Catskill School Articles 1791

Catskill Academy


From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

This document appears to be a duplicate copy of the original and has no signatures. From Beers' "History of Greene County" it appears that the Academy was finally organized in 1793 when subscriptions were issued.



Whereas it is become necessary to erect a seminary or school house in the Town of Catts Kill at the Landing in said place in order to promote literature and the education of Children to Effect such laudable purpose we the subscribers do Jointly and severally bind ourselves, our heirs and assigns to adhere to and abide by the following articles of Agreement and do covenant and agree with each other that we will build a house suitable for the Educating and Instructing of Children as shall be agreed upon in future by the proprietors of said house Not to exceed three hundred pounds nor less than one hundred and fifty pound currency  to be executed and completed as soon as may be found convenient by the proprietors of said house.

Article 1st

The said seminary or school house to be built by the Subscribers who shall be considered proprietors and owners that each proprietors share shall be estimated at five pounds and no one person shall have liberty to subscribe for more than one share unless there shall not appear a sufficient number of subscribers to take up at least Thirty Shares in two weeks from this date after said time then it shall and may be lawful for any one of the proprietors to subscribe for more shares but not to Exceed six ~~~~

Article 2nd

That any subscribers or proprietor shall have full power and Liberty to sell, assign and sett over his or her share or shares t any person or persons whatever that shall first be approved of and be considered proper persons To hold proprietors right by a committee to be chosen by A majority of the proprietors to superintend said seminary or school and that the same shall be entered on the proprietors book and if Entery (sic) is not made of such sale it shall not be considered a legal conveyance ~~~~

Article 3rd

That the proprietors of said Seminary or school house will meet at the house of Doct. Elisha Camp two weeks from this Date or sooner at three Oclock after noon in order to Compleat the Subscription for the proprietors Right and the Choose a moderator Clark and Committee not to Consist of less than three nor more than five to regulate and superintend the building of said school the building of said school house who shall determine in what form it shall be built and in what manner it shall be finished and also to choose a Collector to whom the shares shall be paid and it is further agreed that the Committee and all other officers chosen by the proprietors of said school house shall in all Cases whatsoever relating to the same be subject to the Controle of a majority of the Voices of the proprietors who shall have power at all times to Call the Committee to account with them for any trust reposed in said Committee to Continue or displace them at pleasure

Articles 4th

That such proprietor Shall have the liberty to furnish the Committee with such Articles as the said building shall require at Cash price if supplied in a suitable time when applied for by Said Committee and in Case of failure they shall make such pay to the said Committee as they shall require

Article 5th

That the Committee aforesaid or a majority of them shall when they Judge Necesary Call a meeting of the proprietors by written notification at two or more publick places at the Landing mentioning when and where the meeting is to be held and that the proprietors shall attend the same then and there to transact any business relative to the said school house or school and that all resolutions taken for that purpose by a majority of the proprietors then mett shall be binding on the whole each proprietors right to have a voice and the Votes be Counted according to the shares by said proprietors

Articles 6th 

That when the said seminary or school house shall be so far completed and built as shall be Judged in a suitable Condition for a school to be Kept in then the committee shall call a meeting of the proprietors before whom they shall order a true and faithful account of all the Expenditures how the moneys were laid out and produce Vouchers for the same if required they shall ten proceed to choose out of their number or otherwise as they shall Judge proper such Officers as shall upon deliberations appear necessary to over see and regulate the school and master and to form a Code of laws and regulations for the purpose aforesaid for the puntual performance of all and every of the above articles and agreements we the subscribers proprietors of the Seminary or school house do by these presents bind our selves our heirs and assigns in the penal Sum of Double the Sum that each of us subscribe to be recovered by Law by the Collector to be Appointed as aforesaid who is hereby Impowered for that purpose to recover the same anyone or more who shall neglect or refuse the puntual performance of all or any of the above Articles of Agreements Entered into by us this ____ Day of August 1791 

In Witness whereof we sett our hands as proprietors

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