Cyrenus Lennon

Cyrenus Lennon

July 28, 1781 - April 15, 1874

Submitted by Sylvia Hasenkopf

To the Surrogate of the County of Greene:

The petition of Cyrenus Lennon Jr. of the Town of Cairo in the County of Greene respectfully showeth:

That Cyrenus Lennon died at his residence in the Town of Cairo in the County of Greene, on or about the 15th day of April, 1874, being at the time an inhabitant of the said County of Greene; that said deceased left no Will, as far as your petitioner has heard, or been able to discover; that he left surviving, Mary Lennon (widow), Cyrenus Lennon Jr. and your petitioner (a son), Daniel S Lennon sen (a son), Edmund A Lennon (a son), George N Lennon sen (a son), Milly M Olmsted (daughter), Jacob P Lennon (a son) and George Lennon (grandson), all residing at Cairo Greene Co NY. Deborah Crawford of Bethlehem Albany Co NY, Sally M Bracket of Jewett Greene County NY, Peggy A Sanford of Ashland Greene County NY, Mary McChesney of Middletown, Orange Co, NY and Rosa Witsell of Durham Greene Co, NY.

And your petitioner further showeth, that the personal estate of said deceased does not exceed in value the sum of $700; that your petitioner is a son of the said deceased.

Your petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Administration of the goods, chattels and credits of said deceased may be granted to him your petitioner, Cyrenus Lennon Jr (signed).

Dated April 27th, 1874

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