Beers Biographies

History of Greene County, New York
J.B. Beers and Co., 1884

Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men

In 1884 J.B. Beers & Co published a comprehensive history of Greene County, which included many biographical sketches of prominent citizens of the day. These biographies are of particular importance to the researcher, as they often include detailed genealogies of the family, including birth, marriage and death dates, family origins, and the maiden names of wives. The biographies were written by the families themselves and the size of the biography was directly dependent on the financial resources of the family, as they paid a fee per line in order to be included in the final book. Care must be exercised, as errors in dates and names have been proven to exist throughout the Beers book, however the richness of data provides a stepping stone to further research.

This is the complete record of the main biographies in the Beers book. In parentheses you will find the town which is associated with the family at the time the Beers book was published (1884).

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