British Guiana BMDs from the Colonist news by Veecock

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Birth, Marriage & Death (BMDs) Announcements - The Colonist - 1864 to 1880

The COLONIST newspaper of British Guiana - BMD Announcements

We are priviledged that Mrs. Veecock has granted permission to post her work for the benefit of those persons searching for records of their ancestors from British Guiana between the years of 1864 and 1880.   The BMD announcements, as reported in the ARGOSY newspaper of Georgetown, British Guiana were copied from microflims, shelfmark 551, at the British Newspaper LIbrary at Colindale; compiled, indexed and typed by Inge R. Veecock, in London, England, completed in; April 1996.  We thank Mrs. Veecock for her tireless work to compile this data from both the Argosy and Colonist which took over 6 years to complete and for her generosity of sharing it with fellow researchers.

This work is massive and could not have been posted here without the work in transcribing all the data by Tim Smellie. Our many thanks and appreciation for Tim's work.      These fiiles are presented as PDF files, requiring the use of the free Adobe Reader.    For those without this free reader, it can be downloaded here.

To search these files, follow these steps:

STEP ONE:     Check the Colonist Main Surname Index for the surname(s) of interest. The year(s) in which that surname appears follow the surname listing. Example: "Smith 1872,73,74" means that a mention of the surname "Smith" appears on the 1872, 1873, and 1874 papers. Make a note of the years you need to check.

BMD Announcements in The COLONIST newspaper, 1864-1880
(Search by First letters of Surname)

  A - BR    |    BR - DA    |    DA - GA   |    GA - IT   |   JA - MC   |   MC - PH    |    PH - TH   |  TH - Z   |    

STEP TWO:    Click the appropriate link(s) to find the announcement(s). The surnames have been printed in bold type to make it easier to spot your surname of interest.

BMD ANNOUNCEMENTS by Year - SEARCH:      NOTE: You may use either the links below or the links at left in the menu..

1864     |      1865    |     1866   |      1867   |     1868   |     1869    |    1870   |      1871    |     1872    |     1873   

1874    |      1875    |     1876   |     1877     |      1878   |     1879   |   1880  

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