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William Worden

Biography of William H. Worden. Vol. II page 714. Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen; H.H. Hardesty, Publisher, New York, Toledo, and Chicago, 1894.
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William H. Worden was by occupation a farmer when he entered the army at the age of 16 years at Fort Wayne, Ind., May 25, 1864 as a private in Co. K, 139th Ind. V.I., and was honorably discharged from this enlistment Oct. 1, 1864. He re-enlisted Oct. 8, 1864, at Ft. Wayne, Ind. in Co. G, 142d Ind. V.I., 4th Brig., 2d Div., 20th A.C., in the spring of 1865 he was detailed as train guard between Nashville and Clarksfield. In Dec. 1864 he was detailed at Nashville, Tenn., to Louisville Ky., to guard prisoners; and March 30, 1865, 14 miles east of Nashville, he was detailed to guard wood choppers, three months. He fought at Nashville and was granted an honorable discharge from that place, July 14, 1865. Comrade Worden was born May 28, 1847 in Greene county, N.Y., as son of John and Sophia (McKnight) Billingham, both deceased. He was adopted when four years old, by James Worden, in Greene county, N.Y. and came to Whitley county, Ind., Nov. 1852, where he was reared and where he attended school. Nov. 6, 1887, he was married at Coesse, this county, to Ida Karns, born here July 23, 1859, a daughter of Andrew J. Karns, deceased, and Lucinda (Fritz) living, (1894). Five children have been born to this marriage, Amy, Melvin, Jesse, Mattie and Pearl. Comrade Worden was road supervisor, in 1885, trustee in 1890, and is now serving a term of five years; he is an invalid, receives a pension, and his address is Coesse, Ind.

[Note: every one of these 1894 biographies referred to the soldier  as "Comrade". It is description of veterans, not a given name.]

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From Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen, Vol. II, H.H. Hardesty, published N.Y., Toledo and Chicago, 1894, pg 714