1871 Greene County Directory

  Greene County Directory 

 Original Directory located at the Vedder Library. Retyped by Arlene Goodwin.

Index to Advertisements.  

Ashley, J. J.                                        v       Loud, George W.                                     ii  
Baird & Masten    outside front cover       Mackey & Spoor                top every page   
Brandow, E. D.                                 ix       Myer, Miller & Co                                 vii  
Brandow, J. W.                                vii       Nicoll, C. A.                           front fly leaf       
Cargill & Ethridge                            vi       Olmstead, H. F.                                       iv  
Clarke & Sons                                  vi        Ray, John                                                vii  
Clark, D. B. & Co                               i        Salisbury, Wm.                                        v  
Collier, A. V. D.     back outside cover       Sharp, John F.                        front fly leaf  
Coxsackie Savings Bank                   ix       Smith, M. F.                                             vi                          
Ferrier R. & Bro                                  i        Stahl, Fred. A.                                         iii  
Franklin, Wm. P.                              vii       Stevens, E. C.                                          vii  
Freleigh, Levi                                    ix        Swartwout, N.                                         v  
Gilbert E. Jr. & Co.   inside front cover      Thomas, James H.                                    v  
Greene, J. Robt                                    ii      Trowbridge & Co                                    iii   
Hall, J. B.                                            iii       Vincent, G. E.               opposite title page  
Henrys & Smith                                 iv       Wallace J.                                                iii  
Holmes J. W.                                     vii       Walters, L. & F. G.                                 vii  
Horton & Smith                                 iv       White, b. T. & S.                                     vi  
Humphrey & Smith outside front cover     Willard, Charles S.                front fly leaf                      
Lynes Geo                          front fly leaf       Wermer, G. W.             bottom every page  

ABREVIATIONS.—Ab., above; al, alley; av, avenue; bel., below; b or bds, boards; b or bet., between; c or cor., corner; ct, court; ft, foot; h., house; la, lane; opp., opposite; n, near; r, rear; rd. road; sq. square; tp, turnpike N. North; E. East; W., West; S., South; s., side.



Abbott, Sarah Mrs., h Livingston ab Main  
Abeel, Albert, mason, bds West Bridge  
Abeel, C. C., grocery, &c, W. Bridge, h W Water  
Abeel, Peter M., grocer, h William ab Franklin  
Abeel, John Mrs., h 58 Main  
Abeel, John S., confectioner, 130 Main, bds r 58 Main  
Abrams, T. D., (Cornell, Horton, Black & Co.,) h New York  
Acker, John, clerk, h Broad n opp King  
Adams, Chas., teamster, h ft W. Water  
Adams, Lewis, laborer, h ft W. Water  
Adams, Wm., com. Merchant, h Orange hd Bride  
Adams,  Wm. H., tinman, h West Bridge  
Aldrich, H. B., (Cargill & Aldrich,) h Summit av cor Grand  
Allen, John, laborer, h Bridge n Water  
Allen, Samuel, h hd Main  
Anderson, John H., Water n Main  
Anglum, John, laborer, h ft Main  
Archy, Joseph, laborer, h Water n Bronson  
Arnsfield, M., merchant tailor, 91 Main, h Thompson n Church  
Ashley, Henry, broker, h William n opp Orange  
ASHLEY, J. J. , bakery and Confectionery, 136 Main, h do 


Babcock, Marcus S., livery, Broad and Main cor Livingston, bds Gunn’s Hotel  
Bad, F. laborer, h W Bridge  
Bagley, J. H. bookkeeper, h 160 Main  
Bagley, John H. Jr.; (Jones & Bagley,) h Spring cor Bridge  
Bagley, S. M., clerk, h Main n Greene  
BAIRD & MASTEN  hardware, stove, tinware and plumbing, 159 Main  
Baird, John Mrs., h Bronson  
Baird, John P., (Baird & Masten,) h 159 Main  
Baker, Henry, printer, h Main ab Livingston  
Baker______ Mrs., bds 42 Main   

       G. W. Warner, Dealer in DRY GOODS,CATSKILL

Baldwin, Charles M., stone cutter, h 145 Main  
Baldwin, F. L. Mrs., h 22 Main  
Baldwin, I. H., marble yards, 153 Main, h Thomson ab New  
Baldwin J. W., bds Broad opp King  
Baldwin, Lester A., clerk, bds William cor Spring  
Barber, Cornelia Mrs., h Howard  
Barber, Sophia, h Main ab Livingston  
Barbour, James, printer, the Recorder office  
Barkley, Benj. F., Sheriff, Court House  
Barkley, Jas., prin., h North n High  
Barnham, J., carpenter, h North n High  
Branum, Philip, h New ab Thomson  
Barringer Bros., liver, Franklin cor Bridge  
Barringer, Chas. W., (Barringer Bros.,) bds Irving House  
Barringer, Harvey C., (Barringer Bros., bds Main cor Howard  
Bassett, Chas. E., clerk, h Summit av n Grand  
Bates, Geo. W., carman, h Bronson n Hill  
Bates, Henry, carman, bds Bronson n Hill  
Bates, Warren, laborer, h Water n Hill  
Bates. Wm., carman, bds Bronson n Hill  
Baurhyte, Jacob, salesman, h W Catskill  
Baurhyte, John A., laborer, bds W Catskill  
Beach C. L., h Liberty cor Bridge  
Beach, Geo., State Assessor, h Spring cor William  
Beach, James E., agent Mountain House, h Broad cor Livingston  
Beach, James M., clerk, bds Green County Hotel  
Beach, T. B., bookkeeper, h Orange n Bridge  
Beal, Samuel, cook, h Hill n Bronson  
Beard, Frank, laborer, h W Bridge  
Beardsley, Chas., carpenter, h North opp High  
Beardsley, Egbert, carpenter, h North opp High  
Becker, James, h Union  
Becker, O. Mrs., h W Bridge  
Beckwith, Catherine Mrs., dress maker, h W Bridge  
Beckwith, Giles, druggist, h Main cor Howard  
Beckwith James, h 158 Main  
Beckwith, Ransom, laborer, h Van Steenburgh’s al  
Belknap, Ebenezer, agent, h Bridge cor Broad  
Bell Brothers, grocers, 121 Main  
Bell, Andrew, gardener, h Thomson cor Spring  
Bell, Thos., grocery, h Liberty cor King  
Bell, Thos, W., blacksmith, Water n Canal, h Franklin cor Howard  
Bell, Wm. H., clerk, bds Liberty cor King  
Bender, Geo., stone cutter, h Thomson n Spring  
Bennett, C. H., merchant tailor, 113 Main, h  do  
Bennett, Daniel P., jailor, h Clark ab Broad  
Bennet, Platt, laborer, bds Clark ab Broad  
Benter, Geo., teamster, h Broad n Henry  
Benton, M., laborer, h Hill n Benson  
Benton, Thomas, farmer, h Water n Church  
Bergar, Edgar, h Water n Main  
Bergen, Bernard, h Water cor Main  
Berrighen, Patrick, h Water n Main  
Best, Sylvester, carpenter, h W Water  
Beunach, Andrew, laborer, h Hill corn Greene  
Beunach, John, laborer, h Hill cor Greene  
Beunach, Paul, laborer, h Hill cor Greene  
Bickling, Albert, laborer, h W Water  
Black, A. P., (Cornell, Horton, Black & co.,) h New York  
Bloom, David, farmer, h W Catskill  
Bourke, Oliver, Postmaster, 93 Main, h Bridge n Hill  
BOUGHTON & DOTY, ladies furnishing, 60 Main  
Broughton, DeWitt, laborer, bds Liberty opp King  
Boughton, Geo. D., clerk, bds 108 Main  
Boughton, Howard L., (Boughton & Doty,) bds Gay’s Hotel  
Boynton, Chas. S., ft. agt., h Howard cor Franklin  
Botsford A. L., printer, h 168 Main  
Bowmaker, Max., carpenter, h W Catskill  
Bogardus Chas. C., bds Gunn’s Hotel  
Bogardus, Hiram, h Thompson ab Main  
Bogardus, John, farmer, h Hardwick   

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Brace, Abel Mrs., h ft Green  
Brady____Mrs., h Water n Main  
Brandow, Catherine Mrs.,  h Livingston ab Main  
Brandow, Chas., laborer, h W Water  
Brandow, Clara Mrs., h Water cor Canal  
Brandow, Geo. N., bookkeeper, h New ab Thomson  
Brandow, H., painter, h Thomson corn Water  
Brant, Edgar, boatman, h W Catskill  
Braxmyer, Joseph, shoemaker, h W. Bridge  
Bredzy, John, laborer, bds W Water  
Brewer, James E., teamster, bds Bridge ab Main  
Brewer, Major G., carpenter, h Bridge ab Main  
Brink R. H., laborer, h W. Catskill  
Breasted C. Mrs., h William n Spring  
Breasted, George, h William n Spring  
Breasted, John, (Prospect Park Hotel) h Orange n Harrison  
Breasted, James, painter, h Broad cor Greene  
Breasted Wm., painter, h Greene cor Broad  
Brodhead A. B., carpenter, h n hd W Bridge  
Brooks, Chas. E., laborer, h n hd Main  
Brott, Wm. G., carpenter, h W Water  
Brower, Alburtis D. O., painter, h W. Bridge  
Brower, E. A., engineer, h W Catskill


BROWERE R. A., boots and shoes, 83 Main, h W Catskill  
Brodhead, Nelson W., cook, h Broad  
Brown, Jacob, mason, h Grand ab Main  
Brown, Wilbur, clerk, bds 122 Main  
Bulkley, Henry C, (T. Bulkley & Son,) h 150 main  
Bulkley, T. & son, coal, Water below Church.  
Bulkley, Tuzar, (T. Bulkley & Son,) h 148 Main  
Burgen, Wm., laborer, h Hill cor Bronson  
Burgett, Abm., blacksmith, h W Bridge  
Burns, Henry, hostler, h W Bridge  
Burnes, Wm. M., baker, h r 136  Main  
Burroughs, F. H., clerk, bds Prospect Park Hotel  
Bush, Catherine Mrs., h 162 Main  
Bushnell, E. P., tannery, h Liberty opp King  
Butler, John, carder, h r 161 Main.  


Canniff, Frank W., engineer, h W Bridge  
Caplan, Charles, tailor, h hd Summit av  
Card, Walter D., painter, h Water n Main  
CARGILL (ED.) & ALDRICH, livery, &c., 54 Main bel Bridge  
Cargill, Edward, livery, &c. h Water cor Thomson  
Cargill, Stanley A., clerk, bds Gunn’s Hotel  
Cargill, Thos., carman, h Water n Canal  
Carl, John, laborer, h W Water  
Carl, Mat., laborer, h W Water  
Carney, Benjamin, laborer, h n hd Main  
Carpenter, Edward, blacksmith, h W Bridge  
Carpenter, Henry, mason, h Water  
Carr, Philip, fish, &c, 76 Main h do  
Carter, Chas., laborer, h William cor Spring  
Case, Hiram, grocer, h hd Main  
Case, Hiram, (Mackey & Case,) h hd Main  
Castle W., butcher, h Spring n Thomson  
Cater, Theodore, wagon maker, h W Bridge  
Cater, Wm. E., carriage maker, W Bridge, h do  
Catskill Savings Bank, 63 Main  
Champ, Isaac, h Water n Main  
Chapple, Lyman, cooper, h ft Main  
Chase Fernando, tailor, h Thomson ab New  
Churchill, M., bds New ab Thomson  
Cisco, Jacob, laborer, h W Water  
Clancy John, blacksmith, h Hill n Bridge  
Clareman, J., brick maker, h ft W Water  
CLARK D. B. & CO., tile manufct., ft W Water  
Clark, D. B. (D. B. Clark & Co., ) h hd Main  
Clark, Frank A., carpenter, H. Main n Greene  
Clark, Geo. M., agt., h Hill cor Greene  
Clark, L. Mrs., h 158 Main  
Clark, Wm.,(D. B. Clark & Co., ) h ft W Water  
Clarke, John, blacksmith, h W Water  
Cleveland, Chas., C. W., teacher and town clerk, 86 Main, h William n Orange  
Clough, John, carpenter, &c., Water, h Thomson ab New  
Clow, Albert, carpenter, h Thomson ab New  
Clow, Chas., carpenter, bds Thomson ab New  
Clum, John W., laborer, h hd Summit av  
Coffin, Jacob I., carpenter, h New ab Thomson  
Coffman, John, laborer, h W Catskill  
Cohen, J. H., merchant tailor, William ab Main  
Cole, Alex., tailor, h 145 Main  
Cole, F. W. boatman, h W Catskill  
Cole, Geo. A., laborer, h W Catskill  
Cole, James E., laborer, bds W Catskill  
Cole, Peter B., laborer, h hd North  
Cole, T. A., farmer, h n hd Spring  
Comfort, Fred., painter, h Broad n Clark  
Comfort, Julia Mrs., h 150 Main  
Comfort, Wm., (Edgerley & Comfort,) h W Catskill  
Comfort, Wm., carpenter, h W. Catskill  
Comiteer, Isaac, laborer, h W. Catskill  
Commons, D. Mrs., h Hill n Bridge  

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Conine, Robt., laborer, h River  
Conine, Wm. J., farmer, h W Bridge  
Conklin, B. F., grocer, h Orange n Harrison  
Conklin, Chas., clerk, bds Liberty cor Greene  
Conklin, Fred., clerk, bds Green n Liberty  
Conklin, Henry, clerk, bds Liberty cor Greene  
Conklin, John B. Jr., grocer, 56 Main cor Bridge, h do  
Conklin, Robt., tinman, h Greene n Liberty  
Concklin, Wm., H., grocery, Bridge n Water, h Liberty cor Greene  
Conklin, Wm. S., clerk, bds Greene cor Liberty  
Connor, Sally A. Mrs., h 87 Main  
Conover, Benj., h Alley n T Bank  
Conover, M., blacksmith, 161 Main, h 154 do  
Cook, Fredk., gardener, W Water, bds Main  
Cook, James, laborer, h n hd Main  
Cook, John D., carpenter, h York n Greene  
Cook, Richard, spinner, h n hd Main  
Cook, ___ Mrs., h Hill cor Bronson  
Cooke, Apollos Mrs., h Main cor Greene  
Cooke, Fredk., h Main cor Greene  
Cooke, J. At., (Cooke & Hardwick,) h Exchange Place  
Coons, E. N., clerk, bds Main corn Van Steenburgh al  
Coons, Esbon, clerk, bds 40 main  
Corcoran, Bartlet, laborer, h Bronson n Hill  
Corinth, Chas., upholsterer, h W Bridge  
Cornell, Horton, Black & Co., freighters, Water n Bridge  
Cornell, Joseph,  (Cornell, Horton, Black & Co., ) h Grant House  
CORNELL S. M., h William cor Orange  
CORNWALL CHARLES, ins, agt., 96 Main, h William bet Spring and Franklin  
Cornwall, S., shoes, hats, &c., 117 Main, h 115 do  
Corsa, Wm. P., spring bed manufct., h Liberty n King  
Cowles, Geo. L., clerk, bds Kind n Liberty  
Cwles, Noble P., (Meech, Sage & Cowles,) h Bridge bet Spring and Orange  
Cowles, Samuel, clerk, h William ab Franklin  
Crosby, Elizabeth Mrs., h Livingston ab Main  
Crosby, Frank Mrs., h Water  
Crosby, Wm. H. carpenter, Spring, h Thomson ab New  
Cross, Dorcas Mrs., h Water ab Church  
Cross Martin B, barber, Church, h Main ab Church  
Croswell, M. Mrs., boarders, h Main ab Greene  
Cumming, James, (Foote, Cumming & Co.,) h Jefferson  
Cundle, B., h W Bridge  
Curtiss, A. J. Mrs., h Bridge cor Board  
Curtiss, Carrie Miss, milliner, Howard ab Main, h do  
Cushin C., laborer, h n hd Main  



Daglish, James, laborer, h Water cor Bridge  
Daglish, M. Miss, weaver, h Water opp Mill  
Daley, Eugene, gardener, h n hd Main  
Daley, John, mason, h n hd Main  
Daniels, O., machinist, bds n hd Main  
Daniels, Wm. S., shoemaker, h n hd Main  
Davis, Jefferson, clerk, h 85 Main  
Davis, R., ladies furnishing, 85 Main, h do  
Day, Chas. Mrs., h Spring  
Day, Caleb, h Main cor Greene  
Day, E. B. Mrs., h William ab Orange  
Day, Geo. B., h ft Main  
DAY HORATIO L., County Clerk, bds Irving House  
Day, John, bookkeeper, bds Main ab Greene  
Day, Joshua, bookkeeper, bds Spring  
Day, Orrin, bookkeeper, bds River Bank, Spring  
Day, R. Mrs., h Hill cor Bronson
Day. S. S., Pres., h Spring  
Decker, C., laborer, h Greene cor York  
Decker, James E., framer, h W Catskill  
Decker, U., h Water n Main  
Dedrick, John, restaurant, 82 Main, bds Gay’s Hotel  
Dedrick, J. H., bar tender, h Hill n Bronson  
Dedrick, John M., laborer, h ft Main  
Dedrick, Wm. H., capt., h Cauterskill  
Delamater, Geo. W., bartender, Western Hotel  
Delamater, R. G., blacksmith, W. Bridge, h do  
Delany, John, laborer, h Hill n Bridge  
Deming, T. W., mason, h W Catskill  
Dickerson, Chauncey, cook, h Howard ab Main  
Didlinger, Rodolph, blacksmith, bds W Water.  
Dillmore, Anthony, laborer, h Main ab River  
Doane, John, coal dealer, Water n Bridge, h Main n Bridge  
Doane, John C., clerk, bds Main n Bridge  
Dobler, Casper, laborer, h W Bridge  
Dodge, Calvin, engineer, h W Bridge  
Dodge, Isaac, boatman, h Thomson n Spring  
Dodge, W. H., engineer, h Thomson ab New  
Dodds, Robt., laborer, h Main n Rive
Donahue, Wm., boatman, h W Water  
Donnelly, John M., h William ab Orange  
Donnoly, Wm., carpenter, h n hd Main  
Donovan & Co., wholesale stone dealers, ft Bronson  
Doody, C., laborer, h hd Main  
Doty, Lucius R., (Boughton & Doty) bds William ab Franklin  
DuBois, D. S., bds Liberty n Bridge  
DuBois, B. P., farmer, h Exchange Place  
DuBois, Frederick, mason, bds Western Hotel  
DuBois, Harvey, bds, Western Hotel  

