Deed Keller Estate and Charles McWilliams 1858

Deed between the Executors of the Estate of Jacob Keller and Chalres McWilliams - 1858

Contributed by  Steve Henry

Greene County Courthouse, Liber 55, page 11

This Indenture made this first day of September one thousand Eight hundred and fifty eight between George Wickes & Walker Nobel Executors of the last will & testament of Jacob H. Keller deceased of the first part and Charles McWilliams of Cairo in the County of Greene & State of New York of the second part.  Witnesseth that the said parties of the first part for and in consideration of one dollar to them duly paid by the said part of the second part have bargained sold remised and quick claimed and by the presents do bargain sell remise and quick claim unto the said party of the second part and to his heirs and assigns forever.  All that certain piece lot or parcel of land situated in the town and Village of Cairo County of Greene and State of New York being the Tavern St and lately occupied by John H Person.  The boundary line commencing on the North side of the Susquehanna Turnpike road near the old sign post where it stood in 1824 and runs from thence north seventy thee degrees West three chains to the corner of the Shinglekill bridge as it was in 1824.  Thence north nine degrees East one chain and forty seven links to a cotton wood on the banks of the Shingle Kills.  Thence north seventy six degrees East two chains to a stake and stone on the West side of the road leading from Cairo to Freeholds.  Then South twenty five degrees East two chains eighty links to the place of beginning, containing one fourth part of an acre of land subject to the right of Ira T. Day, if any right he has to the use of the water from the Penstock etc.  Together with all the Estate right title interest claim and demands whatsoever, both in land & Equity which Jacob H. Keller the said Testator had in his life time and at the time of his decease, and which the said parties of the first part or either of them have or hath by virtue of the said last will & testament or otherwise of in & to the same and every part & parcel thereof.  This conveyance is made by the parties of the first part under & in pursuance of the provisions of a judgment order or decree of the supreme Court of the State of New York in a certain action in the said Court wherein Charlotte Dexter an infant by Horatio L. Day her next friend & guardian and the said parties of the first part were plaintiffs and Bester Dexter & others were Defendants which said order or degree bears date the 14th day of June AD 1858.  With the appurtenance and all the estate title and interest therein of the said parties of the first part as such executors as aforesaid as otherwise.  In witness where the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

Geo Wickes  LS

Executors of the Last Will & Testament of Jacob H. Keller deceased

Walker Noble  LS

Sealed and delivered in the presence of

George W Meads

State of New York Greene County foresaid.  On this Sixth day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight before me the subscriber appeared George Wickes & Walker Nobel executors of the last will & testament of Jacob H. Keller deceased to me personally known to be the same persons described & Executors in and who executed the within instrument and acknowledged that the executed the same as such executors as aforesaid for the uses and purposes therein mentioned

                        George W Meads
Justice of the Peace

Recorded  September 15, 1858 11 h A.M.
J A Cooke Clk

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