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Description of Historians

Historians get paid hardly anything - some get $500 a year. Some get a little more, some get less.

There has been a lot of changes and there are more younger historians now, as the older ones gave up their positions. Because they are younger, they are still working regular jobs. Most of their source areas for information are only open 9-5, which happens to be the hours most people work their regular jobs.

Under the guidelines of New York State, they are responsible for researching their town's history, important events, historic structures, town founders, and people. They are responsible for researching their local people and the things they have done, but not their whole lineage. The lineage aspect, be it before the person or after, usually takes historians outside of their own town area. If a historian already has some information on a particular person that they have already researched, they will pass it along. But they are under no obligation to dig into that person's background, or into their traveling children's future on a genealogical level.

In closing let me say this. Every year they are suppose to fill out a report that is submitted to the State. NY says Historians are also to go to the schools, have walking tours, do a ton of research for educational booklets etc.

Some, however, also enjoy genealogy; even if it isn't part of their job, which is why they do it.

So if you correspond with a Historian, remember that this is only a part-time job for them and if they do not respond, it is not because they do not want to, but they just may not have the time. However, you will find in many instances they will help you all they can.   

(Effective 22 October 2008 - Genesee County) 

GENESEE COUNTY                             WYOMING COUNTY

Town of Alabama                                                     Town/Village of Arcade
Joseph Cassidy                                                         Jeff Mason
19  Lewiston Rd.                                                      7783 County Line Rd.
Basom, NY 14010                                                   Arcade, NY 14009
(585) 948-9287 Cell 985 813-2812                         (585) 492-4742

Town/Village of Alexander                                         Town of Attica
Kate Goodman                                                          Orma Welker
10290 Goodman Rd.                                                 663 Creek Road
Alexander, NY 14005-9737                                     Attica, NY 14011
(585) 591-1204                                                        (585) 591-0394
Email:                                                                        Email:

City of Batavia                                                          Town of Bennington
Larry D. Barnes                                                        Alma Jarish
55 River St.  .                                                           1784 Burrough Rd.
Batavia, NY 14020                                                  Cowlesville, NY 14037
(585) 343-1481                                                        (585) 591-0272
Email:                              Email:

Town of Batavia Co-Historian                                   Town/Village of Castile
Gale Conn-Wright                                                     Elizabeth N. Meacham
3833 W.. Main St. Rd.                                             17 E. Park Rd.
Batavia, NY 14020                                                   Castile, NY 14427
(585)                                                                        (585) 493-5370
Email:                                 Email:

Town of Batavia Co-Historian                                    Town of Covington
Barb Toal                                                                  Karen Milligan
3833 W. Main St. Rd.                                               1800 Peoria Rd.
Batavia, NY 14020                                                   Pavilion, NY 14525
(585) 344-2458 (Home)                                           (585) 584-3254
(595) 343-1729 (Town Hall)                                     Email:

Town of Bergen                                                        Town of Eagle
Vera (Peggy) Denton                                                Frank Noble
13 S. Lake Ave.                                                       6591 Pearl St., Box 138
Bergen, NY 14416                                                   Bliss, NY 14024
(585) 494-1121 (Town Hall)                                    (585) 322-7337
(585) 494-1456 (Home)                                           EMail:

Village of Bergen                                                       Town of Gainesville
F.Eileen"Tally" Almquist                                            Stanley Rutherford
PO Box 417                                                             4344 Gainesville Road
Bergen, NY 14416-0417                                          Silver Springs, NY 14550
(585) 494-1675                                                        (585) 786-5603
Email:                                      Email:

Town of Bethany                                                      Town of Genesee Falls  
Lee Hendershott                                                       Karen Quinn
5453 Ellicott St. Rd.                                                 6658 Church Road.
E. Bethany, NY 14054                                             Portageville, NY 14536
(585) 344-1935                                                       (585) 468-5296
Email:                                      Email:

Town of Bethany - Co-Historian
                              Town of Java
Debbie Douglas                                                        Raymond Barber
10510 Bethany Center Rd                                        4846 Michigan Rd.
E. Bethany NY 14054                                              Arcade NY 14009
(585) 343-1399 (Town Hall)                                   
(585) 457-3079
E-Mail: tob-clerk@townof                   Email:

Town of Byron
                                                          Town of Middlebury
Bob & Beth Wilson                                                 
 Doris  Bannister
6451 Millpond Rd.                                                   
872 Academy St.
Byron, NY 14422                                                     Wyoming, NY 14591
(585) 548-9008                                                        (585) 495-6558
Email:                           :Email:

Town of Darien                                                         Town of Orangeville
Elmer Heiman                                                           Richard Holbrook
10709 Allegany Road                                               3236 Buffalo Rd.
Darien Center, NY 14040                                        Varysburg, NY 14167
(585) 547-2294                                                       (585) 535-7543
Email:                                                                       Email:

Town/Village Elba                                                     Town of Perry
Scott D. Benz                                                           Norma Spencer
4739 Watsib Rd,                                                      6496 Oatka Rd.
Elba, NY 14058                                                       Perry, NY 14530
(585) 757-2553                                                       (585) 237-3581
Email:                                                                       Email:

Town of LeRoy                                                        Town of Pike
Irene Walters                                                            Lunamae Flint
9306 Summit Street Road                                         6496 Hardys Rd..
LeRoy, NY 14482-8904                                          Bliss, NY 14024
(585) 768-8376                                                        (585) 322-7228
Email:                                  Email:

Village of LeRoy                                                        Town of Sheldon
Lynne Belluscio                                                          Barbara Durfee
23 E. Main Street                                                       2348 Route 98
LeRoy, NY 14482-1209                                           Varysburg, NY 14167
(585) 768-7433                                                         (585) 535-7322
Email:                             Email:

Town/Village of Oakfield                                           Town of Warsaw
Steve Kruppenbacher                                                Michael Hyjek
7587 Hutton Road                                                    5422 Keeney Rd.
Oakfield, NY 14125                                                 Warsaw, NY 14569
(585) 948-5627                                                        (585) 786-8679
Email:                                      Email:

Town of Pavilion                                                        Town of Wethersfield
Virginia Rigoni                                                           Wilma Ikeler
9901 Roanoke Road                                                 3593 Route 78
Pavilion, NY 14525-9784                                         Bliss, NY 14024
(585) 768-6095                                                        (585) 322-9094
Email:                                                                        Email:

Town of Pembroke Co-Historians:
Lois Brockway
7905 Alleghany Road
Corfu, NY 14036-9724
(585) 762-8568

Allan Starkweather, Co-Historian
66 W. Main St., Lot 38
Corfu, NY 14036
(585) 599-4195

JoAnn Cummings,Co-Historian
906 Akron Rd
Corfu, NY 14036
(585) 542-5450

Town of Stafford
Robert Mullen Sr.
5655 Mullen Rd.
Stafford, NY 14143
(585) 343-6763, Cell (585) 300-3835

Tonawanda Indian Reservation Historical Club
c/o Gary Moses
P.O. Box 516
Basom, NY 14013-9706
(716) 542-2926

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