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Contributed by Elsie Allan

Elsie was gifted two picture albums from her aunt Leslie Sutton, who was the daughter of Inez Cooke Sutton. Inez was the daughter of Ichabod Cook and Sarah E. West.

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Ichabod Cooke Sr., born June 3, 1792 in Connecticut and died October 21, 1866 in Ashland, NY. He is buried in Mountain Valley Cemetery in Ashland, NY along with his first wife Hannah, b. abt 1792 and died 1815. Buried with them is their daughter Betsy, born abt 1816 and died 1827. Ichabod married for a second time Elizabeth Brandow, who was born June 29, 1798 and died March 13, 1876. She is buried in Mountain Valley Cemetery. They had the following children: Anna, born 1818 and died November 17, 1897, Fletcher, born 1824, died February 20, 1825, Sally, born 1822, died February 8, 1832, Clarissa, Theressa, Polly, Elizabeth, Margaret, Henry, Thomas and Ichabod.

Ichabod's father, Amos Cooke settled in West Hollow abt 1795 with his four sons, Ichabod, Ashbel, Amos and Jesse and two daughters, Ruth and Julia.


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Henry Seth Cooke, son of Ichabod Cooke and Elizabeth Brandow was born June 8, 1820 in Windham, NY and died March 19, 1887 in Ashland, NY. He married Elizabeth Beers May 10, 1843 in West Settlement, NY. Elizabeth was born February 24, 1823 in Prattsville, NY and died February 23, 1900 in Ashland. They had nine children: Lambert B., Sally M., Cornelius B., Ichabod, Amos Bailey, Rachel B. , Minnie Elizabeth, Henry Seth and Clara.


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  1. John Young, husband of Rachel Cooke, daughter of Henry Cooke and Elizabeth Beers. John and Rachel were married December 20, 1870 in Conesville, NY.

  2. Rachel Cooke Young, born October 22, 1844 and died December 26, 1912.

  3. Ichabod "Ick" Cooke, son of Henry Cooke and Elizabeth Beers. Ick was born December 29, 1846 in West Settlement, Greene Co, NY and and died May 4, 1923 in Cornwallville, Greene Co, NY. He married Sarah E. West on November 21, 1872. Sarah was born abt 1851 and died July 2, 1942.  Their children were: Inez, born June 21, 1876, Elizabeth, born abt 1879 and married Dwight Tuttle, Seymour Ferris, born abt 1881 and Hartley, born 1890 and married Jenny Partridge. They were divorced and he married Margaret L. ?.

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  1. Cornelius B. Cooke, son of Henry S. Cooke and Elizabeth Beers, born April 19, 1854 in Ashland, NY and died March 4, 1919 in West Conesville, NY. He is buried in Windham Cemetery. He married Cora Hinman on January 8, 1877. Cora died on February 26, 1912 and was buried in the old Gilboa Cemetery. With the construction of the Gilboa Dam her remains were moved to Windham Cemetery between 1918 and 1921.

  2. Amos Bailey Cooke, son of Henry S. Cooke and Elizabeth Beers. He was born August 11, 1856 and died December 15, 1917 in Windham, NY. He married Eva E. Traver on October 11, 1880. She was born 1863 and died 1955.

  3. Lambert B. Cooke, son of Henry S, Cooke and Elizabeth Beers. He was born May 20, 1864 in Ashland, NY and died October 18, 1931 in Ashland. He is buried in Ashland's Pleasant Valley Cemetery. He married Emma L. Tuttle on February 18, 1885. Emma was born on October 11, 1868 in Ashland and died December 26, 1928 in North Settlement. She is also buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

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  1. Lilla May Kissock, daughter of Charles Sabra Kissock and his wife Minnie Elizabeth Cooke, daughter of Henry S. Cooke and Elizabeth Beers. Lilla May was born July 19, 1884 and died April 28, 1931. She married Frank A. Strong in 1901 in Cairo, NY.

  2. Floyd Bennet Kissock, son of Charles Sabra Kissock and his wife Minnie Elizabeth Cooke. Floyd was born November 22, 1882.

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  1. George Washington Ferris, son of Nathaniel Ferris was born abt 1842. He married Polly S. Cooke in 1861. George was a Minister of the Gospel for the Methodist Church. They had 5 children: Seymour H., George Fletcher, Rose, Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth E.

  2. Polly S. Cooke was the daughter of Ichabod Cooke and his wife Elizabeth Brandow. She was born abt 1836 in Ashland and died September 27, 1902 in Malden, NY.

  3. Seymour H. Ferris, son of George and Polly Ferris, born 1862 and died June 20, 1869.

  4. George Fletcher Ferris, son of George and Polly Ferris, born August 31, 1864 in Ashland, NY. He married Nannie A. Beach June 10, 1891 in Jewett, NY. She was born abt 1869 and died in 1930.

  5. Elizabeth E. Ferris, daughter of George and Polly Ferris was born November 23, 1876 in Manorkill, Schoharie Co, NY

  6. Abraham Lincoln Ferris, son of George and Polly Ferris. Abraham was born on October 19, 1867 in North Blenheim, Schoharie Co, NY and married Lillian O'Donnell.

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1.    Levi Ferris, born abt 1808, died March 3, 1879, aged 74y.
2.    Phebe Brandow, wife of Levi Ferris and daughter of Henry I. Brandow, born abt 1808, died March 29, 1874, aged 67y9m19d. Both are buried in Mountain Valley Cemetery, Ashland, Greene Co, NY.