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DuBois, Samuel Mrs., h Liberty n Bridge  
DuBois, Wm. L., (Wey & DuBois,) h Broad n Livingston  
Dumond, P. & P. M., carriage manufcts., 52 Main  
Dumond, Peter M., (P. & P. M. Dumond,) h W Catskill  
Dumond, Philip (P. & P. M. Dumond,) h W Catskill  
Dunham, A. B., teamster, bds Hill n Bronson  
Dunham, Alex. R., painter, bds Main n Greene  
Dunham, David B., paints and oils, 118 Main, h 12 do  
Dunham, E. H., clerk, bds Main n Greene  
Dunham, Frank, carpenter, h Greene opp York  
Dunham, F. J., carpenter, Main n Greene, h do  
Dunham, Henry A., clerk, 99 Main  
Dunham Wm. E., painter, bds Main n Greene  

Eckler, Lorenzo, carpenter, h W Bridge
Edgerley & Comfort, carpenters, Bridge opp Broad  
Edgerley, Wm., (Edgerley & Comfort,) h Cauterskill rd  
Edwards, E., laborer, h W Catskill  
Edwards, James Mrs., h W Water  
Edwards, John Mrs., h hd Main  
Egbertson, Ellen Miss, h Greene n Liberty  
Egnor, Charles P., h Clark ab Main  
Egnor, James M., fruit, &c., 89 Main, h Broad cor King  
Egnor, James, saloon, h Broad cor King  
Egnor, Warren, carpenter, h Main cor Bridge  
Elliott, Addison, farmer, h W Catskill  
Elliott, Chas. A. laborer, bds W Catskill  
Elliott, Wm., laborer, h Greene bel main  
Ells, James Mrs., h 140 Main  
Enright, John, laborer, h ft Main  
Ensign, Goodwin, clerk, 95 Main  
Entrissle, Wm., laborer, h Grand ab Main  
Ernst, Chas., Constable, h W Bridge  
Etheridge, Freeman, (French, Etheridge & Mattice,) h Thomson n Main  


Fancher, Andrew C., lawyer, William cor Main, h Broad cor Greene  
Fangburn, Daniel D., carpenter, h Summit ave  
Fanning, Nelson, physician, Main ab Greene, h do  
Fearnside, Wm., carpenter, h, Broad  
Fey, Edward, laborer, bds Gunn’s Hotel  
Fenner, Lawrence, painter, bds 180 Main  
FERRIER R. & BRO., brick manufct., ft W. Water  


Ferrier, Robert, (R. Ferrier & Bro.,) bds 26 Main  
Ferrier, Thos. E., (R. Ferrier & Bro.,) h Fairview av  
Fiero, Joshua Jr., dry goods, &c, 109 Main, h William cor Spring  
Fiero, J. M., lawyer, bds William cor Spring  
Fiero, Peter, clerk, 95 Main  
Finch, Wm. H., mason, h W Catskill  
Fitzpatrick, M., laborer, h n hd Main  
Fitzpatrick, Margaret, h Water n Main  
Fitzsimmons, Thos., fireman, h Main opp River  
Fletcher, M., bakery, 146 Main, h do  
Forward, James, laborer, h Hill n Bridge  
Flynn, Michael, laborer, h W. Catskill  
FOOTE, CUMMING & CO., lumber, &c., Water opp Church  
Foote, Alfred, grocery, upper ward, Main, h Jefferson  
Foote, J. A., (Footer, Cumming & Co.,) h Jefferson  
Fox, Geo. C., grocer, h  Exchange Place  
Fox Geo. C., (Shaller & Fox.) h W Catskill  
Fonda, Henry, painter, h Henry cor Main  
Fonda, J. I., laborer, bds Henry n Main  
Fonda, Robert H., laborer, bds Henry n Main  
France Clifford C., carman, h 36 Main  
Francis, Geo. C., clerk, h hd Main  
Freeman, Peter, h W Water  
Freeman, Zina, porter, h W Water  
French, Etheridge & Mattice, grocers, 141 Main  
French, Chas. E., (French, Etheridge & Mattice,) h Thomson ab New  
Friar, F. O., carpenter, h W Catskill  
Fromer, C., laborer, h W. Catskill  
Fulton, R., oil producer, h Thomson ab New  

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Gaffey, Daniel, laborer, h W Water  
Gallager, M., laborer, h W Catskill  
Galvan, John, laborer, h W Catskill  
Gardiner, Ambrose, brick yards, r 122 Main  
Gardner, David, carpenter, h Hardwick  
Gardner, James, bartender, h Spring cor Thomson  
Gavigan, Pat., laborer, h ft Main  
Gay, P. C. (Greene County Hotel,) 149 Main cor Church  
Gay, Wm. B., bartender, Greene County Hotel  
Gaylord, E. T. Mrs., h Liberty n King  
Gaylord, Henry, h W Bridge  
Gaylord, J. Freelon, (Mott & Gaylord,) bds 106 Main  
Genett, Peter, laborer, h W Water  
German, Albert, hostler, h Van Steenburgh al  
Giddins,_____, carpenter, bds New ab Thomson  
Gilbert, Andrew J., carpenter, h hd Summit av  
GILBERT E. JR., lumber dealers, Water bet Bridge and Bronson (See advertisement)  
Gilbert, E. Jr., (E. Gilbert Jr. & Co.,) h Hill n Bridge  
Gilbert, Wm., box manufct. York n Greene, h 86 Main  
Gillespy, Sherwood, clerk, bds 110 Main  
Gink, Mark, laborer, h W Bridge  
Givens, Chas. C., (Osborn & Givens,) h Broad cor Livingston  
Givens, Sheldon A, lawyer, h Broad cor Livingston  
Glattacker, Frederick, laborer, h Van Steenburgh’s al  
Gleason, R. C., sewing machines, 145 Main, h Thomson ab New  
Glennan, Nathaniel, teamster, h n hd Main  
Godfry, Frank, laborer, h New ab Thomson  
Goetschius, John P., fruit, h Main cor Henry  
Good, Francis, laborer, bds Bronson  
Good, Joseph  B., laborer, bds Bronson  
Good, John B., laborer, bds Bronson  
Good, John, laborer, h Bronson cor Water  
Goldin, F. E., clerk, 123 Main  
Goldin, P., clerk bds William cor Spring  
Grannis, James, harness maker, bds Thomson ab Main  
Grannis, James H. harness maker, 102 Main Grant, James h Thomson cor New  
Grant, John A., h n hd Main  
Gray, B. W., bds Greene County Hotel  
Gray, James, asst. Postmaster, h Thomson cor Spring  
GREENE COUNTY HOTEL, (P. C. Gay, pro.,) 149 Main  
Green, John A., h W Catskill  
GREENE, J. R., dry goods, 69 Main, bds 26 Main  
Greene, R. Mrs., h Main cor Greene  
Green, S. W., law student, bds W Catskill  
Grennan, P. M., laborer, h Water opp Mill  
Griffin, B., Mrs., h Water n Main  
Griffin, John, h New ab Thomson  
GRISWOLD, ADDISON C., lawyer, William cor Main  
Griswold, John A., lawyer, William ab Main h William ab Franklin  
Groat & Holmes, confectioners, fruits &c., Main cor Livingston  
Groat, Thos. H., (Groat & Holmes,) h Main cor Livingston  
Gunderman & Layman, butchers, 87 Main  
Gunderman, Wm., (Gunderman & Layman,) h hd Main  
Gunn, Enos, (Gunn’s Hotel) Main cor Bronson  
Gunnel, Alfred, gardener, bds upper Ward Hotel  
Gunn’s Hotel, (Enos Gunn) Main cor Bronson  
Gunsburg, A., laborer, h W Catskill  
Gunther, John, gardener, h Clark ab Broad  



Hadden, Henry G., law student, 61 Main  
Haines, Fredk., saloon, Bridge, h do  
Halcott, Geo. W., books &c., 71 Main h Bridge cor Orange  
Halcott, M. T. C. K., bds Bridge n Orange  
Hall, F. C., printer, bds Green n Liberty  
Hall, Harry, printer, bds Greene n Liberty  
Hall, J. B., ed and prop The Catskill Recorder h Prospect Terrace  
Hallenbeck, Jacob, carpenter, bds Thomson ab Main  
Hallenbeck, Jacob, carpenter, h W Water  
Hallock, Israel, laborer, h n hd W Bridge  
Hallock, Joseph, lawyer, 61 Main h W Catskill  
Ham, V., laborer, h Hill n Bridge  
HANNAN, CORNELIUS, saloon, Water n main h do  
Hannan, James, mason, h Hill n Bridge  
Hannan, John, h Water n Main  
Hannan, John, laborer, h n hd Main  
Hannan, Peter, laborer, h W Bridge  
Hannan, Thos., tanner, h n hd Main  
Hardwick, John, (Cooke & Hardwick) h W Bridge  
Hardwick, Richard, teamster, h W Water  
Harmus, Stephen, h Water ab Church  
Harris, Samuel, (Steam Woolen Co.) h William cor Franklin  
Harris, Samuel Jr., (Steam Woolen Co.) hds William cor Franklin  
Hart, Pat, laborer, h Main n River  
Hart, W. H., station agt., h Broad  
Hartnett, Dennis, spinner, h W Water  
Haysen, John, laborer, h Water cor Bridge  
Heater, Eliza, h Water n Main  
Hebler, J. Henry, carman, h Livingston ab Main  
HENRYS & SMITH, painters, 38 Main  
Henrys J., (Henrys & Smith,) bds Main n Water  
Hill & Thomas, blacksmiths, W Bridge  
Hill, Emanuel J., steward, h Summit av  
Hill, Fredk., cashier, h Broad opp Livingston  
Hill, Geo. N., blacksmith, n hd Main, h Main n Grand  
Hill, Henry B., cashier, h Bridge cor Main  
Hill, H. K., carpenter, bds W Bridge  
Hill, Hiland, asst. cashier and notary, bds Broad bel King  
Hill, O. T., (Hill & Thomas,) h W Bridge  
Hill, W. P., clerk, h W Catskill  
Hinman, A. Mrs., h W Water  
Hinman, Francis P., tailor, 127 main, bds Spring bet William and Thomson  
Hinman, Henry R., tinman, bds W Water  
Hinman, Nathaniel H., merchant tailor, 127 Main, h Spring bet William and Thomson  
Hitchcock, Charles, hackman, bds Hudson River House  
Hitchcock, Chas., painter, h Bronson n Hill  
Hitchcock, E., h North n High  
Hitchcock, Luther, engineer, h W Water  
Hofnagle Conrad, finisher, h Water  

G.W. WARNER KEEPS THE  Largest stock of Alpacas in Town.

Holbrook, S. W., bookkeeper, h Water cor Factory  
Holdridge, Geo. W., mason, h W Catskill  
Hollenbeck, Wm. H. Jr., bartender, bds 59 Main  
Hollenbeck, Wm. H., restaurant, 59 Main h Bridge cor Franklin  
Holt, Chas., foreman, h Thompson cor New  
Hopkins, Henry, iron merchant, h hd Spring  
Hopkins, James, hardware, h W Water  
Hopkins, Samuel, h hd William  
Hopson, Frank, carpenter, bds Thomson ab Main  
Hopson, Livingston L., carpenter, h Thomson ab Main  
Horton & SMITH, druggists, 95Main  
HORTON, FRANCIS A., Rev., h 44 Main  
Horton, G. W. (Cornell, Horton, Black & Co.) h Main n Greene  
Horton, John, (Horton & Smith) h 95 Main  
Howard, Geo., A. Rev., h Broad n Greene  
Howard, Wheeler, clerk, bds Greene County Hotel  
Howell, Angelo, cigar maker, h New ab Thomson  
Howell, Wm., segar maker, h al n T Bank  
Howell, Wellington, segar manufct., Exchange h New n Thomson  
Howell, W. Jr., cigar maker, bds New ab Thomson  
Howland Benj., (Steam Woolen Co) h Athens rd  
Hoy, Duke, carman, h Water cor Main  
Hubbard, L. H., carpenter, h Broad cor Bridge  
HUDSON RIVER HOUSE, (P. H. Taylor,) Catskill Point  
Hughson, John P., blacksmith, h Grand cor Summit av  
Hull, Harriet Mrs., h Broad cor King  
Hulbert, David C., yandee notions &c., 112 Main h head Main  
HUMPHREY & SMITH,   largest stock of dry good, dress good, carpets, oil cloths, mattings, crockery &c, at 133 Main  
Humphrey, O. F., clerk, bds 131 Main  
Humphrey, Oscar T., (Humphrey & Smith,) h 131 Main  
Hungerford, John W., mason, h hd W Bridge  
Hunter, Lynes & Pierson, merchant tailors 97 Main  
Hunter, A. W., cigar manufct., h Summit n Grand  
Hunter, Henry S., painter, h Broad bel Livingston  
Hunter, Wm., (Hunter, Lynes & Pierson,) h William n Orange  
Huntley, J. T., (Powell House) Catskill Point  
Huntley. L. G., supt. Powell House  
Hutton, Wm., bds Powell House  
Huson_____ Miss, milliner, bds 42 Main  
Hyzer, Lucy, dress making, 91 Main  


INGERSOLL, E. L., physician and coroner, William cor Main, h William ab Franklin


Ingersoll, Hiram D., lawyer, William cor Main, h William ab Franklin  
IRVING HOUSE, (H. A. Person, pro.,) Main cor Clark  
Irving, Morgan, engineer, h W Bridge  
Irwin, John, shoe maker, h W Bridge  
Irwin, Robert, blacksmith, bds W Bridge


Jackson, John H., laborer, h W Water  
Jackson, May, h Bridge ab Main  
Jackson, Oscar, paper maker, bds Western Hotel  
Jackson, Peter, laborer, bds W Water  
Jacobs, Geo., h Water ab Church  
Jenkins, S. A. Mrs., h 136 Man  
Jennings, H. L., pattern maker, h W Catskill  
Jennings, W. I., law student, 61 Main  
Jewell, James, physician, 96 Main, h do  
Joesbury, E. Mrs., h Thomson opp New  
Joesbury, Wm., printer, Recorder office  
Jones & Bagley, grocers, 103 Main  
Jones, G. H., law student, William ab Main  
Jones, H. T., tinsmith, h New n Thomson  
Jones Wm. D., carpenter, York n Greene, bds Prospect Park Hotel.  
Johnson, M. Mrs., h Main ab River  
Johnson, M. H., clerk, bds Gunn’s Hotel  
Johnson, Philetus, carpenter, h 38 Main  
Judson, L. B, laborer, h Hill cor Greene  
June, Richard, h Water n Main  


Kator, Henry Mrs., bds 140 main  
Keeler, Joseph, undertaker and furniture, 146 and 148 Main, h 130 do  
Keeler, Newton D., clerk, bds 130 Main  
Keliker, John, laborer, h William opp Franklin  
Kelley, Jacob W., clerk, bds Water n Main  
Kellsey, Chas., laborer, h W Water  
Kelly, Edward, mason, bds Western Hotel  
Kelly, Hugh, laborer, William opp Franklin  
Kelly, James, laborer h William opp Franklin  
Kelly, Richard, laborer, h Main n River  
Kenna, James, teamster, h New ab Thomson  
Kenna, Wm., laborer, bds New ab Thomson  
Kief, Pat., laborer, h Water cor Bridge  
Kiersted, Hobert, clerk, bds W Bridge  
Kiersted, Luke, assessor, h W Bridge  
King, Amos, wool manufct., h Spring near William  
King, Chas., wool manufct., bds Spring n William  
King, Rufus H., (Olney & King,) h Broad cor Clark  

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King, ___, clerk, bds Hudson River House  
Kirby, Solomon, h Broad cor Bridge  
Kitson, Thos. J., overseer, h Water opp Mill  
Knapp, Chas. Mrs., h Thomson ab Main  
Knapp, George, slate roofer, &c., hd Main, h do  
Kortz, D., furniture, &c., hd Main, h do  
Kortz, James W., dry goods, &c., 125 Main, h William ab Franklin  
Kortz, Wm., furniture, h 142 Main  
Kritzman, Joseph, merchant tailor 81 Main, h do  
Kurtz, James, dry goods, h William ab Franklin  


