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This family history was compiled by L. Grant Palmer around 1921. Any dates later than that were added by the contributor. If you are related to these Palmers, I would love to hear from you. Please email me.

Jacob PALMER, born about 1740, date of death unknown. He came from Long Island and settled in Morris County, New Jersey about 1760. Being by trade a forgeman, probably worked in the first forge at Franklin, New Jersey. He was married to Phebe LYON, of Morristown, New Jersey, November 30, 1768 by Rev. Timothy Johnes. Both are probably buried at the Rockaway, New Jersey cemetery. Dates unknown.


Samuel PALMER, born at Franklin, November 30, 1769, married Naomi, daughter of Timothy SOUTHARD, March 1791. She was born October 2, 1772, died May 29, 1851. She was born October 2, 1772, died May 29, 1851. He died September 28, 1845. Both buried at Rockaway.

Ezekiel PALMER married Sally HALL, daughter of John of Saybrook, Connecticut. Lived where John Miller now lives on the Dover Road to Morristown. He died in 1844. She died about 1850, buried at Rockaway. They had fourteen children.

Aaron B. PALMER was born in December 1786, died in December 1840. Married Marian (maiden name unknown). She was born in March 1787, died May 27, 1838, They had 12 children. They went to the Lake Country of New York State.

John PALMER, married a HARRIMAN and went to Vermont.

Lewis PALMER, went to Vermont.

There were iron forges in the Lake Country of New York and Vermont, and as Aaron, John and Lewis were forgemen, it is supposed that they worked in these forges.

Phebe PALMER married Joseph LOSEY

Rebecca PALMER married Alexander HILL, son of Deacon John Hill on February 7, 1813. He was born February 11, 1787, died March 13, 1860. Both Buried at Rockaway.

Children of Samuel and Naomi (SOUTHARD) PALMER:

Timothy PALMER, born December 8, 1791. Married Electa GARRIGUE, daughter of John Garrigue, March 30, 1814. She was born May 9, 1794. He worked in the Franklin Forge and lived nearby in the house torn down but a few years ago. He died there October 8, 1833. Both are buried at Rockaway.

Jacob PALMER, born January 11, 1793. Lived at Franklin. Forgeman. Married Sarah BONNELL, daughter of Aaron Bonnell of Mt. Freedom, September 24, 1818. He died September 3, 1842. Both buried at Rockaway.

Susanna PALMER, born February 9, 1797, married Archibald BROADWELL of Vermont. He was born 1795. Was in the 1812 War. Died May 25, 1837. Was shoemaker and lived at Denville. She died February 23, 1884. Both buried at Rockaway.

Mary Ann PALMER, born August 4, 1799, married Silas HALSEY, September 27, 1819. Went to Pennsylvania. She died September 18, 1876.

Silas Southard PALMER, born April 11, 1804, married Mary KING, daughter of Jeremiah Baker, June 26, 1834. She was born August 24, 1811, died February 11, 1888. He died September 22, 1876. Built the house now owned by J. P. Crayon, in 1834. Lived and died there. Both buried at Rockaway.

Amy PALMER, born November 10, 1806, died December 10, 1806, buried at Rockaway.

Rebecca PALMER, born October 30, 1808, married Seele S. TOMPKINS, December 21, 1826, lived at Franklin. She died December 20, 1871. He was born October 15, 1802 and died January 1, 1868. Both buried at Rockaway.

Anna Eliza PALMER, born July 1, 1810, never married. Lived at Franklin. Died January 1, 1875, buried at Rockaway.

Children of Ezekiel and Sally (HALL) PALMER, as far as I have any record:

Daniel PALMER, born about 1801, was a soldier and died in the Civil War about 1861.

Elias PALMER, born October 21, 1808, married first Nancy LYON, who was born October 21, 1823. Jane (?) died March 19, 1860. Married second COMPTON, lived at Franklin, died December 9, 1885, buried at Rockaway.

Agnes PALMER, married and went to Newark.

Maria PALMER, married and went to Newark.

Joanna PALMER, married first Frank CASTERLINE, second Mathew DOYLE.

Charles PALMER

Sarah PALMER, married CONNETT

Sibbah PALMER, born 1823, married Halsey HOWELL of Rockaway, May 1846. Died October 5, 1893. Both buried at Rockaway.

