Deed Howard Lockwood and Ingersall

Deed between Henry Howard, Horatio Lockwood
and John Ingersall

Transcribed and contributed by Jackie Towner

This indenture made this 15th day of November 1855 between Henry Howard of the town of Hunter, county of Greene, state of New York of the first part and Horatio S Lockwood and John F. Ingersall of the town, county and state above written of the second part witness that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of  forty-five dollars to him duly paid by the said party of the second part, has bargained, sold, revised and quit claims and by these presents do bargain, sell, remise and quit claim unto the said party of the second part, in his actual possession now being, and to his heirs and assigns forever. All that certain piece of land in the town of Hunter aforesaid known as lot no. one hundred twenty five (125) in great lot no. 23 of the Hardenburgh Patent town of Hunter aforesaid which is bounded as follows, beginning at the beech tree at the s. east corner of lot 119 on the line of the said great lot marked # 51?, thence along the said line of great lots no. 23 and 24 south 35 degrees west, 40 chains to a beech tree carved and marked #6, thence along the line of lot no. 131, north 55 degrees west 35 chains, 25 links to the southeast corner of lot 124, thence along the same, north 35 degrees east 40 chains to the s west corner of said lot no. 119, thence along the line of no.119, south  53 degrees east 35 chains 16 links to the place of beginning containing one hundred and forty and 9/10ths acres be the same more or less, with the appurtenances, and all the estate, title and interest therein of the said party of the first part, and the party of the first part agrees to give the party of the second part, their assigns, their heirs or agents free, full, and peaceable possession of the said property on or before the first day of December next. In witness whereof, the said party of the first part has herewith set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Sealed and delivered in presence of                                Henry Howard

State of New York

Greene County

On the fifteenth day of November 1855 before me the subscribed ------?

Appeared Henry Howard who acknowledged that he executed the within instrument  -------?

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