Alberta Krueger Gonnerman Gallery

Albertha Krueger Gonnerman 
Family Gallery

Contributed by Dave Van Denburgh. Many pictures are also graciously provided by Janice Vickers.



The Krueger Family

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1.  Albert Augustus Krueger and Elizabeth Albach-Kessler, his wife (tintype)

2.  Caroline Krueger

3.  Elizabeth (Libbie) Krueger Moon

4.  Louise Krueger Whitbeck

5.  Frank, Louise and Walter Krueger

6.  Albertha, Libbie and Carrie Krueger

7.  Believed to be Louisa Krueger Whitbeck

8.  Louisa Krueger Whitbeck

9.  Elizabeth Krueger Moon, aged 28, taken April 28, 1902

10.  Mr. and Mrs. August Krueger

11.  Marriage certificate of Albert Augustus Krueger, born in Mecklenburg (Germany) and Elisabeth Merkle, 
married August 14, 1860 in Saugerties.

12.  Baptismal certificate for Caroline Ida daughter of Augustus Krueger and his wife Elisabeth, 
born February 19, 1872, baptised June 22, 1873. Godparents Carl Schlenker and Agnes Seidel

See Krueger Family Bible Records here

The Merkle Family 

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1.  Francis Merkle, Elizabeth Albach-Merkle Krueger (center), Catherine Kessler Albach-Merkle (right)

2.  Believed to be Katherine Kessler Albach-Merkle

3.  Mamie Merkle


The Gonnerman Family

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1.  George Gonnerman

2.  Anne Walsh, his wife

3.  Gonnerman Family - from left to right: Unknown (perhaps Charles' wife), Charles, Ida, Anna Walch,  Anna, George, and Elizabeth 

See Gonnerman Family Bible Records here


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1.  Edward N. Gonnerman

2.  Albertha Krueger, his wife

3.  Albertha Krueger and Edward N. Gonnerman

4.  Edward, Albertha and their two daughters Ruth on the left and Edna in the middle

5.  Albertha, Ruth, Edward and Edna Gonnerman

6.  Ed Gonnerman, Edna & Ruth in front of their home, Limestone Farm house. Ed was putting porches on the homestead. 
The farm was previously known as the own as the old Eckler house.



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1.  Believed to be Ruth Gonnerman

2.  Edna Gonnerman

3.  Albertha Krueger Gonnerman and her children Edna and Ruth Gonnerman

4.  Albertha Krueger Gonnerman and her children Ruth and Edna Gonnerman



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1.  Nettie Brooks

2.  Elizabeth "Libbie" Gay

3.  "Kreger" 1898


School Years

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1.  Anne Travis and Albertha Earle graduation day

2.  Green Lake Schoolhouse 1919 - Edna Gonnerman Travis is the schoolteacher

3.  Albertha Earle Graduation Day

4.  Catskill High School, graduating class of 1937. Alberta Earle is in the last row, 5th from the right. Ann Travis, her cousin is also int he last row, 8th from the right.

5.  Class of 1937 Reunion - Ann is in the last row, 7th from the right and Albertha is also in the last row, 3rd from the right.


The Unknowns

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Brief family genealogy:

Great-great grandfather George Gonnerman came to NY in the 1850's and married Anna Walsh (Welsh). They settled on the Schoharie Turnpike near West Athens. Their son Edward Gonnerman purchased a farm near Leeds ( Limestone Farm) -  the old Eckler home. He was married to Albertha Krueger. Albertha's father was Albert Augustus Krueger and mother Elizabeth Albach-Merkle.  Albert Augustus was from Germany. 

Edward and Albertha had 2 daughters Edna and Ruth.  Ruth was Dave's grandmother.  His mother was Albertha Earle,  Ruth's daughter.

Obituary of Elizabeth Krueger - undated
Elizabeth, widow of Augustus Krueger, died on Monday at the home of her daughter Elizabeth, upper Main street, aged sixty-two years. Funeral services were held on Wednesday at the Reformed Church , Leeds, by the Rev. Dr. Van Vranken; interment in the Jefferson Rural Cemetery.

The deceased was born in New York to Mr. and Mrs. Abram Albauch, and was brought to this neighborhood when a mere child. She married Augusuts Krueger at her home between Leeds and Green Lake, and spent her life there until a short time ago, when she came to this village because of the illness which resulted in her death.

She is survived by four daughter - Caroline (Mrs. Austin Overbaugh) and Elizabeth Krueger of this village, Albertha (Mrs. Edward Gonnerman) of Green Lake and Louisa (Mrs. Jacob Whitbeck) of Prattsville.

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