Hannah PALMER, married John Ayres.

Children of Timothy and Electa (GARRIGUE) PALMER:

Albert PALMER, married, went South, and died there.

Naomi PALMER, married William BROWN, son of Job Brown, lived at Franklin, buried at Rockaway.

John PALMER, married and went to New York.

Silas Halsey PALMER, born 1819, married Jane SHADRICK. She married second John P. Hill, son of Alexander. He died January 10, 1884, buried at Rockaway.

Timothy PALMER, married May W. DICKERSON, daughter of Stephen Dickerson, lived at Succasunna.

William Mitchell PALMER, married Sarah DOWERTY of Plainfield.

Jacob PALMER, married at Bridgeport, Connecticut, had 3 children died in Morris County about 1895.

James PALMER, went to Connecticut.

Children of Silas Southard and Mary (KING) PALMER:

Jeremiah PALMER, living at Dover, married Mary SCHOFIELD, November 29, 1871.

Henry B. PALMER, living at Franklin

Seele T. PALMER, born September 5, 1838, died December 22, 1872, buried at Rockaway.

The following records furnished by Richard T. Palmer, as taken from the old family Bible:

Aaron B. PALMER, born December 1786, died December 1840, married Marian, born March 1787, died May 27, 1838. He was a forgeman and probably worked in the forge at Franklin, New Jersey. They moved to northern New York about 1812 and settled in Essex County on a farm near what is now known as Essex Station. He probably worked in some of the iron forges around Essex County. They had 12 children, 7 boys and 5 girls. Three of the boys learned the trade of Hammersman and worked in the different forges around northern New York. In fact, the family has been identified with the iron business in New Jersey and New York for about 200 years.

Children of Aaron B. and Marian PALMER:

John H. PALMER, born February 9, 1802, died January 25, 1840. He was married, but have not her maiden name or dates of her birth or death. He was murdered in New York City.

Lois A. PALMER, born January 15, 1804, died in April 1863. She married Abner SLAUGHTER.

Joseph H. PALMER, born May 25, 1806, died March 27, 1876. Married Melvina MOORE.

Daniel H. PALMER, born October 2, 1808, died January 31, 1881. Married Betsey DICKERSON, March 5, 1827. She was born March 27, 1810, died August 16, 1850. Married Jane FRENCH. She was born September 29, 1825 and died September 6, 1901.

Samuel PALMER, born April 9, 1810 married Mary ROLFE. He died in 1880, she died in June 1884.

Lewis D. PALMER, born October 9, 1811, died February 19, 1878, married Margaret WILES. He learned the harness makers trade in Plattsburg, New York, when all that kind of work was done by hand. He was considered an expert workman.

Jacob S. PALMER, born May 26, 1813, died January 14, 1886, married Polly Marion GOUCHER, December 17, 1836. He went west and located at the Yankee Settlement which was 15 or 16 miles northeast of Joliet, Illinois.

Phebe PALMER, born June 15, 1815, died April 25, 1833, married Lewis DICKERSON. They did not have any children.

Rachel PALMER, born June 12, 1819, died February 11, 1862, married Lewis DICKERSON. They had 4 children - Alice, Ella, Roanna and Arthur. They went to California.

Frederick A. PALMER, born April 8, 1821, died at Ottawa, Illinois, January 15, 1859, unmarried.

Inez C. PALMER, born March 24, 1824. No record of death.

Lucy J. PALMER, born in 1823, died in 1825.

Children of John H. PALMER:

Ezekiel PALMER was married, but little is known of the family. He had one daughter, Mrs. Walter DERBY, living near Wadhams, New York on the road to Lewis.

Jane PALMER, married Alvah KNAPP. She died June 29, 1879, he died June 15, 1885.

Children of Alvah and Jane (PALMER) KNAPP:

John KNAPP, died July 24, 1891

Fred KNAPP, now living in Mancelona, Michigan.

Sarah L. KNAPP, born August 1, 1853, died February 5, 1916. Married H. W. BEARDSLEY, January 1, 1873. He was born November 15, 1850, died March 2, 1920.