LaBarte, M. F., (E. Gilbert Jr. & Co., ) h Bridge cor Broad  
Lacy John, bar keeper, bds Broad opp King  
Lampman, E., carpenter, Water n Bronson, h New n Thomson  
Lampman, Henry, h Water cor Thomson  
Lapoint, Frank, brickmaker, h ft W Water  
Latten, John, moulder, bds Franklin in William  
Lavell, Edward Mrs., h Hill n Bridge  
Lawrence, John L., clerk, bds W Catskill  
Lawyer, David, bds Western Hotel  
Layman, C. J. Mrs., milliner, 98 1-2 Main, h do  
Layman, Edward, measurer, h W Catskill  
Layman, James J., laborer, h W Bridge  
Layman, Wm. HJ., (Gunderman & Layman,) h Hill cor Bronson  
Lee, Wm., H., carpenter, h Grand ab Main  
Lemily, Horace, tobacconist, 70 Main  
Lewis, G. M., bookkeeper, bds Main ab Green  
Lewis, Luther, mason, h W Bridge  
Lilley, John h Water n Main  
Limbrick, Henry, harness, &c., 98 Main, h Livingston  
Lineburgh, E, dentist, 93 Main, bds Irving
Link, M., h Water n Main  
Lohman, A. S., engineer, h 98 Main  
Lohman, Chas., boatman, h W Bridge  
Lohman, John P., upholsterer, h W Bridge  
Longendyke, J. B., (Reynolds & Longendyke,) h W Catskill  
LOUD GEO. W.,  Livery, &c., Thomson bel Main, h hd Main  
Lowe, Chas., Tanner, h hd North  
Luddington, Geo. S., teamster, h Hill n Bridge  
Lynan, James L., stone dealer, h Spring n William  
Lynan, Peter, stone yards, Catskill Point  
Lydecker, Abrm., carpenter, h Green n Broad  
Lydecker, Andrew, boatman, bds Green n Broad  
Lydecker, John E., clerk, h r 36 Main


Lynes, Clark, carpenter, h 95 Main  
Lynes, Frederick S., (Hunter, Lynes & Pierson) h High opp New  
LYNES, GEO., restaurant, 54 Main, h Broad opp King  
Lynes, John A., bds Broad opp King  
Lynes, Joseph B., boarding house, 42 Main  
Lyons, Harvey, laborer, bds River  
Lyons, John, laborer, h Main  


McArthur, H. L., painter, h hd Summit av
McCann, Ann Mrs., h Water n Main  
McCarthy, W. C. Rev., h Spring n William  
McCormick, James, boatman, h Hill n Bridge  
McGee, Peter, gas maker, h W Water  
McGown, Edward, gardener, h Spring n Thomson  
McLaughlin, D. H., moulder h W Water  
McMenamy , James, h Thompson n Spring  
McMenamy, Wm. F., lawyer, bds Thomson n Spring  
McNamee, Thos., laborer, bds ft Main  
Mace, Hiram, carpenter, h Water n Main  
Mack, John, laborer, h Hill ab Greene  
Mackey & Case, groceries and liquors, hd Main  
Mackey, David, carpenter, h ft North  
Mackey, E. R., physician, 114 Main, h do  
Mackey, J. M., (Mackey & Case,) h 144 Main  
Mackey, John H., blacksmith, h ft North  
Madigan, Pat. Jr., laborer, h W Bridge  
Madigan, Pat., laborer, h W Bridge  
Magee, Peter, laborer, h W Water  
Maha, James, laborer, bds River  
Mahan, Thos., horse farrier, h n hd Main  
Mahan, Michael, laborer, h n hd Main  
Mainor, Stephen, laborer, h W Water  
Malcolm, Wm., dresser, Water cor Factory  
Mallory, Curtis, watchmaker, bds Broad opp King  
Mallory, Samuel, jewelery, Main cor Howard, h Broad bet Livingston and  Greene  
Mallory, James L., physician, 114 Main, h Broad  
Mallory, Samuel M., jeweler, bds Broad n  Greene  
Mann, John T., hardware, stoves, &c., 67 Main, h Spring cor William  
Mansfield, Geo., teamster, h Van Steenburgh’s al  
Marenus, Joseph, hack driver, bds Western Hotel  
Mariquat, Wm., farmer, h Hardwick  
Markle, Daniel, laborer, h Water cor Factory  
Markle, Sarah Miss, dressmaker, h Thomson opp New  
Martin, A., bartender, h Greene bel Main  
Martin, A. J., hardware, stove, &c., 119 Main, h Bridge bel Liberty  
Martindale, Edward, laborer, bds River  
Martin, G. H., saloon, W Bridge, h do  
Martin, Henry, shoemaker, h Bridge n Broad  
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Martin, James, farmer, h W Catskill  
Martin, Richard, farmer, h Hardwick  
Masten, F. J., (Baird & Masten) h Liberty n Bridge  
Mattice, James D, (French, Ethridge & Mattice.,) h hd Main  
MATTICE, MANLEY b.,  county judge, William cor Main h Broad cor Greene  
Mattis, Wm., h Water ab Church  
Mattoon, Cassius A., bookkeeper, h 24 Main  
Mattoon, Julia A. Mrs., h 24 Main  
May, Christopher, bartender, West Catskill Hotel  
MAY, JOHN, Ser., hostler, bds West Catskill Hotel  
May, Jacob, hostler, bds West Catskill Hotel  
Mead, Eugene, clerk, bds  William cor Spring  
Mead, Walter, carpenter, bds upper Ward Hotel  
Mealius, H., mason, h W Bridge  
MEECH, SAGE & COWLES, grocers, &c, Main cor William  
Meech, Jacob H., (Meech, Sage & Cowles,) h William ab Franklin  
Mellington, Joseph H., laborer, h W Bridge  
Merkel, Lewis, barber, h Hill n Bronson  
Mesick, P. T., dry goods, bds W Bridge  
Millard, J. Rev., n North n High  
Millard, James, h 129 Main  
Miller, Benj., h Water ab Canal  
Miller, Calvin S., confectionery, 72 Main  
Millington, J. S, teamster, h W Bridge  
Minerly, David, boatman, bds Hill n Bridge  
Minerly, Fredk., laborer, h Hill n Bridge  
Minken, James, carpenter, h Water n Thomson  
Mitchell, Geo., E., printer, bds North n High  
Mitchell, Thos. B., printer, bds North n High  
Mitchell, Richard, boot maker, 150 Main, h North  
Monday, Nelson, Carmen, h Hill n Green  
Monahan, Patrick, stone cutter, h Livingston ab Main  
Moore, Caleb, porter, h Hill n Greene  
Moore, Wm., laborer, h Hill n Bronson  
Morgan, James, carpenter, h n hd Main  
Morn, Francis, laborer, h Hill n Bridge  
Morrison, Geo, D, broker, h Broad  
Mosley, Susan Mrs., h 180 Main  
Moiser, Wm. H., mason, h Spring cor Thomson  
Mott, & Gaylord, boots shoes, mittens, &c., 107 Main  
Mott, W., carpenter, h Grand ab Main  
Mott, W. D., glove manufct., 105 Main  
Mott, Walter R., (Mott & Gaylord) h 106 Main  
Munday, Thos., h Water cor Canal  
Mulford, Henry H., speculator, h 76 Main  
Mull,___, mason, h Thomson n Spring  
Munn, Augustus, tobacconist, 172 Main, h do  
Murphy, Edward, porter, h Greene opp Hill  
Murphy, Michael, mason, h Hill n Bridge  
Murphy, Michael, stone cutter, h Water n Bronson  
Murphy, Thos., mason, h W Water  
Murray, John, Laborer, h W Water
Myers, Abrm., ice agt., h Main opp River  
Myers, Edmund, laborer, bds Main opp River  
Myers, Henry, engineer, h W Bridge  
Myers, Wm. H., h Main n Greene  
Myers, Wm., h r 153 Main  

Nealand, John, laborer, h Main ab River  
Nearing, S. Mrs., milliner, 110 Main, h do  
Newbury, Sally Mrs., h Livingston ab Main  
Newkirk, Mary, h 38 Main  
Nichols, Charles P., dept, County Clerk, bds 108 Main  
Nichols, H. O., capt., h Thomson ab New  
Nichols, L. Mrs., h Hill n Bronson  
Niklewicz, Chas., carriage trimmer, h North n High  
Noble, Nathaniel, carpenter, h Thomson opp New  
Norton, Leonard, laborer, h W Water  


Obert, Ansell, shoemaker, h W Water  
O’Brien, Pat., laborer, h Main n River  
O’Brien, Sarah, h Water n Main  
O’Brien, Thos., hostler, Western Hotel  
O’Brien, Wm., laborer, h W Water  
O’Connor, Thos., h Water cor Main  
O’Driscoll, Edward Rev., h William n Spring  
O’Hara, Wm., tinsmith, bds W Catskill  
Oliver Frank, clerk, bds W Catskill  
Oliver Wm., wagon maker, W Bridge, h W Catskill  
OLMSTEAD H. F., hats, caps, and express agt., 105 Main, h William cor Spring  
Olney & King, lawyers, 61 Main  
Olney, Danforth K., (Olney & King,) h Orange cor Bridge  
Olney, Geo. R., surveyor, &c., 61 Main, h Orange cor Bridge  
Olney, John Mrs. h Broad cor Greene  
Olney, James B., lawyer, William cor Main, h Bridge n Liberty  
Organ, Franklin, laborer, bds Main opp River  
Osborn & Givens, lawyers, William cor Main  
Osborn, A. Melvin, (Osborn & Givens,) h Broad bel Bridge  
Overbaugh, Dewitt C., h Greene n Liberty  
Overbaugh, Edgar, clerk, bds W Catskill  

G. W. WARNER Keeps The Largest stock of Alpacas in Town.

Overbaugh, F. D. O., laborer, bds W Catskill  
Overbaugh, H. V., blacksmith, h W Bridge  
Overbaugh, Jacob C., brick manufct., h Hardwick  
Overbaugh, R. V., laborer, h Main n Henry  
Overbaugh, W. D., cooper, bds W Catskill  
Overbaugh, Wm., carpenter, h Greene cor York  

Palmer, Clarence L., grocer, h Main cor Greene  
Palmer, D. W., carpenter, h 138 Main  
Palmer, Geo., clerk, 139 Main  
Palmer, Oliver, h Main n Bronson  
Palmer, Oliver M., grocer, 36 Main, h Main cor Greene  
Palmer, Omer H., capt., h Broad bel Livingston  
Palmer, Philip, butcher, 157 Main, h 134 Main  
Palmer, S Mrs., h Hill cor Greene  
Palmer, Wellington, carpenter, bds Western Hotel  
Pardee, J. b., capt., h W Catskill  
Pangburn, John, carpenter, h hd Main  
Paulsen, Sarah Mrs., h Van Steenburgh’s al  
Payton, James, laborer, h Main n Bronson  
Peck, Lorinda, boarding, h 26 Main  
Penfield, Elias B., grocer, 139 Main, h 170 do  
Penfield, Geo. H., h William cor Orange  
Pennoyer, W. A., jewelry, 123 Main, h 102 do  
Person, David, pilot, h ft Summit av  
Person, Granville, clerk, Main n Clark  
Person, Henry A., (Irving House,) Main cor Clark  
Person, John H., bds Irving House  
Person, H. Mrs., h Main n Bronson  
Person, Wm. E., watchmaker, bds 100 Main  
Perrin, John, laborer, bds Exchange Place  
Perry, Joseph, wagon maker, Water n Canal, h do  
Peters, E, clerk, 73 Main  
PETERS, H.,  miller, bds Jefferson  
Pettit, Isaac H., boots and shoes, 74 Main, h 4 do  
Pierce, Geo., tinman, h Howard ab Main  
Pierce, Samuel, laborer, h Broad  
Pierce,. W. E., laborer, h Broad  
Pierson, Charles H., (Hunter Lynes & Pierson,) h Spring  
Pinder, B. J., bartender, Prospect Park Hotel
Pinder, John J., fisherman, h Catskill Point  
Pinder, Mark, h Catskill Point  
Pinder, Wm. W., fisherman, h Spring cor Thomson  
Phelan, Michael, h  hd Main  
PHILIP, JACOB S., homeopathic physician, 86 Main, h do  
Plank, Henry M., watchman, h Water ab Canal  
Plank, John Jr., laborer, h W Bridge  
Plank, John, laborer, h W. Catskill  
Plank, Wm. W., carpenter, h William n Spring  
Plass, Van N., carpenter, h 146 Main  
Ploss, Wm., clerk, h Main corn Union  


Plush, John, laborer, h hd Bridge  
Plush, Philip, farmer, h Esopus rd  
Poole, Chas. W., farmer, h n hd Main
Powell House, (J. T. Huntley,) Catskill Point  
Powers, E. Miss, h hd Bridge  
Preston, Lewis L., clerk, bds Bronson cor Water  
Prospect Park Hotel Co., Prospect Hill  
Pruyn, Isaac, h Spring William  

Rainey, Gilbert, saloon, Water n Bridge, h do  
Rasell, John, carpenter, h Summit av  
Ratcliffe, James, h r 161 Main  
Raymond, Chas., carpenter, h W Water  
Rearden, Rogers, laborer, h W Catskill  
Reding, Anthony, laborer, h W Water  
Reed, David, ship carpenter, h W Water
Reed, Wm., mason, h W Water  
Reynolds & Longendyke, dentists, 108 Main  
Reynolds, James, laborer, h W Water  
Reynolds, R. M. (Reynolds & Longendyke) h 108 Main  
Richards, E. Mrs., h Spring n William  
Ritchtmyer, Mary Mrs., h Thomson n Spring  
Riley, Peter, currier, bds Western Hotel  
Rifenburgh, Peter W., miller, h Water n Thompson  
Rifli, Albert, carpenter, h Water cor Factory  
Rightmyer, Mary, h Union  
Riley, John, h Water cor Main
Riley, Pat., spinner, h n hd Main  
ROBERSON, WILL. H. JR.K, ladies furnishing, 84 Main, n Livingston  
Robison, Harry, laborer, h Greene opp Hill  
Robison, Stephen, laborer, h W Water  
Roberts, Thos., laborer, h W Bridge  
Rockefeller, Madison, coachman, h Main cor Greene  
Rogers, Emory, clerk, 141 Main  
Rogers ____, clerk, bds Thomson ab Main  
Rosakrantz, Wm., travl. Agt. Bds 42 Main  
Rose, John, shoe maker, h Bridge  
Rossell, Lewis R., clerk, 67 Main  
Rouse, Isaac, farmer, h W Catskill  
Rouse, Mima, h Bridge ab Main  
Ruland, Jacob, teamster, h n hd Main  
Ruland, Wm., mason, h W Bridge  
Rummel, P. Mrs., h Bronson n Henry  
Rundell, Frank, carpenter, h Broad n Henry  
Rush, C. Mrs., h Hill n Bronson  
Rush, Samuel, spinner, bds Hill n Bronson  
RUSS BROS., hardware, stoves, &c., 147 Main  
Russ, James (Russ Bros.) h hd Main  
Russ, John P., clerk, h 137 Main  
Russ, James, hardware, h Main n Water  

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Russ, Wm. H., (Russ Bros.,) h 135 Main  
Russel, E. J. Mrs., h Main cor Greene  
Russell, Alex. Mrs., h Hill cor Bronson  
Russell, Edgar, h Main  
Russell, E., Justice Peace, 57 Main, h 112 do  
Russell, N., butcher, h Greene opp York  
Russell, N. Mrs., h W Water  
Ryan, Pat., laborer h n hd Main  
Ryan, R., teamster, h Water n Bronson  
Ryan, Wm., laborer, bds River  

Safford, D. L, bookkeeper, bds Main n Livingston  
Safford,____, stone dealer, bds 42 Main  
Sage, Sylvester B., (Meech, Sage & Cowles,) h ft Main  
Salisbury & Harris, grist mill, Water cor Bridge  
Salisbury, Frederic, (Salisbury & Harris,) h Sandy Plains  
SALISBURY WM., ins. agt., and Justice Peace, 86 Main, h William ab Orange  
Saulpaugh, Albert, bartender, bds Broad opp King  
Saulpaugh, Robert, h Catskill Point
Sayre, J. Maltby, ins. agt., 105 Main, h William bel Spring  
Sayre, Joseph, h Church cor Water  
Sayre, J. M., ins. agt., h William bel Spring  
Sayles, Edward, carpenter, bds Greene opp York  
Saxe, Betsey Mrs., h r 122 Main  
Saxe, Edward, h Thomson n Church  
Saxe, Geo., clerk, h Thomson n Church  
Saxe, M. W., clerk, bds 172 Main  
Saxe, Paul S., clerk, h 97 Main  
Schenkenburg, Jacob, laborer, h W Bridge  
Schermerhorn, A, mason, h North n High  
Schermerhorn, L. A., leather, h n hd Main  
Schermerhorn, Thos., mason, h North n High  
Schofield, Thos., h Thomson n opp New  
Schofield, Wm. H. H., laborer, bds Thomson n New  
Schoonaker, Emma, h 145 Main |
Schultz, D. M., carpenter, h Bridge n Water  
Schwalb, Wm., h Main n Water  
Scott, J.M. h Bridge n Liberty  
Scott, Robt. E., grocery, n hd Main, h Allen n Main  
Scully John, laborer, h Bronson bel Hill  
Seaman, Edward, h Orange n Harrison  
Searing, Wm. T., teamster, h Thomson opp New  
Secor, Albert, mason, h n hd Main  
Secord, Wm., laborer, h Hill n Greene  
Seely S., Mrs., h West Catskill  
SELLECK, HENRY, fruit, confectionery, &c., 120 and 122 Main, h do  
Selleck, H. E., carpenter, Clark n Broad, h Broad cor Clark,  


