Fultonville History - HELP OUR CANNON!


As you enter the Old Fultonville Cemetery, there are a few monuments that jump out at you. One of these is the 4.2 inch Naval Parrott Rifle. This 3,550 pound Civil War artilery piece would fire a 30 pound shell 6,700 yards at 25 degrees in 27 seconds with a 3.25 pound charge. The crew for this cannon would have numbered nine men.
This cannon was placed in the cemetery facing Lot 153 in Section C by G.A.R. Post 57 of Fonda. Post 57 was named in honor of Capt. Garret VanDerveer of Company A, 115th New York Infantry Regiment. VanDerveer was mortally wounded at the Battle of Olustee, Florida on 20 Feb 1864. He died four days later at Beaufort, South Carolina. A large marker commemorating VanDerveer is less than 50 yards South of the cannon.
The cannon is in dire need of a new base as its breech end sets on the ground and the concrete base is cracking.

We are currently looking into ways of resetting the cannon to preserve it for the future. A similar story of a Civil War cannon can be found at SUVCW Ben Harrison Camp No. 356 Website. Anyone interested in helping in the effort can write to Ryan Weitz.
Updates on the project shall be posted.

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