Children of H.W. and Sarah (KNAPP) BEARDSLEY:

Jennie M. BEARDSLEY, born October 14, 1875, married first Mack MARTIN, born July 4, 1876, he died in 1916. They had one son, Karl B. MARTIN, born October 31, 1899. He was drowned at Schenectady August 1, 1917. She married second J. L. SMITH, he was a lineman and was killed June 25, 1919 while at work on an electric light pole.

Kittie F. BEARDSLEY, born December 29, 1882 (?), married Andrew HOAG, December 26, 1901. They have three children - Dorothy I. HOAG, born June 10, 1903; Charles HOAG, born June 22, 1909. (No info on third child).

Etta BEARDSLEY, born January 7, 1883 (?) married Charles GIFFIN, December 26, 1901. They have one child, Aileen M. GIFFIN, born June 4, 1904.

Winifred A. BEARDSLEY, born April 7, 1890, married first, Emery J. FISHER, July 20, 1908, second ELLSWORTH, third George N. POULOS.

Children of Samuel and Mary (ROLFE) PALMER:

Harriet PALMER, married Norton SMITH. Mrs Rose CHURCH FULLER now living at Whallonsburgh, New York and Mrs. Anna CHURCH FULLER of Essex, New York are the only children known of.

Elizabeth PALMER, born June 19, 1840, died June 8, 1902, married Alexander TATRO. Mrs. Wesley McDougal, living at Whallonsburgh, New York, is the only child known of.

Louisa PALMER, unmarried, deceased.

Ellen PALMER, born June 19, 1843, married Friend SMITH. Mrs. Milton ROSENHEIM living at 207 Atlantic Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island is the only child known.

Ann Eliza PALMER, unmarried, deceased.

Manfred PALMER, born July 15, 1848, died July 15, 1915, married Ella CROWNINGSHIELD, she was born February 1860.

Lora PALMER, born May 24, 1852, died January 15, 1903, married Sidney M. SMITH, July 1872. No known children.

Maud PALMER, born April 16, 1854, married Luke STRANAHAN, March 20, 1872. He was born November 1, 1848, died October 14, 1915.

Children of Manfred and Ella (CROWNINGSHIELD) PALMER:

Belle PALMER, born May 7, 1891, married Noah STRONG, May 7, 1910. They have four children: Carlton STRONG, born May 7, 1912; Ella May STRONG, born October 6, 1914; Irene STRONG, born February 12, 1917; Feletia STRONG, born June 19, 1920.

Bessie PALMER, born October 20, 1884, married James DOYLE. They have 6 children: Harry DOYLE, born October 9, 1903; Arthur DOYLE, born March 12, 1907; Rolland DOYLE, born May 26, 1909; Rita DOYLE, born April 16, 1913; Margaret DOYLE, born January 20, 1916; Gladys DOYLE, born September 5, 1920.

Children of Luke and Maud (PALMER) Stranahan:

Loren R. STRANAHAN, born July 20, 1873, died September 20, 1875.

Walter P. STRANAHAN, born April 17, 1876, died September 2, 1897.

Lora E. STRANAHAN, born June 27, 1880, married Herbert SUMNER, October 16, 1907.

Maude E. STRANAHAN, born December 4, 1880, married Clarence M. DICKERSON, December 4, 1909. They have 6 children: Loren Walter DICKERSON, born October 18, 1911; Audrey Elizabeth DICKERSON , born July 1, 1913; Donald Clarence DICKERSON, born February 2, 1915; Claude Stranahan DICKERSON, born January 16, 1917; Milton Glen DICKERSON, born December 14, 1919; Maitland Elroy DICKERSON, born December 31, 1920.

Children of Lewis D. and Margaret (WILES) PALMER:

Richard T. PALMER, born October 30, 1861, is unmarried and lives in Joliet, Illinois.

George W. PALMER, born April 10, 1853, died August 12, 1920. Married Margaret A. BOLES of Joliet, Illinois.

Children of George W. and Margaret (BOLES) PALMER:

Harvey W. PALMER, born October 16, 1877, died April 7, 1915. Married Margaret KELLY of Joliet, Illinois.

Loretta M. PALMER, born August 10, 1881.

Children of Harvey W. and Margaret (KELLY) PALMER:

George M. PALMER, born April 7, 1904.

Joseph A. PALMER, born April 24, 1906, died February 11, 1911.

