 40:
Augustus and Waity Holmes children:
Samuel Holmes born 20 of July 1810 married Nancy M. Judg and live in Candon, NY
Rufus Holmes

Page 41:
Clark and Betsey Tannerís children:
Joshua married Nancy Mackey
Joshua Tanner died April 17, 1902 aged 88 years
Thurman died
Abert married Marila Mackey
Rufus married Deborah Owens
Ramson married
Densy married Harry Hubbard
Franklin died with small pox in 1838
Adison married

Page 42:
Jeramiah Gifford and Elizabeth Salisbury were married
Children of Jermiah and C. Gifford:
Abigail Gifford married William Head
Diana Gifford married Job Wate and Joshua Tanner
Joseph married Betsey Lounsbury
Betsy married William Tanner

The above Jermiah Gifford was my grandmotherís grandfather
Diana being my motherís grandmother
And I am P.A. Frost 1870

Page 44:
Children of William and Abe Head
Polly married Peter Been
Luvit Head married and had sons and daughters
Peter and Polly Been had seven sons and three daughters
William, John, James, Elvin, Daniel, Goerge, Edsel, Abigail, Eliza, Emeline

Page 44:
Job and Diane Wateís children:
Elizabeth married John Combs
Sally married Noah Norton and lived in Michigan
Joshua and Diana Tannerís children:
Nancy married John Done
Abigail married Henry Showerman and George Frost 
Watie married George Hagadorn

Page 45:
Children of John and Nancy Done:
Esther Charlotte Done died
Mary Done married Hiram Tanner
Syrus Done married
Ithaner Done married
Hiram and Mary Tannerís children:
Esther Tanner was born

Page 46:
Children of Henry and Abe Showerman:
Aaron Showerman
Henry Showerman died at sea
Children of George and Abe Frost:
Phebe Ann Frost married Robert McCleland
Stephen Frost married Elizabeth Fairchild
William T.
Sarah Frost married Sewel Niles (Viles?) (He was a widower with five children. Now she has two girls. They live in town.)
Sarah Frost Niles (Viles?) died 1879

Page 47:
George and Watie Hagadornís children:
Diana Hagadorn born 27th of June 1824
Arthur Hagadorn was born 29th of March 1826
Phebe Ann Hagadorn was born 18th of June 1830
Joshua T. Hagadorn was born 12th of January 1832
Elizabeth Diana H. was born 11th of April 1838
George Hagadorn was dutch his father died before he was one year old and his mother lived
to bring up the children.

Page 48:
George and Watie were married November 8th 1823
Children of George and Watie Hagadorn:
Arthur Hagadorn and Cornelia Cross were married 1856 Rensselaerville, Albany Co, NY
Edward Frost and Phebe Ann Hagadorn were married 8th of December 1847 in Medusa
Albany Co, NY
Joshua T. Hagadorn and Franke Johnson was married Owego NY
Lorenzo Borthwick and Elizabeth D. Hagadorn was married 21st of November 1860 in Medusa, Albany Co, NY

Page 49:
Arthur Hagadorn was born 29th of March 1826
Cornelia Cross was born ______________________
Children of Arthur and Cornelia Hagedorn:
Frank C. Hagadorn was born 8th of May 1858
Frank C. Hagadorn died in California March 1862
Arthur Hagadorn died in California September 19, 1883

Page 50:
Arthur C. Frost June 6, 1857
Minnie C. (Mackey) Frost
Children of Arthur and Minnie Frost:
Julia May, born August 10, 1893
Hazel, born December 15, 1894
Harold Arthur born June 12, 1900
Harold Arthur Frost died February 17, 1905
Arthur C. Frost died May 10, 1932, Medusa, NY
Frederick Cornwell died November 29, 1939 Cobleskill
Carlton A. Cornwell married Viola Van Houte, May 8, 1943
Hazel married Frederick Cornwell August 24, 1916
Carlton Arthur Cornwell born March 30, 1921
Julia M. Frost married Clinton Rivenburgh October 9, 1914
Children of Clinton and Julia:
Harold C. born April 17, 1916
Horace A. born August 2, 1918
Paul born November 26, 1920
Elizabeth Jane born November 26, 1922
Clinton A. born January 27, 1930
Horace A. Rivenburgh married Sally Lyall February 13, 1942
Son, John Clinton Rivenburgh born May 20, 1943
Elizabeth Jane Rivenburgh married Robert James Farmer October 18, 1941
Daughter, Susan Ann Farmer born August 25, 1942

