Catskill Recorder August 9, 1935

Genealogical Gleanings from the Catskill Recorder

August 9, 1935

Transcribed by Sharon Palmateer from the original Records located at the Vedder Library of the Greene County Historical Society


Friday, Aug 9, 1935

Miss Virginia Malvina Gates, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Gates of Coxsackie, and Walter E. Vroman of Auburn were united in marriage on July 28th.  Miss Gates is a graduate of Russell Sage College and for the past two years has taught at the Tannersville High School.  Mr. Vroman is a graduate of Clarkson College and at present is superintendent of the C.C.C. camp at Tannersville.  Mr. and Mrs. Vroman will make their home in Tannersville.


The wedding of Miss Edith Armstrong and Rev. George D. Wood will take place at the home of the bride’s sister in Syracuse on Monday, August 17.  The bride was teacher of mathematics in the Catskill High School for the past two years, and the groom is the pastor of the Leeds Reformed Church.



Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards and daughter, Louise spent Sunday at Lake George.


Mr. and Mrs. William Covey motored to Sky Top, Pa., Saturday and attended the Dog Show held at the Lackawanna Dog Kennel Club.  Their dogs, Pam and Cantor Boy, took first and second prizes in their class.


Mrs. Frank Townsend, for many years a resident of this village, has entered the Rebecca House at Ithaca.


Rev. and Mrs. Charles Mayhew and daughter Eleanor, the Misses Nellie Seaman, Nell McKnight and Anna Van Valkenburgh for the weekend were at Graystone, the camp of Mrs. O. Q. Flint.


The Frances E. Willard Rebekah Lodge, No. 343, will hold a public card party in the I.O.O.F. Temple this evening at 8:30 o’clock.  The committee in charge is Mrs. Nettie Whitbeck, Mrs. Else Nabert, Mrs. Julia Tobin, Mrs. Katherine Day, Mrs. Leah Clawson and Miss Louise Klevesahl.  All are welcome.  There will be attractive prized and refreshments.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hormickel and son Jack of Dumont, NJ are the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Norman S. Cooper.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Keegan and daughter Margaret of Brooklyn are spending their vacation with Mrs. Martin Cook.

Mrs. William Emerick and children of Kingston were the guests of her sister, Mrs. Martin Surprise, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Smith of Washington, DC were guests last week of Mrs. Smith’s mother, Mrs. O. Q. Flint.

Mr. and Mrs. Casper Van Loan and son, Casper and Louis Van Loan, Sr. last week enjoyed a motor trip to Canada, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Mrs. E. E. Davis left on Tuesday for Westwood, NJ where she will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Holden and son Kenneth of East Orange, NJ were weekend visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tompkins.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dedlow and daughter Ruth and sons, Robert and Eugene of Buenos Ayres, Chili, South America, called on their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hoff, the past week.  Mrs. Dedlow was formerly Miss Louise Hoff of Yonkers.

Mrs. Frank Stefson of East Orange, NJ is spending the week with her cousin, Mrs. Herbert Tompkins.

Miss Madeline Holmes of Malden, Mass., who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Holmes for the past two weeks, will return home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hyer visited in New York last week.

The Misses Ora Bryant and Priscilla Garland of Schenectady who have been spending their vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coffin, have returned home.

Miss Jeanette Whiting was hostess on Wednesday at Coxsackie Beach to sixteen of her friends.  The Misses Frances Stedman of Medusa, Madeline Hoyt of Boston, Mass., Richard Marsh and Harold Van Denburgh of Coxsackie were the out of town guests.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brennan have a young son, born August 2.

Mrs. Arthur Burgess of Rutherford, NJ is with her sister, Mrs. Willis Brandow.

Mr. and Mrs. William Dorrenburgh are entertaining Mrs. Dorrenburgh’s sisters, Mrs. Martin of Los Angeles, Calif and Mrs. Topping of St. John’s, Quebec and nephew, Harry Martin of Boston, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wood, Sr. and son Clifford, Jr of Philadelphia, who have been guests at the home of Mrs. Benjamin Caddy for the past week, left Monday for a visit with Rhinebeck relatives.  The Woods will return later in August to complete their visit with Mrs. Caddy and Miss Margaret Kelly.

