Boyds Business Directory

Boydís Business Directory

Of Over One Hundred Cities and Villages

In New York State

(Greene County Directories Extracted - Athens, Catskill and Coxsackie - No other Greene County Towns listed)

Together With Post-Offices, Postmastersí Names, Money Order Post-Office and Telegraph And Express Stations Throughout The State, History Of The States and Territories, And Brief Sketches Of The Places Contained In The Directory. Incorporated And Manufacturing Companies, Railroads Newspapers, Exc., United States New York, County , City Officers, Exc.

By Andrew Boyd, 
Compiler and Publisher of Directories During The Past Fifteen Years
Principal Office, 23 High Street, Albany, N. Y.
1869 Ė1870
Albany, N. Y.

Printing House of Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons, 1869.

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin


The first edition of this Directory is herewith presented with the consciousness that every effort has been madeówhich long experience and pains-taking labor and contributeóto ensure its fullest completeness. Fourteen more places that were promised have been added. No money had been collected in advance, nor indeed is there ever upon any books issued from this office. It will be published regularly with additional improvements.

To whoever may find an error in this voluminous Combination Directory of names, the undersigned would respectfully ask him to remember for a moment the following: It is the first of its kind, It embraces 114 distinct directories of as many cities and villages, every one of which had to be visited. The work contains over 80,000 business names, which required a very large corps of practiced canvassers to collect; the owner of each name had to be called upon personally, his name obtained and correctly spelled and written down, with business, street numbers, etc. These 80,000 names had to be examined, revised and compiled alphabetically in their proper places etc. A very large number have advertised in the work, each one of which had some wish in regard to the insertion of his advertisement; one wanted it under a particular business heading, another under his name, another on some particular page, one in a certain style type one in one place and one in another, none of which must be forgotten, all must be done according to agreement; all this adds to the complication of the affair. The whole has to pass through the hands of an immense number of canvassers, assorters and compilers, printers, proof-readers, etc. Let him think of this, and the wonder with him ought to be not that he has found an error or two, but rather that he can find so few. Let him realize too if he can the great care and system required and given in a complicated compilation of this kind, let him add to it all the natural anxiety of one who gives his earnest, personal attention to this branch of business, and upon which so much depends to fulfill all the promises of himself and corps, and to give satisfaction in his works devotes not only the labor of his head and hands throughout the day, but often so far into the night as to reach the "wee smaí hours ayont the Ďtwa," and the error finder will no doubt shut the book with a gentle hand, kindly expressive of how sublime a thing it is to forgive.

The Compiler of a Directory.
January 5th, 1869

Catskill, Greene County

Greene county, formed March 25, 1800. Catskill was incorporated March 14, 1806, and is upon the Hudson, 111 miles from New York and 33 from Albany. It is one mile up the creek, and is the county seat. Population about 3, 500. The village, which is a pleasant and thriving one, rises form the margin of the creek to an elevated site on the north, where it is dissipated in many beautiful country villas, overlooking the river on the east, and the valley and mountains on the west. It is a place of much importance; magnificent scenery abounds here, and it has been the temporary or permanent home of some of the distinguished artists of the country. On a sort of terrace, twenty-two hundred feet above the river, about 12 miles back from it, and near the edge of an abrupt precipice, is the "Mountain House," which is distinctly visible for a considerable distance along the river. The coolness and exhilarating quality of the air, and the grandeur of the view, attract numerous visitors in the summer months. One of the many attractions in the vicinity is the Catskill Falls. Caterskill or Kauterskill creek, a branch of Catskill creek, originating high up in the mountain, and affording an outlet for two ponds, here dashes over two perpendicular precipices, one called The Clove, reaches the lower valley of the Hudson. The scene of Irvingís Rip Van Winkle is laid in the region, and the place where the sleepy Dutchman bowled at nine pins, is pointed out to travelers.

VILLAGE OFFICERS.óCharles Cornwall, president; Hiram Van Steemburgh, M. F. Smith, Chas. Egnor, Fred. O. Rightmyer, trustees; George Olney, surveyor; C. C. W. Cleaveland, clerk.