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  1. Dennis Alden Ferris, grandfather of Alice Ferris Freese, b. June 5, 1817, died December 5, 1890. Alden and Sarah Jane had the following children: Mary, Ellen, Elizabeth, Addison and Clinton.

  2. Sarah Jane Frisbee, wife of Alden Ferris and grandmother of Alice Ferris Freese, born April 23, 1819 in Delaware Co, NY, died March 31, 1887. Both are buried in Mountain Valley Cemetery, Ashland, NY.

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  1. Grandma (Harriet Amanda ?) Brown Mabey

  2. Grandpa (Stephen ?) Mabey from Gilboa, Schoharie Co, NY.

  3. Ella Mabey, (1855 - 1944) wife of Adee Vayle Ferris (1862-1921), son of Dennis Alden Ferris, Sr  and his wife, Sarah J. Frisbie  and daughter of Stephen Mabey and Harriet Amanda presumably Brown.

  4. Rhoda Mabey, wife of Irving Chichester and sister of Ella Mabey Ferris.

  5. Irving Chichester, husband of Rhoda Mabey.

  6. Mina (Minnie) Mabey, daughter of Ella Mabey Ferris, b. June 1890

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Ursula A. Sutton, daughter of Adin Sutton and Theresa H. Cooke (daughter of Ichabod Cooke and Elizabeth Brandow), born 1864, died December 7, 1886, aged 21y8m7d. She married Samuel C. Lee and is buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland, NY.

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  1. Revilo Finch, son of Abram Finch and Laura Merwin was born June 28, 1846 in Ashland and died July 7, 1893 in Windham and buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Ashland. He married Julia Catherine Joscelyn on January 26, 1868.

  2. Julia Catherine Joscelyn Finch, daughter of Joseph Joscelyn and Mary Sprague. She was born November 21, 1842 in Beaverkill, Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co, NY and died March 6, 1928 in Honesdale, Wayne Co, PA.

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  1. Samantha Tompkins, possibly the daughter of James Tompkins and Waity, his wife of Ashland, who was born abt 1849, or possibly the daughter of Stephen Tompkins and his wife Samantha of Ashland, who was born abt 1852.

  2. Clare (possibly Cooke, who married Oscar A. Tompkins on February 28, 1888). Clara Cooke Tompkins was born February 21, 1849 and died February 26, 1889. This photo was along side Samantha Tompkins.

  3. Delos Tompkins, possibly the son of Nathaniel Tompkins and his wife Locina of Ashland, who was born abt 1848. He was a minister and a missionary to India. Delos married Ida Foote.

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  1. Salem Beers, possibly the son of Cornelius Beers and wife Parmalia, who was born abt 1842.

  2. Wife of Salem Beers, possibly named Lucy. Salem Beers and wife Lucy of Prattsville had at least 2 children, Sevala born abt 1865 and Ada born abt 1867.

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  1. Lambert Brandow, son of John Brandow and Martha Betts and grandson of Henry I. Brandow and Elizabeth Austin. He was born March 25, 1803 and died December 19, 1893. He married Love. Lambert married, for the second time, Elizabeth Foster on April 3, 1874. She was born August 10, 1847, and died December 14, 1891. All three are buried in Windham Cemetery.

  2. Love, wife of Lambert Brandow. She was born September 4, 1816 and died December 20, 1872.

  3. George Brandow, possibly the son of Nathaniel Brandow and Sarah Sutton, great grandson of Henry I. Brandow and Elizabeth Austin, born abt 1860 in Prattsville.

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Abram, Sarah and Benjamin were the children of Peter W. West (b. March 29, 1803, d. August 23, 1877) and Betsey Felter (b. August 14, 1805, d. October 30, 1903). Other children were: Zadock, Anna E., Lela M. and Mary C. This family was living in Fulton, Schoharie Co, NY in 1850 and 1860. Peter and Elizabeth are buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland. Peter was the son of William West (d. September 22, 1857, aged 89y and buried in Windham Cemetery) and Deborah DeWitt. William was the son of Peter West (a Revolutionary Patriot) and Elizabeth Richtmeyer (d. July 9, 1805, aged 57y and buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Durham, NY). 

  1. Abe (Abram) and Minnie West. Abe was the brother of Sarah West Cooke, the wife of Ichabod Cooke. Minnie E. died December 23, 1881 aged 30y. She is buried in Windham Cemetery.

  2. Benjamin Franklin West, brother of Sarah West Cooke. Benjamin was born  June 1834, and died in Nebraska by 1905. He married Sarah ? b. January, 1840. She applied for a pension in 1905 as his widow. Benjamin was in Company A, 1st New York Mounted Rifles and Company A, 7th NY Cavalry.  He served in the Mounted Rifles from August 22, 1862, discharged June 12, 1865 at Richmond, Va. 

     In 1880 and 1900 he and wife were living in Antelope, Harlon County, Nebraska.

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Ranson Osborne and his wife Sally Brandow, daughter of Henry I. Brandow and Elizabeth Austin. Their children: Naomi, Ebenezer, Rosella, Anna S., Sally A., Clarissa, Lucelian, and Henry I.

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  1. Albert Tuttle

  2. Jonas Smith

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Mr. and Mrs. Powell - does anyone recognize this couple?

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  1. Uncle Mansell Fink and Freddie

  2. Hattie Overbaugh

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