Boarding Houses in the Village of Hunter Area

Boarding Houses and
Resorts in the Village of
Hunter Area

The Hunter House

Postcard courtesy of Seward Osborne

This building burned at 6 AM, on October 10, 1928.

From the local newspaper:

Hunter experienced two disastrous fires on Wednesday morning that for a time threatened the entire village. The first was discovered in the Hunter House, which burned to the ground shortly after 6 o'clock, and a few hours later the firemen were called to combat a blaze  in an annex to the Stony View House, which was badly damaged but not entirely consumed.

The fire companies of Hunter, Tannersville, Windham, and Ashland did very efficient work at the Hunter House conflagration, and, while that structure could not be saved, prevented the flame's spread to nearby buildings. The proprietor was Henry Spiegel, who estimates his loss at $75,000. He had arrived from New York but the day before, planning to make a number of improvements to his property for the coming season.

The resort was one of the best known in the village and was another of the old landmarks that is rapidly disappearing in this county. Being erected of frame years ago, it was built entirely of frame construction and once ignited, there was little hope of saving it. Many nearby dwellings caught fire from the sparks, but the firemen prevented the conflagration from spreading. The house had had many owners, and for years, was one of the best known in the mountain section.

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