Abeel C. C. & Co. grocers, Exchange place near Bridge

Fanning Nelson, physician, Main

Agnor House, Nelson Larabee, Main

Ferrior &Bro. brick manufrs. West Water

Alcott George W. stationer, Main near Factory

Fiero Joshua Hon.. Dry goods merchant, Main near William

Aldrich H. B. milliner and fancy goods, Main

Fitch F. J. Layer, Main near the bank

Aldrich Henry B. photographer, Main

Fletcher M. baker, main

Arnsfield Morris, clothier, Main

Fox. G. C. (Shaler & Fox), Main

Ashley J. J. jr. baker, Main opp. Western Hotel

French & Ethridge, grocers, Main

Atwater Joshua, ins agt. , Main under Tannerís Bank

Gale Wm. physician, Main next to P. O.

Bagley J. H. Jr. (Jones & Bagley), Main

Gay Philip (Donahue & Gay) Main opp. the Tannerís bank

Bascom N. P. prop. West Catskill Hotel, Bridge

Gaylord J. F. (Mott & Gaylord), Main

Beach C. L. proprietor Catskill Mountain House, Catskill

Givens & Osborn, lawyers, Main

Beach Chas. A. supt. of Mountain House, Main, under the Tannerís bank

Givens S. A. (Givens & Osborn, Main

BOURKE OLIVER, postmaster, P.O. Main, house Bridge

Greene J. R. dry goods, Main near Factory

Bush Hannah, candles, Main

Gunn R. N. hotel, Main

Bushnell & Baldwin, boots and shoes, Main

HALL J. B. editor and proprietor of the Recorder and Democrat, Main next to bank

CATSKILL HOUSE, W. & s. Kirby, Main

Hallenbeck H. E. (T. & H. E. Hallenbeck) Main

Catskill Nat. Bank, Harrison P. Jones, pres., Henry B. Hill, cashier, Main

Hallenbeck T. H. E. grocers, Main

Clark L. C. candy, Main

Hallock Joseph, lawyer, Main corner Broad

Coben Joseph H. merchant tailor, Main n. Canal

Harries Samuel, grocer, Main

Cold Spring Division, No. 74, S. of T., meet every Wednesday, Good Templarís Hall

Hecht Louisa, milliner, Main

Conklin J. B. jr. grocer, Main cor. Bridge

Hill Frederick, Cashier Tannerís National Bank of Catskill, Main

Concklin W. H. Grocer, Main, next door to Tannerís bank

Hill Henry B. cashier, Catskill National bank

Cook, & Hardwick, brick manufs., West Water

Hinmans, H. M. Tailor, Main

Cornwall Chas. Insurance agent, Main

Holbert David C. fancy goods, Main

Cornwall Solomon, hats, Main

Horton F. A. pastor Dutch Reformed Church

Corsa Wm. P. (Storm & Corss), Thompson

HORTON GEO. L. DRUGGIST, Main next to Post office

Cross Martin, hairdresser, Main

Howard Geo. A. Rev- pastor Presbyterian church

CURTIS CARRIE MISS, milliner, Main opposite the bank

Hudson Rive House, J. P. Huntly prop. Catskill point

Day S. Sherwood, president Tannerís National bank of Catskill, Main

Humphrey & Smith (O. T. Humphrey and E. A. Smith) dry goods, Main

Donahue & Gay (Wm. Donahue and P. C. Gay), Butchers, Main, opp. the Tannerís bank

Humphrey Oscar T. (Humphrey & Smith, Main

Donahue Wm. (Donahue & Gay), Main opp. the Tannerís bank

Hunter, Lynes & Parson (W, Hunter, F. C. Lynes and C. Pearson), merchant tailors Main near Thompson

Du Dubois Wm. L. (Wey & DuBois), Main c. Canal

Hunter Wm. (Hunter, Lynes & Pearson, Main near Thompson

Dumond P. & P. M. carriage manufs. Main

Ingersoll E. L. physician, Main under the Tannerís bank

Edgerly Wm. carpenter, Main

Jewell James, physician, Main opp. the P. O.

Egnor J. M. grocer, Main

Jones & Bagley (A. P. Jones and J. H. Bagley, jr. ) grocers, Main

Egnor & Martin, livery stables, Bridge

Jones Harrison P. prest. Catskill National bank


Keener Joseph, Furniture, Main opp. Church

Reynolds R. M. dentist, Main over the P. O.

