Ashland Souvenir Cards

Ashland Souvenir Cards


From the collection at the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Ashland School District No. 2 1905-1906
Presented by Alfred O. Persons, teacher
Daniel A. Steele - Trustee
Names of Pupils:
Clara M. Steele, Zannah M. Cole, Dora E. Beers, Lydia M. Tompkins, Carrie E. Tompkins, Raymond B. Ives, Sherman Munger, Ray E. Persons, Floyd L. Ives, Sela L. Cole, Lynn E. Martin, Ralph E. Cole, Prentice C. Smith, Edward B. Steele, Halsey W. Smith, Clause N. Campbell, Roger P. Rose, Sherwood S. Tompkins, Leonard W. Steele, J. Leroy Barlow, Theodore S. Smith, Merritt B. Prout, George O. Rose

Ashland School District No. 2 1909-1910
Presented by Clara B. Bronson, teacher
Herbert R. Steele, Trustee
Names of Pupils:
Sela L. Cole, Floyd L. Ives, Mildred Brandow, Lydia M. Tompkins, Edward Steele, Lynn E. Martin, Prentice C. Smith, Ralph E. Cole, Sherwill S. Tompkins, Loyd Brainard, Halsey W. Smith, Roger P. Rose, Clause N. Campbell, Dora E. Beers, Milton Brandow, Luella B. Tompkins, Leonard W. Steele, Theodore Smith, Cutis T. Prout, George O. Rose, Helen M. Campbell, Hilda E. Barlow, Lawrence Rose, Ruth Steele, Harriet Campbell

Ashland School District No. 2 1911
Presented by Florence A. Atwater, teacher
Henry P.H. Smith, Trustee
Names of Pupils:
Madge Brainard, Hazel Gregory, Dora Beers, Helen Campbell, Harriet Campbell, Ruth Steele, Eva Gregory, Clarence Gregory, Milton Brandow, Loyd Brainard, Prentice Smith, Ralph Cole, Halsey Smith, Roger Rose, Lawrence Rose, Edward Steele, Theodore Smith, Curtis Prout, Claude Campbell, Lynn Martin, Donald Steele, Floyd Ives, George Rose, John Smith

Courtesy of  Seward R. Osborne

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North Settlement School, District No. 4, Ashland, Greene Co, NY
Presented by Arthur C. Lewis, teacher
School Officers: Wm. E. Sutton, Trustee; Wilber Smalling, Collector; Alfred H(o)ward, Clerk
Pupils: Eunice Weed, Leon Gordon, Cecile Frayer, Gladys Bronson, Juanita Gordon, Elmer Alberti, Shirley Conine, Ralph Joslyn, Samuel Tompkins, Clayton Mead, Eva Joslyn, Iva Howard, Syrene Brockett, Lealand Mead, Johnnie Tompkins, Harry Woodvine, Lewis Tompkins

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Courtesy of Seward R. Osborn

Sutton Hollow School, District 3, Ashland Township, Greene County, New York
May 1899
Presented by Leslie A. Tompkins, teacher
R.G. Sutton, Trustee
Naboth Lewis, Clerk
Geo. E. Paddock, Com'r
Names of Pupils: Arthur Lewis B.G. Partridge, Claude Sutton, Clinton Lewis, Claude Christian, Earl Tompkins, Ernest Christian, Alden Ferris, Augustus Lewis, Howard Christian, Hazel Lewis, Ella Mulford, Mamie Adams, Bertha Brownell, Eva Tompkins, Minnie Ferris, Harry Mulford, Elmer Waterman, Lewis Tuttle, Ralph Van Hoesen

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