Selleck, May, dress maker, h Broad n Greene  
Selleck, Sherwood D., h Catskill Point  
Selleck, W. H., confectioner, h 122 Main  
Sequat, R., tailor, h Hill cor Greene  
SHALER & FOX, grocers, 73 Main  
Shaler, Nelson S., (Shaler & Fox,) h W Catskill  
Shaver, Jacob, laborer, h Hill n Greene  
Shaver, John, bds Broad  
Shaw, Alex., carpenter, h hd Main  
Shear, John C., salesman, h North opp High  
Sheldon, Fred., laborer, h W Water  
Sheldon, Frederick, h Bridge ab Main  
Shepard, Benjamin, clerk, bds Livingston  
Shepard, J., grocery, &c., 51 Main, h Livingston  
Shepard J. Mrs., h Water bel Main
Shepard John B., confectionery, &c., h Livingston bel Broad  
Sherman, Geo. Mrs., h W Catskill  
Shufelt, Nancy, h hd North  
Sigler, Philip, blacksmith, bds Western Hotel.  
Simmons, Eliza, h W Bridge  
Sitser, Peter, h Church cor Water  
Slingerland, W. B., billiards, 54 Main, h Broad opp King
Sloat, S., wagon maker, bds Thomson ab Main  
Sloop, Conrad, firemen, h Alley  
Smedes, Rebecca B. Mrs., h Union  
Smith, A. A., blacksmith, bds W Bridge  
Smith D. W. Mrs., h 22 Main  
Smith, Eugene A., (Humphrey & Smith,) bds 140 Man  
Smith, Frank L., (Horton & Smith,) h William ab Franklin  
Smith, F. P., shoemaker, bds W Bridge  
Smith, Geo, W., carpenter, h Main n Bronson  
Smith, Hiram G., painter, h 130 Main  
SMITH, JOHN & SON, blacksmiths, Water n Canal  
Smith, John (John Smith & Son,) W Catskill  
Smith, John D., clerk, bds W Bridge  
Smith, John M., (Henrys & Smith,) h 172 Main  
Smith, L. D., clerk, 133 Main  
Smith, Luke, shoes, &c., 143 Main, h W Catskill  
Smith, Lyman, mason, h William ab Franklin  
Smith, M. F., (pro Western Hotel) 177 Main  
Smith, M. H., shoemaker, Bridge, n bridge h do  
Smith, Philip, shoemaker, h 157 Main  
Smith, Thos., M., (John Smith & Son,) h W Catskill  
Smith, Wm., laborer, h ft W Water  
Smith Wm., mason, h William ab Franklin  
Snyder, Hiram, watchman, h Water n Main  
Snyder, John, teamster, h W Bridge  
Snyder, Robert, laborer, h n hd W Bridge  
Souser, M., laborer, h W Bridge  
Spencer, Chas. A., teamster, bds York n Greene  

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Spencer, Caleb S., measurer, h Water n Bridge  
Spencer, P. R., engineer, bds Water n Bridge  
Spencer, Peter V., carman, h York n Greene  
Spoor, Chas. T. F., lawyer, 61 Main bds Main bel Bronson  
Sprague, Epenetus, carpenter, h Water n Main  
STAHL, FRED. A., hair dresser, 66 Main, h do
Stanton, Miss, h Main n Bridge  
Staples___ Rev., h Greene n Liberty  
Steadman, Geo., mason, bds Western Hotel  
STEAM WOOLEN CO.,  Water opp Factory  
Steam Woolen Co. grocery, 78 Main  
Stevens, Romaine, clerk, bds Greene County Hotel  
Steward, Jehial, butcher, h William n Spring  
Stienbroun, Chas., laborer, h W Bridge  
St. Mary, Joseph, h Water n Main  
Stocking, John B., boat agt., h 130 Main  
Stone, A. P., carpenter, h Exchange Place  
Storm, Henry, finisher, bds Bridge cor W Water  
STORM, PETER H., paper maufct., Water opp Thomson, h W Catskill  
Story, Amos, carpenter, h hd Main  
Story, Franklin, carpenter, h North opp High  
Subbins, Michael, h Water n Main  
Sullivan, Dennis, tailor, h W Water
Sullivan, John, laborer, Water cor Factory  
Sullivan, Patrick, h Water n Main  
Sullivan, Simon, laborer, bds n hd Spring  
Sullivan, T., dyer, bds Water corn Bridge  
Sutton, G. T., gas works, Water n Factory  
Sutton, Thos., laborer, h hd Summit av  
Sutton, Theodore W., gas works, h Spring  
Sutton, Thos, clerk, h Summit av
Swartwout, Frank, bookkeeper, h North ab Cooke’s al  
currier, hd Main, h North ab Cooke’s al  
Swynn M., laborer, h W Water  
Sylvester, John F., jewelry, 58 Main, h 60 do  
Sylvester, John R., tel. Manager, h Thomson ab Main  
Sylvester, Thos., D., telegrapher, bds Thomson ab Main  


Taylor, P. H. (Hudson River House,) Catskill Point  
Ten Eyck, Sarah, h Bronson n Hill  
THE CATSKILL RECORDER, (J. B. Hall, Ed. and Pro.,) 121 Main  
Thomas A. S., shoe maker, h W Catskill  
Thomas, A. W., (Hill & Thomas, ) h W Bridge  
Thomas, F. W., clerk, bds 140 Main  


Thomas H. C., engraver, h W Catskill  
THOMAS, JAMES H., music store, 134 Main, h do  
Thomas, Mary A., h W Catskill  
Thomas, Maria Miss, h Livingston ab Main  
Thomas, R., laborer, h William ab Orange  
Thompson, Henry E. Jr., book binder, William ab Main bds Main cor Livingston  
Thompson, James cabinet maker, h Hill cor Bronson  
Thompson, John, laborer, h William ab Franklin  
Thorn, John, h Spring n William  
Timmerman, Peter V. R., clerk, h 130 Main  
TOLLEY & SON, lock and gunsmiths, 132 Main  
Tolley, Geo. F., (Tolley & Son,) h Thomson  
Tolley Isaac, clerk, 67 Main  
Tolley, John F. V. S., (Tolley and Son,) h Main  
Tootell, James, h Water n Main  
TROWBRIDGE & CO., soap and candles, Livingston bet Main and Greene  
Trowbridge, Chas., soap and candles, h Broad n Greene  
Trowbridge, Chas, Jr., clerk, h Broad n Greene  
Trowbridge, Marcus H., editor, &c., h Broad bet Livingston and Greene  
Trumpbour, G. Mrs., h Broad n Clark  
Tuttle, Andrew J., bds Western Hotel  
Tynan, Thos., blacksmith, h Van Steenburgh’s al  
Tyson, Stephen, baker, h Main n Bronson             


Udy Pat., laborer, h n hd Main
Upper Ward Hotel, (B. H. Waldron,) n hd Main  


Van Denburgh, Mary Mrs., h 70 Main  
Van Deusen, C. F.,  photographer, bds 97 Main  
Van Dyke, David, carpenter, h 155 Main  
Van Dyke, Geo., carpenter, h 168 Main  
Van Dyke, Henry, carman, h 155 Main  
Van Gelder, Peter, farmer, h W Bridge  
Van Gelder, David, h W Catskill  
Van Gorden, Abrm. Laborer, h Hill n Bridge  
VAN GORDEN CHAS. E., photographer, 93 Main, h 91 do  
Van Gorden, Delia, h Main n River  
Van Gorden, F. M. capt., h Main ab Greene  
Van Gorden, Henry, (Van Loan & Van Gorden,) h W Catskill  
Van Gorden, Harriet Mrs., h 91 Main  
Van Gorden, I. W., clerk, bds 91 Main  
Van Gorden, J. H., window shades &c., 93 Main, h 91 do  

G. W. WARNER KEEPS THE  largest stock in Alpacas in Town.

Van Hoesen, Casper, laborer, h Grand cor Summit av
Van Hoesen, Geo., O., tailor, h Thomson n Spring  
Van Hoesen, Jacob, mason, h Water n Thomson  
Van Hoesen, Wm. C., h 138 Main  
Van Keuren, Chas., laborer, h W Catskill  
Van Leuven, Ambrose A., carman, h York n Greene  
Van Leuvan, John, carman, h W Bridge  
Van Loan & Van Gorden, books, &c., 65 Main  
Van Loan, Chas., bds ft North  
Van Loan, Frank, clerk, bds ft North  
Van Loan, Fredk, clerk bds ft North  
Van Loan, Fred, clerk, 139 Main  
Van Loan, Jacob, pilot, h Franklin ab Howard  
Van Loan, Lewis N., clerk, bds Howard corn Franklin  
Van Loan, M. Spencer, laborer, h W Bridge  
Van Loan, Walton, (Van Loan & Van Gorden,) h Orange n Harrison  
Van Loan, Wm., clerk, bds ft North  
Van Loan, Wm. G. Mrs., h ft North  
Van Luton, Isaac, brick maker, h ft W Water  
Van Orden, Benj., farmer, h W Bridge  
Van Orden, Henry, farmer, h W Catskill  
Van Orden, Philip V. V., teller, h Water junc Main  
Van Orden, Wm., H.,  U. S. Assessor, 61 Main  
Van Steenburgh, Hiram, ice dealer, h 40 Main  
Van Steenburgh, Wm. mason, h Main n Bronson  
Van Tassel, Ethan, laborer, h Grand cor Summit av  
Vedder, M. S. Mrs., h Main ab Greene  
Villig, Casper, mason, h Hill cor Bronson  
VINCENT, GEORGE E., druggist, 123 Main, h 170 do  
Vosburgh, S. Mrs., h 108 Main  
Vroman, Chauncey, h hd North  

Wade, Luther, carpenter, bds 97 Main  
Wait, B. O. street inspector, h River  
Wait, Richard B., clerk, h Broad n Henry  
Waldron, B. H., (Upper Ward Hotel,) n hd Main  
Waldron H. B., bds Upper Ward Hotel  
WALLACE, JAMES, merchant tailor, 119 Main, h William n Franklin  
Walsh, John, laborer, h Water n Main  
WARNER, GEO. W., dry good, &c., 137 Main, h Spring n Thomson  
Warren, C. J., book keeper, h York  
Washburn, May, h 163 Man  
Waterman, Chas. H., clerk bds Hill  
Waters & Smith, carpenters and builders, 166 Main  
Waters, Geo. W., (Waters & Smith,) h Bridge ab Broad  


Watson, M., h Liberty n Bridge  
Watson, R. W., lawyer, h Liberty n Greene  
Webber, David, h W Catskill  
Webber, Joseph P., farmer, h W Catskill  
Weed, Albert, clerk, bds 144 Main  
Weed, Geo. M., tinman, bds Main cor Union  
Weeks, Robert Rev., h Spring n William  
Weight, Nelson, manager, h hd Main  
Welsh, James, h Water n Main  
Welsh, Peter, h Water ab Church  
Welsh. Thos., gardener, h hd Main  
West Catskill Hotel, (John May,) W Bridge  
WESTERN HOTEL, (M. F. Smithy, pro.,) 177, 179 and 182 Main  
Western Union Telegraph Co., 58 Main  
Wetmore, Wm. W., physician, 169 Main, h do  
Wey & DuBois, druggist, 99 Main  
Wey, Benjamin, (Wey & DuBois) h Main cor Greene  
Wheeler, James S., h Water ab Canal  
Whittker, Peter, farmer, h ft W Water  
Whitbeck, Mary Mrs., h New ab Thomson  
White, Clark, meat market h, New ab Thomson  
Whitmore, C. H., physician, Main n Green, h do  
WILBUR, M. R. & P. C., grocers, 186 Main  
Wilbur, Miles R., (M. R. & P. c. Wilbur) h 1867 Main  
Wilbur, Phineas C, (M. R. & P. C. Wilbur) h 186 Main  
Wilcox, George, clerk, bds William ab Franklin  
Wilcox, Howard, watchmaker, 100 Main  
Wilcox, Judson, grocer, 77 Main, h William ab Franklin  
Willard, Augustus K., watchmaker, bds 100 Main  
WILLARD, CHAS. S., horologer and jeweler, 100 Main h do  
Willard, Horace Mrs., h 102 Main  
Willard,  Jackson M., clockmaker, bds 102 Main  
Willard, Thos. F., laborer, h W Catskill  
Williams & Co., stone dealers, ft Green  
Williams, G. C. (Williams & Co., ) bds Irving House  
Williams, Geo. T., harness, &c., 102 Main, bds Thomson  
Wilson, Chas. E., bds Livingston ab Main  
Wilson, E. B. Miss, h William opp Orange  
Wilson, E. M. Miss, h William opp Orange  
Wilson, John N., h Livingston ab Main  
Wilson, ______, barber, h Hill n Bronson  
Wilthoft, John, laborer, h W Bridge  
Wiltse, A. & B., machinist, bds Franklin n William  
Winans, Henry, h Main cor Union  
Winans, Leonard, teamster, h W Catskill  
Winans, Seymour, farmer, h W Catskill  

Go to G. W. WARNER’S to buy Calicoes and Muslins, Cheap.  

Winans, Sally, h Water ab Canal  
Witker, Francis, carpenter, h Water ab Church  
Wood, Aaron, boatman, h W Water  
Wood, Chas., barber, 52 Main, h do  
Wood, L., laborer, h n hd Spring  
Woodruff, Caroline Miss, h Broad n Livingston  
Wolfe, B. W., (J. W. & B. W. Wolfe,) h W. Bridge  
Wolfe, J. W. & B. W., carpenters, ft Bronson  
Woolford, C., laborer, h W Catskill  
Woolford, David, gardener, h Bridge n Water  
Woolford, Thos., mason, h Main n Bronson  
Wolvon, J. laborer, h W Bridge  
Wright, James, h r 153 Main  
Wynans, Henry, foreman, h Main  
Wynans, John, mate, h Bronson cor Water  
Wynkoop, John, clerk, h W Water  


Yager, Thomas, laborer, h W Catskill  


Zimmerman, Geo., baker, h r 136 Main  
Zimmerman, Jacob, currier, h North n High
Zimmerman, Joseph, laborer, h High n New


Agents Insurance  
Atwater, Joshua, 57 Main  
Cornwall, Charles 96 Main  
Salisbury, Wm., 86 Main  
Sayre, J. Maltby, 105 Main  
Agents Sewing Machine  
Gleason R. C., 145 Main

Ashley, J. J., 136 Main

Catskill Savings Bank, 63 Main  
The Catskill National Bank, 55 Main
The Tanners’ National Bank, 63 Main

Bell, Thos. W., Water n Canal
Conover, M., 161 Main
DeLamarter, R. G., W Bridge
Hill & Thomas, W Bridge
Smith, John & Son, Water n Canal


Book Binder  
Thompson, Henry, William ab Main

Book Sellers and Stationers  
Halcott, Geo. W., 71 Main
Van Loan & Van Gorden, 65 Main

Boots and Shoes  
Browere, Rinaldo A., 83 Main  
Mitchell, Richard, 150 Main  
Mott & Gaylord, 107 Main  
Pettit, Isaac H., 74 Main  
Smith, Luke, 143 Main  
Smith, M. H., Bridge  

Box Manufacturer
Gilbert Wm., York n Greene

Brick Manufacturers  
Cooke & Hardwick, Exchange Place
Ferrier, R. & Bro., ft W Water

Gunderman & Layman, 87 Main  
Palmer, Philip, 157 Main  

Carpenter and Builders  
Clough, John Water  
Crosby, Wm. H. Spring  
Dunham, F. J., Main n Greene  
Edgerley & Comfort, Bridge opp Broad  
Jones, Wm. D., York n Greene  
Lampman, E., Water n Bronson  
Selleck, H. E. Clark n Broad  
Waters & Smith, 166 Main  

Carriage Manufacturers  
Cater, Wm. E., W Bridge  
Dumond, P. & P. M., 52 Main  
Olive, Wm., W Bridge  

Coal Dealers  
Bulkley T. & Son, Water bel Church  
Doane, John, Water n Bridge  
Confectioners and Fruit Dealers  
Abeel, John S., 130 Main  
Ashley, J. J., 136, Main  
Egnor, James N., 89 Main  
Groat & Holmes, Main cor Livingston  
Miller, Calvin S., 72 Main  
Selleck, Henry, 120 and 122 Main

Lineburgh, E., 93 Main
Reynolds & Longendyke, 108 Main

Horton & Smith, 95 Main
Vincent, Geo. E., 123 Main
Wey & DuBois, 99 Main  

Buy your Hosiery and Notions at G. W. WARNER’S, Catskill

Dry Goods  
Fiero, Joshua Jr., 109 Main  
Greene, J. R., 69 Main  
Humphrey & Smith, 133 Main  
Kortz, James W., 125 Main  
Mesick, P. T., 93 Main  
Warner, Geo. W., 137 Main  

Fish Dealer  
Carr, Philip, 76 Main  

Cornell, Horton, Black & Co., Water n Bridge  

Furniture Dealers  
Keeler, Joseph, 146 and 148 Main  
Kortz, D., 142 and 144 Main  