King R. H. lawyer, Main near the bank

Russ James (W. H. & J. Russ), Main

KIRBY W. & S. props. Catskill House, Main

Russ W. H. & J. liquors, main near Church

Kortz D furniture, main

Russell Edgar, Justice of the Peace, Main under the Tannerís bank

Kortz J. W. dry goods, Main

Salisbury Wm. Justice of the Peace and insurance agent, Main

Kortz W. undertaker, Main

Saul Julius, Clothier, Main

Kritzman Joseph, clothier, Main

Sayre France, hardware, Main cor. Church

Lansing John A. Rev. pastor Reformed church

Scott Robt. A. meteoric Illuminator agent, Main

Larabee Nelson, prop. Agnor House, Main

Selleck H. confectioner, Main

Layman C. J. Milliner, Main

Shuler & Fox (N. S. Shaler and G. C. Fox) grocers, Main

Leeson James, harnessmaker, Main opp. P. O.

Shaler N. S. (Shaler & Fox), Main

Lewis Z. M. Rev. pastor Methodist church

Sheppard John, grocer, Main n. Catskill House

Lynes F. S. (Hunter, Lynes & Pearson), Main near Thompson

Smith Eugene A. (Humphrey & Smith), Main

Lynes George, restaurant, Main opp. Factory

Smith Luke, boots, Main

LYNES GEORGE & SON, fruit dealers, Main

SMITH M. F. prop. Western Hotel, Main cor Union

Mackey E. R. physician, Main

Stahl Frederick A. hairdresser, Main

Mallory J. L. (Vincent & Mallory), Main

Staples M. W. Rev. pastor Presbyterian church

Mallory Samuel M. (S. S. Mallory & Son). Main corner of Howard

Steam Woolen Co., Samuel Harris agent, Water near Factory

Mallory S. S & Son (S. M. Mallory), jewelers and fancy goods, Main cor. Howard

Storm & Corsa (P. H. Storm and Wm. P. Corss), pager mnfrs., Thompson

Mann J. T. hardware, Main

Storm P. H. (Storm & Corsa), Thompson

Martin A. J. hardware, Main and Thompson

SWARTWOUT NICHOLAS, tanner and leather dealer, head of Main

Matoon, C. A. Confectionery, Main

Sylvester John F. jeweler, Main

McCarthy Wm. Rev. pastor Baptist church

Sylvester J. R., Western Union Tel. Co., Main

Meech, & Beach, grocers, Main opp. the P. O.

Tannerís National Bank of Catskill, S. Sherwood Day, prsít;í Frederick Hill, cashier, Main

Mesick P. T. Dry goods, Main near P. O.

Tolley & Sons, gunsmith, Main

Morgan J. O. Billards, Main

Trowbridge Chas. grocer, Main

Mott & Gaylord (W. R. Mott and J. F. Gaylord), gloves, boots, &c. Main

Trowbridge M. H. printer, Main

Mott Walter R. (Mott & Gaylord) Main

TROWBRIDGE & CO. soap and candle manufacturers, Livingston

Munn Angus, tobacconist, Main opp. Western Hotel

Van Loan Walton, Stationer, Main at P. O.

Nearing Sophia, Milliner, Main

Vincent G. E. (Vincent & Mallory) Main

OíConnor J. V. W. Restaurant, Main n William

VINCENT & MALLORY (G. E. Vincent and J. L. Mallory), druggist, Main

Olmstead & Rugg, hats & c. Main

Weeks Robt. Rev. pastor Episcopal church

Olney D. K. lawyer, Main near Bank

West Catskill Hotel N. P. Bascom, prop.

