Central New York Genealogical Society
Box 104, Colvin Station
Syracuse, New York 13205

 Surname Project

A benefit of membership in the Central New York Genealogical Society is the opportunity to participate in the Society´┐Żs Ancestor Surname Project.

Central New York Genealogical Society members have compiled this listing as a way of sharing our collective resources and research. Included are names (with locations) of family lines they are researching. The names all have New York State connections.

Members may submit surnames any time using the attached form via e-mail or submit the form to CNYGS Surname Project; PO Box 104, Colvin Station; Syracuse, New York 13205-0104. The Website Surname List will be updated in April, July and October annually.

If you are a visitor to this site, and see a possible connection to a line you are researching, please send us an E-mail (or letter), identifying the Surname and Member-number of the Contributor. The Surnames Pages were last updated on November 2, 2014.

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