BG English Meanings of Sugar Estate Names

British Guiana Estate Names

English meanings of Sugar Estate Names

Foreign names of British Guiana Sugar Estates
Foreign Name English Meaning
Beau Voisin The good or pretty neighbour
Bel Air Fine Air
Belle Plaine Handsome level field
Belle Vue Fine Prospect
Bestendigheid Constancy, Consistency
Belankenburg The white castle, name of estate in Holland
Chateau Margo Chateau Margot, N.W. of Bordeaux France
De Kinderen The Children
De Willem The William
Friesland Province in Holland
Goedland Good land
Goede Verwagting Good Expectation or Hope
Groenveldt Greenfield
Gelderland Province of Holland on the Zuyderzee
Haagsche Bosch The Park (bush) at the Hague
Haarlem An inland town near Amsterdam
Hague The Metropolis, set of Holland's government
Hamburg Name of Hansiate cites in Germany
Herstelling Restoration, recovering from ruin
Hoff-van-Aurich Court of Aurich, city of East Vriesland, Hanover
Hoff-van-Holland Court of Holland
Huis'te Dieren Famous country sear near Amsterdam, Holland
Klien Pouderoyen Baronial Castle in Holland
La Belle Alliance The Friendly League (of Waterloo notoriety)
La Bonne Intention The Good Intention
La Bonne Mere The good mother
La Grange The barn - name of a Dutch farm
L'heureuse Aventure The lucky adventue
La Jalousie Jealousy
La Parfaite Harmonie Perfect harmony
La Penitence Penitence, penance
La Prudence Prudence
La Retraite The Retreat
Le Desir The desire
Le Ressouvenie The recollection
L'Esperance Hope
Malgre Tout In spite of all
Ma Retraite My retreat
Mes Delices My delight (pleasure)
Metmeer-en-Meer-Zorg With more and more care
Mon Repos My resting place
Nonpariel The unrivalled
Noit Gedacht Never thought
Nouvelle Flandre New Flanders, Belgium
Nismes Manufacturing city, France
Onderneeming Undertaking, enterprise
Pouderoyen A baronial Castle in Holland
Providence Providence
Ruimveld Extensive field
Sans Souci Without care
Schoon Oord Beautiful spot
Standvastigheid Constancy, Consistency
Tenez Ferme Hold fast
Toevlugt Refuge
Turkeyen Turkey
Tuschen de Vrienden Between the friends
Uitkmost Result, revenue
Uitvlugt A flight to a country house
Vergenoegen Contentment, pleasure
Versailles Versailles palace, near Paris
Vilvooden Village near Brussels in Belgium
Vive-la-Force Glory to Power
Vreed-en-Hoop Peace and Hope
Vreede-en-Vriendschap Peace and Friendship
Vryheid's Lust Liberty's delight
Waterloo The Famous Village, Belgium
Wissellvalligheid Vicissitude, liable to change
Zeeburgt Castle on the Sea Shore
Zeelandia Name of a province in Holland
Zeelugt Sea breeze, sea air
Zorg Care, anxiety