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Cairo Historical Society

Minutes for 2013

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes January 17, 2013
By Sylvia Hasenkopf

Members Present: Robert Uzzilia, John Kargoe, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ron Hasenkopf,  Linda Larsen, Ray Houghtaling, Hillary Higgins, Gail Kargoe, Jon Morgese, Carol Spohler, Ed Englehart, Michael Sharkey

Robert Uzzilia called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.

  1. The minutes from the November 15 and December 20, 2012 meetings were approved. Ed Englehart moved that the minutes be accepted, John Kargoe seconded the motion and all agreed.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    John Gallagher is delayed at work and has left the Treasurer’s Report for the meeting. Sylvia read the balances. As of December 31, 2012, there was $2,739.94 in the Building Fund, $2,348.94 in the General Fund and $2,221.45 in the T&T Fund.

    Expenditures for December as follows:
    Building Fund - $190.00 for the Greene Co Clerk to move the CHS HQ’s building into the Cairo Historical Society name from the Cairo Task Force who was holding it for us until our 501c3 came through. $100.00 to the sewer district.
    General Fund – $250.00 for the Banquet hall rental July to December for regular meetings and special presentations. $542.81 to Sylvia Hasenkopf for supplies for the Cemetery project, postage and office supplies.
    T&T and Speakeasy Account - $47.56 to Hillary Higgins for the supplies and mailing of the Case’s Speakeasy photos.

    Sylvia motioned that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. John Kargoe seconded the motion and it was accepted by all.
  3. Membership update:
    We currently have 48 members, 43 renewed members and 5 new members. A warm welcome to new members Harold P. Jurgens, Stephanie Clearwater-Breithaupt, Thomas McManus, Shallo, Galluscio, Bianchi and Fucito and Hasenkopf Quality Construction.

    The 2013 Membership Drive is well underway, however only 44% of our members have renewed to date.

    We currently have 273 Facebook members, an increase in 6 members since December. Discussions have centered on the 1969 pics from the Forge Yearbook – the class of 1970, the teacher’s eating at Donnie’s Green Lantern and Van’s, the Hometown Heroes Banner Program, the WW2 tower watchers at Sacred Heart Church and in Windham (Civil Air Patrol), and many of Ray Houghtaling’s family pics.
  4. Collections:
    Ed White and his wife Mary have donated 4 old prints from 1823 in gilt frames to the CHS. Bob U. suggested that the frames themselves may be more valuable than the prints in them. He’ll need to assess the donation.
  5. There were no item sales for December/January.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Bob U. advises that the broken historical marker cannot be reinstalled until the weather improves.
    2. Sylvia advises that she has heard back from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation. They are requesting specific primary sources for the claims made on the proposed sign. She will ensure she locates what is needed and sends it back to them before the end of January.
      Ed Englehart mentioned that his investigations into other companies regarding the making of the historical markers showed that Catskill Castings is providing the best value. Amtech, who makes aluminum signs, would charge $2035 for the sign plus additional for the poles. Few companies are still working in cast iron, it seems.
    3. Sylvia advises that she has forwarded the 501c3 designation to John and he will be working on the State Tax exemption.
    4. A discussion ensued on the painting of the Masonic kitchen. It is estimated it will take 2 hours to clean the walls and 1-2 hours to paint. Hillary will advise when is an acceptable time for the painting project and the color chosen by the Masons.
    5. Hillary advises that she simply hasn’t had the time to investigate the Intuit Credit Card system yet. This is a slow time for us for sales, so there is no rush until the late spring.
    6. Sylvia advises that the donation from the Cairo Taxpayer’s Association has been received. Still outstanding is the Cairo Task Force donation. Bob U. advises that a meeting of the Director’s of the Cairo Task Force has been scheduled.
    7. Jon Morgese indicates that his son has access to good quality used projection equipment should we want to explore that further. No further info on a headset at this time.
  7. New Business:
    1. Sylvia provided an update on the Board of Trustees meeting held on January 14, 2013. A number of key decisions were made:

1.      It was agreed that the Board of Trustees will meet quarterly and more often, if required. Meetings will be scheduled for January, April, July and September.

2.      The grant request to the Bank of Greene County was approved by the Board. The request is for $2500 for audio-visual equipment and the microfilms of the Cairo Herald, our town newspaper.

3.      A business member membership was more clearly defined as the business owner(s) only, not the extended family of the business owner(s).

4.      The membership goal for 2013 has been set at 100.

5.      The 2013 Project List was approved. (Attached to these minutes)

6.      The 2013 Programs List was approved. (Attached to these minutes).

7.      Two resolutions were adopted by unanimous consent of all Board of Trustees members present. (Attached to these minutes)

8.      The decision was made to move our monthly meetings to the Cairo Library effective February 21, 2013.

9.      In April we will hold the elections for the President position for the CHS. Bob U. has declined to run for re-election, so nominations are being sought for the position.

10.  It was decided by the Board that Past Presidents will be offered a Trustee position until there is a new Past President.

  1. Project Update
    1. Hillary provided an update on the State of the Union Dinner, scheduled for February 23, 2013, 4:30-7:30pm at the Masonic Hall in Cairo. Hillary handed out books of tickets to CHS members present at the meeting who were willing to sell tickets. She also read a list of the sponsors from last year and John and Gail Kargoe will be spearheading the sponsorship drive for the event.
    2. Sylvia provided an update regarding the Hometown Heroes Banner program. There is considerable buzz about the program in the media and on the street. She is expecting a very solid response. Too early to tell how many people will be interested in the program.
    3. John K. provided info from the US Post Office on the cancellation stamp program. We need to indentify what event we want to celebrate. It was suggested we have the T&T logo this year, as it is already “ready” and would require little work to make print ready. This suggestion was embraced by all. Hillary has agreed to prepare the artwork and present at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

Show and Tell:

1)      Bob Uzzilia mentioned that there is a Ebay auction underway for an article from the Literary Digest on Legs Diamond.

