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Genesee County, New York

The Genesee Area Genealogists is a social organization of people from
Genesee and Wyoming counties
as well as many others from around the country and the world

We meet on the third Tuesday each month (February through November)
at 7:00 pm in the Richmond Memorial Library at 19 Ross St., Batavia, New York.
We do not meet during December and January.

We welcome anyone who is interested in genealogy or family history.

Our fiscal year begins July 1.
Effective 1 July 2004, dues will be $10.00 per year
which  includes a bi-monthly newsletter
and the right to submit your family names to the
GAG Surname Book and Web Page.
If an additional family member in the same household wishes
to join our group, the dues will be $5.00 for each additional individual.

If you would like to join the Genesee Area Genealogists,
simply print out the application
and follow the instructions located there.

Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.


The Genesee Area Genealogists have been compiling a listing of the
that they are researching.

This listing has now been added to a web page located at

Genesee Area Genealogists Surnames

If you locate a surname that you are researching,
please contact the GAG Society with the surname as well as the
given name.  Your query will then be forwarded to the appropriate member.

If you wish to add your own surnames to the web page,
you must become a member of the Genesee Area Genealogists.
See above for membership information.



   Richmond Memorial Library

19 Ross Street, Batavia NY 14020
Phone: (585) 343- 9550
Hours:  Mon-Tues-Thurs 9-9
Wed 9-6
Fri-Sat 9-5
Closed Saturdays during Summer

Genesee County Historian
 located in the "Old Enginehouse",
3 West Main Street, Batavia, New York 14020-2021
Phone: (585)344-2550 ext.2613
FAX: (585)344-2442
E-Mail: Genesee County Historian
Hours:  Mon-Wed 9-4:30
Thurs-Sun Closed
Click here to see the items maintained here
See Map 

Now available for viewing are 'Daily News' article headlines.
Simply click on the above link, enter the surname you are researching
and highlight NY: Genesee Co.: Batavia: Daily News.  Hit search.  
You will then be given a list of your surnames (if available).  
Click on 'View/Add Notes' for the individual(s) you are researching.

If you find an article that you wish a copy of, you may purchase it
by following the listed instructions.


The Holland Land Office Museum
131 West Main St.,
Batavia, New York 14020-2021
Phone:  (585) 343-4727
E-Mail: Museum
See Map

Unfortunately, the Holland Land Office Museum is not a research facility.  However, they do work in conjunction with the Genesee County History Department in genealogy research.
    The artifacts in the museum tells the story of the settlement of Genesee County and its people.  Some of the documents about those people are stored at the County History Department.  The original Holland Land Company records are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  The Reed Library at SUNY-Fredonia, Fredonia, New York, has copies of the Holland Land Company papers on microfilm.  The collection of 202 reels of microfilm is available through inter-library loan by contacting: HOLLAND LAND COMPANY PROJECT DIRECTOR, REED LIBRARY, STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT FREDONIA, FREDONIA, NEW YORK 14063.
    Information contained in these documents includes ledgers, cash books, and the non-payment of land contracts. It is helpful for researchers to first read about the Holland Land Company and to understand how their business affected the development of Western New York. Important rolls for finding settler's names are numbered 109-113 and contain references to date, land purchase, surface area, and amounts paid for the years 1804-1835.

History of Genesee County
    If you would like to learn more about the history of Genesee County   and the surrounding counties, please go to this page.
See Map

Following are some outstanding locations which will help you in your family search.

    Also listed are the dates the towns/villages were incorporated as well as
the dates vital records began being maintained:

Towns of Genesee County

Founded:  17 April 1826
Vitals Began:  b - 2 Mar 1882; m - 17 Jul 1882; d - 27 May 1882

Founded: 8 Jun 1812
Vitals Began: b - 30 Sep 1893; m - 11 Dec 1893; d - 27 Aug 1893

Founded:  30 Mar 1802
Vitals Began: b - 21 Jan 1882; m - 7 Jan 1882; d - 18 Feb 1882
(City): b/m/d - 5 Nov 1887

Founded:  2 Apr 1814
Vitals Began: b - 6 Jul 1883; m - 7 Dec 1883; d - 1 Jan 1883

Founded: 8 Jun 1812
Vitals Began: b - 16 Feb 1882; m - 15 Feb 1882; d - 9 Feb 1882

Founded: 4 Apr 1820
Vitals Began: b - 20 Jan 1882; m - 30 Mar 1882; d - 4 Jan 1882

Founded:  10 Feb 1882
Vitals Began: b - 26 Jan 1882; m - 11 Jan 1882; d - 23 May 1882

Founded: 14 Mar 1820
Vitals Began: b - 31 Jan 1882; m - 7 Jan 1882; d - 16 Mar 1882

Founded: 8 Jun 1812
Vitals Began: b - 22 Feb 1882; m - 15 Feb 1882; d - 11 Jan 1882
(Village): b - 15 Feb 1882; m - 26 Jan 1882; d - 19 Feb 1882

Founded: 11 Apr 1842
Vitals Began: b - 4 Jul 1885; m - 23 Sep 1882; d - 6 Mar 1892

Founded: 19 May 1842
Vitals Began: b - 30 Jan 1882; m - 13 Feb 1882; d - 23 Feb 1882

Founded: 8 Jun 1812
Vitals Began: b - 3 Apr 1882; m - 19 Apr 1882; d - 26 Apr 1882
Corfu Village: b - 27 Dec 1890; m - 3 Oct 1891; d - 6 Nov 1890

Founded:  24 Mar 1820
Vitals Began: b - 1 Feb 1882; m - 18 Jan 1882; d - 10 Jan 1882

Genesee & Wyoming County Historians

Genesee & Wyoming County Clerks


Following are lists of the various cemeteries that some of our members
have installed at Rootsweb to assist you.

Genesee County
Alexander Railroad Cemetery (Alexander)
East Bethany Cemetery (E. Bethany)
Evergreen Hills Cemetery (Pembroke/Corfu)
Grand View Cemetery (Batavia)
Indian Falls (Old German) Cemetery (Indian Falls)
Maple Lawn Cemetery (E. Bethany)
Maplewood Cemetery (Pavilion)
Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Alexander)
Reed Cemetery (Oakfield)
St. Joseph's Cemetery (Batavia)
Transit Road Cemetery (Bethany)
West Bethany Cemetery (W. Bethany)

Wyoming County
Attica Center Cemetery (Attica)
Brainard Cemetery (Attica)
Dale Cemetery (Middlebury Township)
Forest Hills Cemetery (Attica)
Hatch Cemetery (Warsaw)
Pleasant View Cemetery (Dutch Flats)
St. Vincent's Cemetery (Attica)
Vernal Cemetery (Attica)
Warsaw Cemetery (Warsaw)
Warsaw Pioneer Cemetery (Warsaw)
West Middlebury Cemetery (Middlebury)
Wright Corners Cemetery (Wyoming)


Counties Surrounding Genesee:
Allegany County
Cattaraugus County
Chautauqua County
Erie County
Genesee County
Livingston County
Monroe County
Niagara County
Orleans County
Wyoming County

If you wish to e-mail for more information
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Leilani Spring   or Mary Van Alstyne

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