Page 51:
Edward Frost was born 12th of March 1822
Phebe A. Frost was born 18th of June 1830
Children of Edward and Phebe Frost:
Priscilla Frost was born 18th of November 1848
S. Rosella Frost was born 10th of October 1852
Arthur C. Frost was born 6th of June 1857
Libbie M. Frost was born 13th of June 1859
Jane M. Frost was born 7th of April 1868
The above were all born in the town of Rensselaerville, Albany Co, NY
Alida M. Frost wife of Arthur C. Frost died November 1, 1887
S. Rosella Frost died May 17, 1888
Ramsom Arnold died January 19, 1891
Edward Frost died December 8, 1896
Hiram Dietz died October 1, 1901
Phebe Ann Frost died February 2, 1903
Priscilla F. Dietz died September 4, 1918

Page 53:
Page 386
Colonial History
State of New York
State Archives Ė Vol. 1
John Hagadorn, American Rev.

Elizabeth M. Utter joined the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution April 12, 1924
National Membership number 198505
Member of Gansevoort Chapter Albany, NY

Jane Miriam Frost Niles
Membership number of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution 189305, April 14, 1923
Member of Lawasentha Chapter, Slingerland, NY

Elizabeth M. Utter
Jane Miriam Frost Niles (Viles?)
Daughters of Phebe Ann Hagadorn and Edward Frost

Phebe Ann Hagadorn daughter of George Hagadorn and Watie Tanner
George Hagadorn son of John Hagadorn and Hannah Lape

John Hagadorn a Revolutionary soldier. Buried in the cemetery on the Hagadorn farm which was in the family over 150 years. 1 Ĺ miles north of Medusa.

This is the way the tombstone is marked:
John Hagadorn
Nov. 30, 1797
Aged 50 yís19dís
John and George Hagadorn and wife were removed to Medusa 1936.

Page 53:
Lorenzo Borthwick was born Feb. 19, 1839
Elizabeth D. Borthwick born 11 of April 1838
Children of Lorenzo and Libbie Borthwick
Edward Borthwick 30th of September 1861
Frank Borthwick 17th of December 1865
Libbie Borthwick 18 July 1872
Daisey E. Borthwick 18 July 1872
Elizabeth Borthwick 18 July 1872
Lorenzo Borthwick died April 19, 1886
Elizabeth Borthwick Avery died July 25, 1902
Frank H. Borthwick died September 30, 1943 at Oberlin, Kansas

Page 54:
Bassettville, Kansas
Children of Frank and Ellen Borthwick:
Lorenzo Borthwick February 1, 1889
Tommy Borthwick born June 16, 1893, died July 21, 1901
Willie Borthwick born July 26, 1895
Mary Borthwick April 9, 1898
Edna Borthwick born August 30, 1901
Francis Leonard born July 1910

Page 55:
Priscilla A. Frost and Ransom Arnold were married September 9, 1884
Ramon Arnold died January 19, 1890
Arthur C. Frost and Alida M. Evory was married December 20, 1886
Alida E. Frost died November 1, 1887
Arthur C. Frost and Minnie C. Mackey were married October 9, 1889
Priscilla F. Arnold and Hiram Dietz were married February 17, 1892
Hiram Dietz died October 1, 1901
Jane M. Frost and Samuel Niles (Viles?) were married January 22, 1896
Libbie M. Frost and James L. Utter were married December 19, 1901
James L. Utter died June 16, 1904
Libbie M. F. Utter died June 21, 1947
Frank H. Borthwick and Ellen were married September 18, 1887, Selden, Staindan (possibley Sheridan) Co., Kansas
Daisy E Borthwick and Ambrose Slaven (born March 16, 1861) were married January 26, 1890 in Oberline, Kansas
Children of Ambrose and Daisy Slaven:
James Ambrose Slaven December 4, 1890
Hannah Agnes Ellen July 12, 1892
John Paul December 24, 1893
Francis Earl October 30, 1895
Edna January 27, 1908
Lorenze July 1910 Lenoeons
Mildred Mabel Maud born July 1912

Page 56:
Agnes Slaven married Francis Mulhern in the church Selden, Sheridan Co. Kansas
Francis and Agnes Mulhern children:
Edward Borthwick and Elizabeth Agnes Jartman (Joitman?) married December 23, 1915 by M.E. Swigait in the church of the Brethern(?) at Germantown, PA
Edward Borthwick died August 2, 1926 in Palmyra, PA