2)      Sylvia shared a collection of pics from the Cairo archives.

3)      A card from Alfred P. Smith, S. Cairo, oil paintings cleaned and restored, was shared.

4)      Ray Houghtaling donated a newspaper article about the Honor Roll of Cairo Township sign his father had created, memorializing the servicemen and women from WW2.

2013 Calendar of Events 

February 23, 2013 – State of the Union Dinner 

April 18, 2013 – 2012 Year End Report, Meeting and Elections 

May 5, 2013 – Coxsackie/Athens Band plays “A Tribute to the March” 

June 15, 2013 – Temperance & TommyGuns Street Festival  

June 20, 2013 – Movie Night – Presidents in our Backyard 

July 20, 2013 -  Archival Day  

September 28, 2013 - Case’s Speakeasy 

October 19, 2013 – Eseck G. Wilber Civil War Letters 

November 16, 2013 – An Evening with Charles L. Beach, Proprietor of the Catskill Mountain House
                                    (a Joe Capobianco performance)

2013 Projects:

2013 Resolutions 

01-2013 – Any goods or services presented for payment to the Treasurer of the Cairo Historical Society must be accompanied by the appropriate invoice or contract in order to be paid. 

02-2013 – No officer of the Cairo Historical Society may sign a cheque to themselves.

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes February 21, 2013
By Sylvia Hasenkopf  

Members Present: Robert Uzzilia, John Kargoe, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ron Hasenkopf,  Ray Houghtaling, Carol Spohler, Michael Sharkey, Bob Dodge, Nick Mammanno, Ann Clapper, Robert Hempstead, Floyd Hempstead, John Rieker, John Gallagher, Ed Englehart, Michael Lamanec 

Robert Uzzilia called the meeting to order at 7:07pm. 

  1. The minutes from the January 17, 2013 meetings were accepted. John Kargoe moved that the minutes be accepted, Ray Houghtaling seconded the motion and all agreed.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    John Gallagher presented the Treasurer’s Report. The General Fund has $4,240.57, the Building Fund has $8033.61 and the Temperance & TommyGuns account has $2,221.45.

    Expenditures for January as follows:
    Building Fund - $384.53 for the Town of Cairo for taxes, hopefully our last such expenditure.
    General Fund – $2,205.22 for the purchase of the banner brackets for the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. We had already received funds from the American Legion Post 693 to purchase these banners. $130.15 for the purchase of one banner sponsored by the CHS.
    T&T and Speakeasy Account – No activity.

    A discussion ensued whether we should have separate bank accounts for the T&T and Case’s Speakeasy events, in order to better manage them. John stated that it may actually be less work for him. Sylvia mentioned that the sales of ads for the T&T event and any profit we make on day of the T&T helps fund the Case’s Speakeasy event. Ed Englehart and Mike Lamanec feel this would make sense. No decision was made. Board of Trustees needs to discuss and advise.

    John Kargoe requested a budget amount for the T&T event. No decision made.
  3. Membership update:
    We currently have members, 65 members including 1 new member Michael Sharkey. Welcome Michael.

    To date 65.5 % of our2012 members have renewed.

    We currently have 283 Facebook members, an increase in 10 members since January.
  4. Collections:
    No activity in February.
  5. We sold 1 cap and 1 throw in February.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Mike Lamanec advises that the paint he has does not match the color of paint for the other historical markers. Sylvia will send Mike the colors.
    2. Sylvia advises that she has heard back from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation. They advise that they have received our packet with the additional primary documents and our application will be included in the final assessment and review process. We should know shortly.
    3. John G. advises that he will file the appropriate paperwork shortly.
    4. Hillary was unable to attend the meeting tonight.
    5. John Gallagher advises that he has received a cheque from the Cairo Task Force for $3000 which was placed in the building account.
  7. New Business:
    1. Sylvia presented two ideas for a possible logo. Both designs are in the very early stages. Hillary has developed these for us. The first is a circle with the Cairo Historical Society in it and an outline of a quill and inkwell with paper. The second is a window with Cairo Historical Society along the rim of the window and a view of the mountains looking through the window. Members felt that both designs appear to be promising and should be developed further. The preliminary designs will be attached to the minutes.
  8. Project Update
    1. Hillary is unable to attend this evening so Sylvia provided the update. All is in readiness for the event this Saturday. Ticket sales have been brisk.
    2. Sylvia provided an update regarding the Hometown Heroes Banner program. Applications are being sent out and 12 banners have already been paid for.
    3. John K. provided an update on the T&T cancellation stamp. He shared two styles options that were considered by the T&T committee. One style was chosen and he is ready to approach the US Post Office.
    4. John K. provided an update on the T&T. M.a. Tarpinian is the Chair for this event and adding her great expertise and connections to the event. The event will have many crafters and food vendors and looks like it will fill up Main St. from the Post Office to Bross St. The plans are to have multiple locations for multiple events.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:14pm.

Show and Tell:

  1. Sylvia presented a photo she found on Ebay of a Mr. and Mrs. Roberts of Cairo, a black couple. She has been doing research on the family and will be publishing an article on them in the Greenville Pioneer in the next few months. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts were Jacob “Jake” Roberts a freed slave from Louisiana and his wife was Mary Jackson, whose father John Jackson is buried in the Taylor/Cole Cemetery on Rte 145. John Rieker stated that he now owns the property that John Jackson, Mary Jackson and Jake Roberts lived on. A brass sword and belt plate was found on his property and he wonders if this has something to do with Jake’s story. The top end of the bayonet is broken off.
  2. Bob Uzzilia brought in a game called Cairopoly, which was fashioned after Monopoly. This would be a wonderful project for the Cairo Historical Society to undertake for the Town of Cairo. Further discussion needed.
  3. Carol Spohler brought many pictures in to share of the Spohler family. She will be identifying them on the back and donating them to the CHS archives. She also donated a number of other items: Villa Palermo brochure, Cairo Public Library Pre-Ribbon Cutting invite, 8th Annual Apple Harvest Festival rack card. Thank you Carol!
  4. Sylvia brought along a picture of the Cedar Terrace from circa 1940. Carol Spohler had donated the image. She also brought along an image of the Catskill Creek House, donated by Helen Stauder. Both pictures were posted on the CHS’ Facebook page and there a lot of comments about them.

