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General Guyana links:      [NOTE: Links were checked for viability March 2014. After this date, please report broked links.]

link marker Univeristy of Pennsylvania Museum(United States) Very long MPEg silent video of British Guiana circa 1948. Lots of views of the stellings, and of boating along a river (which river? possibly Essequibo?) Just click on the arrow to begin playing the video
link marker Google Books - Choose the advanced book search page; enter British Guiana or Georgetown or any other city/name; the
   search will yield many books about colonial Guyana
link marker Google Newspapers -Newspapers are listed by their name alphabetically. US and world-wide newspapers are included, so be sure to know the exact name of the newspaper.
link markerGuyana Outpost A mix of current news, photos, etc.
link marker Internet Archive - Books online about Guyana / British Guiana
link marker The Washington Post newspaper --- articles about Guyana
link marker Radio Station, Voice of Guyana International - web site which contains current news
link marker Stabroek News - current newspaper online, Georgetown. They do have an archives page for the years, 1986-2009 that can be found on Google Newspapers, here
link marker The Guyana Chronicle newspaper online, Georgetown
link marker Guyana Tourism - "The Amazon Adventure" - The site of the Guyana Tourism Authority.
link marker   Don't miss a visit to Don Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography. Don has compiled a vast bibliography from 1492 to the present, English-language Non-fiction of the West Indies. Don began the compiliation with the first edition in March 2000. The Bibliography is currently in it's 8th edition dated April 2005.
link marker   Guiana (Guyana) Colonial Newspapers - Go to this site and be ready to spend some time -- you're going to enjoy reading the many transcriptions from the colonial "Royal Gazette". John Wilmer transcribed the data from the historical newspaper microfilm held at the University of Florida. He has extracted "what is perceived as the unique items referencing people and events in the colonies of Essequebo, Demerara (Demerary) and Berbice as reflected in Proclamations, Public Vendues, Advertisements, etc."

link marker    Adam Matthews Publications: A small portion of what is available on microfilm as described on their site, is on Reel 12 of the collection:

  • 5/1/1: 31 Oct -29 Nov 1823 --- Travelling expenses in Britain and Ireland, and legal expenses relating to the acquisition of the plantations.
  • /2: 1829-1834 --- List of births and ages of children born to slaves on the plantation. [note: probably the Hanover plantation or more?]
  • /3: 31 Dec 1832 --- List of Plantations for District of Berbice, giving number of slaves and returns for each plantation.
  • /5: 1 July 1834 --- Balance Sheet of Utile and Paisible Plantations.
  • /6: 1 Aug 1834 --- Return for slaves on Plantation Utile and Paisible for workforce.
  • /6A: Aug 1834 --- List of labourers in Plantations Utile and Paisible.
  • /7: Nov 1834 --- Balance Sheet for books, clothing, sundry items.
  • /8: 1834 --- Liquidation of Claims against Plantations Utile and Paisible.
  • /9: 1834-1841 --- Memorandum and Extracts from letters and sales estimates as to value and sale of Estates.
  • /10: 1836-1837 --- Calculations of costs of Hanover Plantation.
  • /14: n.d Salaries and sundry expenses on Demerara Estate. [This collection is available for purchase for $3,5000.00 !!!]

link marker   BritishAssociation for American Studies -    Some microfilms available regarding Guiana (Guyana) for purchase: i.e.,: (Thesis) Moore, R. J. East Indians and Negroes in British Guiana, 1838-1880 Sussex University, 1970 1 Reel 96998
link marker    Latin American Collection at Yale University -   Yale Latin American collection of microfilms; i.e., Colonial Office records, several years in America & West Indies
link marker  Wheaton College Archives -   Records of the Billy Graham Center - Methodist Missionary Society: Inventory of Correspondence; Collection 163...Sheet 11 contains British  Guiana, 1867-1889


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