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Welcome to the new transcription page. Our old transcription page was getting far too crowded, (a nice "problem" to have !) necessitating new main page where data category choices can be made. A category choice can be made by clicking an item on the left menu or from the category titles on scrolling down the page.

PLEASE NOTE: All transcribed records are from secondary sources, since there is no way to access primary Guyana sources

Vital Records (Births, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths)
The vital record notices printed in three British Guiana and one London newspaper are transcribed in this section. The three British Guiana newspapers combined cover the period 1807 through 1880. The London Times covers from early 1800s to mid 1990s.

British Guiana / Australian connections
This section contains many vital records of BG-Born who became Australians

Census of the UK for years 1851 to 1881 and for the USA, small samplings from 1850 and 1860 censuses

Genealogical data transcribed from the 1860,1880,1882,1889,1898, and 1904 British Guiana Directories

Dr. Roger Austin's Research and his Materials
These two pages contain all of the content of the late Dr. Austin's website (with approval so that his work can continue to be available). Here you'll find memoirs of persons living in BG, listings of employees Booker Brothers; Book lists; history book transcriptions, amoung others ---- Roger's collection is a treasure trove !

Transcriptions from emigration documents that represent an extremely small portion of records available. Good data for finding those who emigrated out of British Guiana

Land Grants / Land Ownership
Dutch Land Grants from 1720-1772, 1805-1897 Licences of Occupancy and 1883 land grants

This section has many records. Including a list of Citizens of St. Eustatus, Local Events lists which contain valuable genealogical data, a list of names in Berbie in the year 1794, Original Shareholders of the 1847 Demerara Railway, and Marriage laws of 1832 and 1838, and several listings of persons, born in BG, who left BG for England, Ireland and other places and were found listed in newspapers.

Various maps of the colony, including a map of Georgetown

Lists of Justices of the Peace, School Teachers 1860, 1857 Woodcutting Licensees and 1879 Colonial Office List

Plantations and Estates
Lists of 1860 Villages, Sugar Estates and proprietors of Non-Sugar Estates; plus a list of Essequebo and Demerara Estates

Transportation via Steam Ship
Shipping to and from Demerara or other Carribean ports


Be sure to visit Tikwis Begbie's website which provides a wealth of info :
          British Guiana Colonists

Thanks to all the volunteer transcriptionists and finders of document sources who have so generously provided their time and skill for all of us family researchers. They include:
Bernard Abraham
Sharon Anderson
Dr. Roger Austin
Lisa Booth
Eric Downer
John Hemderson
Thomas Kidman
Romaine Locke
Nicola McIntyre
John Schultz
Tim Smellie
Debbie Sobers
Inge Veecock


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