Glove Manufacturer  
Mott, W. D., 105 Main  

Grist Mills  
Salisbury & Harris, Water cor Bridge

Abeel, C. C., W Bridge  
Bell Brothers, 121 Main  
Conklin, John B. Jr., 56 Main  
Conklin, Wm. H., Bridge n Water  
Foote, Alfred, Upper Ward, Main  
French, Etheridge & Mattice, 141 Main  
Jones & Bagley, 103 Main  
Mackey & Case hd Main  
Meech, Sage & Cowles, Main cor William  
Palmer, Oliver M., 36 Main  
Penfield, Elisa B., 139 Main  
Scott, Robert E, n hd Main  
Shaler & Fox, 73 Main  
Shepard, J., 51 Main  
Steam Woolen Co., 78 Main  
Wilbur M. R. & P. C., 186 Main  
Wilcox, Judson, 77 Main  

Hair Dressers  
Cross, Martin B, Church  
Stahl, Fred. A., 66 Main  
Wood, Chas. G., 52 Main  

Hardware, Stove and Tinware  
Baird & Masten, 159 Main  
Mann, John T., 67 Main  
Martin, A. J., 119 Main  
Russ Bros., 147 Main  


Harness and Saddles  
Limbrick, Henry, 98 Main  
Pierce, W. E., 116 Main  
Williams, Geo. T., 102 Main  

Hats and Caps  
Cornwall S., 117 Main  
Olmstead, H. F., 105 Main  

Greene County Hotel, 149 Main  
Gunn’s Hotel, Main cor Bronson  
Hudson River House, Catskill Point  
Irving House, Main cor Clarke  
Powell Hose, Catskill Point  
Prospect Park Hotel, Prospect Hill  
Upper Ward Hotel, n hd Main  
West Catskill Hotel, W Bridge  
Western Hotel, 177, 179 and 181 Main  

Mallory, Samuel, Main cor Howard  
Pennoyer, W. A., 123 Main  
Sylvester, John F., 58 Main  
Willard, Charles S., 100 Main

Ladies Furnishing  
Boughton & Doty, 60 Main  
Roberson, Will H. Jr., 84 Main  

Fancher, Andrew C., William cor Main  
Griswold, Addison C, William cor Main  
Griswold, John A., William ab Main  
Hallock, Joseph, 61 Main  
Ingersoll, Hiram D., William cor Main  
Mattice, Manley B., William cor Main  
Olney & King, 61 Main  
Olney, James B., William cor Main  
Osborn & Givens, William cor Main  
Spoor, Chas. T. F., 61 Main  

Livery Stables  
Babcock, M. S., Broad and Main, cor Livingston  
Barringer Bros., Franklin cor Bridge  
Cargill & Aldrich, 54 Main  
Loud, Geo. W., Thomson bel Main  

Lock and Gunsmith  
Tolley & Son, 132  Main  

Lumber Dealers  
Foote, Cumming & Co., Water opp Church  
Gilbert E., Jr. & Co., Water bet Bridge and Bronson  

G. W. WARNER KEEPS THE   Largest stock of Alpacas in Town

Wiltse A. & B., Water cor Canal  

Marble Yards  
Baldwin, I. H., 153 Main

Merchant Tailors  
Arnsfield, M., 91 Main  
Bennet, C. H., 113 Main  
Cohen, J. H., William ab Main  
Hinman, Nathaniel H., 127 Main  
Hunter, Lynes & Pierson, 97 Main  
Kritz, Joseph, 18 Main  
Wallace, James 119 Main.  

Curtiss, Carrie Miss, Howard ab Main  
Davis, R., 85 Main  
Layman, C. J., 98 1-2 Main  
Nearing, S., Mrs., 110 Main  

Music Store  
Thomas, James HJ., 134 Main  

The Catskill Recorder, 68 Main  
The Catskill Examiner, 121 Main  

Dunham, David B., 118 Main  
Henrys & Smith, 38 Main  

Paper Mill  
Storm, Peter H., Water opp Thomson

Van Gorden, Charles E, 93 Main  

Fanning, Nelson, Main ab Greene  
Ingersoll, E. L., William cor Main  
Jewell, James, 96 Main  
Mackey, E. R. 114 Main  
Mallory, James L., 114 Main  
Philip, Jacob S., 86 Main  
Whitmore, C. H., Main n Greene  
Wetmore, Wm. W., 169 Main  

Dedrick, John, 82 Main  
Hollenbeck, Wm. H., 59 Main  
Lynes, Geo., 54 Main


Haines, Frederick, Bridge  
Hannan, Cornelius, Water n Main  
Martin, G. H., W Bridge  
Rainey, Gilbert, Water n Bridge  
Slingerland, W. B., 54 Main  

Slate Roofer  
Knapp, George, hd Main  

Soap and Candles  
Trowbridge & Co, Livingston bet Main and Broad  

Stone Dealers  
Donovan & Co., ft Bronson  
Lynan, Peter, Catskill Point  
Williams & Co., ft Greene

Olney, George R., 61 Main  

Tanner and Currier  
Swartwout, Nicholas, hd Main  

Tile Manufacturer  
Clark, D. B. & Col., ft W. Water

Cornell, John H., 111 Main  
Howell, Wellington, Exchange  
Lemily, Horace, 70 Main  
Munn, Angus, 172 Main  

Window Shades  
Van Gorden, J. H. 93 Main  

Woolen Mill  
Steam Woolen Co, Water opp Factory  

Yankee Notions  
Hulbert, David C., 112 Main


Greene County Officers    
County Judge---
Manley B. Mattice  
—Benjamin F. Barkley  
County Clerk—
Horatio L. Day  
County Treasurer—
Frederick Hill  
District Attorney—
William E. Leete  
Justice of Sessions—
Wm. H. Jackson, Wm. Wilkins  

Go to G. W. WARNER’S to buy Calicoes and Muslins, Cheap.

Coroners—E. L. Ingersoll, B. S. McCabe, A. J. Dorman, Thomas Fitch.  
School Commissioners—
J. Beardsley, Hiram Bogardus  
Athens, Henry Stranahan; Ashland, Joseph Sax; Catskill, J. A. Griswold; Coxsackie,
William K. Reed, Cairo, E. L. Dutcher; Durham, William Paddock; Greenville, Madison Stevens;
Hunter, Samuel S. Mulford; Halcott, Hiram Mead; Jewett , David E. Woodworth; Lexington,
Barnard O’Hara; New Baltimore, Jeremiah Dean; Prattsville, Burton G. Morss; Windham, Charles

Commissioners of Loans—
E. P. Bushnell, Catskill; Luke Roe, Cairo.  
Superintendents of the Poor—
B. H. Wardon, Catksill; Horace A. Towner, Jewett; Luke Roe, Cairo.
Turnpike Inspectors—
William K. Reed, Coxsackie; Benj. H. Waldron, Catskill; William Paddock, Durham, Alphonso Cobb, Windham.  


Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer—
third Monday of February, first Monday of June, third Monday of November
Count Court and Couth of Sessions—
Second Monday of April, Fourth Monday of June, second Monday of October.  

Village Government  

Board of Trustees—D. B. Dunham, President; Chas. Cornwall, D. B. Dunham, P. V. Van Orden, J. P. Lohmann, H. Van Steenburgh.  
H. C. Bulkley  
Frederick Hill  
B. O. Wait  
G. R. Olney  
Pound Mater—
B. O. Wait  
Board of Education—
D. K. Olney, President; C. Cornwall, Clerk and
Librarian; B. Wilts, I. H. Baldwin, E. R. Mackey, L. H. Hubbard, A. M. Osborn, J. B. Hall, H. F. Olmstead.  

Hiland Hill  
L. Kiersted  
District School Library—
C. Cornwell, Librarian; open from 7 to 9 A.M., and from 3 to 5 P.M.  Free to all in the District.  


Reformed—Main St., Rev. Francis A. Horton, Pastor  
Franklin St., Rev. George A. Howard, Pastor  
Main Street, Rev. James Millard, Pastor  
Main St., Rev. W. A. McArthey, Pastor  


Episcopal—Rev. Robt. Weeks, Pastor
Roman Catholic—­
William St., Rev. ____ ___, Pastor
African Methodist—
Hill St.    

Secret Societies

Catskill Lodge, No. 468 F. and A. M.—Meets, at St. John’s Hall, Main St., 1st and 3d Thursday evenings of each month. J. H. Bagley, W. M.; Chas. Pierson, S. W.; J. F. Sylvester, J. W.; E. Russel, Sec.; J. H. Meech, Treas.; E. Gilbert, S. D.; Wm. M. Ruland, J. D.; G. C. Fox, S. M. C.,; A. McArthur, J. M. C.; C. C. France, Tyler.

Hendrick Hudson Lodge, 189 I. O. of O. F.—Meets every Tuesday evening at Odd Fellow’s Hall, Main Street, Catskill, N. Y.  Chas. Holt, N. G. ; Wm. Comfort, V. G.; Wm. Paulson, R. Sec.; A. W. Thomas, P. Sec.; F. S. Lynes, Treas.  


The Catskill National Bank—55 Main cor Bridge, Catskill, N. Y. Capital $150,000. Isaac Pruyn, President; H. B. Hill, Cashier; Geo. Beach, J. H. Bagley Jr., J. A. Cooke, Thos. E. Ferrier, J. Hallock, B. Howland, Samuel Harris, F. Elting, Isaac Pruyn, A. Van Vechten, W. H. Van Orden, Henry Hopkins, Judson Wilcox, Directors.

The Tanner’s National Bank of Catskill—63 Main St.  Capital $150,000. S. Sherwood Day, President; Frederick Hill Cashier; Hiland Hill, Assistant Cashier and Notary Public; John Day, Bookkeeper; Orrin Day, Assistant Bookkeeper; John Breasted, Geo. H. Penfield, Rufus H. King, John T. Mann, F. Cooke, Joshua Atwater, John Doane, E. P. Bushnell, Orrin Day, S. Sherwood Day, F. Hill, Benjamin Wey, C. L. Beach, Directors. Number of shares 3,000; par $50; banking hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P.M.

Fire Department—Protection Engine Co. No. 1, West Catskill, George C. Fox, Foreman; Elver Ready Engine Co. No. 4, O. Burke, Foreman; F. N. Wilson Engine Co. No. 5, Main, Freeman Eltheridge; Foreman; Citizen’s Hose Co. No. 5, Main, Oscar Humphrey, foreman.

Buy your Hosiery and Notions at G. W. WARNER’S, Catskill.

MACKEY & SPOOR Dealers in Choice Family Groceries, ft. Reed St, Coxsackie.  



(Lower Village)  


Adams, James, laborer, h Mansion  
Adams, James Jr., boatman, bds Mansion  
Adams, Stillman, gardener, h Mansion  
Akins, John W., boatman, h New n S Bridge  
Akins, W. H., laborer, bds New n South River  
Allen, H. L., shoes, Reed S Side, h do  
Allen, J. W. H., clerk, bds Reed S side  
Appleton, Wm., laborer, h River  
Armstrong, A. V. B., (Brandow & Armstrong,) h Mansion opp Foundry  
Augustus, Geo., moulder, bds River n Mansion  
Augustus, Julius, melter, h River n Mansion  


Backus, Chas. Mrs., h New ab Ely  
Backus, Harriet Mrs., dressmaker, Mansion  
Backus, John, speculator, h Church n Washington  
Backus, P. H., clerk, h S River  
Baker, Chas., harness maker, bds Reed  
Baker, Geo., tinsmith, h Academy cor Lafayette  
Baley, Chas. E., clerk, bds R R House  
Bannen, Owen, laborer, h Hollister ab Church  
Barnett, C. V., (Greene & Barnett,) h Ely cor Mansion  
Banty, Samuel, laborer, h Prospect Hill  
Beatty, B. F. Mrs., h Lafayette n Mansion  
Beatty, E. O., h Washington n Church  
Beavon, Thos., gardener, h New ab Washington  
Bedell, G. Mrs., h Hollister  
Bedell, H. G., gents furnishing, Reed opp S River, h Mansion  
Bedell, H. T, drygoods, bds Mansion ab River  
Bedell, Levi, (Leigh & Bedell,) bds Mansion  
Bedell, Thos. P., butcher h Cherry n Lafayette  
Bedell, Theron, saloon, Reed h do  
Bell, Chas. E., bartender, h S River n Church  
BELL, SIMPSON S., asst. assessor, Reed, h Mansion  
Bissonet, Joseph, blacksmith, h River  
Bissonet, Joseph Jr., laborer, bds River  
BOMUS, GEORGE H.,  carpenter and builder, S River, h New  
Bomus, John., carpenter, bds New ab Ely  

MACKEY & SPOOR, Dealers in Foreign & Domestic Fruits, ft Reed St., Coxsackie

Bouton, C. F. & N. L., dry goods, groceries, &c., Reed, N Side  
Bouton, C. F., (C. F. & N. L. Bouton,) h S River cor New  
Bouton, Edwin C., clerk, bds S River cor New  
Bouton, F. S., clerk, bds S River corn New  
Bouton, N. L. (C. F. & N. L. Bouton,) h Mansion  
Bradbury, E. K., liver, h Reed n Ely  
Brady, Terrance, laborer, h Church ab Ely
Brandow & Armstrong, hardware and stoves, Reed
BRANDOW, E. D., lawyer and ins. agt., Mansion opp Eagle Hotel, bds Washington cor Church.
Brandow, Frank, laborer, bds Washington n Academy  
Brandow, J. G. D., h Church cor Washington  
Brandow, John J., nursery, h Washington n Academy  
Brandow, l. A. (Brandow & Armstrong,) bds New  
Brandow, Palmer, laborer, bds Washington n Academy  
Brandow, S. Mrs., boarding, h New ab Ely  
Brennan, John, laborer, h River  
Briggs, Geo. E., butcher, bds New  
Briggs, Isaiah, butcher, h River  
Briggs, Isaiah W., butcher, bds Eagle Hotel  
Briggs, Sylvester W., butcher, Reed, S side, h New  
Bronk, J. B., lawyer and brick manufct., Church and Reed, h Church ab Ely  
Brooks, John laborer, bds Eagle Hotel
Bronk, Leonard, farmer, h Ely ab New  
Brown & Wing, druggists, Reed opp Ely  
Brown, E. R., druggist, bds Ely n New  
Brown, E. R., clerk, bds Ely cor New  
Brown, Hiram, (Buckbee & Brown,) h Mansion  
Brown, H. W., grocer, Reed, h Mansion  
Brown, Isaac, (Brown & Wing,) Ely cor New  
Brown, Joseph F., agt., Reed, N Side, bds Eagle Hotel  
Brown, Wells, grocer, bds Mansion  
Brush, W. F. Rev., h Church ab Ely  
Bruso, J., laborer, h River  
Bruso, Oliver, laborer, h River  
Buckee & Brown, lumber &c., N River n Ferry  
Buckbee, R. F. (Buckbee & Brown,) h Mansion  
Burk, Richard, laborer, bds S River n New  
Burgoyne, Andrew, clerk, bds Eagle Hotel  
Burhans, Orrin, h Church ab Hollister  
Burrough, Thos., dry goods, h Ely n New  


Campbell, Henry, farmer, h New ab Washington  
Carey, Daniel, shoe maker, h Church n Ely  
Carrick, James, laborer, bds River  
Carrick, Pat., laborer, bds River  
Carrick, Pat., teamster, h River  
Carroll, Wm. Rev., bds n hd Ely  
Case, W., grocer, Reed N side, h New ab Ely  

The Best Family Flour in Coxsackie, Sold by MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Case, Winslow, harness maker, Reed, s side, h New  
Caslow, M., laborer, h Hollister  
Cassida, John, laborer, h River  
Castelow, Michael, laborer, h Hollister  
Caton, James Mrs., h S River  
Cheritre, Henry H., boot maker, h Church n Washington  
Church, J. D., restaurant, Reed, N side, h do  
Church, L. H., h Mansion ab Eagle Hotel  
Claffy, Peter, laborer, h River  
Clark, Wm., porter, R R House  
Clough, Alfred, saloon, S River ft Reed, h New n Ely  
Clough, Casper, boatman, h Church n S River  
Clough, Ezra R., engineer, h Church n S River  
Clough, John H., laborer, h Church n S River  
Clow, John H., boatman, h Lafayette av  
Clute, Nicholas , h Ely ab Church  
Cochran, Edward, farmer, h Washington n New  
Cochran, E. T., farmer, h Washington n Church  
Cochran, F. T., student, bds Washington av  
Cochran, Wm., h ft S River  
Collier & Hollack, dry goods, Reed cor Ely  
Collier, A. V. D., druggist, Reed opp Eagle Hotel, h next R Church  
Collier, C. I., (Collier & Hallock,) h Ely cor Church  
Collier, P. J., h Lafayette av  
Collier, T. W., h Church cor Hollister  
Conine, C., Capt., h Prospect Hill  
Conine, Chas, E., boatman, bds Prospect Hill  
Conner, Wm., W., laborer, bds Church n Ely  
Convers, E. D. R., Police Justice, Reed, bds R R House  
Cook, Peter, farmer, h Academy ab Washington  
Cook, Wm., machinist, h Academy n Washington  
Cooney, John, h S River n New  
Cooney, N., laborer, bds River  
Cooney, Thos., laborer, h Hollister  
Coonley Miner, engineer, bds New ab Ely  
Coonley, Platt, (Hoyt, Crippen & Co.,) bds Larabee’s Hotel  
Cornell, Horton, Abrams & Co, freighting &c., Lower Landing  
Cosgrove, Mary Mrs., h n hd Ely  
Coxsackie Malleable & Grey Iron Co., Mansion ab Eagle Hotel  
Craw, Chas. E., laborer, bds h Maple av ab Mansion  
Crippen, Chas. E., (Hoyt, Crippen & Co., ) h Lafayette av  
Cummings, D., saloon, Reed cor S River, h Reed  
Cummings, E. R., teamster, bds Reed  
Cummings, M. Mrs., h n ft S River  
Cummings, Wm. W., (Eagle Hotel) Reed ab Ely  
Cure, Chas., teamster, bds S River n Church  
Cuttermance, Wm. C., brick maker, h River

