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Transcribed Records

Vital Records - Varied Sources

Births (see also Newspapers-middle)

Immigrant Births 1878
Deaths(see also Newspapers-middle)    1920 BG Tombstones
Marriages (see also Newspapers-middle)

Obituaries (see also Newspapers-middle)


BG/Australian Connections
1794 Berbice Names
Dr. Roger Austin's Records - Memoirs of BG citizens and more

1882 Club Listings

Charles Jardine Life Story &    Obituary

Laws and Miscellaneous

BG Born found Elsewhere

 First 5 filesUpdated 3/13
    BG Born in Austrailian   News
  1851 UK -BG Born
  1861 UK - BG Born
  1871 UK-BG A -Jackson
  1871 UK-BG Jacobs-Young
  UK Register of Seamen
  1850 USA - BG born
  1860 USA - BG born
  British Army Births in BG
  British Army Marriages in BG
  British Army Deaths in BG
  BG born crew members

Emigration Data to USA

Emigration Data to USA
Steamship Lines & circa    1919 Hotels



Plantations & Estates

1860 Plantations & Negro     Villages by area

1860 Sugar Estates Listing

1860 Proprietors of NON-Sugar Estates

English Meanings of Sugar    Estate Names

British Guiana Newspaper Transcriptions

BMD's (Births, Marriages & Deaths) from 1880 to 1896; Transcribed by Inge Veecock.   Due to their size, these transcriptions require a separate web page. To access, click on the title Argosy link above..

BMD's (Births, Marriages & Deaths) from 1864 to 1880; Transcribed by Inge Veecock.    These transcriptions require a separate web page.   Clicking on the newspaper title above will take you to Colonist main page where you can access these transcriptiions.

In 2007, Thomas Kidman transcribed from microfilm of older London Times, BMD announcements which contained a mention of British Guiana, Demerara, or Georgetown.    Simply find from the lists below, the link or category view the PDF documents. . These transcriptions cover from the early 1800s to the mid 1900s.   
        Anniversary Announcements
        Births ---Surnames beginning with:       A to H          I to Z
        Deaths -      A to C      D to G      H to L      M to S     T to Z
        Marriages -    A to H      I to Z

BMD's (Births, Marriages & Deaths), Shipping, Land Sales, and Persons Leaving the Colony from 1807 to 1835; Imaged by John Schultz and transcribed by Sharon Anderson.    Clicking on the newspaper title will take you to Argosy page where you can access these transcriptiions.

  British Guiana born ONLY on the 1881 UNITED KINGDOM CENSUS -
      1881 census records for England and Scotland, listing ONLY those persons who were born in British Guiana; as transcribed by Romaine Locke.   Search by Surnames beginning with:
            A to D             E to N                  O to Z

Be sure to visit Tikwis Begbie's wonderful website which provides a wealth of info :
          British Guiana Colonists

   Immigrant Births - This is one transscribed page from the Registrar's Office main log book for "Registration of Births of Immigrant Residents of Demerara County", page number 162. This record lists mostly East Indian births on sugar estates, listing the mother and father, the ships on which they arrived in British Guiana plus the year of their arrival, the name of the child and place of birth. These pages are handwritten and the best care was taken to record the names accurately, but it was difficult to interpret the handwriting. Should any additional records become available, they will be posted here. Access the link on the upper right hand menu of this page, under Immigrant Births 1878.


Contained in the Commercial Directory of Latin America (1892) was a section for British Guiana. Debbie Sobers has transcribed the entries. The Directory was similar to those in the local Geogetown Directory, being sorted by Type of Occupation/Business; to make it easier for our visitors, the entries have been alphabetized by Surname or Business name, Given Names, and Location. Search the transcriptions by the PDF files according to the first letter of the Surname or Business Name:
                                  A to C           D to G                 H to M                        N to Z


                  Transcriptions of ship manifest's logs from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s only of those passengers leaving the port of Demerara and arriving in New York, Boston or Baltimore. When noted in the manifest, the transcription includes the passenger's final destinations or immigration visa status into the US. Many logs provide the person's name, age, plus the name & address of their nearest kin residing in Guyana/British Guiana.   A great many intended to stay in the US permanently and some were to transfer to another ship to Canada and England.   To date, only a small fraction of the manifests of passengers leaving Demerara have been transcribed; it is a slow process and is a project done only as time allows.

   CENSUS -    A Happy Holidays gift from Lisa Booth was received December 2009. Many thanks to Lisa for her work in preparing a census a listing of persons born in British Guiana but living in the UK and USA. Note that although the USA census had many persons listed as born in the "West Indies", only those whose birthplace was listed as British Guiana, Demerara, Berbice or Essequibo were included in this listing. See the right hand menu under Emigration Data for these census.


These records concentrate on the "boom times" of travel to and from Demerara, British Guiana. This site lists the steamship lines and fleet names (if known), as well as photos of travel brochures (such as at right), and photos of steamships. Many of these transports were used in the early 1900s when there was a large exodus of people emigrating to the US, Canada or England.


   The listings contained in the directory of the active British Guiana Clubs, their office holders, and members or whatever information is  provided.

DR. ROGER AUSTIN's Research Materials

                           Materials from the late Dr. Roger Austin's website are linked from a page devoted to the materials Dr. Austin researched; i.e, Personal Memoirs written by those who lived in the Colony (Highly recommended reading !) ; a list Engineers of Sugar Estates and of clerks compiled by John Platt, and much more ! . Roger was a noted researcher who has left us his valuable research material.


As many British Guiana ancestors arrived from surrounding Caribbean Islands, the transcription of the 1781 List of Burghers (citizens) of St. Eustatius may be of interest.


From various sources, including published books, lists of land grants and ownership were discovered.   These begin with the early Dutch   colony in the early 1700s and include later grants and land purchases in the English colony.


                  Some directories contained a section of the above title. Much of the listings included scheduled Court of Policy meetings and various other   local meetings which, being of no genealogical interest, have been omitted from the transcriptions.   The result is a listing of events of   genealogical and historical interest.


Many colonical ancestors worked on the various plantations, sugar (or other commodity) estates. This section contains records about the   known estates.
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