Page 57:
Ambrose and Daisy Borthwick Slaven Children:
James Ambrose December 4, 1890
Hannah Agnes Ellen July 12, 1892
John Paul December 24, 1893
Francis Earl October 30, 1895
Edna January 27, 1908
Lenoreous July 1910
Mildred Mabel Maud July 1912

Page 58:
John Hagadorn died March 8, 1885
Cnythia wife of John Hagadorn died March 1st 1872
Hannah Russell Hinsley February 12, 1869
John Russell, son of Hannah, died at Shortsville, Ontario Co, NY of Typhoid fever on Thanksgiving 1874
He left a wife and three children. His oldest a boy of about four years died a few weeks after he died of the same fever. The two youngest are girls, Eve and Maud.
John Russell married Mary Smith and had one son then married Harriet Sheffield of Manchester, Ont. Co, NY
Cornelius Dubois died 16th of September 1876
Betsey Hagadorn Dubois died in March 21, 1891

Page 59:
John Hagadorn was born 11th of November 1747
Hannah Lape was born 1st of May 1752
Children of John and Hannah Hagadorn:
Jacob H. was born 12th of February 1775
Thomas H. was born 12th of June 1778
Catharine H. was born 24th of October 1779
Peter Hagadorn was born 1786
John Hagadorn was born July 14, 1785
Margaret H was born 1793
Hannah H was born 1790
George Hagadorn was born 6th of July 1797

Page 60:
John Hagadorn and Hannah Lape were married 29th of December (no year given)
Children of John and H. Hagadorn:
Thomas Hagadorn and Zillal Dean were married 1803
Peter Hagadorn and Nancy Taylor were married
John Hagadorn and Dorcas Brown were married 1808
Margaret Hagadorn and Henry Been married
Hannah Hagadorn and William Denton were married
George Hagadorn and Watie Tanner were married 8th of November 1823
Thomas Hagadorn married Christaina Cline for his 2nd wife

Page 61:
Samuel H. Russell died January 25, 1854, aged 50 years 3 mo. 12 days
Hannah H. Russell (died) February 12, 1869 aged 64 yrs 11mos 2days
Silas Russ died March 10, 1904
Zillah Russell Russ died May 25, 1922
Elizabeth C. Russell died March 25, 1933

Page 62:
Thomas Hagadorn was born 12th June 1778
Zilah Hagadorn was born 1881 (1781?)
Children of Thomas and Zillah Hagadorn:
Hannah Hagadorn was born 10th of March 1884 (1804?)
Betsey Hagadorn was born 21st of September 1806
John Hagadorn was born 23rd of June 1808
Samuel Russell and Hannah Hagadorn was married 7th of October 1831
Betsey Hagadorn and Cornelius Dubois was married 15th of February 1855
John Hagadorn and Cynthia Wilber were married 1st if June 1831
Samuel and Hannah Russellís children:
Thomas Andrew died
John born 1st of March 1837
Zilah was born 7th of June 1839
Elizabeth C. was born 4th of March 1844
Samuel Hingsley and Hannah H. Russell were married 21st of October 1866

Page 63:
John Hagadorn was born June 23rd 1808
Cynthia W. Hagadorn was born 1st January 1811
Children of John and Cynthia Hagadorn:
Wilber H. was born 16th of July 1832
Thomas H. was born 25th April 1837
Thomas H. died December 17, 1911
Zilah H. was born December 1843 and died 2nd of May 1847
Wilber Hagadorn and Mary J. Dempster was married 1857
Children of Wilber and Mary Hagadorn:
Mary Hagadorn died
Webster born April 1857
Victor, February 19, 1864
Thomas Hagadorn and Elizabeth Hall was married December 27, 1860
Children of Thomas and Libbie Hagadorn:
Arthur J. Hagadorn was born April 20, 1865
Arthur J. Hagadorn died 1884, December 5
Bertie Hagadorn born 17th of April 1868, died November 1932
Bertie Hagadorn married N. Miller June 25, 1890
Guy Miller born June 13, 1891

Page 64:
Peter Hagadorn was born 1786, died 1863
Nancy Hagadorn was born
Children of Peter and Nancy Hagadorn:
Lanson, Anna McFarland, children George, Peter, Andrew, Zillah, Eliza Jane
Sally Ann H. married Gilbert Post
Polly Hagadorn married George Borthwick
Eliza Hagadorn married B. Fullington
Isabelle married Asa Borthwick
John Henry married Malvine Talerday
Mary Ann married Clark Tiffany
James Hagadorn married Emeline Bush, born 1831, June 23, died 1912, June 27
Two children: Amelia and Frank
Jacob Edward Hagadorn died

