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Benjamin J. Bull was born about 1815, probably in Herman, NY (marriage record of Amos Winters and Ellen J.Bull). He lived in Herman, New York, and probably Rodman and Watertown (census records). He married Ann Eliza Barker about 1847. She was from Watertown, NY (marriage record of Ellen). They lived in Elizabethtown, New York for a while, where some of their children were born, and then removed to Mooers, New York, in the far Northeast corner of New York in Clinton County, bordered on the east by Lake Champlain and on the north by Canada. Mooers is located on the Great Chazy River, and has townships of Mooers, Mooers Forks, Mooers Falls, and Woods Falls. It was a town of sawmills, lumbermills, and other mills and a huge iron forge at one time. After the Civil War, the lumber business went under and the mills burned down and many families, including many of the Bulls and the connected Winters families removed to Lowell, MA, where there was work in the mills.

Benjamin and Ann Eliza had several children together. Indications are that they had a son named Benjamin, probably born in Elizabethtown. They also had Ellen Jayne, Elias, Charles H., Mary Eliza and Eliza Anna. Records show that Ellen, Charles and Mary were definitely born in Elizabethtown, NY.

The family attended the Methodist Episcopal Church in Mooers, with the world famous Henry Boardman Taylor as one of their Ministers. This researcher was able to visit a Methodist Church in Mooers and obtain some records on the family.

The record shows that Ann Eliza Bull died in Mooers in May of 1874. We know that Benjamin Bull was there, but have not found a death record of him. We presume they are both buried there.

From Church Records and records in Lowell, we piece together this information:

children of Benjamin J. Bull and Ann Eliza Barker:


1). Benjamin J. Bull. Married a Webster. Son Benjamin J. Bull

2). Ellen Jayne Bull, born June 12, 1849 in Elizabethtown, NY. Married October 7, 1866 in Woods Falls, NY to Amos Winters. (see HISTORY OF THE WINTERS FAMILY) Died March 9, 1912 in Lowell, MA.

We have a picture of the old family homestead, where the ten children of Amos and Ellen were probably born in Mooers Forks, Clinton County, NY.

Amos and Ellen had ten children; Jennie Ella, Ina Margretta, Hattie Ann, Carrie May, Edgar Amos, Mary Elizabeth, Kittie Annette, Charles Benjamin, Emmett Harold and Maude Lane.

Sometime between 1886 and 1894, the family of Amos and Ellen moved to Lowell, MA, leaving three daughters buried in Mooers. History tells us that the lumbering business depleted the forests and the Iron Forge closed down. Industrialization had come to Lowell, MA, and there was work there for everyone. (James had moved his family to Worcester, MA in 1892. They later lived in Lowell. John Winters also brought his family to Lowell. There are many records of the children of Amos, James and John in the Lowell area).

Amos was very active in Ladd and Whitney Post 185 of the Grand Old Army of the Republic, a unit of Veterans of the Civil War. He was chaplain of the unit at the time of his death. Ellen was active in The Ladd and Whitney circle 8, Ladies of the Grand Old Army of the Republic, and the Lowell Lodge 24, U.O. of I.O.L. We still have some of their GAR buttons from this time, and a picture of Amos in his GAR Uniform. Amos also belonged to the Masons in Lowell, as did his son Charles Benjamin. The family belonged to the Highland Methodist Episcopal Church in Lowell.

The Winters family first lived at 4 Sargent Street in Lowell. The census of 1900 shows the family of Amos Winters, age 54, Ellen 51, Ina, Kitty, Charles and Emmett, nephew Pearl Kinney, 20, nephew Jonnburt (sp?) Bull, 20. Also in the 1900 census for #223 School St. is Edgar Winters (son of Amos) and his wife, Alice Gertrude; #227 Melvin G. Gooch and his wife, Mary E. (Winters).

We have a letter dated March 3, 1911 from Grandpa Charlie's sister, Ina Margretta, asking someone to get "a woman hand for mother". Ellen Bull was very ill, and died in Lowell one year later of chronic bronchitis.

Newspaper Clipping Regarding Funeral of Ellen J. Winters

WINTERS-The funeral of Mrs. Ellen J. Winters was held at her residence, 673 Broadway yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock and was very largely attended by relatives and friends. Rev. Selden W. Cummings officiated at the house. There were delegations present from Ladd and Whitney circle 8 Ladies of the G.A.R. and Lowell lodge, 24, U.O. of I. Odd Ladies, who both held their services.
The bearers were Messrs. E.A., C.B. and E.H. Winters and H.N. Rock. Rev. Mr. Dinsmore read the burial service at the grave.
Among the floral offerings were the following: Pillow, inscribed "Wife and Mother," from bereaved husband and children; basket, grandchildren; wreath, Mr. and Mrs. A. B., Winters and family; basket, Mrs. M.C.. Kinney and family and Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Bull; spray, Mr. and Mrs. M.G. Gooch; broken circle, Ladd and Whitney circle, No. 8; standing wreath, the Odd Ladies; sprays, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards and son, Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Winters and family, Mrs. L.E. Canney and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Durgin, Mrs. Sara Johnson and Nera, Mrs. F. E. Parsons and family, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Lindsay, the Misses Hardie, Miss Stasia McCarthy, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. George Odglen; wreath, Considine family; bouquet, Mrs. E.J. Cobb; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin rock, Miss Nettie Lamoy, Mrs. Nellie Jones; wreath, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Stevens. Burial was in the Edson cemetery. J.A. Weinbeck in charge.
(Lowell Courier Citizen, March 13, 1912).