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes March 21, 2013
By Linda Larsen, Acting Secretary 

Members Present: Robert Uzzilia, John Kargoe, Ron Hasenkopf,  Ray Houghtaling, Hillary Higgins, Linda Larsen, Michael Sharkey, Helen Chadderdon, Gene Houghtaling, Ann Clapper, Ed Engelhart, Steve Higgins, Gail Kargoe

Robert Uzzilia called the meeting to order at 7:13pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. The minutes from the February 21, 2013 meeting were corrected to read that the American Legion #983 donated funds for the brackets for the Heroes banners. Ed Engelhart made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. John Kargoe seconded the motion. Approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: John Gallagher not present. Robert reported General Fund $6629.85; Building Fund $9314.55; T&T and speakeasy Fund $2246.45. For details see Report. Ed Englehart made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Hillary Higgins, passed.
  3. Item sales and Membership may be viewed online.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Old marker – weather soon to allow progress
    2. New marker – waiting for final word
    3. NYS Tax exemption – Treasurer not present, no report
    4. Tax exemption status for 29 RR Ave – Received 501c3 status effective date July 18, 2011
    5. New CHS Logo – still in progress
    6. Intuit Credit Card System: Hillary explained the system. After much discussion, it was decided that Hillary would contact the National Bank of Coxsackie to see if there was something simpler we could do.
  5. Project Updates:
    1. State of the Union Dinner – Hillary gave a final report – Total taken in $2015 less expenses of $724.06 gives a profit balance of $1290.94. See report for details.
    2. Town of Cairo Hometown Heroes Banner Program – Ray Houghtaling reported we are still receiving applications. So far 41 definites and many more possible. Businesses and organizations are offering sponsorships. We need pictures of and information on veterans for banners. Ray put forth a suggestion that we sponsor a banner with the American Legion symbol as a general thank you to all vets. It also accomplishes acknowledging the Legion for their donation of the brackets. Robert Uzzilia made a motion that the CHS sponsor said banner, seconded by Michael Sharkey and passed. With a show of hands agreement was that this banner would use Style #2.
    3. Temperance & TommyGuns – John and Gail Kargoe reported positive responses from food and craft vendors. Many new additions being planned including moving to the Town Park after 6pm for additional festivities. Committee work continues. Discussion re: establishing a budget for this event ensued. Robert Uzzilia suggested that $1000 be taken from the $2246.45 as a budget for said event. Steve Higgins made a motion to that effect, seconded by John Kargoe. Motion passed.
    4. Cancellation Stamp – John Kargoe reported the process is in the hands of the Post Master in Catskill. If and when approved, CHS can decide how to continue. We purchase stamped envelopes or postcards – decide if we want to charge for same or give away.
  6. New Business:
    1. CHS Annual Meeting will be April 18, 2013 at 7PM at the Library. We will entertain nominations for President at that meeting. So far one person nominated. Nominations Committee will present the slate at the meeting.
    2. Ed Engelhart suggested that in addition to the Cairo Herald paper that is produced for the T&T or as an extra for same we could include Railroad articles using a “Thirty years ago today” type of heading. Railroad articles are of gr4eat interest to many. Robert Uzzilia will work with Ed on this suggestion.

President Uzzilia called for a motion to adjourn the business meeting. John Kargoe made the motion seconded by Ron Hasenkopf. Passed. Meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda C. Larsen, Acting Secretary

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes April 18, 2013
by Linda Larsen, Acting Secretary

Members Present: John Kargoe, Gail Kargoe, Robert E. Dodge Jr., Ann L. Clapper, Ron Hasenkopf, Ray Houghtaling, Michael Sharkey, Robert Uzzilia, Michael Lamanec, Ed Englhardt, John M. Gallagher III, Linda C. Larsen 

President Robert Uzzilia opened the annual meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:13pm. Opening remarks included thoughts and prayers are with Sylvia Hasenkopf and family regarding the passing of her mother.

  1. Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved as written.
  2. Membership, Collections and item sales will be updated by Sylvia next meeting.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – synopsis in the annual report. Report was given when Treasurer arrived. Report was accepted as presented. See attached report.
  4. Old business:  
    1. Bell Factory marker is up
    2. Sayre marker – we need to pay for shipping
    3. Logo – under Sylvia’s report next meeting
  5. New Business
    1. Hometown Heroes Banner Project a huge success. More brackets are needed. CHS will purchase and then seek sponsors for same. Ray Houghtaling reported 110 banners, many interesting pictures, American Legion bought 47 brackets and sponsored a banner, Masonic Temple is purchasing 2 sets of brackets.
  6. Temperance & TommyGuns Street festival –June 15 beginning at 11am – planning is going well. Announcement made that is Antique Car dealers come, the event will move to the Town Park after 6pm.
  7. Robert Uzzilia reported that Jim Bowers from Interspace Solutions will discuss possibilities regarding map cases etc. for archival materials. Robert will report back to the society.
  8. Elections – A clarification was made regarding elections. According to our By Laws Art 1, Sec. 2 the members vote for the Board of Directors. The Board appoints appoints their officers. There were no nominations presented at this time.
  9. Robert made a power point presentation reviewing 2012/2013.
  10. Masonic Temple kitchen still needs to be painted – Ron Hasenkopf will head up the project.

