BG Golf Clubs of 1945 and 1948

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Golf Clubs in Guyana - 1945 and 1948

British Guiana (now Guyana) Golf Clubs

The English had many clubs and associations during their tenure in the colony. The Georgetown Golf Club was one of them. Nicola MacIntyre has generously shared photos of the club members, along with a transcription of the names which had been written on the back of the photos.

If you have an ancestor in one of the photos and would like a full size digital copy which is large enough to see the faces for recognition clearly,, please email to this site, and we your request will be forwarded to Nicola. Our many thanks to Nicola !


Transcription of names written on photo back for BG Georgetown Golf Club Photo December 1945

Back Row: Bissell, Cowell, Lett, Bury, Brundy, King, Porter, Durey, Cooper, Thompson, Laver

Middle Row: McGilvery, Hiscock, Milligan, Way, Slater, Potter, Harrington, Groves, Father Mayo,

Front Row: Wahiham, Macintyre, Soule, Humphrey, Watson, Deighton

NOTE: (the ones I'm not 100% sure of: Wahiham, Soule)

---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

GEORGETOWN GOLF CLUB PHOTO - 25th Anniversary, October 1948

25th Anniversary of Georgetown Golf Club Photo Names written on back, dated Oct 1948

  (Standing in Back Row)

R. Roach, L. Hares, H. Henry, Wooley, Shaw, Chamberlain, Herd, --------, Dury, Buchan, Brennan, Sanderson, Bechet, Radmore, Gibbons

(Seated in Front)

Macintyre, Alexander, Mayo, Potter, Milligan, Bruin, Groves, Way, Slater, Cowl, Harrington

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