Olney John lawyer, Main corner Bridge

WESTERN HOTEL, M. F Smith, Main cor Union

Osborn A. M. (Givens & Osborn) Main

West. Union Tel Co., J. R. Sylvester, Main

Page Wilson, grocer main

Wetmore W. W. physician, Main near Union

Palmer. Oliver, grocer, Main cor. Greene

Wey & Du Bois (B. Wey and W. L. Du Bois), druggists, Main cor. Canal

Payton James , Saloon, Main near Bridge

Wey Benj. (Wey & Du Bois), Main cor Canal

Pearson Chas. (Hunter, Lynes & Pearson), Main near Thompson

White. Clarke, butcher, Main

Penfield F. B. grocer, Main

Wilcox Judson, grocer, Main cor Factory

Pennoyer W. A. watchmaker, Main

Willard C. S. Watchmaker, Main

Perry Bros. (Volney D. and V. Douglass Perry), grocers, head of Main

Winans Leonard, carpenter, Main

Perry Volney D. (Perry Bros.), head of Main

WISE & SON (A. and M. S. Wise) furs, Main

Person, & Stewart, butcher, Main

Wise Morris S. (Wise & Son), Main

Philip Jacob, physician, Main cor William

Wolcott. W. G. mfr flour, grain, &c. Main

Pierce Wm. E. harnessmaker, Main


Quinlan M. H. Miliner, Main


RECORDER AND DEMOCRAT, J. G. Hill, printer and publisher, Main n. Bank



Coxsackie, Greene County

Greene county formed 25, 1800, Coxsackie, upon the Hudson, was incorporated in 1866. It is a thriving village, containing a population of something over 2,000. It is 123 mile from New York and 21 from Albany. There is a Bank and weekly newspaper here.

VILLAGE OFFICERS.óWm. Cochran, President; Henry Mackey, Winslow Case, Wheeler, Powell, trustees; Sidney A. Dwight, Treasurer; Ebert O. Beatty, Clerk; Elijah D. V R. Converse, Police Justice.

Allen Henry L. boots and shoes, Reed near Ely

Collier C. I. (Collier & Hallock), Ely Cor Reed

Baker Richard, liquors, Reed near Ely

Collier & Hallock (C. I., Collier and S. P. Hallock), dry goods, Ely cor Reed

Beach Mary, Milliner, Walton

Cook, Peter, policeman, Reed near Lincoln ave

Beatty Albert O. (Crippen & Beatty), Reed

Cooney John, Liquors Water near River

Becker Crawford, photographer, Reed opposite Eagle Hotel Reed

Coonley Platt & Co. (W. G. Hoyt), butchers, Reed

Bedell H. G. & Co. (Levi Bedell), dry goods Manison near Reed

Coxsackie House, S. A. Palmer, Walton

Bedell Levi (H. G. Bedell & Co.), Mansion near Reed

Coxsackie Malleable Grey Iron Co. H. Miller, President [prop] Reed cor Ely

Bell Charles , Tobacconist, Reed

Crippen Charles (Crippen & Beatty), Reed

Bomus George H. carpenter, River

Near Reed

Crippen & Beatty (C. Crippen and A. O. Beatty) grocers, Reed

Bonton Charles F. & Norman L. dry goods, Reed near Ely

Cumming Daniel, restaurant, Water near Reed

Bonton Norman L. (Chas F. and N. L. Bonton) Reed near Ely

DEMING FREDíK G. postmaster Reed

Bradbury E. K. prop. Eagle Hotel, Reed n Ely

Donovan Patrick, Blacksmith, Water

Brandow J. W. stoves, etc., Walton

Eagle Hotel, E. K. Bradbury, Prop. Reed n Ely

Briggs, I. W. & son (Sylvester W. Briggs), butchers, Water near Reed

Farmer Wm. hardware, Walton

Briggs Sylvester W. (I. W. Briggs & Son), Eater near Reed

FRANKLIN Wm. P., printer and publisher, Reed c. Ely

Bronk John B. solicitor, Reed

Frisbee John Rev. (colíd), Methodist, Walton

Brown & Wing (Isaac Brown and Marcus Wing), druggist, Reed near Eagle Hall

Gay Barnatt, dry goods, Walton

Brown H. W. Grocer, Reed near Ely

Grose Chas. Rev. pastor Methodist church

Brown Isaac (Brown & Wing), Reed near Eagle

Green Alonzo, hatter, Reed near Ely

Buckbee & Brown (R. F. Buckbee and H. Brown), steam planing mill, River near Reed

WM. P. FRANKLIN, Book and Job Printer, and Publisher of The Coxsackie News, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY.

