Cairo Souvenirs

Cairo Souvenir Cards



From the personal collection if Sylvia Hasenkopf

Purling, District No. 6, Cairo, NY, 1898-1899:
Chas. D. Van Orden, Teacher:
Lysander Lennon, Trustee:
Pupils: Cora A. Sherwood, Ethel J. Lennon, Ethel W. Wright, Adelaide Smith, Hannah Slater, Edna Smith, Lelia D. Lennon, Grace A. Smith, Mary Slater, Dora E. Palmeter, Inez E. Lennon, Marjorie E. Wright, Romaette Scott, Nellie M. Scott, Norma K. Whitney, Addie Stewart, Dorothy L. Wright, Eva L. Slater, Cora M. Overbaugh, Addie Scott, Edna D. Miller, Arcia D. Cole, Ethel E. Lawrence, Chas. E. Anderson, William N. Anderson, Herbert W. Salisbury, M.V.C. Byington, Frank C. Mead, Irving M. Overbaugh, Irving T. Palmeter, Foster W. Wright, Arthur Stewart, Grover C. Stewart, David B. Stewart, Gerald L. Lennon, Tracy N. Mead, Harold G. Byington, Lucius Lennon

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