Deed Arch Stone and William Cockburn 1800

Deed between Arch Stone
and William Cockburn

Located in the William Cockburn collection at the State Library at Albany

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

THIS INDENTURE, made the tenth day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight Hundred BETWEEN Arch Stone of Freehold in the County of Albany and State of New York, Farmer, of the first part, And William Cockburn of Kingston in the County of Ulster & State aforesaid, Gentleman, of the other Part, WITNESSETH, That the said Arch Stone  for and in Consideration of of the Sum of Ten Shillings Current Money of New-York, to him in Hand paid by the said William Cockburn at and before the Ensealing and Delivery hereof, the Receipt whereof, the said Arch Stone doth hereby acknowledge, and himself to be therewith fully satisfied, contented, and paid; HATH Granted, Bargained, and Sold, and these Presents, DOTH Grant, bargain, and Sell, unto the said William Cockburn All that certain Farm of Land where the said Stone now lives.,in the Town of Freehold, County of Albany and State aforesaid Beginning at a Hemlock Corner Tree marked 16.17 and Runs from Thence along an Old Line of marked Trees South one degree thirty Minutes East (missing) Chains fifty six links to a Birch Tree - Thence North eighty five degrees East thirty five Chains eighty links, to a large Hemlock tree on the west side of the Road - Thence North twenty four degrees west six chains twenty four links to the corner of the Lane - Thence North eighty six degrees forty five minutes East, Twenty two Chains, to a line of Old marked trees - Thence along the same north five degrees West, Five Chains sixty two links, to a Hemlock tree marked A.S. - Thence along an Old line of marked Trees South eighty eight degrees thirty Minutes West, Fifty four Chains forty eight links, to the place of beginning Containing Fifty four and three quarters Acres, Exclusive of an Acre in a Square., Excepted and Reserved, at the Spring near the North bounds of this Farm.

TOGETHER with all the singular the Hereditaments and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the said William Cockburn his Heirs and Assigns, from the Day of the Date of these Presents, for and during the Term of one whole Year from thence, next ensuing, and fully to be complete and ended, Yielding and Paying therefor unto the said Arch Stone the Rent of one Pepper Corn, on the last Day of the Term, if the same shall be lawfully demanded; To the Intent, that by Virtue of these Presents, and of the Statute made for transferring Uses into Possession, and the said William Cockburn may be in the actual Possession of the Premises hereby demised, and be thereby enabled to accept and take a Grant and Release of the Reversion and Inheritance thereof, to himself his Heirs and Assigns for ever, by Indenture intended to be made between the said Parties to these Presents, and to bear Date the Day next after the Day of the Date hereof. IN WITNESS Whereof, the said Parties to these Presents have hereunto interchangeably set their Hands and Seals the Day and Year first above written.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Arch Stone

In the second Line the word eight wrote over an Obliteration

Alexander Cockburn
Wm. Cockburn Junr.

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