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New: listings for March, June and September 2011-2014

Date Title Author
Sep-14 "Genealogical Resources in the Syracuse University Archives" by Margaret A. Mason


"A Haven - Safe From the Horrors of the Holocaust" by Rev. George R. DeMass


"Elmina Pleiades Keeler Spencer, Civil War Nurse" by Joyce H. Cook
Sep-13 "A Case Study of an Early Cortland County Family Farm Ledger" by Diana Griffin Law
Jun-13 "Guardianship Records in New York State” by Roger Williams
Mar-13 "Tom Tryniski’s Mission:" by Joyce H. Cook


“Discovering the Underground Railroad in Upstate New York” by Judith Wellman


"Historical and Genealogical Resources of Oswego County, New York" by Justin D. White
Mar-12 "Obituaries a Great Source of Information" by Richard Palmer
Sep-11 "The War of 1812 in Oswego and Jefferson Counties, New York"    by Greg Monette
Jun-11 "History of the Central New York Genealogical Society" by Jean B. Palmer
Mar-11 "Philatelic Genealogy" by James R. Miller
Sep-10 "A Brief History of Syracuse's Westminster Presbyterian Church.."    by J. Roy Dodge and Joyce H. Cook
Jun-10 "The Evolution of New York State Counties" by Eleanor Myers,  Marcia J. Eisenberg and Joyce H. Cook
Mar-10 "The Good Old Days of the Port of Oswego" by Richard Palmer
Sep-09 "Baldwinsville Public Library, Your Resource For ....." by Bonnie Kisselstein and Meg Van Patten
Jun-09 "Who Needs A Library When You've Got Google? You Do!!" by Holly Sammons
Mar-09 "Mug Books: Boon Or Bane?" by Joyce H. Cook
Sep-08 "Maps in Genealogical Research" by Robert Kibbee
Jun-08 "Index to a Collection of 19th Century Glass-Plate Negatives" - Jefferson Co." by Julia Gosier
Mar-08 "Researching in Syracuse:  Central Library of Onondaga County" by Jean B. Palmer, MSLS
Sep-07 "Identifying Immigrant Cluster Communties" by Lisa A. Alzo, MFA
Jun-07 "Hey, You Never Know"  [30 wedding invitations - Madison County 1882-1910] by Darothy DeAngelo
Mar-07 "Genealogical Research in Oneida County, New York" by Mary Anne Buteux
Sep-06 "Nineteenth Century Gazetteers of the State of New York" (Part 2) Joyce Hawthorne Cook
Jun-06 "Nineteenth Century Gazetteers of the State of New York" (Part 1) Joyce Hawthorne Cook
Mar-06 "Early Church Records in Madison County, NY" Roberta Kincaid, CG
Sep-05 "Odin Benedict - The Doctor From Ellery" (Part 2) Capt. Henry A. Hudson Jr., USNR-Ret.
Jun-05 "Odin Benedict - The Doctor From Ellery" (Part 1) Capt. Henry A. Hudson Jr., USNR-Ret.
Mar-05 "Sarah Jane (Nichols) Burt Diaries - Town of Galen, Wayne Co., NY" Sue A Kratsch
Sep-04 "The Berry Letters" (Part 3) Bill Breihan
Jun-04 "The Berry Letters" (Part 2) Bill Breihan
Mar-04 "The Berry Letter" (Part 1) Bill Breihan
Sep-03 "The Seventh Day Baptist Churches" Harold J. Witter
Jun-03 "Mining for Genealogical Gems: Valuable Ore from the Court House" John Austin, F.A.S.G.
Mar-03 "Copyright History and the Rights of Genealogists" Clifford W. Lamere
Sep-02 "Naturalization Records - talk given by Jean Nudd"  
Jun-02 "Genealogy on e-bay - The Diaries of Charles W. Drane" Judith Eccles Wight
Mar-02 "1930 Federal Census Tips: Start Your Pre-Research Now" Helen Crisman and Dan Nealand
Mar-02 "Using Google for Computer Research' Ruth Ann Messick
Sep-01 "Church Archives:  A Resource for Genealogists" Joan C. Green
Jun-01 "The Disorderly Lutherans and Their Records" Peter R. Christoph
Mar-01 "Indigent / Institutional Cemetery Project -- Project Summary and Fact Sheet" Mark W. DeLawyer
Sep-00 "Patriot's War -- 1837-1838" Joyce Mason
Jun-00 "Atrocity at Andersonville" (Part 2) Joan C. Green supplemental page in 9/2000
Mar-00 "Atrocity at Andersonville" (Part 1) Joan C. Green
Sep-99 "Writing Genealogical Letters that get Answers and Information" Joyce Bryant Rinehart
Jun-99 "Some Basic Information About Online Genealogy" Joyce H. Cook
Mar-99 "New York State Vital Records"