Announcements made of upcoming events and the CHS calendar reviewed. With no additional business to be discussed, Robert adjourned the meeting at 8:15pm and announced the share portion of the meeting open. Before the session could begin there was a question regarding the election of Board members and nominations from the floor at the annual meeting. Due to a general misunderstanding of procedure, the President decided to reconvene the meeting to accommodate a nomination – Michael Sharkey nominated and Michael Lamanec seconded Gail Kargoe as a Board of Director. Gail accepted the nomination. The assembly voted in favor of the nominee.

The meeting was adjourned8:25pm. Share session commenced.

Respectfully Submitted,
Linda C. Larsen, Acting Secretary

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes May 16, 2013
By Sylvia Hasenkopf  

Members Present: Robert Uzzilia, John Kargoe, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ron Hasenkopf,  Ray Houghtaling, Hillary Higgins, Carol Spohler, Linda Larsen, Michael Sharkey, Robert Dodge Jr., Helen Chadderdon, Gene Houghtaling 

Robert Uzzilia called the meeting to order at 7:14pm. 

  1. The minutes from the March and April meetings have been lost due to the crash of Linda Larsen’s computer. As the CHS Secretary, Sylvia Hasenkopf, was out of the country, Linda was the acting Secretary. She will attempt to recreate the minutes.
  2. Robert Uzzilia formally transferred the position of President of the Cairo Historical Society to John Kargoe, who was the only individual on the slate for the President’s position at the April 2013 elections. Robert will assume the position of Trustee on the Board of Trustees, as a Past President of the Cairo Historical Society.

    As there was some confusion over the election process, a vote for the President was not made at the Annual meeting as planned. As there was only one nominee, John Kargoe, on the slate for the position, the Board of Directors met and unanimously agreed to appoint John Kargoe to the position of President of the Cairo Historical Society for a term of three years.

    It was also agreed that a Review Committee be established to assess and recommend changes to improve the wordage and intent of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Cairo Historical Society.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:
    There is no Treasurer’s Report
  4. Membership update:
    We currently have 81 members, up from 65 members in February. 80% renewal rate of 2012 members. A warm welcome to new members Dan and Kathleen Joyce and the Crystal Brook Resort and Mountain Brauhaus.

    We currently have 327 Facebook members, an increase of 44 members since February. Discussions have centered on Purling postcards and the Town of Cairo Hometown Heroes Banner Program.
  1. Collections:
    No donations received.
  2. Sales have been slow but steady since February: 1 throw, 2 Portraits of the Past, 1 Wm. Kennedy DVD, 2 Cairo Caps, 1 T&T T-Shirt. Sylvia advised that we have sold out of some colors of the Cairo Caps and suggests we should acquire a minimum of 5 for the colors that are missing. Hillary moved that additional caps be purchased and Gail seconded the motion. All in favor.
  3. Old Business:
    1. Bob U. advises that the broken historical marker has been reinstalled.
    2. Sylvia advises that the William G. Pomeroy Foundation has approved a grant to purchase the Daniel Sayre marker. There are specific steps that the CHS must take with respect to the advertising process when the marker is installed. Sylvia will move forward with the ordering of the marker.
    3. Sylvia advises that the Bank of Greene County Charitable Foundation has granted the CHS a $100 grant towards the purchase of the Cairo Herald microfilms. The Board of Trustees of the CHS met and decided to purchase the entire set of 14 microfilms at a cost of $560. The $100 grant will reduce the cost to the CHS to $460 from the General Fund.
    4. As John G. is not present there is no update on State Tax Exemption.
    5. Work on the new logo is underway.
    6. Sylvia is spearheading the review into the Intuit credit card system.
    7. The 2013 Annual report is available for anyone who wishes to view it.
  4. Project Update
    1. Sylvia provided an update regarding the Hometown Heroes Banner program. 110 banners have been received and are in the process of being installed throughout town. The application process is being opened up for a short time only and applications will be accepted until June 14 only. A trail guide is being developed.
    2. John K. advised that the T&T Postal Cancellation stamp is in. The Cairo P.O. will be present at the T&T event to stamp envelopes and postcards. The cancellation will be available only for 1 month. The CHS will acquire a number of cancellations on the 14 postcards for future sale. Sylvia advises that the Board of Trustees chose 14 old postcards and had them remade for sale at the T&T event and afterwards. They are iconic scenes from around the Town of Cairo. These cancelled postcards will sell for $5 each, and the postcards for $3.
    3. Sylvia advised that plans for the T&T event are going well. Volunteers needed to help with the day.
  5. New Business:
    1. Robert U. mentioned that Neil Schoenfeld had been working on a number of projects that uses nature plantings of flora native to our area. He suggests that we approach Neil in the future when we need plantings for our CHS Headquarters.
    2. Sylvia read an email sent by Linda Lawrence to the Cairo Historical Society, thanking the Society for creating the Town of Cairo Hometown Heroes Banners Program.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes July 18, 2013
By Sylvia Hasenkopf

Members Present: John Kargoe, Beverley Forsythe, Julia Forsythe, Robert Uzzilia, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ron Hasenkopf, Robert Dodge Jr., John Gallagher, Linda Larsen

John Kargoe called the meeting to order at 7:04pm.