The Best Family Flour in Coxsackie, Sold at MACKEY & SPOOR’S  


Decker, J. H., painter, bds Washington cor Church  
Decker, L. hostler, R R Hotel  
Decker, Wm. H., painter, h Washington cor Church  
Dederick, Jacob, boatman, h River  
Delamater, T. B., laborer, h ft S River  
Delany, Pat., laborer, h River  
Deming, F. G., capt., h Reed ab Ely  
Dibble, E, boatman, h Church ab S River  
Dibble, Peter, boatman, h Hollister cor Church  
Dillnoy, Geo. W., painter, h Mansion  
Doherty, Wm., carman, h n hd Ely  
Dolen, C., laborer, h Hollister n Washington  
Dolen, Edward, laborer, h River  
Dolen, Michael, laborer, bds Hollister n Washington  
Dolen, Thos., laborer, bds Hollister n Washington  
Dorman, A. J., lawyer, Reed opp Ely, h Upper Village  
Dorman, Emeline Mrs., h New ab Ely  
Dowling, Francis P. laborer, bds Hollister ab Church  
Dowling, John, laborer, bds Hollister ab Church  
Dowling, Michael, laborer, h Hollister ab Church  
Dowling, Pat., laborer, h Hollister ab Church  
Downey, M., laborer, h Ely ab Church  
Dummeroy, Thos., stone cutter, bds R R House  
Dunivan, Pat., laborer, bds River  
Dunivan, Pat., blacksmith, S River, h do  
Dunn, Daniel, laborer, h River  
Dwight, A. C., teller, bds Academy n Washington  
Dwight, S. A., cashier, h Academy ab Washington  
Dwight, W. L. asst. teller, bds Academy n Washington  


Eagle Hotel (Wm. W. Cummings, propt.,) Reed ab Ely  
Easland, Nelson, laborer, h Washington n Academy  
Edwards, Wm. A., clerk, bds New ab Ely  
Egberts, Samuel, gardener, h Lafayette av  
Eldred, Katy Miss, Tailoress, h Ely cor New  
Ellis, Altamont, J., clerk, bds New ab Ely  


Fancher E., D., clerk, bds Reed n side  
Finch, Willis, moulder, h Mansion ab River  
Finch, Wm. R. Mrs., h Ely ab Church  
Findley, John, horse trainer, bds Reed n Ely  
Fitchett, Chas., laborer, h N River  
Fitchett, Chas., clerk, bds S River cor New  
Fitchett, G. I., coal, hd N River, h Mansion  
Fitzgerald Wm., laborer, h River  

Stewarts’ standard A and Ex. C Sugars, You will always find at Mackey & Spoor’s

Flower, B., pattern maker, h S River cor Church  
Foley, John, laborer, h River  
Fonda, Wm., (D. Hallock & Co.,) h Mansion  
Foster, Theodore, blacksmith, New ab Ely h do  
Fox, James, laborer, h Ely ab Church  
Fox, John H., laborer, h Ely ab Church  
Frank, John, cabinet maker, bds New ab Ely  
Franklin, Wm., P.,(Coxsackie New,) h S River, Lower Landing  
FRELEIGH, LEVI, ins. agt., hd Maple av ab Mansion  


Garigan, Edward C., clerk, h River  
Garigan, Thos. C., painter, h River  
Gass, Robert, carpenter, h River  
Gates, H. A., brick manufct., River, h do  
Gay, Albert, laborer, h River  
Gay, A., laborer, bds River  
Gay, Calvin, laborer, bds River  
Gay, Harrison, laborer, bds River  
Geoghegan, Thos., mason, h River, junc Mansion  
Gibson, David, laborer, h River  
Grant, Geo., pattern maker, h Mansion  
Green & Garnett, physicians, Reed cor Ely  
Greene, F. S., (Greene & Barnett) h Mansion  
Greene H., h Mansion bel Lafayette av  
Greene, James E., hats, &c., Reed, h Mansion  
Griffin, Richard, livery, &c., N River, h Reed, N side  
Grigwire, John, laborer, h River  
Grubb, John Mrs., h Lafayette av  
Golden, Thos., laborer, h River  
Gould, Andrew J., carpenter, h Lafayette av  


Hackard, John, teamster, h River  
Haines, Chas. D., clerk, bds Reed  
Haines, David T., boots and shoes, Reed N side, h Ely  
Haines, J. D., telegrapher, Reed bds do  
Hallenbeck, B. T., laborer, h n hd Academy  
Hallenbeck, C. E. (Hollister & Hallenbeck) bds Washington cor New  
Hallenbeck, E. J., clerk, bds S River  
Hallenbeck, I. C., grocer, Lower Landing, S River n Church  
Hallenbeck, Jane Mrs., n New ab Washington  
Hallenbeck, John, laborer, h nd hd Academy  
Hallenbeck, M. F., bookkeeper, bds S River  
Hallenbeck,  Sheldon, harness, S River ft Reed, h Lower Landing  
Hollock, D. & Co., grey iron foundry and feed and plaster Mill, ft N River  

AT MACKEY & SPOOR’S you will find the choicest brands of Cigars & Tobacco.  

HALLOCK, D., grocery &c., Reed S side, h Mansion opp foundry  
Hallock, S. P. (Collier & Hallock,) h Mansion ab foundry  
Hamilton, D. M., vice president, N. B. of C., h S River Church  
Harlin, Thos., laborer, bds River  
Harris, J. A. Mrs., h Ely ab Church  
Hart, Horace,  h New ab Ely  
Hartley, John farmer, h n ft S River  
Haviland, A. C., bds Eagle Hotel  
Hermance, V. B., h Ely opp Reed  
Hickey, James, laborer, h River  
Hilton, Anthony H., brick burner, h Lafayette av  
Hinman, Wm. S. painter, bds New ab Ely  
Hiseerd, James. W., lawyer, Reed cor Ely, h Athens tp  
Hisert, & Son, blacksmiths, S River  
Hisert, B. F., (Hisert & Son,) h Church  
Hisert, D. M., (Hisert & Son,) h Church  
Hitchcock, Chas. E., teamster, h Ely cor Church  
Hoag, James E., Postmaster, bds R R House  
Hogue, John, laborer, h River n Mansion  
Hollister & Hallenbeck, dry goods &c., Reed  
Hollister, J. L., (Hollister & Hallenbeck,) h New  
Hollister, T. J., book-keeper, bds n hd Ely  
Hollister, Wm. H., h n hd Ely  
Hoes, Geo. W., laborer, h River  
Horton, Wm. H., agt. Lower Landing  
Houghtailing, H. Mrs., h Mansion  
Houghtailing, Jacob A., carpenter, h Ely ab New  
Houghtailing, P. M., clerk, bds Ely ab New  
Howell, Wheeler, sec. iron co., h Mansion  
Howland, H. J., brick manufct., R Road, h River n Mansion  
Hubbell, Leonard, bds River n Mansion  
Hughes, Pat., laborer, h Church ab Ely  
Hutchings, B. S., cigar manufct., Reed cor N River, h Church  
Hyatt, Edward, ship carpenter, h ft S River  


Jackson, James, J., dentist, Mansion, 2d ab Eagle Hotel, h do  
Jerome, Joseph, barber, Reed cor S River, h S River  
Jerome, Lewis, hair dresser, Eagle Hotel, h Reed  
Jerome, Peter, laborer, h River  

The Cheapest Place in Town, Is at MACKEY & SPOOR’S  


Kellett, Edward, laborer, h Hollister  
Kelley, Pat., laborer, h S River  
Kennedy, Matthew, laborer, h River opp Mansion  
King, S., h Mansion cor maple av  
Klebes, Michael, cabinet maker, Reed, h New ab Ely  
Kline, Jacob, laborer, h River  
Knickerbocker Ice Co., Lower Landing  


Lamb, John, laborer, h Church ab S Rive  
Lampman, Henry, clerk, bds Ely cor Church  
Lampman, O., dry goods, Reed opp Ely, h Ely ab New  
Lamphire, Henry, capt., bds R R House  
Lansing, S. A., cigar maker, bds S River n Church  
Larabee, Nelson, (R R House) n hd N River  
Leach, J. H., laborer, h River  
Ledwich, R., laborer, bds River  
LEETS, WM. E., lawyer, and district attorney, Mansion opp Eagle Hotel, h Washington cor Mansion Leigh & Bedell, marble workers, S River  
Lewis, Edward R., laborer, bds n ft S River  
Lewis, H. B. laborer, h n ft S River  
Longther, R., laborer, h River  
Lusk, G., wooden ware, &c., Reed, h Mansion ab foundry  
Lusk, Matthias Rev., h Mansion cor Lafayette av  


McAllister, J. A., painter, Mansion, h Church  
McCarthy, Allen, shoemaker, h Mansion  
McCarthy, John, saloon, S River cor New, h do  
McCloud, Wm. H., tinsmith, h Reed  
McCormick, Luke, farmer, h n hd Ely  
McCarrick, Francis, printer, bds New cor Washington  
McCarrick, Henry, painter, h New cor Washington  
McGuigan, Henry, mason, h Hollister  
McLaughlin, A. G., baker, Mansion opp Eagle Hotel, h do  
McLaughlin, John D., baker, bds Mansion  
McLaughlin, Milton, baker, bds Mansion  
McManus, Edward, laborer, h n hd Ely  
McManus, John laborer, h Church ab Ely  
McNeil, Hugh, laborer, n S River  
McNeill, Patrick, (M. Morgan & Co.,) h Mansion ab Reed  
MACKEY & SPOOR, grocery, &c., N River ft Reed  
Mackey, Ambrose A, carpenter, h Church n Ely  
Mackey, Edwin, (Mackey & Spoor) h Church  
Mackey, Geo., druggist, Reed S side, h Church    

The place to buy your Teas, Coffees and Spices, is at MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Mackey, Henry, h Church n Ely  
Mackey, H. A., clerk, bds Church  
Mackey, Henry, brick manufct., River  
Mackey, J. C., h Church ab S River  
Magee, Geo., laborer, bds New ab Washington  
Mallory, Malvina Mrs., millinery, h New ab Ely  
Malony, Wm., saloon, S River n New, h do  
Marshall, Smith, pilot, h Maple av ab Mansion  
Mason, O. K., carpenter, h Washington n Academy  
Martin, Samuel, laborer, h River  
Mead & Son, stone yard, S River, h Mansion  
Mead, E. Mrs., H Mansion  
Mead, Thos, laborer, bds River  
Mead, W. D., stone yard, bds Ely n New  
Merihue, R. Mrs., h Mansion ab River  
Miller, Edward, barber, bds hd Ely  
Miller, H. I., (Youman & Miller,) h Ely n Church  
Miller, James B., (Myer, Miller & co.,) h ft S River  
Miller, James M., barber, bds hd Ely  
Miller, Theodore, hair dresser, Reed, h hd Ely  
Minock, W. H. machinist, bds Eagle Hotel  
Moniter, Pat., laborer, h Church ab Ely  
Morris, Alfred, carpenter, bds Washington n Academy  
Morris, James, carpenter, bds Washington n Academy  
Morgan, Hugh, blacksmith, bds Mansion ab Reed
Morgan M. & Co., blacksmiths, Mansion and S River  
Morgan, M., (M. Morgan & Co.,) h Mansion ab Reed  
Morgan, Wm., (M. Morgan & Co.,) h Mansion ab Reed  
Mosier, Robt. C., carpenter, h Washington n Academy  
Mowbray, J. G. Rev., h Academy  
Mullen, Daniel, clerk, bds R R House  
Mullen, James, tinsmith, bds Academy cor Lafayette  
Munn, A. F. Rev., h Ely n New  
Murphy, John, laborer, h Church ab S River  
Murphy, Thos., laborer, h Church ab S River  
MYER, MILLE & CO., ship builders, ft S River  
Myer, John L., (Myer, Miller & Co., ) h ft S River  
Myer, John L., Jr., (Myer, Miller & Co.,) bds ft S River  
Myers, M. W. Miss, teacher, bds Lafayette n Mansion  
Mygatt, Isaac, h New ab Ely  
Mygatt, James H., book-keeper, bds New ab Ely  

Nelson, Robert, contractor, h Mansion ab Foundry  
Newbury, A. & A, machinists, S River  
Newbury, A., (A. & B. Newbury,) h Church  
Newbury., B., (A. & B. Newbury,) h New  
New Champion Hotel, (Geo. C. Speanbergh,) Lower Landing  
Nebenberg, Isaac, carpenter, h New n Ely  
Nolen, Cris., Laborer, h River  

Do not fail when in Town to Call on MACKEY & SPOOR


O’Brien, Edward, laborer, bds River  
O’Brien, James, laborer, h Lower Landing  
O’Brien, James Mrs., h River  
O’Conner, Barnard Mrs.,  h Church n Ely  
O’Conner, C., laborer, h River  
O’Conner, J. V. W., clerk, bds R R House  
O’Harra, Thos., blacksmith, bds Mansion ab Reed  

Page, Wm., clerk, bds Mansion opp Foundry Painter, Chas., bds Church ab S River  
Palmer, Horace, clerk, bds Mansion ab River  
Parker & Salisbury, lumber and coal, S River cor New  
Parker, Albert, (Parker & Salisbury,) h Reed  
Palmer, Edgar, law student, bds New ab Ely  
Palmer, Geo., h Academy cor Lafayette  
Parker, Ephraim, carpenter, bds Lafayette av  
Parker, James L., h New ab Ely  
Payne, Oscar, moulder, h Reed N side  
Parslow, Samuel, h Ely cor New  
Pendergrass, Thos., carpenter, h New ab  Washington  
Pendergast, John P., cigar maker, bds S River  
Pendergast, Daniel, laborer, h Lower Landing  
Perry, T., laborer, bds Academy n Washington  
Pettit, Wm., laborer, h Mansion  
Phillips, Spencer, boatman, h New ab Ely  
Phinney, R. B., shoe maker, h Reed n S River  
Porter, Chas. E., laborer, h S River  
Powell, A. E., book-keeper, bds New  
Powell, Wheeler, (Reed & Powell,) h Mansion  
Provost, J. H., capt., h Church n S River  
Purdy, J. H., laborer, bds River  
Purtill, Pat., Mrs., h River  

Quinn, Pete, laborer, h River  
Quinn, Wm., laborer, h Upper Landing  


Ragin, Thos., laborer, h Mansion  
Rail Road House, (N. Larabee,) n hd N River  
Reed & Powell, freighters, &c., S River ft Reed  
Reed, Alex., (Reed & Powell,) h Ely  
Reed, Geo.,  h Ely  
Reed, R. Mrs., h Ely n New  
Reed, S. H., student, bds Ely n Reed  
REED, WM. K., hardware, stoves and tine, Reed S side, h Ely cor Church  
Reynolds, W. L., grocery, Reed S side, h Hollister ab Church  

MACKEY & SPOOR, Dealers in Choice Family Groceries, ft. Reed St., Coxsackie.

Richardson, Stephen, Wm., agt., bds Mansion  
Riley E. Mrs., h River  
Riley, Peter, laborer, bds River  
Roberts, Chas., carpenter, bds Lafayette av  
Roberts, James & Son, carpenter, S Rive  
Roberts, James, (James Roberts & son,) h Lafayette av  
Roberts, Storm, (James Roberts & Son,) h Lafayette av  
Ryan, Richard, Laborer, bds S River n New  
Rynn, Hugh, laborer, h River  
Rynn, Stephen, laborer, h River  
Rysedorph & Son, saloon, Reed S side  
Rysedorph, Arthur, (Rysedorph & son.) bds Ely cor New  
Rysedorph, J., (Rysedorph & son.) h Ely cor New  


Sager, C. B. Mrs., h Ely n Reed  
Salisbury, Henry, (Parker & Salisbury,) r S River n New  
Salisbury, John, bds New ab Ely  
Sayer, Robert, clerk, bds Mansion cor River  
Scott, Geo., sawyer, h S River  
Scott, Geo. H., laborer, h S River  
Scott, Wm., boatman, h S River  
Seeley, Meribah Mrs., h Hollister ab Church  
Segall, Joseph, merchant tailor, Reed ab S River, h do  
Shanley, E., Mrs., h River  
Sharp, Andrew Mrs., h S River n New  
Sharp, F. M., harness maker, h Reed  
Shaver, Hattie Mrs., h Mansion  
Sheffield, Harvey L., hostler, bds S River  
Sheffield, Henry H., boatman, bds S River  
Sheffield, Reuben, laborer, bds Eagle Hotel  
Sheffield, Rodney L., laborer, bds S River  
Shehan, Thos., laborer, H River  
Sherman, Alonzo, grocery, Reed h do  
Sherwood, F., laborer, h Lower Landing  
Shields, M., laborer, h Hollister  
Shields, Michael, baggage master, bds Hollister  
Shields, Pat., laborer, h Hollister  
Shute, M., blacksmith, h New ab Washington  
Shufelt, Wm., wagon maker, Mansion, h Church ab Ely  
Sillifant, Harry, letterer, bds New ab Ely
Skelly, Julia Mrs., h Church ab S River  
Slater, Catherine, h Reed  
Sloan, Clark, carpenter, h Hollister cor Church  
Smith, Daniel, laborer, h River, Upper Landing  
Smith, Platt, farmer, h Cherry n Lafayette av  
Smith, Thos., laborer, h N River  
Smith, Thos. R., laborer, h S. River  
Snyder, R. Mrs., h Reed  

MACKEY & SPOOR, Dealers in Foreign & Domestic Fruits, ft Reed–st., Coxsackie.