Extra Inducements offered to advertisers.

Calwell Lizzie, milliner, Reed near Eagle Hotel

National Bank of Coxsackie, J. C. Van Dyck, president, Main

CASE WINSLOW, wines, liquors, etc., Reed near Ely

NEWBURY A. & B. machinists and iron founders, Water and River

Church John D. prop. Railroad House, opposite the ferry

Newbury B. (A. & B. Newbury), Water, n. River

Cochran Wm. H. notary public, Reed

Palmer S. A. prop. Coxsackie House, Walton

COLLIER A.V. D., M.D. druggist, opposite Eagle Hotel

Phiney, R. B. boots, Reed near River

A.V.D. COLLIER, Wholesale and Retail DRUGGIST! Opposite Eagle Hotel, Coxsackie, N. Y. Order from Country Merchants promptly attended to.

Post Stephen, deputy sheriff, Four Mile Point

Griffin R. livery stables, Coxsackie

Powell Wheeler (Reed & Powell), Reed c. Water

Haines D. T. boots and leather, Reed n. River

Provost Catharine, milliner, Reed near Ely

Haines J. D. manager, W. U. T. office, Reed n River

Railroad House, J. D. Church, prop., opp ferry

Hasiting S. P. M. Rev. pastor Ref. Church

Reed Alexander (Reed & Powell), Reed c Water

Hallenbeck Shelden, saddler, Ely near Reed

Reed, Geo. & W. K. hardware, Reed n. River

Hallock David, grocer, Reed near Ely

Reed & Powell (A. Reed and W. Powell) freight agents, Reed corner Water

Hallock S. P. (Collier & Hallock), Ely c. Reed

Rosch Marcus Rev. Catholic church Reed near Lincoln ave

Hamilton Miller, pres. Coxsackie Malleable Grey Iron Company

Seegarll Joseph, clothier, Reed near Ely

Hiseerd James W. lawyer, Reed near Ely

Sharp J. F. liquors, Walton

Hollister & Hallenbeck, dry goods, Reed n Ely

Sherman Alonzo, grocer, Reed corner Water

Hoyt W. G. (Platt, Coonley & Co.), Reed

Shufelt Edgar, clothier, Ely near Main

Jackson J. J. dentist and surgeon, Mansion near Eagle Hotel

Sprague W. M. physician, Mansion

King Henry (colíd), hairdresser, Reed n. River

Stoutenburgh W. S. dry goods Walton

King Myry A. (colíd), milliner, Reed n. River

Van Dyck Jacob C. lawyer, also president National Bank Coxsackie, Main

Kipinett Ann P. milliner, Reed near Ely

Van Dyck John B. physician, Walton

Klebes M. Furniture, Reed

Warner John F. Billiards, Reed near Ely

Lampman Obadiah, dry goods, Reed

Welsh John, tailor, Reed near Ely

Laughlin A. G. confectioner, Ely near Reed

Western Union Tel. Office, J. D. Haines, Reed n. River

LEETE W. E. attorney and counsellor at law, Mansion

Whiting Mary M. milliner, Reed n. Eagle Hotel

Leigh W. J. marble works, Walton

Williams Peter O. physician, Reed near Ely

Long. R. J. wagonmaker, Reed

Winans David, butcher, near Walton

Lusk Gilbert, grocer, Reed near Ely

Winans W. H. watchmaker, Reed near Ely

Mackey George (Mackey and C. P. Wing), Reed n. Ely

Wing C. P. (Mackey & Wing), Reed n. Ely

Mackey & Wing (G. Mackey and C. P. Wing) druggists, Reed near Ely

Wing M. (Brown & Wing), Reed n. Ely

Mason A. b. (colíd), hairdresser, Reed c River

Youmans Isaac A. liquors, Walton

Miller Theodore (colíd), hairdresser, Reed


Morgin Mike W. blacksmith, River near Reed


Mun A. F. Rev. pastor, Reformed church


Mygatt Isaac, Lumber and coal, River cor. New


Mygatt & Brandow, hardware, Reed near Ely



Athens, Greene County

Greene county formed March 25, 1800, and named in honor of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, of Revolutionary fame.

