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Genealogical links regarding Guyana

[NOTE: These links were checked for viability on March 14, 2014; dead links were deleted.]
  • Family History - This Church of Latter-day Saints site does have some out of the United States families listed.
  • Ancestry - This site has no databases concerning Guyana. It does have a message board and subscription English records -      fee based
  • "The Negro Family in British Guiana" An article written by Dr. Raymond T. Smith on the Family Structure and Social Status in the Villages. The article is free to read online.
  • Kindred Trails (fee-based)
  • Cousin Connect has a Guyana Genealogy query page
  • Rootsweb has a mailing list for Guyana
  • United Kingdom Research - For births, marriages, deaths, adoptions and civil partnerships please go to the Directgov website      For census returns, wills, military records and other material go to The National Archives' website.    As the old   FamilyRecords, is now closed, you will still be able to view an archived version in the UK Government Web Archive
  • UK National Archives - This site has census and other records available for England - have not yet found Guyana records      at this site
  • - B-G forum where one may post queries about their Guyana/British family
  • NALIS library site - Trinidad/Tabago National Library site
  • Alumni of University of Guyana - A section of the Univeristy of Guyana website
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