Cortland County Town maps
Cortland County,
New York
Town Maps

Tree Talks published a series of 12 maps to accompany its article on the 1825 census1. The maps, reproduced here, trace the changes in the county from 1808, when it was established, until 1985, when the article was published.

To make each of the maps easier to load, I have split each into a separate file, or rather am in the process of doing so. Currently, I have maps 1 and 2 done.

      If the map range states a range of dates from the to or from dates, as the first one does,
      it means that there was a lag between the creation of the new arrangement and the law
      recognizing it.

  • Map 1 - 1808 to 1811/2
  • Map 2 - 1811/2 to 1815
  • Map 3 - 1815 to 1818/9
  • Map 4 - 1818/9 to 1827

  • 1 Tree Talks - Vol. 25, No. 4, December 1985

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