Athens is situated upon the Hudson river, opposite the city of Hudson, 35 miles from Albany and 115 miles from New York. It was incorporated April 2, 1805. Population about 2,000. A railway has recently been completed to Schenectady, connecting with the N. Y. C. R. R., principally for the conveyance of freight to connection with river navigation to and from the west. The rock on which the steamer Swallow run on the evening of April 7, 1845, is just below . Twenty lives were lost on that occasion.

Athens was formerly called "Loonenburgh" and "Esperanza."

TOWNS OFFICERS.__J. R. Haviland, Town Clerk; Chas. Howland, Treasurer; John Beardsley, Supervisor; Geo. Brady, jr., and Henry Stranahan, Trustees:

Allen Alfred, boots, Ferry near Wormer House

Pennington & Hanthorn (J. Pennington and R. H. Hanthorn,), dry goods and grocers, Ferry corner Washington

Ashley Edwin, confectionery and bakery, Perry

POST ELISHA, druggist, Ferry near Warren

Berg Fred, cigar manufacturer, Ferry

Post John, hairdresser, Second

Brady George, butcher, Ferry

Reeves, Wm. K., saloon, Second near Ferry

Brady Gordon W., carpenter, Athens

Robbins, Joseph, prop. robins House, Water corner Second

Calkins S. E., physician, Franklin near Second

Ryder L. W., confectionery, Ferry near Warren

Campbell A. G. Rev., pastor Dutch Reformed church

Sanderson John, insurance agent, Ferry c. Warren

Clark Nathan, stone ware pottery

Smith Howard C. butcher, Ferry near Water

Coffins Electa, drygoods, Ferry

STRANAHAN HENRY, jr., stoves and tinware, Ferry near Wormer House

Colson Mary, milliner, Main n. Wormer House

Van Deburgh Wm., grocer, Franklin near Ferry

Danforth Erskine, grocer, Second near Warren

Van Loan C. M., grocer, and drygoods, Ferry

Dernell Charles F., harnessmaker, Ferry near Osborn house

Van Loan Josephine, Tailoress, Ferry

Edmunds Kmery, lime and cement, Water n. Ferry

Van Loon Henry, grocer, Main

GARDINER ADDISON, postmaster, Ferry corner Washington

Van Loon Henry T., carpenter, Franklin

Goole Wm. F. Rev., pastor Methodist Church

Vroman David, grocer, Water

Hanthorn R. D. (Pennington & Hanthorn), Ferry corner Washington

Weber Henry, blacksmith, Franklin near Ferry

Haviland Jennie, milliner, foot of Washington

Weeber Charles, bootmaker, Franklin n. Ferry

HOLLENBECK GEO. C., wagonmaker N. Washington

Welderman John, bootmaker, Second

Howd J. E. Rev., pastor Baptist church

Wheeler John H., phys., Washington n. Ferry

Howland C. W., (Howland & Son), Second

WHITING BROS. (D. T. & Ira c. Whiting), glue and neats foot oil manufacturers.

Howland Darius, grocer, Ferry near River

Whiting David, groceries, brick and coal, upper village

Howland N. W. (Howland & son), Second

Whiting D. T. (Whiting Bros)

Howland & Son (N.W. and C. W. Howland), grocers &c, Second

Whiting Ira C. (Whiting Bros.)

Johnson J. E. Rev., pastor Episcopal church

Winters Mathew, butcher, Ferry near Wormer House

Leffingwell Sarah, private school, Franklin n. Ferry

Wise Alexander (Wise & Son), Main

Lucas C. B. Bootmaker, near Ferry

WOLCOTT ROBERT D., proprietor Osborn House, Ferry cor. Franklin (See Adv.)

Maloan Jacob, bootmaker, Warren

Woolford S. D., dry goods, Ferry cor. Franklin

Mersereau A. S. blacksmith, North Washington

WORMER J. C., prop Wormer House, Warren cor. Washington

Nool Henry, hairdresser, Ferry near Washington


Enlarged and refitted, thoroughly renovated and in excellent order. Public patronage is respectfully solicited.

Pennington John (Pennington & Hanthorn), Ferry corner Washington


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