Margaret A. PALMER, born June 24, 1908

Children of Jacob S. and Polly (GOUCHER) PALMER:

Charles Munroe PALMER, born May 15, 1838, died February 25, 1841.

Charlotte Ann PALMER, born May 15, 1840, died October 28, 1841.

Perlley Marian PALMER, born October 27, 1841, died July 12, 1845.

Helen M. PALMER, born October 11, 1845, died September 23, 1863.

Elbridge F. PALMER, born December 8, 1842. Died March 1920 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the only one of Jacob Palmer's children that lived many years and little is known of him.

Wilber PALMER, born January 4, 1852, died July 24, 1852.

Emma PALMER, born September 19, 1853, died June 26, 1860.

Edgar F. PALMER, born September 2, 1856 died 1856.

Daniel H. Palmer, born October 2, 1808, died 1881. Married Betsey DICKERSON, daughter of David DICKERSON and Sally WILLIS on March 5, 1827. She was born March 27, 1810 and she died August 16, 1850. He was a forgeman by trade and was also an expert blacksmith. He came to Northern New York with his father when he was a young man worked at his trade in the different forges in northern New York. It was his boast that he could do anything with iron an don e day a fellow workman declared he couldn't make a pancake griddle under one of the big hammers that were used in the old Catalin forges. "Oh yes I can!" says Mr. Palmer, and immediately goes and gets a billet of iron and puts into one of the forge fires to heat. When the billet was heated he took it and hammered it out into a round flat piece under the large hammer. He then took it into the blacksmith shop and trimmed the edges and bent the handle into an upright position. When he had it completed, it was pronounced a first class piece of work. It is supposed to be one of the few relics of the iron business that thrived so greatly in the eastern part of the country during the past 150 or 200 years. This relic is now in the possession of his grandson, L. Grant Palmer. It is said that he helped hammer some of the iron that went into the first ironclad that this country owned. He went to California in the early Gold Rush and started the first sawmill and machine shop in San Francisco City. He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity. Daniel married second Jane FRENCH, May 5, 1854.
They went to California where she bore one or two children which died in infancy. She started East with the baby which caught the measles on board ship and died just before reaching home.

Children of Daniel H. and Betsey (DICKERSON) Palmer:

William M. PALMER, born March 21, 1830, died December 13, 1885. Married Phila Jane SHELDON, March 4, 1849. She was born October 27, 1827, and died November 10, 1865. He married second Jane Maria MCCLURKIN. She was born December 10, 1838 and died September 11, 1905.

Sarah Jane PALMER, born March 26, 1832, died June 1905. Married Edward W. PRARY (unsure of first letter), he died January 21, 1854. She married second Edwin H. MOORE, December 27, 1857. He was born 1835.

David D. PALMER, born October 17, 1836. Died December 4, 1863 unmarried in California.

Helen E. PALMER, born April 10, 1841, died July 16, 1849.

Albertine PALMER, born July 16, 1850, died August 6, 1850.

Child of Daniel H. and Jane (FRENCH) PALMER:

Addie L. PALMER, born abt 1858, died November 11, 1859.

Ina A. PALMER, born abt 1861, died May 26, 1864

Evert PALMER, born May 1, 1866, died 1935 (later notation). Married Emma VAN ORNAM, born March 17, 1869. He spent his boyhood on the farm in Brookfield where Mr. Gay now lives. He kept a store at Reber for awhile, but it was not a success. He worked at different places for a number of years, finally locating at Whallonsburgh, New York, where he keeps a store.

Children of Evert and Emma (VAN ORNAM) PALMER:

Norton PALMER, born June 12, 1907

Beatrice PALMER, born May 31, 1897 (?). She married Robert FARROW, May 12, 1919. He was born at Capron (?) New York, February 11, 1893. They have a daughter.

Harry PALMER, born November 3, 1894.