Edward Smith of New York and Miss Sara Smith, R.N. of Kingston are visiting their mother Mrs. Blanche Smith.

First Baptist Church - Rev. Merle B. Isenberg, pastor

Zion Lutheran Church - Rev. Luther S. Straley, pastor

Trinity Episcopal Church - Rev. Delber W. Clark, rector 

Beaches Corners

Irvin Korn of New York is visiting his wife and son who are stopping with Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shoemaker.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lockwood of Hunter were in Albany recently to visit their son, a patient in the Albany Hospital.  His is improving from the effects of the measles.  William Lockwood accompanied them to Albany.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Rohrbough of Delaware with their three children were in Hunter recently calling on friends.  Mrs. Rohrbough was formerly Miss Catherine Ferris of Hunter, niece of Mrs. Etta Bloodgood of Hensonville.


Bert Rivenburgh assisted Sylvestor Hellin with his haying.

Mrs. Dora Hawver of Coxsackie has been visiting Alice E. Hagadorn the past two weeks.

Mrs. M. H. Ellis and Mrs. A. Redinger of Hudson were at A. E. Hagadorn’s Saturday afternoon.

R. D. Kelsey and family were Sunday guests of Arthur Eldred and family of Medway.

Mrs. Harry Taylor and children were with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. A. B. Smith recently.

Mrs. J. Craddock and little daughter are with her mother, Mrs. M. C. Steadman for two weeks.

Joe Hartman is assisting Norwood Burhans with his haying.

H. Monroe, Mrs. Dorothy Conklin and daughter Marjorie and Mrs. William A. Van Dyke were in Catskill Thursday.

Steve Shoemake is doing the haying on the Delinsky Farm.

Mrs. Ursula Andrus of Windham was a dinner guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Tompkins and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Addie Andrus.


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Hoesen are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hawn of Ravena at their cottage at Lake George.

Mrs. H. G. Miller of Schenectady and her daughter, Mrs. Donald Slack of Kingston, visited her sister, Mrs. Charles M. Sherman on Tuesday.

Mrs. Bertha Van Valkenburgh has returned home after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bedell and Mrs. N. M. Compton at Syracuse.

Miss Audrey Burlingham came from Lake George to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Burlingham, Church Street.  She had as house guest Miss Nathalie Lampman of Hudson and Miss Ruth Tolley of New Baltimore.  While home she gave a bridge party for eight friends.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Foster, John Foster and Mrs. George Robinson of Waloomsac and Mrs. Louis Baker of Hoosick Falls visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Sherman on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett T. Bedell of Stop No. 28, Schenectady Road, visited his sister, Mrs. Harold E. Sherman on Monday.

Vincent Kavanagh of Brooklyn is passing some time with Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Sherman, Main Street.

Coeymans Hollow

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Carkner, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Strever, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Payne and Mr. and Mrs. Rayomond Blodgett enjoyed a picnic at Thacher Park recently.

Away: Miss Anna Fisher in Stuyvesant with her brother; Mrs. Bernard O’Rourke in Albany Thursday; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Strever with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cary at Coeymans Hollow Wednesday evening.

Visitors: Dr. Elmer F. Cleveland and friend of New York were guests Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O’Rourke; Miss Fannie Shear with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tryon Friday afternoon; Seymour Wilsey of West Coeymans Hollow with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Blodgett Wednesday afternoon; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Strever at the home of James Osterhout Saturday evening; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Slingerland and family of Cedar Grove with Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Peck; Mrs. Alfred Richardson with Mrs. Otto Payne; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wickham and family with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wickham.


Sympathy is extended to the family of Frank Stanton, who passed away late Tuesday.  The funeral was held in the South Westerlo Church and a Grange service was conducted at the grave.  Mr. Stanton was a charter member of Hiawatha Grange and a faithful worker there.  He was a member of the Farm Bureau and had assisted with county work in that organization since it was begun.  He was also a member of the Masons, who acted as bearers and which organization was well represented at the service.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Swart, Frances Swart and Albert Talmadge were in Albany Sunday afternoon calling on Miss Beatrice Swart, who has returned from Indian Lake.  They also called on Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller.


Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Goodfellow of Pulaski, NY were called last week to Chatham by the illness and death of the former’s sister, Mrs. Cora Bouck. Mrs. Bouck fell down stairs and suffered a broken leg.  Owing to old age and a diabetic condition, the wound did not heal, and on Thursday she passed away.  The funeral was held at Chatham on Sunday.  She leaves a son, Claude Bouck of Philmont.  A. Goodfellow of this village is also a brother of Mrs. Bouck.

Mrs. Jennie Parks of the Freehold House has thirty three guests.

Mrs. Muriel Bogardus is assisting in the boarding hours of Cornelius Baumann, near West Greenville.

The little daughter of Mr. Collins, living in the Palmer house, has lost her little white kitten and is broken hearted.  We hope it returns to her soon.

Miss Geraldine Wood is the proud owner of a very cute little puppy, ‘Sport,’ which was the gift of her cousin, Sidney Shufelt of Millerton.

Hervey Street

Congratulations and best wishes to Calvin Lacy and bride, nee Dorothy Simpson.  May their lives be as free from clouds as was their wedding day.

Mr. and Mrs. Loundes of Longvue Lodge entertained thirty-eight guests for the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Schofield and daughter Nancy of Stamford, Conn. were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Palme of Dream Falls Farm.

Mrs. Lillian Shears of White Plains is spending some time with the Olmsteads.

Mrs. Ida Gordon, who has been ill with typhoid fever, has returned from the Catskill Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Manly Wiltsie of Grapeville and Mrs. John Olmstead of Purling and John and Varonica Gaffney were recent callers on the Olmsteads.

Little Westkill

Miss Inez Rappleyea of Halcott Center spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Moseman.

Mrs. Elsie Howard and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rickard are employed at Hunter laundry.

Lounetta Rappleyea, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rappleyea, is ill with the measles.

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Garvey and granddaughter, Dorothy Kirk of Eastkill, were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of William Dibble.

West Camp

Emory Oliver, who had the misfortune to smash two of his fingers so badly that it was necessary to amputate them at the first joint, returned to his home from the Memorial Hospital Sunday.

West Jewett

Miss Madeleine Smith is assisting with the household duties at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell of Cairo.  Mrs. Campbell is in poor health.

Bill Hapeman and Happy Van Etten are doing the haying for Mrs. Karl Hesley.

Alvord Smith spent the weekend with his cousin, Howard Drum of Maplestreet.

Garwood Williams and Clarence Van Valkenburgh are doing the haying on Mrs. Anna Cross’s farm.

Death-Life - As friends were making preparations for the funeral of C. Roland Fagerberg of Rockford, Ill, a daughter was born to his wife. Mrs. Ethel Fagerberg.

Divorce - Henry O. Lloyd of Chicago got a divorce from his wife because she had fallen in love with his younger brother.


A daughter was born to Mrs. John McGrath on August 3rd at Mrs. Loomis’ Maternity Home in Catskill.  Mrs. McGrath is the widow of John McGrath, who was manager of the Grand Union Store here until his illness and death in June.

On July 7th a daughter, Armeta Joan, was born to Mr. and Mrs. William LeRoy Millett.  Mrs. Millett was the former Marie Catherine Stacey.

Fordyce Overbaugh and family of Woodridge, NJ were recent guests of the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Overbaugh.

Mr. and Mrs. Hasper, nee Lillian Carter, of Halifax, NY are with the latter’s parents.

Leonard Youmans, employed in Washington, DC is spending his vacation with his mother in Coxsackie.

Miss Florence Staats and brother DeWitt and wife and a friend from East Orange, NJ called on Mrs. William Gibbs on Thursday.  Miss Staats and brother are the son and daughter of Rev. B. B. Staats, a former minister of the First Reformed Church of West Coxsackie.

Mrs. Arthur Bronk has returned from a visit with her daughter in Whitehall.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Platz and daughter Adelaide and son, Francis have returned from Cape Cod.

Miss Louise Hotaling, in the nurses training class in the Albany Hospital, was at the home of her parents for the weekend.

Mrs. Beulah Bailey, who has been staying with her daughter, Mrs. William Kennedy, for several weeks, has returned to her position at the Payne Memorial Home in Chatham.

