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Miscellaneous Records

Miscellaneous Records -

Irish Probates 1850 to 1920
Irish Probate records of persons who presumably died in British Guiana

1882 Club Listings of British Guiana
Listing of members of various BG clubs

Latin America Commercial Directory of 1892
Contained in the Commercial Directory of Latin America (1892) was a section for British Guiana. Debbie Sobers has transcribed the entries. The Directory was similar to those in the local Geogetown Directory, being sorted by Type of Occupation/Business; to make it easier for our visitors, the entries have been alphabetized by Surname or Business name, Given Names, and Location. Search the transcriptions by the PDF files according to the first letter of the Surname or Business Name:
A to C       D to G       H to M      N to Z

St Eustatius List of 1781 Burghers
As many British Guiana ancestors arrived from surrounding Caribbean Islands, the transcription of the 1781 List of Burghers (citizens) of St. Eustatius may be of interest.

Shareholders of the Dermerara Railway Co
The Ordinance of 1847, No. X., established the "Demerara Railway Company", and it included a schedule of the first shareholders. Only this schedule containing the names of the shareholders was transcribed.

BG Born found elsewhere
These records are of persons who were born in British Guiana but later resided elsewhere. They are available to view from the links in the menu at left.

British Army Births, Marriages and Deaths in BG - All records transcribed by Lisa Booth.
BIRTHS - from the Army Births & Baptisms (AB91) 1761-1924
MARRIAGES - Marriages 1796-1880, Army Marriages 1881-85, 1886-90, 1891-95
DEATHS - Deaths 1796-1880 (last pag e Wixon-Z missing), Army Death Indices 1881-1885, 1886-90, 1891-95, 1896-1900

Masonic membership listing dated from 1831-1921, as transcribed by Lisa Booth. This data has been alphabetized by Surnames and is quite lengthy.


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