Athens Schools

Athens Schools


Athens School, ca 1933
From the personal collection if Sylvia Hasenkopf



Teacher -- Miss Anna M. Ford
Year 1933
Pupils 16

James Palmeteer
Carolyn Covey
Mildred Pfister
Mary E. Hickey
Dorothy Hallenbeck
Betty Cooley
Wm. Albright
James Tappan
Wm. Cook
Donald Wells
Roger Van Kuren
Richard Albright
Frank Dumary
Raymond Larson
Jane Way
Gerald Peters

Athens School, date unknown (likely mid 1880's)

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Written on the back in pencil:

___ Dickey, Ellie Proper, A.M. Houghtaling, Eva Briggs, Maggie Fitz, Mamie (?) Hickey, Florence True, Agnes Hickey, J. Smith, ___ Feely, John Flanagan, Loren Wallace, John Hickey, Hervert Alfenburgh, Mattie Murphy, Harry Doyle, W. Kisselburgh, E. Proper, Bert Kisselburgh, Adison Porter, John Feely, Walter Marvin, Elias Hallenbeck, Mihal (?) Feely, Eugene Sickler

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