Rev. C. W. Smith of Middle Hope, NY, a former pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, is spending his vacation with his daughters in Coxsackie.

Martin Van Wie and Theresa Pebler are to be married and have rented a flat of Mr. Swyer.

William Haswell has sold his house and contents to Mr. Yuguda.

John Bomus has transferred his farm and house to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jansen.

Mrs. Beach has had a new garage erected on her property.  Frank Jump doing the work.

Mrs. Jennings, a former member of the school faculty and now teaching in Potsdam, was a recent guest of Miss Jane Whitbeck.

Mrs. Mary Brown is critically ill.  Her sisters, Mrs. Vedder and Mrs. Volckner of New York, are with her.  Mrs. Harrington, who has been with Mrs. Brown for several years, has been called home by the serious illness of her sister Mrs. Stickles.

Mrs. King and daughter, Miss Elizabeth King and William Taylor were in town recently to see William Adams, who suffered another shock on Sunday.  Mr. Adams was taken to the Catskill Hospital Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Pratt of Athens is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Charles Ballard.

Ashland -Miss Vesta Mallory of the Kingston City Hospital spent Wednesday night and Thursday with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Elmer Mallory.

Coxsackie Flats -Mr. And Mrs. William Swartout of Ravena were recent guest of his parents.

East Jewett

Mrs. Olin Brooks of Ravena was the guest of her sister part of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. George Naylor of Maplecrest, after spending several weeks with her sister has returned.


Mrs. Eva Steele is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Gelis of White Plains, who has also been visiting in Manchester, Vt.

Mr. and Mrs. John Pierce of Binghamton were weekend guests of Mr. Pierce’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Pierce.

Miss Dorothy Lovelock, who underwent an appendectomy at the Albany Hospital last week, is improving nicely.

Roberta Boyne is the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Halsted.  Miss Boyne is from Yonkers.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Robbins and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Houghtaling were in Saugerties on Sunday visiting Mr. And Mrs. Charles Vedder.  While there they extended birthday felicitations to Mrs. Vedder’s father, R. Vedder, who has reached his 85th birthday anniversary.  Mrs. Vedder is in excellent health.

Mr. and Mrs. George Wood and daughter of Scarsdale are house guests of the former’s mother, Mrs. Laura Wood.  While here Mr. Wood is decorating his mother’s residence.

Robert Murray of Woodside, NJ, who had been at Guilford, Conn. Was an overnight guest of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Robbins.  His parents, Mr. And Mrs. George Murray, who have been visiting the Robbins family returned to Guilford with their son Saturday and on Sunday returned to Woodside.


Mrs. Lyman Strong of Cairo is caring for her sister, Mrs. Anne Palmer.

Mrs. Jessie Fredenburgh of Catskill is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. W. E. Tallman.  Miss May Long was a weekend guest at the same home.

James Dickson suffered a shock Sunday afternoon.  Reports are that his left side is paralyzed.

A new spaghetti house has opened in Greenville.

Elmer Klevitt of Passaic, NJ is spending a few weeks with his aunt, Mrs. James  Shaw.

Mr. and Mrs. James Shaw, Jr. and sister May visited relatives in New Jersey over the weekend.  Miss May Shaw remaining there for a two weeks’ vacation.

Mrs. Ruby Rundell returned to her home Sunday from a t rip which she enjoyed with her cousin, Miss Minnie Bulsom of Worcester.  They visited Niagara Falls, Canada and the Thousand Islands.


Several from here attended Mr. Stanton’s funeral at South Westerlo on Friday afternoon.

The Flansbergs and Bortholomews motored to Highland Monday afternoon for a picnic with Clyde, who was off duty for a few hours and could meet them there.

Mrs. Webb returned home Tuesday, having spent three weeks with Mr. Webb’s sister in New Jersey, who has been ill.

Miller Woodhull sold a horse this week to Richard Hotaling.

Master Burton Palmer has been in the Catskill Hospital, having his tonsils removed.

Mill Hollow

Mrs. Flossie Dunham and daughter called on her sister, Mrs. Arthur Barnum this week.

Arthur Barnum and Arthur Atwater have finished the Law haying.