*** William M. PALMER was born March 21, 1830. He died December 13, 1885. He married Phila Jane SHELDON, daughter of McConley SHELDON and Lois CULVER, March 4, 1849. She was born October 27, 1827 and died November 10, 1865. He early learned the art of hammering iron and worked in the forges at Flackville, Elizabethtown, Black Brook, Jay, and Clintonville, New York. He also worked in the forge at Bethel, Vermont. He and his son Daniel PALMER hammered iron for the Maulson Interests in Canada for awhile. He moved to the farm known as the McLean property in New Sweden, New York about 1874. After living there a few years, he moved to Clintonville, locating in the large house near the lower or long forge, where he died. The long forge at Clintonville was called the largest Catalin process forge in existence. It had 16 fires and 4 hammers, it was erected in 1836 and was in operation for about 50 years. Mr. Palmer went to California during the early Gold excitement there, making the trip via the Isthmus of Panama. He married second Jane Maria MCCLURKIN, daughter of Hugh McClurkin, who lived on the farm known as Farmers' Home about 2 miles east of Ausable Forks village on the road to Clintonville. Mr. McClurkin carried on quite an extensive teaming business between the Forks and Port Kent, New York, which was the outlet for the products of the Rogers Company before the railroad was built to the point of rocks, three miles east of the Forks. Jane was born December 10, 1838, she died September 11, 1905.

Children of William M. and Phila Jane (SHELDON) PALMER:

Daniel M. PALMER, born August 15, 1850 in Flackville, died November 8, 1910. He married Eleanor COLBY in September 1876. She died December 17, 1883. He second married Amelia COLBY, sister of his first wife.

Seymour PALMER, born January 25, 1855, died October 14, 1865.

Ida Kate PALMER, born September 28, 1856, died April 17, 1881.

Earle PALMER, born December 24, 1860. Died May 9, 1883. He married Martha DODGE of Jay, New York. No children.

Children of William M. and Jane Maria (MCCLURKIN) PALMER:

Walter C. PALMER, born May 21, 1870 in Clintonville, died May 30, 1916. He married Mattie WELCH, January 24, 1895

L. Grant PALMER, born October 25, 1871 in Clintonville. He married Mary STALKER of Cascadesville, New York, November 5, 1891. She was born February 8, 1874.

William M. PALMER, born August 12, 1873 in Reber. He married Katherine MACE of Keeseville, New York, September 16, 1897. She was born April 28, 1874.

Anna L. PALMER, born February 12, 1877 in New Sweden, married Walter E. CALKINS, June 30, 1905. He was born December 25, 1879, he died October 8, 1918. They had no children.

*** Daniel M. Palmer born August 15, 1850, died November 8, 1910. He married first, Eleanor COLBY, daughter of John COLBY and Syrena WHITE in September 1876. She was born 1861 in Jay, New York, and died in childbirth December 17, 1883. He married second Eleanor's sister Amelia COLBY. She was born about 1854. He was born in Flackville, which is now called Reber, New York. The eldest son of William M. Palmer, he was a strong, sturdy youngster who grew up to become one of the strongest men in northern New York. When he was a young man he learned the trade of hammering iron and worked in several of the forges in Clinton and Essex Counties, and at one time hammered iron with his father for the Maulson Bank interests of Canada. He also worked for awhile on the Ausable Branch of the Delaware & Hudson, while it was being built. What is known as the Palmer Cut on this road was completed by a contractor named Palmer and Dan worked for him. He was known as "The Last of the Hammersmen" and various stories are told of his strength, it being stated on unimpeachable authority that he lifted and wheeled over 3000 pounds of iron in a wheelbarrow. After the closing of the iron business in Clintonville, he worked for awhile at Arnold Hill and Standish, later locating at Lake Placid, New York where he was foreman on the Water Works System while it was being built, and later engaging in the transfer of the mails and passengers at that point. Being of a sunny disposition and a ready wit he was liked by everybody in the village, being mourned by all that knew him when he died. He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity.

Children of Daniel M. and Eleanor (COLBY) PALMER:

Frank Russell PALMER, born in Lower Jay, New York, March 24, 1877. Died March 24, 1928 in Connecticut Married Helmi (Helen) Kristina SEVERIN, daughter of Axel SEVERIN and Hannah MOLIN. She was born December 2, 1882.

Daniel M. PALMER, Jr. born July 3, 1879, married Mary PETERS.

Arthur W. PALMER, born July 11, 1882. Married first Mamie WORTHINGTON on June 18, 1902. She was born July 8, 1879, and died August 20, 1910. He married second Grace WORTHINGTON, April 7, 1912. She was born February 4, 1885.

Leroy PALMER, born December 17, 1883 in Jay; died December 17, 1883 in Jay.

