Albany Co Militia

Albany County

The compilation of the list was accomplished by Leslie Potter

John N. Bleeker Records found in the Lansing Papers at the Albany State Archives

The Albany County Treasurer's records that John N. Bleecker created in the course of his service as Albany County Treasurer indicate that in 1779 the Albany County Tax District, from which 17 Albany Militia Regiments were raised, were as follows:

Regiment        Tax District

1st                         City of Albany

2nd                        Schenectady District

3rd                         1st Rensselerwyck District Battalion

4th                          2nd Rensselaerwyck District Battalion

5th                          3rd Rensselaerwyck District Battalion

6th                          4th Rensselaerwyck District Battalion

7th                          Kinderhook District

8th                          1st Claverack District Battalion

9th                          2nd Claverack District Battalion

10th                        Manor Of Livingston

11th                        Coxsackie and Groote Imbockt

12th                        Half Moon and Ballston Districts

13th                        Saratoga District

14th                        Hoosack and Schaghtecooke

15th                        United Districts of Schoharie and Duanesburgh

16th                        Cambridge District

17th                        Kings District (This was from the Canaan/Chatham area 
                                of present Columbia County)


Name of District                          Number of Persons Rated

First Ward of the City of Albany                                 224
Second Ward of the City of Albany                            103
Third Ward of The City of Albany                              147
Manor of Ranselear District                                      1,524
Manor of Livingston District                                        526
Claverach District                                                          700
Schohary & c. District                                                    209
Schonectady District                                                      388
Coxhachy District                                                           257
Kinderhook District                                                       360
Saratoga District                                                             374
Schachtakook District                                                    233
Hosack District                                                               182
German Camp District                                                    53
Great Inboght District                                                      52
Half Moon District                                                         273
Cambridge District                                                        153
Kings District                                                                 589
Ballstown District                                                            57

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