Floyd Barnum called on his parents last Sunday.

Ford and Clifford Thompson are haying on the Burlin place.

Norton Hill

Shirley and Pearl Hunt have returned home from visiting their aunt, Mrs. Ivan Hand of Ilion.

Humphrey Tryon of Greenville spent Saturday with his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Tryon.

The funeral of Carrie Moore, wife of Raymond Ingalls, and the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Almerin Moore of Wright Street, was held in the Methodist Episcopal Church here on Saturday, Rev. A. P. Lakeberg of Coeymans Hollow, a former pastor officiating.  Mrs. Harrison Gardner sang the “Old Rugged Cross.”  There were many beautiful flowers.  Deceased was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church Ladies Aid Society and Christian Endeavor, holding offices in each society, and she will be greatly missed for her ever ready and willing aid.  A kind friend and an obliging neighbor, surely a good woman has gone to her reward after long months of illness.  Sincere sympathy is extended to the bereaved husband, sisters and brothers.

North Settlement

Congratulations are extended to Paul Kelly of Windham and Miss Florence Littman of this place, who were married Sunday at her home.

The sad news reached this place of the death of Mrs. Thomas Hayden, formerly Miss Letta Cryne, at the Catskill Hospital, on Monday.  Deepest sympathy is extended to her husband and infant daughter and only sister, Mrs. Raymond Thompson.


Phil Pelham is employed by Oscar Horton at Cairo.

Friends and neighbors wish to extend sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin and family in the loss of their son.

Rice Street

Mrs. Clarence Parker has been working for Mrs. Hilda Goslee of Jewett the past week.

Sheldon Maben of Mitchell Hollow has been employed by Abram Matthews.

Roger Whitcomb of Jewett Center has been assisting Clarence Johnson.

South Westerlo

Mrs. Barney Davis and son of Kinderhook are spending a few days with her parents and other relatives.

Sympathy is extended to the relatives of Frank Stanton, who passed away on Monday.  The funeral was held from the church Friday with burial in the Westerlo Central Cemetery.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Yauney, nee Mildred Davis, who were married in Albany Saturday.  They will reside in Gloversville.

West Athens

U. G. Van Hoesen has been confined to his room with muscular rheumatism, with a doctor in attendance.

Miss Anna Strubbe and sister, who have been guests of Mrs. U. G. Van Hoesen for the past three weeks have returned to their home in Brooklyn.

Mr. and Mrs. Cuyler Paulsey have returned to their home in Jersey City, after spending some time with the latter’s sister, Mrs. Charles H. Bush.

Miss Isabella Clough and friend motored to Lake Minnewaska recently to call on the former’s sister, Miss Edith Clough.

George Gonnermann of Buffalo and Mr. and Mrs. C. Herbert Gonnermann of Catskill were Sunday guests of their mother, Mrs. Mary J. Gonnermann.

West Coxsackie

Fred Sack is having a new front and an addition built on his garage.  John H. Whitbeck is doing the masonry work.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Truesdell entertained their son-in-law and daughter, Mrs. And Mrs. Nelson Watson for the weekend.

Reginald Wentworth is employed at the Jackson & Boome garage.

Raymond Smith and family have returned to West Coxsackie to reside.  Mr. Smith is assisting at the Jackson & Boome garage.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hallenbeck entertained the latter’s sister from Brooklyn last week.

Elmer Condon and H. Wheeler are painting the Opera House Block.

Mrs. Arthur Bronk has been visiting her son-in-law and daughter in Whitehall.

Mrs. Jennie Scudder is visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Roberts of Roxbury.

West Greenville

Mr. and Mrs. David Bell were in Cairo recently to see the latter’s sister, Mrs. Rivenburg, who is much improved in health, we are glad to say.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Cameron were in Connecticut one day last week to attend the funeral of Mrs. Cameron’s mother, Mrs. Daniels, who had passed her one hundredth birthday.  Some years ago she spent several months at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Cameron and made many friends while here.  Mrs. Cameron’s sister returned home with her for a visit.

Among recent callers at the Smith home were Mrs. W. A. Tallman and daughter, Lola and Clarence Boomhower of Greenville, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Kelly of Rosendale, Mrs. Clinton Weeks and daughter, Clarice of Athens, W. Finch of Roxbury and Mr. and Mrs. Bett.