Southerland, Geo., salesman, h Mansion  
Speanbergh, Andrew, pilot, h S River cor Church  
Speanbergh, Geo. C., (New Champion Hotel) Lower Landing  
Speanbergh, Isaac, pilot, h Lower Landing  
Speanbergh, J. H., laborer, h River  
Spoor, Casper, boatman, h Washington cor Hollister  
Spoor, Chas. E., (Mackey & Spoor,) h n hd Ely  
Spoor, Geo, laborer, h n hd Ely  
Spoor, Isaac, carpenter, h Washington n Hollister  
Spoor, Isaac M., h Church ab Hollister  
Spoor, John, teamster, h Lafayette av  
Spoor, John I., clerk, h Ely n Reed  
Squires, Henry, h Washington cor New  
Stead, James, capt., h n ft S River  
Stebbins, Alex. R., engineer, h Mansion ab Reed  
Stebbins, Ferdinand, engineer, bds Mansion ab Reed  
Stebbins, Fredk., capt. bds Mansion ab Reed  
Stebbins, John Mrs., h Lower Landing  
Stephen, Patterson, laborer, h Lafayette av  
Stevens, Geo. C., bds R R House  
Stone, E. P. photographer, Reed, bds Lafayette  
Strang, James, carpenter, h New n Ely  

Teal, Alonzo, laborer, bds Eagle Hotel  
Thatcher, Chas., carpenter, h Mansion  
THE COKSACKIE NEWS, (W. P. Franklin pro., ) Reed cor Ely  
Tigh, Pat., engineer, h Ely ab Church  

Valentine, S. W., lawyer, bds Mansion  
Van Allen, S., laborer, h New n Ely  
Van Buskirk, Leonard, laborer, h ft S River  
Van Buskirk, Mrs., h ft S River  
Van Denberg, Richard, tailor h Mansion  
Van Denburg, Wm., pilot, h New ab Ely  
Van Dyck, Henry, clerk, bds Ely cor Church  
Van Dyck, J. C., lawyer, Reed, Bank Building, h Upper Village  
Van Loan, Albert, wheelsman, h Ely ab Church  
Van Loan, C. W., laborer, bds Lower Landing  
Van Loan, J., laborer, h Lower Landing  
Van Loan Jacob A., bds Ely ab Church  
Van Loan, Lewis, caulker, h S River  
Van Loan, Nicholas, fisherman, h ft S River  
Van Hoesen, Robert, h S. River  
Van Schaack, Isaac A., carpenter, h n hd Ely  

The Best Family Four in Coxsackie,  Sold at MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Van Schaack, J., shoe maker, N River n Reed, h Reed  
Van Schaack, Peter G., news depot Reed S side, h do  
Van Schaack, Albert, laborer, h S River  
Van Schaack, Richard, h Washington n Hollister  
Van Steenburgh, Cornelius, laborer, h S River n Reed  
Van Vleit, John L., laborer, h Washington hd Mansion  
Van Vleit, Wm., gardener, h Washington hd Mansion  
Van Wie, Ambrose A. Mrs., h Hollister cor Washington  
Van Wie, Chas. A., peddler, h Hollister cor Washington  
Varden, Pat., laborer, bds River  
Varden, Peter, laborer, bds River  
Vosburgh, Abm., h Ely cor Church  
Vosburgh, Steward, carpenter, h Mansion ab River  

Wakeley, Abner, gardener, h Lafayette n Mansion  
Wallace David, laborer, bds River  
Watts, M. V. Mrs., milliner, Ely cor Reed h Ely  
Webb, Wm. H., laborer, h Church ab S River  
Welch, James, laborer, h Lafayette av  
Welch, John, clothing store, Reed, h do  
Welch, J. Mrs., h River  
Wells, Chas. C., photographer, S River, h River, S shipyard  
Wells, Chas. E., farmer, h River  
Wells, Edward, h River  
Wells, Wm., laborer, bds Eagle Hotel  
Whalen, James, laborer, bds S River n New  
Whalen, John, laborer, bds Ely ab Church  
Whitbeck, Andrew J., laborer, bds Madison n Washington  
Whitbeck, John B., farmer, h Mansion h Washington  
Whitbeck, Richard, carpenter, h Church ab Hollister  
Whitcomb, L. J., foreman, h S River  
Whitcomb, L. J., laborer, h S River n Church  
Whiting, H. T., laborer, h Mansion ab Reed  
Whiting, Mary Mrs., milliner, Mansion ab Reed, h do  
Whitney, Theodore, mason, Academy ab Washington  
Wiest, John A., carpenter, h Lafayette av  
Williams, Peter O., physician, Reed N side, bds Eagle Hotel  
Williams, Thomas, laborer, h Lafayette av  
Winans, W. H., jewelry, Reed 2nd bel Ely, h Mansion ab Foundry  
Wing, D. E., linament manufct., Reed N side, h Lafayette av  
Wing, Marcus, (Brown & Wing,) h Ely  
Winegard, Abrm,. Moulder, h Mansion  
Wixson, Geo. I., laborer, h River  
Wood, E. M., jeweler, h Ely n New  
Worden Geo. W., h River  
Wright, Angeline Miss, h New ab Ely  
Wright, M. C., h Hollister cor Church  
Wurden, H. D., caulker, h Reed  
Wurden, Warren M., boatman, bds Reed  
Wynans, Stephen, clerk, bds Mansion bel Lafayette  
Wynans, Wm. E., clerk, bds Mansion bel Lafayette  
Wynans, Wm. H., jeweler, h Mansion bel Lafayette  

Yates Geo., laborer, bds River  
Youmans, & Miller, meat marker, Reed  
Youman, Isaac A., (Youman & Miller,) h Upper Village  
Young, Geo. E, peddler, h Lafayette av  

At MACKEY & SPOOR’S you will find the choicest brands of Cigars & Tobacco.  


Agents Insurance  
Brandow, E. D., Mansion, opp Eagle Hotel  
Freleigh, Levi, Maple av ab Mansion  

McLaughlin, A. G., Mansion, opp Eagle Hotel

Coxsackie Savings Institution, N side Reed  
National Bank of Coxsackie, Reed

Dunivan, Patrick, S River  
Foster, Theodore, New ab Ely
Hisert & Son, S River
Morgan M. & Co., Mansion and S River

Boat Builders  
Myer, Miller & Co., ft S River  

Boots and Shoes  
Allen H. L., Reed S Side  
Haines, David T., Reed, N side  
Van Schaack, J., N River n Reed

Brick Manufacturers  
Bronk, J. B., Church  
Gates, H. A., River  
Howland, H. J., Upper Landing  
Mackey, Henry, River  

Briggs, Sylvester W., Reed, S Side  
Youman & Miller, Reed  

Carpenters and Builders
Bomus, George H., S River  
Roberts, James & Son, S River  

Coal and Lumber Dealers  
Buckee & Brown, N River n Ferry  
Fitchett, G. I., hd N River  
Parker & Salisbury, S River cor New  

Jackson, James J., Mansion, 2nd ab Eagle Hotel  
Brown & Wing, Reed opp Ely  
Collier, A. V. D., Red opp Eagle Hotel  
Mackey, George, Reed S side  

Dry Goods  
Bouton, C. F. & M. L., Reed N side  
Collier & Hallock, Reed cor Ely  
Hollister & Hallenbeck, Reed  
Lampman, O., Reed cor Mansion  

Hallock D. & Co., ft N River  

Cornell, Horton, Abrams, & Co., Lower Landing  
Reed & Powell, S River ft Reed

Furniture Dealer  
Klebes, Michael, Reed  

The Cheapest Place in Town  Is at MACKEY & SPOOR’S.  

Brown, H. W, Reed  
Case, W., Reed, N side  
Hallenbeck, I. C., Lower Landing  
Hallock, D., Reed, S side  
Hoyt, Crippen & Co., Reed N side  
Mackey & Spoor, N Reed, ft Reed  
Reynolds, W. L., Reed, S side  
Sherman, Alonzo, Reed

Hair Dressers  
Jerome, Joseph, Reed cor S River  
Jerome, Lewis, Eagle Hotel  
Miller, Theodore, Reed  

Hardware, Stoves and Tinware  
Brandow & Armstrong, Reed  
Reed, Wm., K., Reed S side

Harness, and Saddles  
Case Winslow, Reed, S side
Hallenbeck, Sheldon, S River ft Reed

Hats and Caps  
Greene, Jas. E., Reed  

Eagle Hotel, Reed ab Ely  
New Champion Hotel, Lower Landing  
Rail Road House, n hd N River  

Iron Manufacturers  
Coxsackie Malleable & Grey Iron Co., Mansion  

Winans, W. H., Reed, 2nd bel Ely

Brandow, E. D. Mansion opp Eagle Hotel  
Bronk, J. B., Reed  
Dorman, A. J., Reed opp Ely  
Hiseerd, James W., Reed cor Ely  
Leete, Wm. E., Mansion opp Eagle Hotel  
Van Dyck, J. C., Bank Building, Reed  

Linament Manufacturer  
Wing, D. E., Reed N side  

Cummings, Daniel  

Livery Stables  
Griffin, Richard, N River  

The place to buy your Teas, Coffees and Spices, is at MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Newbury, A. & B., S River  

Marble Works  
Leigh & Bedell, S River

Merchant Tailors  
Segall, Joseph, Reed ab S River  
Welch, John, Reed

Watts, M. V. Mrs., Ely cor Reed
Whiting, Mary Mrs., Mansion ab Reed

Mowing Machines  
Brown, J. F.,  Reed, N side

News Dealers  
Van Schaack, Peter, S Reed, S side

McAllister, J. A.,  Mansion

Stone, E. P., Reed
Wells, Chas. C., S River

Collier, A. V. D., Ely ab Church
Greene & Barnett, Reed cor Ely
Williams, Peter O., Reed n side

Bedell, Theron, Reed  
Church, J. D., Reed, N side  
Clough, Alfred, S River ft Reed  
Cummings, D., Reed cor S River  
McCarthy, John, S River cor New  
Maloney, Wm., S River n New  
Rysedorph & Son, Reed, S side  

Stone Dealers  
Mead & Son, S Ravine  

Hutchins, B. S., Reed cor N River  
Wood and Willow-ware
Lusk, G, wood and willow-ware, Reed

Do not fail when it Town to Call on MACKEY & SPOOR  



Board of Trustees—Nelson, Larabee, John L. Van Vliet, S. W. Briggs, Wm. K. Reed  
E. O. Beatty  


Second Reformed Church—Ely st.., Rev. A. F. Munn, Pastor  
Methodist Episcopal—
Church st., Rev. J. E. Brush, Pastor  
Episcopal Church—
Mansion st., Rev. ____ Trimble, Pastor  
Catholic Church—
nearly ft Church st., Rev. Wm. Carroll, Pastor  


Officers of Coxsackie Chapter No.
85—E. O. Beatty, H. P.; A. Parker, King; P. Coonley, Scribe; Wm. Cochran Treas.; I. Mygatt, Sect’y; A. Powell, C. of H.; W. K. Reed, P. S. J.; C. Crippen, R. A. C.; Edwin Mackey, M. 3d Veil; Robert Nelson, M. 2d Veil; P. Van Allsdol, M. 1st Veil; F. G. Deming, Tyler, Meets every Wednesday evening.

Officers of Ark Lodge No. 48 F. & A. M.—Albert Parker, W. M.; J. G. Newbury, S. W.; A. V. D. Colliers, J. W.; Isaac Mygatt, Treas.; Wm. K. Reed, Sect’y; G. W. Delanoy, S. D.; L. A. Brandow, J. D.; F. G. Deming, Tyler. Meets first and third Mondays.

Coxsackie Lodge of Good Templars, No.275—Meets every Friday evening at Reformed Lecture Room, Reed street. Wm. Shufelt, W. C. T.


The National Bank of Coxsackie, Coxsackie, N. Y.—Capital $112,000. J. C. Van Dyck, President; D. M. Hamilton, Vice-President; S. A. Dwight, Cashier and Notary; A. C. Dwight, Teller; J. C. Van Dyck, L. Bronk, E. N. Hubbell, B. J. Van Slyke, D. M. Hamilton, C. Starr, W. Tanner, M. G. Van Slyke, Directors. Dividends January and July. Banking hours 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.

Coxsackie Savings Institution, Coxsackie, N. Y.—Open from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.  Officers, Charles Starr, President; O. Lampman, Vice-President; Sidney A. Dwight, Treasurer. Charles Starr, O. Lampman, E. N. Hubbell, D. M. Hamilton, W. Powell, M. G. Van Slyke, P. O. Williams, J. C. Van Dyck, L. Bronk, W. Farmer, S. A. Dwight, Trustees.  Incorporated May, 1868; organized November, 1868.  Deposits $1,00 and upwards; interest 5 per cent. Annually on all sums over $5.

MACKEY & SPOOR, Dealers in Choice Family Groceries, ft. Reed St., Coxsackie.

Fire Department

Chief Engineer—Wm. K. Reed,  Assistant Engineer—Albert Parker  
Hudson River Engine Company No. 1,
(hand)—Chief Engineer, Theron Bedell; Assistant Engineer, Wm. H. Minnock; Foreman, J. V. W. O’Connor; First Assistant, Sheldon Hallenbeck; Second Assistant, Geo. H. Scott; Secretary, Thomas Pendergast; Treasurer, Chas. Thacher.

D. M. Hamilton Engine Company No. 2, (steam)—Foreman, James B. Miller, Assistant Foreman, Elbert O. Beatty; Secretary, Edgar Hallenbeck; Treasurer, S. W. Briggs, Engineer, Jay Newbury; Assistant Engineer, Daniel Prendergast; Fireman, John Decker; Steward, James Strang.  





Bailey, Wm. E., harness maker, Main  
Brandow, Calvin L., carpenter  
BRANDOW, J. W., stoves and tinware Main  


Clow, John M., (propt. Coxsackie Hotel,) Main  
Conine, A., grocer and shoe dealer, Main


Fitzgerald, Andrew, wagon maker  
Frear, Wm., dry goods, Main


Garrett, H. J., dentist  
Garrett, Peter R., ins. agt., Main  


Havens, Peter, tailor, Main  
Hollister, W. H., groceries, flour and feed  


Ladoux, Mark, shoe maker, Main  
Leach, Pat., saloon, Main  


NICHOLL, CHAS. A., grocery, Main  


Palmer, E. W., washing machines and clothes wringers  
Palmer, Wm., hardware and grocery, Main


RAY, JOHN,  blacksmith  
Ray, W. E., harness maker, Main  
Raymond, W. W., country store, Main


Sharp, Isaac, saloon, blacksmith, Main  

MACKEY & SPOOR, Dealers in Foreign &Domestic Fruits, ft Reed-st., Coxsackie

SHARP, JOHN F., groceries, &c., Main


Van Denbergh, T. W., saloon, Main  


Barlow, Walter, hotel

Lamphire, G., country store
Long, Peter, blacksmith and wagon maker

Whitmore, John, blacksmith and wagon maker  


Church, George, Blacksmith  
Clarke, Cristopher, grocer  
CLARKE, & SONS, stoves and tinware  

Burroughs, John, grocer

Deane, S. W., physician
Doney, P., shoemaker
Duncan, D. W., butcher

Fowks, Milton, furnace and plough manufacturer

GREBE, FREDERICK H., blacksmith

Howard, Lloyd, school books, news depot and Justice Peace

Lown, Peter, confectioner

Mickle, Isaac, wagon maker

Phalen, Richard, liquors, &c.
Post, Bradford H., harness maker

Shields, M. T., restaurant
Smith & Newkirk, hotel and post office
Smith, Martin, shoe maker
Stewart, A. T. & Co., propts, Catskill Wollen Mills

Tich, Henry, variety and vinegar manufct.

Van Hoesen, Peter H., line, &c.

Waterville Manufacturing Co. and stove, J. H. Wilbur, Treas.
WHITE, B. T. & S., dry goods and groceries  


Ashland Centre Hotel, (Edwin C. Sanford, pro.)

Bishop, Washington, grist and saw mill  
Blodget, Henry, mason
Brainard, David, painter
Brisack, Addison, carriage manuf.
Bullard, David, harness manufct.
Burrows, Charles, merchant tailor

Cate, Charles, machinist

Daris, Albert, boot and shoe manufct.

