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Greene County New York Genealogy and History

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Greene County, New York History & Genealogy


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Tracing your Roots in Greene County - Volume One 

Tracing your Roots in Greene County - Volume Two

May God in His Mercy Spare our Lives - the Civil War Letters and Diary of Eseck G. Wilber, 120 NYV

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This site has been made possible by the efforts of a group of dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours researching and transcribing the genealogical and historical information found throughout the Greene County website. 

If you are interested in contributing information to the site, please contact me at [email protected]. Also review copyright guidelines here. You are encouraged to post requests to the NYGreene Mailing List.

Visit the websites of our neighbors, for it is quite likely that you will find descendents or ancestors listed on their pages! Delaware County, Schoharie County, Columbia County, Albany County, Dutchess County, Ulster County and Rensselaer County.


Transcription Volunteers: Mignon Matthews, Scott Wichman, Brian Christiansen, Carol Golden, Vernon Aldrich, Dianne Schnettler, Annette Campbell, Floyd Aldrich, Phyllis Silva-Keith, Janice Hesselink (Many thanks to these hardworking folks!) 

Contributors of Material: Durham Center Museum, Maggie Moerdyke, Sylvia Hasenkopf, Annette Campbell, Celeste MacCormack, Kathryn Parker, Reinhard, Britni and Derick Hasenkopf, Jane Freese, April Saccoccio, Linda Larsen, Ann Clapper, Sidney Castle, Carole Truesdell, Rebecca McGowan, Barbara Bartley, Arlene Goodwin, Jackie Towner, Doug Leary, Judy Davison, Carol Serazio, Lodema DuBois Jenkins, April Saccoccio, Linda Larsen, Phil Delamarter, Anne Hurst, Daryl Holmes, Audrey Klinkenberg, Bill Kelly, Roger D. Davis, Richard Nesbitt, Kristy Grunden, Robert A. Rowe, Claudia Bellas, Rebecca McGowan, Patricia Morrow, Susan Neugebauer, Al Albright, Arlene Maher, Charlotte Chesbrough, Mark Van Hoesen, Dolores Vasilow, Joe Travis, Pam Moore Leitt, Sylvia Harper Nelson, Joan Ferris Popovic, Colleen Maresca, Connelly Vanvalkenburgh, Jane Freese, Carmen Marzano, Carol Lamb, Georgia Murray, Karen McCoy, Bob Vredenburgh, David Stott, Richard Hanford, Marcia Stewart, Gordon Myers, Terry Green Wakeman, Joyce Riedinger, Gary Abrams, Sheila Dent, Doug Leary, Jean Witherington, Dave Van Denburgh, Peggy Dolan, Roger Bonnet, John Cameron, Virginia Byron, Jerry Sterrit, Jeanne Gorlick, Sharon Palmateer, Gail Hogenbirk, Virginia White-Smith, Robert Uzzillia, Joan Brower, Lois Eastgate, Jean Worden, Fran Daniels, Peter Rice, Roberta, Lynn Kenney, Jeff Lape, Joyce Trudell, Barbara Craddock, Charles Howland, Bruce Smith, Ray Thompson, Mary Bruege, William Meier, David DeWald, Ed Hillicoss, Barry Schinnerer, Robert Shevlin, Shelley Cardiel, Roger Durban, Dixie Hansen, Carol and Harry Teich, Don Howard, Tara Rumph Cairo Town Clerk, Karol Hughes, Lisa Samarron, Jeannie Williams, Gary South, Yvelle Zak, Peter Blood, Susan Wellington, Juanita Bennard, Shelley Fox, Mignon Matthews, Scott Wichmann, Kathy Gire, Beth Dalzell, Deb Ashton, Susan Malone, Mary Ann Tapey, Barbara Thompson, Merri Cross, Cliff Hayes, Gary Abrams, Cindy Bouton, Melanie Fisher-Citty, Alan Story, Maureen Schandert, Lance Ware, Steve Henry, Seward R. Osborne, Vicki Powers, Susan Smith-Hunter, Sharon de Puy, Brian Shelley, Joan Swaney, Sandie Webber, David Williams, R. Mark Brown, Sheila, Ruth Ogden, Elaine Decker, Georgia Murray, Bill Barlow, Robert Uzzillia, Walter Wheeler, Erik Anderson, Richard Harring, Jeremy Taylor, Kate Schaeffer, Sylvia Story Magin, Stephen Van Orden Day, Tracy Warner, Robert Harring, Clesson Bush, Joanne Mead, Michelle Davis, Lorna Puleo, Karen Wasson, Tim Mallery, Carol Lamb, Kathy Johnson, Phyllis Silva-Keith, Carol Lamb, Mignon Matthews, Patricia Kenyon, Mitchell Hollow Chapel Renovation Committee, Melissa Finch, Milan Paddock, Frank Dibbell, Rich O'Keefe, Shelley Cardiel, Lee Ritter, Robert Carman, Sue Maxwell, Jean Bush, Bill Powell, Pam Slater, Steve Ullrich, Patti Davidson-Peters, Patricia Powers, Serena Brochu, Mark Gossoo, Gerry Reniger, Burt Wright, T's Auction House Cairo, Village of Catskill, Robert Uzillia, Cairo Town Historian, Tony Appa, John D. Cameron, Gene Ecklor, Marie and Bob Shaw, Emmerson Martin, Carol Borthwick, Jean Osborne, Ken Margison, Phyllis Silva-Keith, Linda Larsen, Michael Rausch, Dave Van Valkenburgh. Jerry Cunningham, Terry Schinnerer, June Gambacorta, May Wake. Shelly Taylor, Debbie Campbell

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