Page 65:
John Hagadorn was born died aged 65
Dorcas Hagadorn was born
Children of J. and D. Hagadorn:
The above all live in Michigan
All farmers except Charles
Wm. Hagadorn, South Lyon, Oakland Co., Michigan

Page 66:
Henry Been was born 18th of November 1787
Margaret Been was born
Children of Henry and Margaret Been:
George Ashley Been died
Ann Been married Harry Spalding
Children of Harry and Ann Spalding:

Page 67:
William Denton was born
Hannah Denton
Children of William and Hannah Denton:
Margaret married

Page 68:
George Hagadorn was born 6th of July 1797
Watie Hagadorn was born 25th of July 1802
Children of George and Watie Hagadorn:
Diana was born 27th of June 1824
Arthur was born 29th of March 1820
Phebe Ann was born 18th of June 1830
Joshua T. was born 12th of January 1832
Elizabeth D. was born 11th of April 1838

Page 69:
John Hagadorn married Cynthia Wilber 1st of June 1831
John Hagadorn married Elizabeth Wikey 2nd 1873
Children of John and Lizzie Hagadorn:
John Hagadorn Jr. born April 1875 and died October 1875
Norman Hagadorn born 1877
Cynthia Hagadorn born 1879

Page 70:
Hagadorn Family Record
From: Francis T. Hagadorn, 323 Forest Ave, NY City
Christopher Van Hagadorn and his three sons, William, Peter and Hendricks came to America in 1709. They with other Germans founded the village of Germantown, Columbia County, New York in 1728.

Their son Peter was father to John Hagadorn who came to the town of Rensselaerville to live.

John Hagadorn born November 11, 1747 died November 30, 1797, married Hannah Lape who was born May 1, 1752, died Jan 16, 1832. They had eight children the youngest, George was born July 6, 1797. He was five months old when his father died. George Hagadorn married Watie Tanner born July 25, 1802, who had five children. Arthur and Joshua, sons of George died in California and did not leave any children.

John Hagadorn born in 1747 died in 1797, served in the Revolutionary Army in Capt. Jacob John Lansings Company. Col. Morris Graham 63, N.Y. Regiment.

Peter Hagadorn, naturalization papers dated Feb. 7, 1715.

Page 71:
Same transcription as page 70, however written in a different handwriting.

Page 72:
John Hagadorn died 30th of November 1797, aged 50 yrs 19d
Hannah Hagadorn died 16th of January 1832, aged 79 yrs 8 mo 16 d
Children of John and Hannah Hagadorn:
Thomas Hagadorn died 16th of May 1853, aged 74 yrs 11mo 4 d
Zilah Hagadorn died 7th of November 1833, aged 52 yrs 6 mo 27 d
Jacob Hagadorn died 20th of February 1846, aged 71 yrs 8 mo
Catharine Hagadorn died 24th of August 1843, aged 63 yrs
John Hagadorn died in Michigan April 26, 1851, aged 65 yrs
Peter Hagadorn died Dec 13th 1863, aged 77 yrs
Margaret Been died Christmas, Dec 25, 1862
Henry Been died 14th of September 1859, aged 71 yrs 9 mo 6 d
George Hagadorn died 1st of October 1858, aged 61 yrs 2 mo 24 d
Hannah H. Denton died 1871, aged 81 yrs
Wm. Denton died in 1891, aged 93 yrs
Nancy T. Hagadorn wife of Peter H. died in 1871
Christaina Hagadorn, 2nd wife of Thomas Hagadorn, died January 3rd, 1872 , aged 88 yrs 11

Page 73:

George Hagadorn died 1st of October 1858
Watie Hagadorn died 13th December 1872
Children of George and Watie Hagadorn:
Diana Hagadorn died 9th of January 1825
Frankie, wife of Joshua Hagadorn died in California
Arthur Hagadorn died in California September 20, 1883
Joshua Hagadorn died in California
Frankie, only son of Arthur and Cornelia Cross Hagadorn died in California
Phebe Ann (Hagadorn) Frost died February 2, 1903
Elizabeth Borthwick Avery died 1902 Ė July 25
Cornelia Hagadorn died 1924 Dec 21, age 96 years at Rhinebeck, N.Y.

Don Kearns (enoch111@msn.com) writes on Sept 01, 2001:
Sarah Frost left Rensselaerville and lived some years in Walworth Co, WI, before she married J.S. Viles at her sister's home in Tipton, IA, in 1860. J.S. Viles was born in Somerset County, ME, but he and many of his family migrated to southern Wisconsin in the same area that George and Abigail Frost eventually took their family.

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