Fields, Albert, physician
Finch, Henry, mason

Harrie & Hogeboom Misses, milliners
Huson, John, blacksmith

Lewis, Geo. W. & Bro., country store

Mead, William, physician

The Best Family Flour in Coxsackie,  Sold at MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Pangman, Hale G., boot and shoe manufct.
Prout, Henry H., Rev., (Episcopal)

Seshier, Arthur, painter
Smalling, Cyrus W., carpenter, saw and shingle mills
Smalling, S., carpenter
Smith, Jones M., Postmaster and country store
Sutton, D., blacksmith

Tompkins, Burton, saw mill

Warren, Reuben, carpenter
Waterman, Charles, cooper
Waterman, Charles, cooper
West, Allen & Bros., country store
West, Abraham, grist mill
Wileston, Timothy, Rev., (Presbyterian)
Woodruff, Wm. Rev., (Methodist)  


Allen, Alfred, boots, and shoes, 2d bel Washington  
Ashley, Edward, baker, Second ab Water  

Brady, George, butcher, Second bel Franklin  
Brady, G. W, carpenter, Warren n Second

Calkins, S. E., physician, Franklin bel Second
Clark, N. Jr., potter, Market hd Warren
Coffin, Electa, dry goods, Second cor Washington
Cole, J. H., carriage manufct., Washington n Third
Conklin, A. A. & Son., merchant tailors, Second n Water

Dernell, H. F. & Co., ice tool manufct., Third n Washington

Edmonds, E. R., ship builder, Water ab Second  

Green, A., lawyer, Washington bel Second
Green, A. W., country store, Second cor Franklin

Halsted, Rufus R. confectionery, Second bel Franklin
Hatch, L. D., butcher, Second ab Water
Hervey, H. C. & Co., general store
Howland & Con, hardware, groceries, &c., Second ab Washington
Hudson River House, Water cor Second

Jackson, David, refreshments, ft Second  

Lape, F. R., druggist, Second bel Franklin

Mersereau, A. S.,  blacksmith, Washington ab Second

Nichols & Pennoyer, coal, ft Second
Nichols, W. T., steamboat agent, ft Second
Noll, Chas. H. T., hair dresser, Second ab Washington

Payne, Luther, refreshments, &c., Second bel Franklin
Pelton, C. E., saloon, Second cor Water
Pelubet, Prosper, blacksmith, Upper Village
Porter, J. W., brick manufct., Upper Village
Post, J., hair dresser, Second bel Franklin

Reeves, Wm. K., billiards, Second ab Washington
Robbins House, Water cor Second
Robbins, Joseph, pro. Hudson River House, Water cor Second
Ryder, E. R. Mrs., confectioner, Second cor Warren

Stewart’s Standard A and Ex., C. Sugars,  You will always find at MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Sanderson, John, lawyer, Warren cor Second
Stoddard, H. E., tobacconist, Second cor Washington

Van Loan & Magee, ship builders, ft Washington
Vrooman, David, brick, Freighter, coal, country store, &c., Water ab Second

Webber, Charles, shoemaker, Franklin bel Second
Welderman, John, shoemaker, Second ab Franklin
Wheeler, J. H., & F. A., physicians, Washington n Second
Whiting, D., brick manufct. And country store, Upper Village
Wolcott, R. D. (Osborn House,) Second cor Franklin
Wormer, J. C., pro. Wormer House, Second cor Washington  


Burnham, A. E. & O. R., general merchandise  
Byington, J., shoemaker  
Byington, L. & L., saw mill

Cornwall, A. S., hatter
Cornwall, E. Mrs., ice cream

Eckler, D. S., physician
Elmendorf, C. I., shoemaker

Fancher, C. E., clerk Greene County Hotel
Foster, C. S., stoves and tinware

Galation, J. A., miller
Grannis, D. C., carriage manufct.
Guthrie, John, Cairo Woollen Mills

Hain, Philip, carpenter
Haines, Emma Mrs., milliner
HILL, AUGUSTUS, lawyer, and Justice Peace
Hill, L. D., paints, oils, &c.
Hine, Harlow, paints, oils &c.
HOLMES, J. W., Eastern Hotel
Hotchkiss, H. E, undertaker

Jennings, D. W., livery, &c.

Keith, A., tailor  
King, L., physician

Lathrop, Alanson, Justice Peace

Mattice, Nelson, tinman
Mead, Geo. W., blacksmith
Miller, J. S., carpenter

Noble, George H., physician, druggist, &c.
Naylor, C., blacksmith

Paddock, E, manufct.  
Palmer, T. C., grocer and confectioner
Plank, A. & e., blacksmiths
Porter, George K., grocer
Post, O., harness maker

Raeder, Paul, grist and saw mill

Shores, A., butcher
STEELE, HENRY, boots and shoes

At MACKEY & SPOOR’S you will find  the choicest brands of Cigars & Tobacco.

STEVENS, EDWARD C., dry goods, groceries, hardware, &c.
Stevens, E. T., wagon maker
STEVENS, JASON, dry goods, groceries, &c
Stoddard, James, merchant

WALTERS, A.. & F.,  Greene County Hotel  
Webster, J. B.,. pro. Webster House  
Well, A. & E., wagon manufcts  
Wells, Eliza Mrs., milliner  
White, & Stevens, liver, &c.  
Wickes, George, dry goods, groceries, &c  
Wright A., turner  


Hulse, A. & E., saw mill  

Stoddard, D. M., merchant

Thomas, E., hotel

White, Charles, summer boarding house

Yeomans, E, blacksmith  


Bassett, Horace, merchant

Carman, Joshua, merchant

Person, George, hotel  


Avery, E. N., shoemaker

Baker, A. & K., tin and hardware  
Baldwin, Jerome, miller
Bascom, J. B., carpenter  
Brown, Israel, cloth dresser

Case & Richtmyer, merchants
Chellenden, O. L. & Bro., bedstead manufcts
Cowles, A. C., lawyer
Cowles, Cornelius, cabinet maker
Cowles, J. B., physician

Deyo, Milo, blacksmith

Hobart, J. hotel  
Hull, Theodore, cabinet maker

Ives, S., merchant

Munger, Lyman, blacksmith

Norton, W. H., wagon maker

Pierce, William, painter
Post, Bradford H., harness maker
Post, Wm. H., boots and shoes
Purvis, J., tailor

Smith, John Y., carpenter
Snyder, W. P., merchant

Whittlesey, Elias, physician  


Boughton, James, wagon maker

Russ, Darwin, shoemaker

The Cheapest Place in Town Is at MACKEY & SPOOR’S.    


Calkins, M. B., tailor  
Cleveland, Amos, hotel  

Griffin & Garrett, merchants

Lumereaux, Geo., blacksmith

Pennie, Frank, painter

Waldron, John wagon maker
Wallace, John, hotel


Alger, H. & W., blacksmiths  
Arnold, R., boot and shoe maker  
Avery, John, merchant

Cherritree Brothers, foundry
Cleveland, Lyman, merchant

DeWitt, W. F., hotel

Gifford, Potter & Co., foundry
Graham, F. & Co., shoemakers

Hervey & Finch, merchants

Mullen, Barnard, hotel

Oak Hill Manufacturing Co.

Ritler, Almerin, turner

Stannard, Dexter, miller

Terburs, James, harness maker
Traphagan, F. D., carriage manufct
Tripp, Alfred, merchant


Baldwin, Silas, shoemaker  
Benn, Sherman F, carpenter  
Bentley, A. N., notary public  

Rafter, Patrick, mason
Roby, Joseph, blacksmith
Rundle, Geo. L., distiller and saws mill

Sanford & Thorn, merchants
Scofield, James, cabinet maker
Sciver, Stephen R., wagon maker
Shaw, E. & G., grist, saw and shingle mills
Smith, E. C., dentist
Stedman, Alfred, mason
Stone, Lyman, carpenter

Tompkins & Doty, harness manuf’s
Thompson, Joseph, painter
Thompson,____ Mrs., dressmaker

Waldron, James B., saw mill
Williamson, John G., merchant
Wood & Chapman, blacksmiths
Wood, Hezekiah, shoemaker  


Austin, Gideon B, tinsmith

Barker, Ransom A., carpenter  
Becker, Garret, grist mill  

The place to buy your Teas, Coffees and Spices, is at MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Coons, Alexander, blacksmith

Eglin, Jacob, blacksmith

Hallock, Wm. H, shoemaker
Horton, Isaac, cooper

Jennings, Ebenezer, saw and grist mill
Jennings, Edgar T., carpenter

Lacy, Curtis R., merchant and post master
Lusk, Hiland, cooper
Lusk, Warden, carpenter

Miner, Isaac, carpenter and wagon maker
Miner, Zebulon, carpenter

Smith & Green, merchants
Smith, Jeremiah, saloon  


Hill, Newman, merchant

Wilbur, Miles R., merchant  
Whitbeck, Aaron, post master  


Furry, Chas. H., merchant

Griffin, David, carpenter

Harran, Owen, wagon maker  
Hartt, Franklin, shoemaker
Hartt, James S., merchant

Mott, H. P. butcher

Prosser, John, mason

Ramsdell, Laman, post master

Shear & Chapman, blacksmith
Smith, Amos Jr., wagon maker  



Fellers, Philip, cabinet maker and saw mill

Hunt, Daniel, cabinet maker

Miller, James, post master  
Moseman, J. T., country store, P. O. address Griffin Corners

Turk, James, carpenter

Van Valkenburgh, Alex., saw mills
Van Valkenburgh, J. P.  Rev., P. O. address Griffin Corners

Winne, E. B., carpenter  


Benjamin, Charles, saw mills

Douglass, J. & Co., country stores and chain manufc’s
Douglass, Wm. A, post master

Elliott, Robert, country store

Ford, Thomas Jr., pro Eagle Hotel

Lane, Jacob B., saw mills
Lockwood & Biddell, country store
Loomis, A. P., blacksmith

Martin, John Jr., saw mills
Mead, J. H. botanic physician
Merchant, S. Rev.  (Methodist)

Do not fail when in Town to Call on MACKEY & SPOOR

Osborn, Geo., blacksmith

Quick, L. L. saw mills

Schloss, Maximilian, cabinet maker
Shearer, Auton, grist mills
Sugraham, H. W., carpenter  


Campbell, Geo., blacksmith

Eggleston, Geo. N., blacksmith

Garry, Patrick, country store

Haines, Aaron, saw mill
Haines, Peter B, saw mill

Rogers, Aaron pro. Mountain, Home and post master

Schutt, J. L. pro. Laurel House


Bascomb, Christopher R, carpenter and grocer

Chase & Gorslino, merchants

Graham, Wm., tanner

Howard, Jonathan, blacksmith

Jewett Academy, (J. M. Pratt, prin.)
Jewett Creamery, Cheese manufactory

Lenning, F., cooper

Montgomery, Andrew Rev., (Presbyterian)
Mulnix, A. L. Rev., (Methodist)

Smith, George, painter  


DuBois, Henry, carpenter

Tiffany, Isaac C., blacksmith

Woodworth, A. S., grocer  


Chase, West, grocer


Allaben, W. N. Rev., (Baptist)
Allaben, W. N., dentist

Blakeslee, Wm., mason

Cole, Anna, milliner
Cole, P. P., painter
Conway, Michael, blacksmith

Downs, David, harness manufacturer and tanner

Fiero, Conrad, carpenter
Ford, S. L. physician

Hogeboom, Jacob, grist mill
Hubbard, Dennis H., lawyer

Johnson, Brayton, mason

Lamoree, Aaron, wheelwright, grist and saw mills

Marsh, W. H., physician and dentist
Mastin, Frederick V., blacksmith
Merchant, M. A., Postmaster, stoves and tinware
Montross, Adam, wheelwright, carpenter and saw mill
More, Samuel Rev., (Baptist)
Mulnix, A. L. Rev., (Methodist)

Newton, J. D. & O. L. Jr., country store

Peck, Alex. L., country store and saw mill

MACKEY & SPOOR, Dealers in Choice Family Groceries, ft. Reed-St., Coxsackie.

Roraback, Geo. J., carpenter

Thomas & Clowson, country store

Utter, Spencer, carpenter

Van Valkenburgh & O’Hara, country store
Van Valkenburgh, Isaac T. blacksmith
Van Valkenburgh, Jacob, saw mill
Van Valkenburgh, Nelson, saw mill

West Kill House, (Daniel O. Deyoe, pro.)


Baldwin, J. R. & H. S., ship builders, Mill
Bull, G. M., stoves and tinware, Main
Burns, Chas. A., meat marker, Mill corn Main

Case, James, carpenter and ship joiner
Colvin, John, (New Baltimore Hotel,) Main
Cornell, James A. H. Rev., h Cottage Place

Davis, Wm. L. & Son, ship builders, bel ft Mill
Dutcher, M. Mrs., variety store

Fuller & Burns, stone quarry, Matthews Point

Goldsmith, R. H., saloon, Ill

Herrick, John, boat builder, S. Dock
Hinman & Fuller, general store, Main
Hinman, H. H., cabinet maker, Main
Hotaling, A. G., freighter, Mill
Howe, E. C., physician, Main

Lockley, T. H. L., merchant tailor, Main

McLaughlin, A. J., confectionery, and steamboat house
Mason, Alpheus B., barber, Steamboat dock

Ostrom, J. E., grocery, Mill

Patterson, John, shoe store, Main

Rowe, Wm. H., (Rowe’s Hotel,) Mill junc. Main

Scribner, Wm. M., painter, Mill
Sherman, I. C., grocery and Postmaster, Main cor Mill
Slater, Wm. H., harness maker, Mill
Smith & McCabe, stone quarry
Smith & Vanderpoel, general store, Main
Smith, John, stone quarry, Matthew’s Point

Tallmadge, T. D., groceries and dry goods, Main
Turner, James G., grocery, Main

Vanderpool, A. V. S., stone quarry
Van Santvoord, Staats Rev., h Main

Zabriskie, J. L. Rev., h Church  


Bouton, Chatfield & Co, country store
Benham, C. K., physician
Bracket & Parsons, merchants

Carl, Jasper, butcher
Cole, J. N, merchant tailor
Chadwick, Thos. W. Rev., (Methodist)
Clark, Daniel, carriage manufac. and blacksmith
Crowell, Sydney, lawyer

Disbrown, Joshua, carpenter
Dusenberrie, Thos. S. Rev., (Reformed)

MACKEY & SPOOR, Dealers, in Foreign & Domestic Fruits, ft Reed-st., Coxsackie.

Enderlin, F., store and tinware

Fenn, G. C., country store
Fenn, W. F., post master
Fitch, Thos., physician
Fraye, Newcomb & Co., butchers
Frayer, F. M. dentist

Herrick, James, photographer

Jordan, James, merchant tailor

Laverack, John, merchant tailor
Lewis, Elizabeth, milliner

McKenzie, A. C., carriage manufct.  
Martin, G. W., hotel
Morss, B. G., flour, feed, cotton manufct., saw and grist mills
Mountain Sentinel, M. G.  Marsh, pub. &c.
Myers & Spencer, carpenters
Myers, Thos, painter

Palmer, Lewis, country store
Pendel, J. L. harness manufct.
Platner, C., Liquors, &c.
Potter H. R., turner

Reichtmyer, C. E., hotel
Reichtmyer, Wm. H. flouring mill
Reynolds, Benj., boot and shoe manufct
Reynolds, Thos., boot and shoe manufct
Rockafeller, A., cooper
Rockafeller, Marti, cooper  
Rose, E. M. harness manufct

Salisbury, P. K., lawyer
Schermerhorn, P. V., photographer
Searles, Isaac, undertaker and furniture
Shut, F., mason
Sides, H., druggist

Van Dewater, Isaac, Rev., M. E. Church  

Wallis & Layman, blacksmiths
White, Herman, carpenter
Whitman, F. B., boot and shoe manufct.  



Ackerly, H. W. Rev.  
Andrus, Levi, shoemaker  

Baldwin, Geo. D., carpenter
Baldwin, Samuel A., carpenter

Calkins, Ira, tailor
Chase, W. B., Physician
Clark, E. H., turner
Coon, P., shoemaker

Doty, A., W., dentist

Egbertson & Goodsell, merchants

Graham, Edwin, shoemaker
Graham, Lucius, shoemaker

The Best Family Flour in Coxsackie, Sold at MACKEY & SPOOR’S

Halcomb, O, merchant  
Harriner, Elijah, carpenter and joiner
Hidecker, C., cooper

Ives & Peck, lawyer  

Johnson, Truman, jeweler

Kendell, Charles Rev.  
Kingsley, D., tin and hardware

Loucks, Robert, mason

Mansfield, Lucius, chair maker and painter
Mansfield, Wm. H., painter
Miller, S. D., hotel

Newcomb & Richardson, merchants
Newel, John A., cabinet maker

Osborn, A. S., cabinet maker
Osborn, N. G., hotel

Peck, G. & W. B., merchants  
Potter, Geo. W., cabinet maker

Raymond, E, editor &c.
Riggs, M., chair maker
Robbertson & McKee, tanners
Roseted, B., carpenter and joiner
Roseter, Charles, carver
Russel & Sheffield, tanners

Smalling, L. G., carriage maker
Smalling, L. J., town clerk
Soper, John, box maker
Stanley, P. I., physician
Steadman, Charles, harness maker
Steele, Isaac B., merchant
Stimpson, S. W., lawyer

Tuttle, Samuel H, blacksmith

Van Valkenburgh, Geo., plaster, &c

West, John, grist mill
White, Augustus, painter  


Gifford, J. B., turner

Hadden, Lewis, blacksmith  


Bloodgood & Bailey, merchants
Burgess, A., carriage manufct.

Gardiner, John, grist mill

Hainey, D., blacksmith

Monroe, James, hotel

Turner, John, carriage maker

Stewart’s Standard A and Ex. C Sugars,  You will always find at MACKEY &  SPOOR’S



No. 105 Main Street, Catskill, N. Y.

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