Dear Old Greene County

Dear Old Greene County

Facts and Figures, Portraits and Sketches,
Of Leading
Those at the Front To-Day
And Others Who Made Good in the Past

by F.A. Gallt
Catskill, N. Y.

Original book provided by Celeste MacCormack and transcribed by Arlene Goodwin


About a year ago the publisher of Dear Old Greene County commenced gathering data and facts for the work which is now upon the market for approval, and record. It has been a far greater job than we anticipated, and we have met with difficulties all along the way. A great mass of material has been at hand, and from it we have selected what appealed to us as valuable. We are under obligations to many persons for valuable facts and encouragement. We trust that the work will receive kind words and that the outlay of time and money in the production of the book will be in a measure repaid by the liberal patronage of the citizens of Greene county, in whose interest the work has been done. The book certainly will form a tangible part of the records that will be cherished and many valuable facts preserved in it otherwise might have been lost. Much has been recorded, but in our limited space many interesting matters have been of necessity reserved.  To Court of Appeals Justice Emory A. Chase, Senator Bloodgood, Mrs. Wheeler Howard, Judge Tallmadge, County Clerk George B. Van Valkenburgh, the various members of the Greene county Board of Supervisors, and particularly to Elmer Krieger of Prattsville, Photographers Paul R. Morrison, Fred Clarke, and Earle Van Dyke, and to Frederick Nelson Du Bois, Robert F. Story and others we have been greatly indebted for facts and data.  Publishers F. E. Craigie, Harry Hall, and M. Edward Silberstein, our contemporaries, have added liberally to the effort.  We are indebted to them for many engravings from their offices, and Mr. Craigie in addition has compiled the lodge matter covering the Masonic order, as it appears in the several towns, a very considerable work.

Once more our thank to all. Finally praise us if you can, and spare the colder criticism.  We are most painfully aware of the shortcomings.

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