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Clinton County Surnames, D through K

Surname Location & Date Email Contact
Dame Clinton County Sally Smith White
Darby Clinton County Howard Wiley
Dashaw Clinton County Doria1960@aol.com
Daudelin Peru L D JULIAN
Davidson Clinton County Don & Sharon McBride
Davis Peru Dorothy Rypka
Delano 1790-1850 Rich Douglass
DeLorme Clinton County Karen Schlichte
Demar Clinton County Sally Smith White
Desmarais/Demar Clinton County Paul LaBombard
Desrochers Clinton County Suzanne Galaise
Devan Clinton County TCoyne2818@aol.com
Devan Clinton County Sandi (Ouimette) Connell
Dominy Clinton County Bobbie Albright
Dominy Beekmantown Robert L Richardson
Doodlen Peru L D JULIAN
Douglass Peru 1815-1850 Rich Douglass
Drury Beekmantown, 1800's Andy White
Dubois Champlain or Mooers Kjdubois@aol.com
Dubray Redford Ellen Carney
Dubuque Clinton County Sandi (Ouimette) Connell
Dudley Peru L D JULIAN
Duff Clinton County Susan Jones
Dugan Clinton County Bonnie Patterson
Dunham Beekmantown - Plattsburgh Marlene Dunham
Dupont Clinton County Donna Bonning
Dupree Clinton County Carl Moses
Duquette Champlain, Chazy MEMQS@aol.com
Duquette Clinton County Ellen Kilbride Christopher
Duquette Clinton County 1840 Chrispig@aol.com
Duquette Clinton County Pat Dukett-Quinn
Duval Peru Kenneth Besaw
Edgley Clinton County 1870's-1970's Ron Dahlgren
Fadden Family Rouses Pt., Plattsburgh Ozzie Thompson
Fifield Mooers vicinity 1830 Lois Kenick
Fillmore Chazy - 1810> Pat Miller
Finch Clinton County 1840 Joyce Finch
Fitch Clinton County Yvelle C. Zak
Flagg Clinton County Sally Smith White
Flappan Clinton County (Peru) Leo & Julie Klein
Flint Plattsburg Beekmantown Robert L Richardson
Fobear (Fobert) Churubusco jackieziff@ibm.net
Fontaine Clinton County Steve
Fordham Plattsburgh area Clinton County Richard A. Squires
Fortin Clinton County JABoyer@aol.com
Fountain Plattsburgh Art and Jean Fountain
Fountain Clinton County JMar137@aol.com
Frechette Clinton County. Micheal R. Frichette
Frederic[k] Clinton County Debbie McCarrell
Freeman Mooers lot 18 in 1807 Bopboom@aol.com
Frichette Clinton County. Micheal R. Frichette
Fuller Clinton County Steve Mace
Fulton Chazy1817 Linda Lipp
Gaff Clinton County JABoyer@aol.com
Gaffney Clinton county 1835-45 Elise543@aol.com
Gagnon Clayburg Lisa Boyle
Galaise Clinton County Suzanne Galaise
Gale Beekmantown Heather Houle
Garceau, Garso, Garsow Clinton County S.J.GARCEAU
Gardner Clinton County Carl Moses
Garon, Garrow Clinton County Rpreston12@aol.com
Gauthier Champlain PAT LAVATO
Gauthier Clinton County Rpreston12@aol.com
Gauthier Plattsburgh Joe
Gauthier / Gokey Clinton County Phil Gauthier
Gebo (Gibeau) Clinton County Ronald Gagnier
Gebo Clinton County JABoyer@aol.com
Gibbs Clinton County DoeSea@aol.com
Gibeau Clinton County Ellen Kilbride Christopher
Gibeau Plattsburgh 1840 Chrispig@aol.com
Giles Clinton County Christopher L. Allen
Gilman Clinton County Donna Bonning
Gilroy Ellenberg Mabel
Godin Clinton County. Micheal R. Frichette
Goff Clinton County Warren Pedersen
Goodell Clinton Co lindasmyth@yahoo.com
Goodrow Clinton Co JABoyer@aol.com
Gordon Clinton County Russ Gordon
Gordon Clinton County John Grisetti
Graveline Clinton County Carl Moses
Gregory Plattsburgh/Saranac Mary Slack Maynard
Guynup, Guinup Plattsburgh and Saranac>1795 Linda Guynup Dewey
Haff Schuyler Falls Ellenburg, Peru, Keeseville Rod Bigelow
Hair, Hare Plattsburgh, Schuler Falls & Peru>1795 Linda Guynup Dewey
Hammond Clinton County sibyl@vzinet.com
Hammond Clinton County TCoyne2818@aol.com
Hammond PLATTSBURG MID 1800'S Melody Scheel
Hapgood Clinton County 1850 -1880 Cynthia Pierce
Harris Clinton County 1800-1900 Irma Wade
Harris Beekmantown Cindy O'Hara
Harris Clinton County Susan Jones
Hartnet Burke Kazlo
Hartwick Plattsburgh Barbara Lewis
Hathaway Clinton Co Charles E Teske
Hawkins Clinton Co lindasmyth@yahoo.com
Hawks Peru, 1800's Andy White
Hayford Mooers, Champlain Julie Close
Heath Plattsburgh/Chazy Bettie Montee Jimenez
Hedges Clinton County Russ Gordon
Hesseltine Clinton County Don & Sharon McBride
Higgins Altona Sam & Dona
Hindes Peru Paul Hindes
Hindes, Hinds Clinton County hinds6@aol.com
Hindes, Hinds Clinton County Donna Hinds
Hinds Clinton County matthew bridgesT
Hinds-Snow Peru Paul Hindes
Hobbs Ellenburg/Ellenburgh Ct John Weingarden
Hoff Schuyler Falls, Ellenburg, Peru, Keeseville Rod Bigelow
Hogan Plattsburgh Linda M. Bifulco
Hogle, Hogel Clinton County 1830-1860s Niki Curry
Holcombe Clinton County RWeir98845@aol.com
Hopper Plattsburgh/Saranac Mary Slack Maynard
House Peru B. Frank Secor
Howe 1800-1853 Rich Douglass
Hoyt Clinton County Dale Gillis
Hoyt Clinton County Donna Hinds
Hubert Clinton County William Karlson
Hubert Clinton County HUBIENVA@aol.com
Hughes Clinton County Ronald Gagnier
Jackson Champlain 1820s Lois Kenick
Jessey Clinton County Debbie McCarrell
Johnson Clinton County matthew bridgesT
Johnson Chazy1817 Linda Lipp
Johnson Plattsburgh. 1790-1800 Ernest Chiles
Johnston (Johnson) Mooers and Champlain Mary Swanson
Jubean Clinton County Susan Cady
Kavanagh Clinton County Allison Rogers
Kelly Clinton County CMiner5735@aol.com
Kenelty Saranac Arthur J. Williams, Jr
King Clinton Cty - b 1851-1862 Jackie Ziff
King(Roy) Clinton County late 1800s-1920 Bernice Casier
Kirk Clinton County Pat Moore


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