Bands from the Mountaintop

Bands from the 

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

Does anyone recognize any of these musicians? Please contact Seward R. Osborne if you do!

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Tannersville Cornet Band c. 1910

Rear center, tallest man with dark suit and holding baton is Seward R. Osborn's my Great Grandfather George Henry Osborn. Middle row, far left, seated in dark clothes near drum, is his Grandfather Raymond Henry Osborn.  Written, above the head of the third man from right, rear row, "stewart"!

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Hunter Band, West Main St., 1925 (written on reverse of picture)

The boys on the right are my father, Seward Russell Osborne and his brother George Edward Osborne.

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Ashland Cornet Band

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John Hayes Band

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Hensonville Cornet Band

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East Jewett Concert Band

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Prattsville Cornet Band, circa 1904

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Tiskilwa Band, Chichester, Ulster Co, NY

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Fife and Drum Corps, Chichester, Ulster Co, March 1910

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Unknown Band from the mountaintop - anyone recognize the location?

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West Kill Band

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Windham Brass Band
The same intersection in the Village of Windham in 2006

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Hensonville Concert Band

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Rice and Osborn Band, Hunter, NY
Front row, seated to right of drum is Seward's Grandfather Raymond Osborne. 
Seated front row, second from right is his Uncle Irving Boyarsky, future Hunter mayor.

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