Children of Daniel M. and Amelia (COLBY) PALMER:

Harry PALMER, born September 5, 1886, died October 17, 1918. He married Gertrude RANSOM. She died October 12, 1918.

Thomas PALMER.

Walter C. Palmer was born May 21, 1870 and died May 30, 1916. He married Mattie WELCH. He was born in Clintonville and attended the village schools there and at Ausable Forks, later taking a course at the Albany Business College. While attending the school, at Ausable Forks he became acquainted with Mr. Milo MILLER and worked for him in the insurance business, later going to Keeseville and entering the office of Boynton and Mason. While in their employ, he bought the insurance business from Mr. Mason and opened an office of his own. He later disposed of his business in Keeseville and went to Saranac Lake where he opened an Insurance and Real Estate office. After leaving Saranac Lake, he went to Watertown, New York and entered the insurance business there. At the time of his death in the Good Shepard Hospital at Syracuse, he was in charge of the agents in several counties in the western part of New York State. He was considered one of the best solicitors in the business. He was Superintendent of the Sunday School for a great many years while he lived in Keeseville. He was also a member of the Masonic Fraternity.

Children of Walter C. and Mattie (WELCH) PALMER:

Howard PALMER, born November 12, 1895. Married Pauline COULTHART, October 1, 1919.

Marjorie PALMER, born January 6, 1898. Married Frank GILBERT, August 1918.

Rolland PALMER, born November 28, 1899.

Roger PALMER, born November 28, 1899.

L. Grant Palmer was born October 25, 1871. Married Mary STALKER, born February 8, 1874. He was born in Clintonville. The family later moved to Jay, New York, and from Jay to Flackville, or Reber, New York as it is now called, later moving to New Sweden, a small hamlet two miles from Clintonville on the road to Ausable Forks. When he was 8 years old the family moved to Clintonville, and until the death of his father lived in the large house near the long forge, and as he and his brothers often said that it was one of the best places for boys to live that they ever knew. The canal which took the water from the lower dam to the forge about one half mile distant being at the rear of the house and the river in front of the house there was always good swimming in the summer and lots of skating in the winter. Keetan's Mountain, Gays Mountain, Old Hogback, Baldface and Carney's Mountains in the front, Winter Hill with Lily Pond back of the old schoolhouse made it a veritable boys paradise. After the death of his father, his play days were over and he went to work on the farm of Charles BALDWIN. After three or four years of various kinds of work, he decided to take up telegraphy and in the spring of 1890 went to work at the Cascade Lake House. After the house closed in the fall, he came to work at the Keeseville Railroad Station as telegraph operator. He moved the family to Keeseville in 1891, being married that fall, his brothers and sisters making their home with him until they married, his mother living with him until just before her death in 1905. He had been in the employ of the Railroad Co. for about 30 years and is now Superintendent. He is a member of the different Masonic bodies at Keeseville and Plattsburg. He is also a member of the Mystic Shrine.

Children of L. Grant and Mary (STALKER) PALMER:

Marian Grace PALMER, born September 20, 1893, died January 13, 1915. She was married to John D. GALSTON, September 12, 1913, She had one child, Marjorie Kane GALSTON, who lives with her grandparents.

Earle N. PALMER, born February 11, 1895.

Harold K. PALMER, born January 14, 1897. He married Helen MARKLE of Accord, New York at Pinehurst, North Carolina on December 25, 1917. They have one child, Leona PALMER, born in Keeseville, New York, July 25, 1919.

Winifred A. PALMER, born February 17, 1899. She married Wilfred LAGOY, August 4, 1916. He died in the fall of 1918 of the Flu. They had one daughter, Barbara LAGOY, now living with her mother who married the second time Edward ALLEN, in August 1919. They have a daughter, Marian Stalker ALLEN, born December 1, 1920.

Dorothy PALMER, born May 30, 1907.

William M. PALMER was born in Reber, New York on August 12, 1873. He married Katherine MACE, born on April 28, 1875. William was the youngest of the three boys. He went to work while a young lad, working at different kinds of work and at one time ran a peddler's cart for a firm in Fort Edward, New York. It was while on the peddler's cart that he acquired the liking for mercantile life which he has followed during the greater part of his life. When but a young man, he opened a variety store in Keeseville, and in a few years opened a branch store in Lake Placid, but later gave it up on account of inconvenience. He then bought out A.G. Fletcher and moved into his new block which he has run ever since. He is a member of the Masonic bodies in Keeseville, and Plattsburg, New York.