  1. Linda L. pointed out that the meeting minutes from the March meeting were previously written. John G. motioned that the March minutes be approved with the minor corrections identified by Linda L. Robert U. seconded the motion, motion carried. The April minutes will be typed up from Linda L.’s notes and distributed shortly.
  2. John G. presented the Treasurer’s report. There is $23,457.36 in the general fund which includes $18.237.30 from the Hometown Heroes project. This money will be moved to the Building Fund shortly. This leaves a balance of $5,220.06 in the General Fund. The Building Fund currently has $9,367.55 in it and with the $18,237.30 from the General Fund the balance will be $27,604.85. The T&T Fund has $3,594.58 currently. In total the Cairo Historical Society has $36,419.49. Sylvia motioned that we accept the Treasurer’s Report and Ron seconded the motion, motioned carried.
  3. John K. provided a briefing on the Cairo Depot project. Both the Cairo Fire Hose Company and the Cairo Historical Society would like ownership of the parcel of land on which the original Depot sat. John K., Robert U. and Robert Hempstead attended a Town of Cairo meeting to present the CHS’ vision of developing the parcel as a tourist destination. As both the Cairo Hose Company and the CHS desire the same parcel, the Cairo Town Board suggested that we meet to discuss possible compromises.
    A discussion ensued regarding the next steps by the CHS. Efforts have been made to contact Cairo Hose personnel, to no avail. It was suggested a letter be drafted from the President of the CHS to the Cairo Hose Commissioners. Robert Dodge motioned that the letter be drafted and Robert U. seconded the motion. Sylvia will undertake that.
  4. Membership update:
    We currently have 89 members, up from 81 members in May. A warm welcome to new members Hetty & Gary Hickey, Pace Appraisals, Christy Pedersen and Thomas Baldwin, Raymond L. George, Doug Dittmar, Sherry True as well as returning members Edmond Albright and Shirley Mower.
  5. We currently have 387 Facebook members, an increase of 60 members since May. Discussions have centered on the Limelight, Leo Pfleger, Emily Feeney, School District No. 8, Cairo and South Cairo Railroad Depots, Green Acres and the T&T Festival.
  6. Collections:
    New donations: From Sandy Muller, the Baldwin and Muller families, a 1949 Phone book which includes Cairo (from Sue Jenkins), Schepp family pics (from Lou Schepp) and various pics on the swimming holes of the Town of Cairo. Linda Larsen presented the CHS an ashtray from the Manhattan. Sylvia donated the new issue of the Catskill/Cairo magazine.
  7. Item sales were slow this month. A few postal cancellations were sold.
  8. Old Business:
    1. Sylvia advises that that new historical marker should be ready by the end of July.
    2. Sylvia advises that the Cairo Herald microfilms have arrived.
    3. As John G. left the meeting early there is no update on State Tax Exemption. John Kargoe will meet with him to discuss.
    4. No update on the logo.
    5. Sylvia advises that she has submitted all the information regarding required by Intuit. Awaiting word back from them.
  9. Project Update
    1. Sylvia provided an update regarding the Hometown Heroes Banner program. 35 additional banners were ordered during the second phase of the project this year. They should arrive by the end of July or early August. A new Guide is also being prepared. Many towns have been contacting us regarding the banners, including Middleburg, Copake, Kingston and Saugerties.
    2. There were six attendees to the Presidents in our Backyard Movie Night and all six were people that have never attended a Cairo Historical Society event before. By all accounts the DVD was excellent.
    3. Cairo Archival Day will be held on Saturday, July 20th in the SOHO room of the Cairo Library. Linda Larsen will assist Sylvia.
  10. New Business:
    1. Sylvia brought in 4 Hudson River prints in gold frames that had been donated to the CHS. The donor was comfortable with the idea that the CHS could keep the prints or sell them. The prints do not represent any scenes in Greene County. After a brief discussion it was decided that the prints would be ideal for the Silent Auction at Case’s Speakeasy.

The business meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.

Show and Tell

1.         Robert U. brought in a CMRR Timetable that was enjoyed by all. The train would leave Cairo at 9:50am, arrive at Cairo Junction at 10:00am and South Cairo at 10:05.       

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes August 22, 2013
by Gail Kargoe, Acting Secretary 

Members Present:  John Kargoe, Gail Kargoe, Arnold Chadderdon, Robert Uzzilia, Hillary Higgins, Helen Chadderdon, Gene Houghtaling, John Gallagher, Robert Hempstead, Raymond Houghtaling 

President, John Kargoe called the meeting to order at 7:20 p. m.

Within the next two months it was discussed that final stripping of the interior walls in our building should be completed so that we can begin the first phase of our project.

New Business: 

Hillary made a motion to close the meeting at 8:35.  Helen C. seconded.

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes September 19, 2013
Sylvia Hasenkopf, Secretary 

Members Present:  John Kargoe, Gail Kargoe, Robert Uzzilia, Hillary Higgins, John Gallagher, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ron Hasenkopf, Linda C. Larsen, Nicholas Mammano, Robert Cummings, Roger Maben, Robert E. Dodge, Nicholas G. Moore, Anastasia Martin, Walter G. Smythe, Carol Spohler, Michael Sharkey, Sandy Mueller, John M. Rieker

President, John Kargoe called the meeting to order at 7:05 p. m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. The August 22, 2013 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.  Robert Cummings made a motion to accept the minutes as written and Ron Hasenkopf seconded the motion.
  2. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by John Gallagher.  There is a balance of $24,012.77 in the General Fund.  The T&T and Speakeasy balance is $2,665.05.  The profit from the T&T was $907.33.  The Building Fund Balance is $9,317.55.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented with a motion by Gail Kargoe and seconded by Michael Sharkey.
  3. Membership update:
    We currently have 102 members, an increase of 12 since August’s meeting. We have met and exceeded our 2013 Membership goal. A warm welcome to new members Paul Kubler, James and Lynn Warner, Tonya Frickey, Lee Houghtaling, Lou and Ellie Schepp, Linda Maran, Rebecca Yohman, Barbara Spohler D’Elia, Nicholas Russo, M.a. Tarpinian.
  4. We currently have 419 Facebook members, an increase of 13 members since August. Discussions have centered on the pictures from our two new collections from the Fabrizio and Pantoliano families.
  5. Collections:  Fabrizio Collection, Pantoliano Collection
  6. Item Sales:  4 Postal Cancellations
  7. Old Business:

a)   The Sayre Historical Marker has arrived and arrangements to install the marker are the next step. Robert Uzzilia has volunteered to lead the project for the installation. Ron Hasenkopf and Robert E. Dodge will assist.

