Brayton Johnson letter

Brayton Johnson

Submitted by Dick Nesbitt

Below is a letter Brayton Johnson sent to Phebe (nee Truedell, his wife), when I believe he was a doctor in Gallupville, N.Y. and he wanted to get Phebe to come to their home after he was settled. The letter was dated October 10, 1877. I copied it as it was written.


I will write you a few lines to night. I got here all safe before dark yesterday it rained all the forenoon. The people say I must come back. So I concluded to stay I have been down Painting the house today it is going to be goog when it is done. The stove is there put it already to use. I went + looked at those dry goods to day the mice had got in the Big Box Eat up the Sweet corn. the pan of dryed Berry and one of the Pillow Shams the rest is not eat. but not very clean. I layed them on the roof to day to air tommorow I will move them down to the house and hang them on a line up Stairs. Dave Rowls came here the Same night I got here his wife has been Sick a long time he wants me to doctor her. Ol Plank came in to see me he said he was awfull glad I was coming back to stay. David Zimmens child is dead they think it would not have Died if I had been here. I wish you was here to night but I hope you are well. I shall be very buisy for Some time. Now when you get ready to come I wish you could get Some one to fetch you out if they cannot come all the way. I will meet them at Blenham they can come + back in one day. if They come , I would like to have them put on my Cutter+Bells. if they can if not, I will half to come + get them I do not think of any more to write. My Love to All+

B.A.Johnson M.D.

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