Deed Keller Couse Kelderhouse 1821

Deed between Jacob Keller and John Couse and Jeremiah and Lydia Kelderhouse - 1821

Contributed by  Steve Henry

Greene County Courthouse, Liber F, page 16-17

To all to whom these presents shall come Whereas Jacob H. Keller did make and execute to John Couse a Warrantee Deed of the following described Real Estate lying and being in the Town of Cairo and in the County of Greene and State of New York  Viz. One equal undivided half part of one hundred acres of land bounded as follows  Beginning at the south east corner of a lot of land the property of Benjamin Halenback thence south eighty nine degrees west 44 chains & seventy three links thence south one degree east twenty two chains & thirty six links to a hemlock tree market  ITW thence north 89 degrees east 44 chains & 73 links to a stake & stones near a chestnut tree marked ST W C Thence north one degrees west 22 chains & 36 links to the place of Beginning.  And whereas John Couse conveyed the same to Jeremiah Kelderhouse and the said Jeremiah Kelderhouse conveyed the same as it is said to Lydia Kelderhouse.  And whereas Abraham Vanderhoof did institute a suit in Ejectment for part of the said premises & recorded the same aforesaid whereas the said John Couse Jeremiah Kelderhouse & Lydia Kelderhouse have for a valuable consideration agreed to release & forever discharge him the said Jacob H Keller from all the covenants mentioned the said Deed of indenture & Warranty made & executed to the said John Couse & to that end & for that purpose this Instrument is given meaning however not in any way to effect the effect the convey as was given for the other one equal undivided half of said one hundred acres of land  Now therefore know ye that we John Couse Jeremiah Kelderhouse & Lydia Kelderhouse for and in consideration of Two Hundred & fifty Dollars to us in hand paid by him the said Jacob H Keller the receipt hereof hereby acknowledged Have & Do by these presents forever release and discharged him the said Jacob H. Keller from all interest claim and demand that was ever or might have by reason of the accounts of the Covenants contained in the said Deed of Warranty from him the said Jacob H. Keller to the said John Couse and also from said John Couse to Jeremiah Kelderhouse & from said Jeremiah Kelderhouse to said Lydia Kelderhouse.  In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand & seals this eighth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred & twenty-one

Sealed & Delivered in presence of                                                John Couse  LS
Hezekiah Dayton                                                                        Jeremiah Kelderhouse   LS
Cornelius Lee                                                                                            her
John Stoddard                                                                               Lydia    X    Kelderhouse   LS

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