b)   Sylvia advises that she has prepared the preliminary documentation for the new historical marker submission to the William G. Pomeroy Foundation. This year we will honor Thurlow Weed, who was born in Acra. Thurlow was an influential newspaperman, who owned 5 political newspapers in New York State, including the Albany Evening Journal. He used the power of the pen to sway public opinion in many presidential elections. The final submission, with primary proofs, is due October 1, 2013.

c)   John G. advises that the CHS is not registered with New York State as an incorporated entity, so he is unable to obtain a NYS Tax Exempt number. Sylvia advises that she had confirmed with State Education Department that the CHS was automatically incorporated once we received our Regent’s Charter. Sylvia will discuss with Mike Esslie.

d)   Hillary presented a number of design options using the pen and book with an oval and a circle with Cairo Historical Society within the design. A vote was taken and passed to have Hillary present three final designs for vote at the next meeting.

e)   Sylvia advises that the Intuit credit card system is now in place and we have made our first credit card purchase.

f)    John K. advised that the Cairo Hose Company has relinquished all claims to the Depot property. They fully support our vision and feel that our project will be beneficial to the town. We need to sit down with the Town to firm up the land use parameters. John K. will coordinate. John also advises that he has been in contact with Mike West regarding the turntable property. We will be setting up a meeting with him in late October to discuss. John K. feels we should move forward as soon as possible to lay the railroad ties. Sylvia voiced a concern that the layout of the depot property is important so that we do not have to move the ties in the future. We need to clearly think the project through.

g)   Sylvia advises that she has received the grant cheque from the Bank of Greene County for $100.

h)   John K. advises that work on the HQ’s will continue after the Apple Harvest Festival.

  1. Projects Update:

a)      Sylvia advises that the new Trail Guide was distributed throughout the Town of Cairo and also at Greene County Tourism. The applications for 2014 will be out in December.

b)      The cheque from the Dept. of Aging for the replacement of a broken bracket has not yet been received.

c)      Sylvia advises that the planning for Case’s Speakeasy is underway. Ticket sales are our prime concern at present. Gail presented a list of items for sale at the Silent Auction, all wonderful items.

d)     Sylvia advises that she is almost done with the prepping of the Eseck G. Wilber book. It should be ready to go to print in early October.

e)      Sylvia will reach out to Joe Capobianco to discuss his Charles L. Beach presentation slated for November.

  1. Sylvia asked if there was anyone who was willing to chair the 2014 Program Committee. No one was interested, so Sylvia volunteered for this position. She is looking for suggestions on programs for next year. Some suggestions are a Civil War themed event, the Cairo Racetrack and a movie night.

a)   The CHS welcomed guests Walter G. Smythe, Anastasia Martin and Nicholas G. Moore. Walter came to the meeting as Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Nicholas was Captain Nicholas G. Moore. A lively discussion ensued regarding the military life of Ulysses S. Grant. A discussion also ensued regarding a Civil War themed event next year and ideas were tossed around, including a Civil War encampment.  Everyone was quite excited about the idea.

b)   Another idea tossed around was a Thurlow Weed impersonator to tie into the historical marker installation.

  1. Because of printer malfunctions, the Fabrizio family discussion has been moved to the next meeting.

Sandy Mueller moved to close the meeting at 8:45 and Carol Spohler seconded the motion.

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes October 17, 2013
Sylvia Hasenkopf, Secretary 

Members Present:  John Kargoe, Gail Kargoe, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ron Hasenkopf, Linda C. Larsen, Robert E. Dodge, John M. Rieker, Ed Engelhardt, Ray Houghtaling, M.a. Tarpinian, Ann Clapper 

President, John Kargoe called the meeting to order at 7:01 p. m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. The September 19, 2013 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.  Ed Engelhardt made a motion to accept the minutes as written and Ron Hasenkopf seconded the motion.
  2. The Treasurer’s Report was not presented as the Treasurer was not present.
  3. Membership update:
    Our membership remains at 102 members, an increase of 12, unchanged since September’s meeting.
  4. We currently have 439 Facebook members, an increase of 20 members since September. Discussions this month have centered on the Little Falls House ad, the Fabrizio and Pantoliano collections and Spencer family photos. A photo of 11 women in a picture from the 1950’s was circulated at the meeting. A few names were identified. Further efforts will be made to identify all the women, who were from Acra. The launch of the Cairo Historical Society publication, “May God in His Mercy Spare our Lives” was also presented on our Facebook page. Two pics are being sought from the membership – a picture of the Rockmere Farm and the Fabrizio Oil tanks.
  5. Collections:  Lou Schepp has donated a collection of Lock Photos. The Cairo Historical Society is actively acquiring George and Leta Arnold WW2 letters. We have purchased two sets already for a cost of $119.50 and Phyllis Silva-Keith, a CHS member, has donated $95 towards the purchase of these letters. Thank you to both Lou and Phyllis!
  6. Item Sales:  5 Postal Cancellations and 2 Portrait of the Past books sold in October.
  7. Old Business:

a)      Daniel Sayre Historical Marker - No report.

b)      Sylvia advises that she has mailed in our Thurlow Weed grant request on September 30, 2013.

c)      NYS Sales Tax exempt – no report as the Treasurer is not present. Sylvia advised that she did meet with Mike Esslie, our lawyer and that they had looked for historical societies on the NYS Corporations online listing and none could found. Both Sylvia and Mike had been advised by the NYS Education Department that the Regent’s Charter that was awarded to the Cairo Historical Society is their incorporation document. Sylvia advised that she had sent an email with the Regent’s Charter and the 501c3 documentation to John Gallagher and suggested he send these supporting documents in to the NYS Statement Tax Department along with the Tax Exempt Application.