Children of William M. and Katherine (MACE) PALMER:

Alice PALMER, born January 14, 1899. She married Reuben GRAVES, September 30, 1919. They have on child, Jane Palmer GRAVES, born August 28, 1920.

** Anna L. Palmer, born in New Sweden, New York, February 12, 1877. She married Walter E. CALKINS, June 20 1905, he was born December 25, 1879 and died October 8, 1918. She spent her girlhood in Clintonville and Keeseville, but early in life went to work for her brother Walter in this office. Mr. Calkins was an electrical engineer and worked at his profession for several years, but on account of their health they went to live on a farm, eventually buying the Clear Brook Farm near Essex Center, Vermont, where they lived for several years. In the summer of 1918 they sold the farm and he went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to work at his trade where they were both taken sick with the flu. He died there. He his buried in Keeseville. She still makes her home in Philadelphia. They did not have any children.

Frank Russell Palmer was born March 23, 1877. He married Helmi (Helen) Kristina Severin, born December 2, 1882. Frank Palmer was born in Lower Jay, New York. His boyhood and early manhood being spent at that place, Clintonville, and Lake Placid, New York. He was a typical son of his father and excelled in athletic sports, being considered a good man at boxing. He went to Ansonia, Connecticut in his early manhood, where he went to work in the iron works of the Farrel Foundry & Machine Co.

Children of Frank Russell and Helmi (SEVERIN) Palmer:

Eleanor Mae PALMER, born November 24, 1902. She married first Frederick DAVIES, second Edward RADCLIFFE in 1942.

Frank Henry PALMER, born August 20, 1905, died October 1, 1955 in New Haven, Connecticut. Married Emma (last name unknown).

William PALMER, born 1907.

Russell Irving PALMER, born November 8, 1909.

Helen (Dolly) PALMER, born August 5, 1911 in New York. She married Mr. BECKMAN.

Ruth Hannah PALMER, born July 10, 1917. She died June 25, 1998 in Hartford County, Connecticut. She married George Alan BARTH, December 23, 1933, son of George W. BARTH and Catherine SHANNON. He was born May 14, 1915 and died March 6, 1988 in Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut.

** Daniel PALMER was born July 3, 1879. He was born in Lower Jay, New York and his boyhood and early manhood were spent there and at Clintonville and and Lake Placid. He was of a quiet nature but vied with his brothers in outdoor sports. He went to Ansonia, Connecticut as a young man and entered the employ of the Farrel Foundy & Machine Co. He married Mary PETERS.

Child of Daniel and Mary (PETERS) PALMER:

Alton Daniel PALMER, born October 24, 1907 in Ansonia, Connecticut.

Arthur Palmer was born July 11, 1882. He married first Mamie WORTHINGTON, born July 8, 1879. Arthur was born at Lower Jay, New York, and spent his young boyhood there and Clintonville, and Lake Placid, New York. He went to Ansonia, Connecticut when quite a young man and entered the iron works of the Farrel Foundry & Machine Co. He is a typical Palmer and excelled at athletic sports, being an excellent baseball catcher.

Children of Arthur and Mamie (WORTHINGTON) PALMER:

Arthur PALMER, born January 10, 1903.

Harry PALMER, born December 7, 1905.

Mae PALMER, born June 19, 1908.

Children of Arthur and Grace (WORTHINGTON) PALMER:

Edward PALMER, born August 4, 1913.

Robert PALMER, born December 26, 1914

Margaret June PALMER, born June 10, 1924.

Harry Palmer was born at Lower Jay, New York on September 5, 1886. He married Gertrude RANSOM. They had three children - Catherine (born about 1912), Daniel and Alice (born about 1917). They went from Lake Placid where they had been living with his mother to work with his half-brothers in Ansonia, Connecticut, and were living there when the epidemic of the Flu was at its worst in the fall of 1918. They thought they would be better off at their old home in the mountains and moved back to Lake Placid, where being exhausted by the long journey they caught the disease, she dying October 12, and he October 17, 1918.

The above was kindly contributed by Robin A Coon


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