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Laws of British Guiana and other "Good to Know" miscellany


Have you discovered a record of an ancestor who married while still a minor?  For many of us who do not know the birth date for an ancestor, it is impossible to estimate the age of the ancesetor when we do not know the legal "age of majority".    The law presented here (link at left), reduced the age of majority from 25 down to 21 years and became effective on 14 August 1832.

How were marriages handled in British Guiana in the 19th century?   Read the Marriage Law which was enacted in December 1838.   This law was enacted due to the abolition of Slavery in the Colonies.   You will learn that marriages had to be performed between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm and other facts.

Further laws which may be of help in genealogical work will be posted here as they are found.


The Ordinance of 1847, No. X., established the "Demerara Railway Company", and it included a schedule of the first shareholders. Only this schedule containing the names of the shareholders was transcribed.

Any article, image, or data not fitting into a particular category will be posted here.

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