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Graduating Class of Catksill High School 1926
Commencement Sermon

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Courtesy of Jeremy Taylor

Graduating Class:  Walter A. Austin, Myrtle L. Hubbard, Ruth S. Becker, Ralph F. Hunter, Charles Cornwall, James G. MacAllister, J. Wilson Cumming, Perry R. Magee, Harrison W. Decker, Mary E. Morris, Charles J. Earle, Ralph S. Palmer, Emily G. Earle, Lillian Ione Pflegel, Alice M. Elder, Frances H. Plusch, Amos Flint, Silas Richman, Marjorie DuB. Goodrich, Gertrude E. Teetsel, Mary A. Haskins, Benjamin Rochlin, Edith H. Whittle

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Courtesy of Sylvia Story Magin

The Catskill High School graduating class of 1926 included Frances Plusch; in the class photo above she is the young lady near the center of the picture wearing a white dress or blouse with the dark floppy bow at the neck.
The color photo above shows the same lovely lady, Frances Plusch Binder (seated) and Ruth Vedder Schmidt (standing, left) enjoying the festivities at the Catskill High School Alumni Dinner which took place at The Inn at Leeds on June 24, 2006. 
Mrs. Binder was celebrating her 80-year high school reunion, and was honored that evening as the oldest graduate attending the reunion.  Mrs. Schmidt, a  bit younger, has been recognized in other years as the oldest person present at the alumni dinner but on this occasion achieved only runner-up status.  We salute these two remarkable ladies who, in their nineties, remain active and involved in community activities, demonstrating an enviable spirit of fun, a zest for living, and a keen interest in the world around them.

Catskill High School Graduating Class of 1952

Contributed by Sylvia Story Magin

Photo of a Catskill school class circa 1914 or 1915. Sylvia's uncle, Edward Jones, is the young man standing near the center in light-colored shirt and light-colored trousers.  Her father, Clifford Arthur Story (1901-1954), is standing next to him in the dark suit.

Contributed by Sylvia Story Magin 

Photo of a Catskill class, which is labeled as 1913.  Sylvia's father, Clifford Story (1901-1954), who is the third boy from the left who is wearing a tie, was born in 1901, so it appears to be junior high school or whatever they called it then.  Can anyone identify any of the others?

Contributed by Sylvia Story Magin 

Contributed by Sylvia Story Magin

Photo taken by Clifford A. Story, likely in Catskill. School and grade of class unknown. Anyone recognize the school?


Green Lake School 1919 - Edna Travis was the school teacher.

Contributed by Dave Vandenburgh

Catskill graduating class of 1937.

Catskill Graduating Class of 1937 Reunion. Albertha Earle is in the back row thrid from the right. Ann Travis, her cousin, is in the back row, 7th from the right.

Courtesy of Dave Van Valkenburgh

A Catskill One Room school house, date unknown.


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