d)     Hillary was not at the meeting tonight but provided a packet with four different basic logo styles with various layouts. After much discussion is what decided that Linda Larsen and Sylvia Hasenkopf will try to meet with Linda Curry and discuss various logo options. Hillary’s efforts are very much appreciated but consensus was not reached on the present designs. Linda will call Linda Curry to see if she will help us.

e)      John K. advised that Linda Larsen, Robert Uzzilia and Sylvia Hasenkopf were present at the October Town Board Workshop to discuss the Railroad Depot property. The Town Board has demonstrated support of our initiative and is willing to sell the Railroad Depot property to us. According to the Town’s attorney, Tal Rappelyea two things need to be done in order to accomplish this: an appraisal of the land must be done and a title search of the property. Mary Jo Cords has volunteered to do the appraisal for the CHS. Sylvia will track the deeds.
A discussion ensued regarding the size of the railroad ties that would need to be used with the narrow gauge rails. Ties that are used for current railroads are too big.

  1. Projects Update:

a)      The cheque from the Dept. of Aging for the replacement of a broken bracket has not yet been received.  Gail Kargoe will follow up.

b)      Sylvia advises that Case’s Speakeasy was a beautiful evening. It appears we will have a modest profit of $289.  The turnout for our annual fundraiser was less than previous years. We were fortunate that the National Bank of Coxsackie, B&B Forest Products, P. Schneider and Assoc., Dr. Schneider and the Pipe Band of Greene provided donations to the event and the CHS thanks them for their support. Gail circulated a listing of the items sold at the Silent Auction which brought in $970 for the Building Fund. Sylvia extended her thanks to John and Gail for all their efforts in securing the donations and silent auction items for the event. All team members really pulled together to make this event a success. A special thank you to Moki Pambianchi for her beautiful design.

c)      Sylvia advises that she has sent the Eseck G. Wilber book to print. A lecture and book launch is scheduled for October 26th at 2:00pm at the Cairo Public Library.  She circulated a copy of the book and the cover to the members present.

d)     Sylvia advised that she will be out of the country for the closing on her mother’s house the weekend in November when Joe Capobianco is scheduled to do his Charles L. Beach presentation. She wanted to know what the group wanted to do. After some discussion it was decided to ask Joe if he would be willing to do the presentation in January as he is unavailable in early December.

e)      New Business:

§         Sylvia has received one personal copy of the new Catskill/Cairo Life Magazine which showcases the Town of Cairo Hometown Heroes project. She is donating the copy to the CHS.

§         Gail and John Kargoe have donated an Apple Harvest festival postcard to the CHS

§         Sylvia received a copy of the article The Greene County Men of the 120th at Gettysburg written by Ted Hilscher. A number of members are interested in receiving a copy of the article which appeared in the Hudson River Valley Review.

 Ann Clapper moved to close the business meeting at 8:32 and Ray Houghtaling and Robert Dodge seconded the motion.

 Share Session: Sylvia brought a binder of the Fabrizio Collection – over 60 pictures which were shared with the members present.

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes November 21, 2013

Sylvia Hasenkopf, Secretary 

Members Present:  John Kargoe, Gail Kargoe, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ed Englehardt, Ray Houghtaling, Robert Uzzilia, Elton Rouse, Hetty Hickey, Gary Hickey 

President, John Kargoe called the meeting to order at 7:09 p. m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. The October 17, 2013 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.  Ed Engelhardt made a motion to accept the minutes as written and Ron Hasenkopf seconded the motion.
  2. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by the President. The General Fund has $3951.14; the Building Fund $23,584-92 and the Special Events Fund (formerly the T&T/Speakeasy Fund) has $2,865.22. Sylvia noted bank charges that are unexplained. She will follow up as she believes these are from the Intuit system and are erroneous.
  3. Membership update:
    Our membership is unchanged at 102 members. The membership drive kicks off December 2012. Our goal for 2014 is a 10% increase from our 2013 levels – 115 members.
  4. We currently have 472 Facebook members, an increase of 33 members since October. Discussions this month have centered on pics from the 1861 and 1980 yearbooks – the pic of the bus drivers in 1961 was a huge hit. A special Veteran’s Day Hometown Heroes marathon was launched to commemorate our veterans. Twenty-four banners were chosen at random – one for every hour. Gene Houghtaling sent the cemetery in Europe, where Edison Timmerman is buried his portrait, courtesy of the Cairo Historical Society. Pictures from the Savoy House and the O’Leary House were posted.
  5. Collections:  The CHS purchased a 1980 Yearbook; Sue Jensen donated a 1961 yearbook; John Meddaugh donated a copy of his father’s 1944/45 War diary; more George Arnold letters purchased due to the financial support of Phyllis Silva Keith. Memories of Leta “Skeeter” Arnold: she always had a dachshund. Skeeter was a photographer like her father G.B. Arnold. There was a store George and Maud Arnold Gifts and George was also a photographer (G.B. Arnold)
  6. Item Sales:  21 Eseck G. Wilber books, 1 Capitol Hill Fire DVD
  7. Old Business:

a)      Daniel Sayre Historical Marker – The marker is installed and looks amazing. Many thanks to all who helped make this marker a reality: Bob Hempstead and his crew and Ed Forrester.

b)      NYS Sales Tax exempt – no report as the Treasurer is not present. It is assumed that the application has not been submitted.

c)      Linda Larsen, Bob Uzzilia and Sylvia Hasenkopf met with Rita Carver who has agreed to help us design a logo. Shapes, font sizes, logo material was discussed in depth. Rita will send four options using different layouts and fonts for us to discuss and will fine tune thereafter.

d)     John Kargoe advised that the appraisal has come through for the Cairo Depot land. It has been appraised at $500. Next steps will be discussed with Ted Banta, Cairo Town Supervisor.

e)      We have still not received the $25 reimbursement for the Dept. of the Aging for the banner bracket that was broken by one of their vans. A letter has been drafted this day for John’s signature to the Department of the Aging.

f)       Sylvia advises that we are ready to begin the design phase of the Cairo Historical Society Headquarters. The Building Committee will meet to discuss the functions we need within the building and advise Kaaterskill Associates so they can begin the process of designing.

