Coxsackie Schools

Coxsackie Schools


Coxsackie 6th Grade Class of 1919

Backrow: Catherine Murphy, Madeline Wood, Anna Madison, Etta Mae Hoose, Ethel Austin, Edith Coleman, Philip Farrel, Raymond Hotaling, William Udell Hamilton
Second Row: Ester Swartout, Ronald Gimbel, Burton Deane, James Daud, Lawrence Conly, Alward Martin, Alain Hood, Willis VanHoesen, Harold Van Schaack, Irving Steele, John Whitbeck, Percy Kniffen, Catherine Conley
Third Row: Ronald Dalen, William McCarty
Fourth Row: Maggie Malaski, Geneve Pendergast, Batrice Hubbard, Lillian Haas, Agnes Wather, Laura Rivenburg, Clara Millet, Alice Stacey, Clarence Finch, Kathleen Kennedy, Alice Brandow, Thomas Day, John Buckoff, Anna McGuigan, Margaretta Walther

Courtesy of Al Albright, whose mother is Laura Rivenburg, is in the photo.  

Courtesy of Kevin Olmsted

Written on the back: Nov. 1928

Julia Smith, Jeane Goodwin, Ralph Woodward, James Ritz, Arthur Martin
Arthur Maxwell, Stanley Hallenbeck, John Mangere, Billy De Frate, Anna Trespasso, Helen Marsh, Alzina Hoose, Jerry Nils
Antoinette La Porte, Lawrence Hallenbeck, George Bogardus, Charles Cole, Betty Wright, Harding Hallenbeck, John McCoy, Augustine O'Bryan, Reyondia Victoria Deyo
Louise Pantalea, Julia Votta, Peggy Waters, Bevcar Jerome, Dominick Misuraca, Charlotte Rea, Mabel Haines, Charles Smigen, Mary O'Bryan, Verna Manbert, Anna Hotaling, Mabel Jump, Rachel Truesdell, Elizabeth Thatcher

(Note that a check of the 1930 census shows that the majority of these children are residents of the Town of Coxsackie. The exact schoolhouse in unknown)

Courtesy of Kevin Olmsted

Written on the back: 1925-1930

In no apparent order: Gertrude Day, Rose Votta (Washington 1938), Pricilla Potts, Robert Scott, Hazel Craw (Washington), Arthur Gibson, Corinne Fullagar, Roland Vincent (Washington), Raymond Dewey, Robert Palmer (Washington), Peter Carey, Marguerite Beatty, Billy Howell, Albert Schoonmaker, Helen Austin, Marjory Latta (Quarantined), Henry Fitzpatrick (Washington), Anna Traposso, Dayton Smith (Washington), Rose Giammattei (Washington)

My first trip to Washington Apr. 18-24, 1938. Above pupils in graduating class and went to Washington

Climax School 1921

Courtesy of Dave Van Denburgh whose father, Henry is in the class. Henry identified all the children in the photo.

First Row: Eileen Gay, William Day, Mildred Wilkerson, Kenneth Day, Unknown, Helen Gay, Ella O'Brien (teacher)
Second Row: Francis Hallenbeck, Ralph (Lampy) Lampman, Marjorie Day
Third Row: Sherman (Skinny) Winnie, Alice Griffith, Vera (Boo) Van Denburgh, Henry (Hank) Van Denburgh, Charles Hammond, Theodore (Ted) Day
Top Row: Fred Ruttenberg, Edna Wilkerson, Unknown, Ralph Hotaling

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