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Contributed by Don Howard

Cairo High School Graduating Class of 1926: (left to right) William Freese, Ruth Post, Ruth Hunt (Don's aunt), Elizabeth White, Carolyn Meyer, Pauline Turner, Alice Hunt (Don's mother), Marian Ruland and Thomas Staker

High School. Cairo, from the private collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

Courtesy of Don Howard


In July 1923 the new Cairo High School was under construction


In January 1926 the Cairo High School burned to the ground.

Ada Eastgate, 1925. Cairo High School teacher


As enscribed in the photo album of Milton Howard. Words in paranthesis added by Don Howard:
Party given by C.H.S. Juniors to Class of '25. In high school auditorium. June 1925.

Juniors: Ruth Post, Marian Ruland, Lucy Dunham, Ruth Hunt, Pauline Turner, Lena (Skeeter) Arnold, Alyce Hunt, Milton Howard, Jr. (Dan) Driver, William Freese, Elmer Chadderdon, Elizabeth White, Harold Webster, Julius Lamanac

Seniors: Onteora Freleigh, Ethel Ruland, Edrie Warner, Louise Wilkning, Ernie Baily, Wilson Chadderdon, Albert Morrison, Louis Tischler

School District No. 11 - South Cairo High School

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