"Health Commissioner's Administrative Rules and Regulations"
Harriett B. Hall, revised by Harold J. Witter
Sep-98 "The Search For Irish Ancestors And Their Home"

"Disaster Planning... Are You Ready?"
Charles D. FitzGerald

prepared by the Central New York Library Resources Council
Jun-98 "Great-Grandfather Was A Railroader" John J. Goodnough
Mar-98 "Taking The Skeleton Out Of The Family Closet" Joan Greene
Sep-97 "Adventures In The Material World: Searching Beyond the Archives In The Local Historical Society" M. Joan Youngken
Jun-97 "Tips For TreeTalks" Henry Z. Jones, Jr., FASG
Mar-97 "Jeremiah Stokes: A Case Study In Family History" Joseph F. Meany, Jr., Ph.D.
Sep-96 "Keeping Up With The Jonses" Jay G. Williams II
Jun-96 "Documentary Sources Concerning Diverse Population Groups in the Adirondack Region" (Part 2) Albert W. Fowler
Mar-96 "Documentary Sources Concerning Diverse Population Groups in the Adirondack Region" (Part I) Albert W. Fowler
Sep-95 "What Immigration Form G-639 Can Do For You" Julia Dowd
Jun-95 "The National Archives - Pittsfield Region -- A Resource for Federal Records in Western New England and New York" Jean Nudd
Mar-95 "Beyond The Surrogate: Other New York Court Records" John Austin
Sep-94 "New York County Poor House Records" L. Jane Tracy
Jun-94 "The County Poor House System in New York State" L. Jane Tracy
Mar-94 "Alternate Sources for Vital Record Data" Harriett B. Hall
Sep-93 "Federal Military Service Records Relating to the War of 1812" James Dent Walker
Jun-93 "A North Country Research Center: Feinberg Library, Clinton County" Joseph Swinyer
Mar-93 "Developing A Strategy For Locating Church Records" Robert Allen Rowe
Sep-92 "Pennsylvanians - Who, When, Where"

"Individuals From New York State Units Buried in Yorktown, Va. National Cemetery" (Part 2)
John W. Heisey

Abstracted and contributed by Victor B. Goodrich, Jr.
Jun-92 "Individuals From New York State Units Buried in Yorktown, Va. National Cemetery" (Part I) Abstracted and contributed by Victor B. Goodrich, Jr.
Mar-92 "New York State Vital Records and Health Commissioner's Administrative Rules and Regulations"

"North Carolina Residents in the 1850 Census Whose Place of Birth was New York State" (Part 2)
Harriett B. Hall

Abstracted and contributed by Marian K. Schmitz
Sep-91 "New York State Town Clerks' Records"

"Researching Family History in NY State Counties Using Oswego Co. Records As An Example"
Byron L. Rowlee, Sr.