  1. Projects Update:

a)      Ray Houghtaling advises that all the banners were taken down, cleaned and packed into custom designed wooden boxes that he and Unk Slater built for the purpose. Most banners are in good shape, however there a few that need to be replaced because they were torn when hit by vehicles. Twelve banners were hit and 2 need to be replaced because of severe damage. (John Kargoe and Frank Dorpfeld)

b)      Sylvia advised that the Eseck G. Wilber book launch coincided with the wake of Ron Tunison, and most people that would have attended the book signing were at the funeral home. There were 10 people present. Sales are steady. Sylvia suggested to the members present that we may want to open the availability of the Eseck G. Wilber book to, and other online resellers. There was a general agreement that this was an item worth investigating. Sylvia volunteered to investigate.

c)      A Victorian Tea with Charles L. Beach is scheduled for January 18, 2014 at Gallagher’s at 2:00pm. Joe Capobianco will do a theatrical performance as Charles L. Beach followed by the Victorian Tea. Gail Kargoe and M.a. Tarpinian are putting the tea together. Tickets are $5 in advance. We are hoping for a sold out performance.

  1. New Business:

a)      Sylvia suggested we purchase an oval stamp that states Property of the CAIRO HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Cairo NY on it and affix it to all items in the collection. All agreed this would be a good idea. Sylvia will pursue. 

Ron Hasenkopf moved to close the business meeting at 8:37 and Bob Uzzilia seconded the motion.

Share Session:

  1. Bob Uzzilia presented an original Beers’ History of Greene County, published in 1884 that was donated by Mary Brandow and Richard and Elizabeth Booth in April of 2013.
  2. Ed Englehardt shared an ad for the Mountain House CMRR – Catskill to the Catskill Mountain House was only a 2 hour trip on May 1, 1882.
  3. Bob Uzzilia showed a piece of ephemera found inside our Headquarters building. It is a notice of a baseball game between the New York Metropolitans and the Van Winkle’s team of Freehold on Saturday August 1, 1896 at the Cairo Driving Park. He is still investigating more about the teams.

Cairo Historical Society
Minutes December 19, 2013
Sylvia Hasenkopf, Secretary

Members Present:  John Kargoe, Gail Kargoe, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Ron Hasenkopf, Linda C. Larsen, Bob Larsen, Robert E. Dodge, Ann Clapper, Gary Hickey, Hetty Hickey, Robert Uzzilia, Elton Rouse, Al Suwara, Mike Sharkey 

President, John Kargoe called the meeting to order at 7:13 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. A review of the minutes of the November 2013 meeting cannot happen as the minutes have not yet been prepared by Sylvia. Her notes have been lost in her office. She hopes to locate them soon.
  2. John Kargoe provided a brief update on the progress of the Cairo Historical Society design process. Sylvia Hasenkopf, John Kargoe, Hillary Higgins and Bob Uzzilia comprise the Building Committee and they met to discuss the needs of the CHS in the new Headquarters. Various functions were identified: research space, meeting space, sales of CHS items, the Cairo Diner kitchenette, presentations, office space, collections room, storage space, display cases, bookcases, janitorial space, bathrooms, to name the most important.
    Sylvia will be the main point of contact between the Building Committee and Kaaterskill Associates. All decisions will be made in committee.
    A contract was signed with Kaaterskill Associates for the design of the structure. John Valachovic of Kaaterskill Associates will present the design to the planning board on our behalf.
  3. John Kargoe confirmed the good news that the Town of Cairo has agreed to sell us the old Railroad property for $500, the amount of the recently completed appraisal of the land. John committed that he will continue negotiations with Mike West regarding the CMRR turntable property.
  4. John Kargoe was pleased to announce that the Cairo Historical Society won the prestigious Ellen Rettus Planning Achievement Award for Main St. Revitalization/Historical initiatives for 2013. Kudos go out to Sylvia Hasenkopf and Ray Houghtaling who spearheaded the project and to the Town of Cairo’s Highway Department for their help. John Kargoe, Ray Houghtaling, Sylvia Hasenkopf and Bob Uzzilia were present at the December meeting of the Greene County Legislature to accept the award.
  5. Sylvia advised that A Victorian Tea with Charles L. Beach is scheduled for January 18, 2014 at 2pm at Gallagher’s Banquet Hall. Joe Capobianco will perform as Charles L. Beach. Gail Kargoe and M.a. Tarpinian will be the hostesses for the Victorian tea (3 sandwiches, scones with jam and butter and cake with tea) which will immediately follow the theatrical performance. Tickets are $5 a piece in advance.
  6. The State of the Union Dinner will happen on February 15th. Looking for volunteers to help in the kitchen and as servers that evening.
  7. John talked a bit about volunteering. We could sorely use a few more people to help out with our events.
  8. John Gallagher dropped off the Cairo Historical Society financials. The General Fund has $2,987.21; the Building Fund has $21,942.52 and the Special Events fund (formerly the T&T/Speakeasy Fund) has $2,844.79.

The motion was raised to close the meeting and enjoy the Christmas goodies by Bob Uzzilia, seconded by Elton Rouse.  

The Cairo Historical Society Christmas Party was a rousing success and the food and camaraderie spectacular.

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