Deed Charles Abrams and Rosella Abrams

Deed between Charles Abrams and Rosella Abrams

Contributed by Gary Abrams

            T  H  I  S     I  N  D  E  N  T  U  R  E   ,   Made  the  22nd,  day  of  June  in  the  year of  our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and three   BETWEEN  Charles F.  Abrams  of  city  and county  of Schenectady  N.  Y.  party of  the  first  part, and  Rosella  E.  Abrams,  his  wife, of  the  same place, party  of  the second  part WITNESSETH  That  the  said  party of  the  first part, in consideration  of   the sum of  One  dollar and other consideration ($1.00)  to  me in hand duly paid has sold and  By these presents doth grant and convey to the said party of the second part her heirs and assigns, A L L  that track or parcel of land situate in the town of Cairo  County of Greene and State of New York, and bound as follows, on the north by the lands of Jones Brothers, on the east by the Catskill creek and the south by lands of Leroy Goodrich and on the west by  the Susquehanna turnpike, being a plot of land about one half acre, with the buildings hereon.  Being the same premises conveyed to the party of the first part by deed by one James Duncan. 

WITH THE APPURTENANCES and all estate, title and interest therein of the said part___ of the first part.   And the said party of the first part does hereby convey and agree to and with the said party of the second part, her heirs and assigns that the premises thus convey in the quiet and

peaceable possession of the said party of the second part her heirs and assigns forever & will forever warrant and defend against any whomsoever lawfully claiming the same or any part thereof. 

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF,   The said party of the first part has hereunto set his hands and  seal the day and year first above written.

In presence of Charles F. Abrams, L.  S.
George H. Smith

County   of   Schenectady     : SS
City     of    Schenectady       )

                                    On this 22nd, day of June in the year one thousand and three before  me,   the subscriber personally appeared  Charles F. Abrams, to me personally known to be the same person described  on  and  who  executed the  foregoing   instrument  and he duly acknowledged to me that  he executed the same.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            George H. Smith
   Notary Public

STATE   OF   NEW YORK           )
                               : SS
Schenectady County Clerk’s Office )

                                                I  James B. Alexander Clerk of   the   county of    Schenectady,   and  also Clerk of   the Supreme  Court  in  the County Courts,  being Courts  of  record  held  therein, do hereby certify   that   George  H.  Smith   whose   name  is   subscribed   to   the   certificate  of   the   proof  of  acknowledgment of annexed instrument and thereon written, was at the time taking such proof  or acknowledgment a notary Public, in and for the city and  County  of  Schenectady,  dwelling  in  said county.  commissioned  and  sworn and   duly  authorized  to  take  the  same.   And   further  that  I am well  acquainted with  the   handwriting  of such  Notary and  verily  believe  that  the  signature  to  the  certification  of   proof  or acknowledgment   is  genuine.

            IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF,     I   have   hereunto   Set  my  hand   and   affixed  my official seal  as county  Clerk  and  Clerk of said  Courts this  19th  day  of  Aug,  1903.

Jas.  B.  Alexander,   Clerk

 RECORDED August 20, 1903.  H.  S.  A..M.

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