Joyce H. Cook
Jun-91 "Statutes of the State of New York: Special, Private, and Local Statutes As a Genealogical Resource" Marcia J. Eisenberg
Mar-91 "North Carolina Residents in the 1850 Census Whose Place of Birth Was New York State" (Part I) Abstracted and contributed by Marian K. Schmitz
Sep-90 "Oneida Indians Who Emigrated to Canada From Madison and Oneida Counties" Kathy Barnello & Marcia J. Eisenberg
Jun-90 "The Six-Town Picnic: A Marcellus, Onondaga, Otisco, Skaneateles, Spafford, Tully Tradition" Barbara Bendall Spain
Mar-90 "Town of Volney, Oswego County, New York" Bruce L. Rowlee
Sep-89 "Immigration and Naturalization Records"  
Jun-89 "Diary of Heman Bradley Potter: A Migration from Hudson, NY to Buffalo, 20 October - 2 November 1810" by Charlotte C. Hilke
Mar-89 "Mary Eleanor Naughton Myer" Founder of the Central NY Genealogical Society"  
Mar-89 "Estate Inventories: Their Value to the Family Genealogist" by Virgina Washburn Barden
Sep-88 "Extracts from the Journal of Peter Nicolas Sommer, 1743-1767" by Maryly B. Penrose
Jun-88 "Farmington, NY Monthly Meeting, 1828-1868 Society of Friends - Joint Records" by Dorothy Young Armistead
Mar-88 "Gone West: New Yorkers and Other Easterners in Michigan Newspapers" by Carl deZeeuw
Sep-87 "Genealogical Uses of NY's Miscellaneous and Common Pleas Records" by Eleanor Myers
Jun-87 "To the Town Historian: Historians and Genealogy" by Byron L. Rowlee, Sr.
Mar-87 "Transcribing Bible Records" by Gerald J. Parsons
Sep-86 Genealogical Resources in the Adirondack - Upper Hudson Region - continued" by Pamela J. Vogel
Jun-86 "New York State Historians - County, Town and Village" by Pamela J. Vogel
Jun-86 "Genealogical Resources in the Adirondack - Upper Hudson Region" by Pamela J. Vogel
Mar-86 "The Holland Land Company, Its Archives and Genealogical Research:" by Francisca Safran
Sep-85 "Researching Palatines in New York State" by Nancy Kelly
Jun-85 "Chautauqua County Research Resources" by Virgina Washburn Barden
Mar-85 "NY Meeting Record - Society of Friends - Haviland Records Room, NYC" by Elizabeth H. Moger
Sep-84 "The Hudson and Mohawk Valleys - Research for the Colonial Period" by David Kendall Marting
Jun-84 "Genealogical Research on Long Island" by Henry B. Hoff
Mar-84 "Family Letters as a Genealogical Resource"  
Sep-83 "Inventory of New York State Census Records" 1825-1925" part III of III  
Sep-83 "Some Research Resources in Central and Western New York"  
Jun-83 "Inventory of New York State Census Records 1825-1925" part II of III  
Mar-83 "The Formation and Origins of Rensselaer County" by Robert V. Moyer
  "Some Research Resources in Central and Western New York"  
  "Inventory of New York State Census Records, 1825-1925" part I of III  
Sep-82 missing  
Jun-82 "Preparing to do Research" by James Walker
Mar-82 "Research in New York:  Downstate" by Henry B. Hoff
Sep-81 "A Look at the 1981 Seminar" by Harriet B. Hall and Mabel L. Frazer
Sep-81 "Presentation of Certificates" [Charter Members & Founding Members] by Marcia Eisenberg
Jun-81 "French's Gazetteer, the Growth of New York State Counties and the Choice of Counties in Tree Talks" by Robert V. Moyer
Jun-81 "The Formation of New York State Counties" by Marcia J. Eisenberg
Mar-81 "Immigration and Naturalization Records as Genealogical Sources" by Marcia Eisenberg
Sep-80 "Cosby Manor Rent Book" [Oneida County] by  Connie and Walter VanHorn
Jun-80 "Genealogical Research in Massachusetts" by Ann S. Lainhart
Mar-80 "Genealogical Research and the Public Archives of Canada - Part II" by Robert S. Gordon
Sep-79 "Genealogical Research and the Public Archives of Canada" by Robert S. Gordon
Jun-79 misc. short articles  
Mar-79 "Start Writing!  Tomorrow May Be Too Late" by Harriette M. Wheeler
Sep-78 "Lost Censuses, Part II" by Eleanor Myers
Jun-78 "Genealogy in Rhode Island" by Alden C. Saunders
Mar-78 misc. short articles  
Sep-77 "Games Genealogists Play" by James Walker
Jun-77 misc. short articles  
Mar-77 "The Papers of the Continental Congress" by John P. Butler

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