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Ship Manifests transcribed by Lisa Booth

1853 through 1938 Manifests transcribed by Sharon Anderson

  These records were choesen from the vast ship manifest records of only persons who were travelling from British Guiana to the United States. Some of these passengers were transiting through New York to other destinations and many were going to remain the U.S. These transcriptions are just a small portion of the records which is too vast to transcribe them all. This is a transcription project that is only done from time to time and only legible records are transcribed.
  Although some of these emmigrants intended to stay in the US, some were visiting relatives, some to study, and others were in transit for Canada or England. Whatever info was in the record, it was recorded in the chart(s). Many records provided the name and address of the nearest relative from their home country which is recorded when it is provided as well as the relationship, name and address of the person to be visited in the US. There will be additions in the future as time allows.
  To view the transcriptions, choose the letter of the surname to be searched from the list on the menu at left. These are PDF files, requiring the free Adobe PDF reader.

Benjamin, Sophia
See, Cox, Lillian.

George B. Brummel, age 52 is on census of 1920, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, page 42. He was born in British Guiana, as were his parents. George is working as a porter at a store publishing house. Although the date is overwritten, it looks like he entered the US in 1900 and his status remains "alien". His race is given as "M for mulatto". He is a lodger in the household of Alice Seldom, age 71 and her children. The SELDOM family are also listed as mulatto.

See La Point

Cox, Lillian
Lillian Cox, age 42 was born in British Guiana as were her parents. She works as a laundress for a private family. Lillian entered the US in 1919 and status is "Alien". Living with her is Sophia Benjamin, age 41, working as a cook for a private family. Sophia was also born in British Guiana as were her parents. Sophia entered the US in 1912, status, Alien. Race listed as black for both.

De Ryck
See La Point

De Silva, George
George and family are found on the 1920 Manhattan census at page 90. George, a mulatto, is 26 years old, born in British Guiana (parents born in Portugal and British Guiana) and works as a shoemaker at a shoe shop. His wife Edith is 20 years old and was born in the British West Indies as were her parents. They live at 187 West 137th St, apt 108.

Herout (family)
The Herout family - father an Evangelist, Phillip B., age 34, his wife Elizabeth C. age 31, and daughters May age 6, Emily age 6, and Asneth age 3, traveled aboard the SS Maraval from Demerara to New York City. Mr. Herout was going to study religion with A.P. Barrow, 50 W 134th Stret, in New York. Their nearest relative in Guiana was C.H. Chesney, 192 Camp Street, Georgetown.

La Point
Charles La Point was found on the 1930 US Federal Census, in New York City, Manhattan Borough, NY. Charles was then 31 years of age and worked as a chauffeur for a private party. The census shows that Charles was born in New York but both his parents were born in British Guiana. His wife, Beryl, age 25, was born in British Guiana as were both her parents. Beryl was listed as an alien who came to the US in 1921.
In the La Point household was Louise DeRYCK, her son, daughter, and sister, Arabella BUSEY - all born in British Guiana. Louise and her children came to the US in 1924 and Arabella came in 1926. They were living at 311 West 111th Street, Manhattan.

London (family)
An online family tree of the London family and of the ancestors originally from Africa.

Matthews, Winifred O.
Miss Matthews, age 23, travled to New York City aboard the SS Maraval in September 1920 to visit a relative, Mrs. C.L. Payne, 516 Atlantic Avenue, New York City. Her nearest relative in Guiana was her father, Mr. H. A. Matthews, Educational Dept., Georgetown.

Nurse, George C.
George Nurse appears on the 1920 Manhattan, New York census on page 89-b. He is 34 years old, a tailor at a clothing house; with his family: wife, Blanche, age 26, daughters Gladys age 3, born Br. Guiana, and Crilh (?) age 1, born NY. Both parents were born in British Guiana, race listed as black, and first entered the US in 1917 and have filed their first naturalization papers and reside at 20 West 137th St, apt 91.

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