Woodstock Center

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney White and son, Ralph, called on Arnold Neilson and family recently.

Mrs. Jack Broking and son, Jackie were with her mother, Mrs. Mary Noe on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark White and the latter’s nephew, Mr. Albright and family called on Sidney White and family Sunday.

John Butts is doing the haying for Mrs. Mary Roe and Mrs. Maybelle Stotts.


Heartfelt sympathy is extended to Mrs. Minnie Stanton and Mr. and Mrs. Rhodell Stanton in the death of husband and father, Frank Stanton, who was well known in this village.

Mrs. Martha Fisher, who has just returned from Europe, is spending some time with her sister, Miss Emma Fisher.

Mr. and Mrs. James Smith and daughter of Albany spent Sunday with their uncle, James Lobdell.

Mr. and Mrs. Cary Strevell and daughters, Elise and Betty, called on friends in South Berne Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Barber and daughter Vera, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snyder and Almeda made a trip through the flood section near Binghamton Sunday.

Edward King was called to Schenectady Sunday by the illness of his brother Frederick.  Clinton Stewart accompanied him.

Moak Reunion - On August 3rd the descendants of the late Henry Moak gathered at White Sulphur Springs for their 10th annual reunion.  The perfect day brought many from different towns and cities from miles away and many branches of the Moak family were represented.  Dinner was served at 2 o’clock and the afternoon was spent in visiting, swimming, etc.  The reunion will be held at the same place on the first Saturday in August, 1936.  Officers elected for the coming year are President, Henry Hilton of Schenectady; first vice-president, Mrs. Andrew Durfee of Coeymans Hollow; second vice-present, Mrs. Jessie Roe of Coxsackie; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Charles Snyder of Westerlo; treasure, Elvin Wright of Voorheesville; assistant secretary, Earl Moak of Binghamton.


Pfordte-Davis - On Saturday Robert H. Pfordte of Watertown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto F. Pfordte of Cairo, was married to Miss Miriam R. Davis of Adams Center at the home of the bride’s parents.  Mrs. Russell R. Colton of Cairo was matron of honor for her sister, and Frederick Pfordte of Cairo was groomsman for his brother.  The bride for the past five years has taught in the Cairo schools, and her husband is manager of the Watertown branch of Montgomery Ward.

Among Greene County relatives at the wedding were the groom’s parents, Frederick Pfordte and Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Colton of Cairo and Mrs. Elliott Mangam of Mineola, LI, formerly of Cairo.

Will Enter Firemen’s Home - “Zach” Dederick, as he was known when he worked for the late George W. Bates and was an active member of Hose Company One for many years, will shortly be admitted to the Firemen’s Home at Hudson.  Mr. Dederick of late had been working in New York, and last February suffered the loss of a leg, having been in a hospital since that time.  His host of friends in Catskill will be pleased to learn he is going to the Home.

Forty Years Ago Aug. 5, 1895 - Married:  At Coxsackie Jul 31 (1895) Charles E. Miner and Hannah C. Van Zandt, both of Climax.  At Hunter, July 31, (1895) James McCullough and Mary Burns, both of Hunter.

Forty Years Ago Aug. 5, 1895 - Deaths: In Catskill, August 7 (1895) Mary Agnes Adams, age 25 years; August 7(1895) Eunice Nickerson, wife of Philip Palmer, aged 66 years.  At East Durham, August 1 (1895) Julia Mace, wife of Henry Haskins, aged 63 years.  At Troy, August 8 (1895) Mynderse Wynkoop, formerly of Catskill, aged 77 years.

Forty Years Ago Aug 5, 1895 - Births: At Leeds, August 1 (1895) to Mr. And Mrs. Louis F. Teich, a daughter.  At Coxsackie, July 21 (1895) to Mr. And Mrs. Henry M. Sanford, a daughter.  At New Baltimore, July 31 (1895) to Mr. And Mrs. F. D. Miller, a daughter; July 27 (1895) to Mr. And Mrs. R. D. Perry, a son; July 26 (1895) to Mr. And Mrs. F. Mosley, a son.

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