In 1918 Amos died at the home of his daughter Ina Margretta. He had suffered from chronic bronchitis and intestinal problems ever since the Civil War.

From the Lowell Courier Citizen, October 29, 1918. "Amos Winters died yesterday, at his home, 673 School St. , aged 72 years, 8 months and 25 days. He was a veteran of the Civil War and was a member of Post 185 G.A.R. He leaves two sons, Edgar A. of Beverly and Charles B. of Manchester; and two daughters, Mrs. Halsey N. Rock of this city and Mrs. Charles W. Drake of West Somerville: also eight grandchildren. Mr. Winters was at the time of his death chaplain of Post 185 and was a past commander of that post. He was a member of the Highland M.E. Church."


Children of Amos and Ellen

1)The first child of Amos and Ellen was Jennie Ella, born on July 24, 1866. She lived for a year and a month and is buried in Mooers.
2)The next was Ina Margretta, born October 25, 1868 in Mooers, NY. She grew up to marry Halsey Neil Rock, son of Leonard and Ellen, on July 10, 1902 in Lowell. He was a foreman from Plattsburgh, NY. She had been working in hosiery in Canada. In 1920 they lived on Broadway St. and had two borders, Steven Usher and Patrick Maloney. Ina died on July 4, 1933 at her home at 18 Lane Street, at age 64. Halsey died later.
3)Then there was Hattie Ann, born on October 1, 1870, who died January 7, 1885 in her 15th year. Her tombstone in Mooers says "Asleep in Jesus".
4)Carrie May was born on August 2, 1872 and died at 5 years and 6 mos. on April 23, 1878. Her tombstone in Mooers says "She sleeps in the valley so sweet".
5)Edgar Amos was born on September 5, 1874 in Mooers, NY, the oldest son. He married Gertrude Cobb on Oct 28, 1896, and had four children; Raymond, Elon, Irving and Mildred.

From the Lowell Mail, Thursday October 29, 1896, Mr. Edgar A. Winters of Winchester and Miss Alice Gertrude Cobb of Hale Street were united in marriage last evening at 7 o'clock at the parsonage of the First Baptist Church on School Street, Rev. Smith T. Ford performing the ceremony. The wedding was of a very quiet character, only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties being present. After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Winters immediately repaired to their new home at Winchester. The young couple were quite prominent among the young people of the First Baptist Church and will have the best wishes of a host of friends in their new venture.

In the census of 1900, Edgar and Gertrude lived on School St. in Lowell.

On January 15, 1902, Edgar retired from the Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company, where he worked for many years, first as errand boy and ending up as foreman. He was given a sideboard as a gift.
6)Mary Elizabeth was born on July 9, 1876 in Mooers Forks, NY (or in Irona, NY according to one of her granddaughters). She married Melvin Gerald Gooch, son of James H. and Mercy A. (Gardener) Gooch. He was a carpenter from E. Machias and Jacksonville, ME. They were married by the minister of the Worthen Street Baptist Church, Reverend Bowley Green on June 28, 1899 at her parents home on Sargent St., corner of School St. under an immense floral arch. Mary's sister, Kittie was her attendant and Mr. Martin Rutherford was the best man. Beulah Winters (Arnold, James, Amos) played the wedding marches. (see Lowell Mail article)

Mary, and Melvin had two children, 1)Aletha and 2)James. Mary died March 27, 1907 in Lowell at the young age of 31 after a short illness. Her children were five and three. The family belonged to the Worthen Street Baptist Church. In the 1900 census, Melvin and Mary lived at 227 School St. in Lowell.

Melvin married second, Catherine ("Katie") of Ireland, England and Vermont, and he married third, Edith A. Wright. In the 1910 Census, Melvin, Katie, Aletha and James lived on Broadway in Lowell.

Melvin G. Gooch died on January 17, 1933 at his home at 219 Llewellyn Street. He was survived by his widow, Edith A. Gooch. He was a member of the Eliot Union Congregational Church. He was regent of Highland council 970, Royal Arcanum of Lowell.

1)Aletha Maude Gooch was born on September 14, 1901 in Lowell, MA. She married William E. Scoble before 1926. They had two children: a)Barbara Florence Scoble, born January 11, 1926. She married Charles Cheever and Leroy Peck. b) Paul Gerald Scoble, born March 21, 1928. He married Jane Webber. He died on January 19, 1991. They had two children: Elizabeth Ann Scoble and William Paul Scoble.
2)James Amos Gooch was born on January 27, 1904 in Lowell, MA. He died on November 18, 1973. He married Mildred Perham and had one child, Geraldine Hope. He later married Edith Ridley.

7)Kittie Annette was born on August 3, 1878 in Mooers, NY. She married Charles Wesley Drake, son of Edward Drake and Hattie Rideout on December 14, 1905 in Lowell. They had no children
8)Charles Benjamin was born on August 1, 1880 in Mooers, NY. He married Marion Katahdin Vinal (see VINAL FAMILY RECORD) on May 17, 1904 and had two children, including Paul Vinal Winters and Robert Lincoln Winters.

It appears that the Winters family was among the elite of Lowell. Pictures show them very well dressed. Young Charles is very well attired. Charles went to the Bartlett Grammar School, and we still have his diploma from there. As a young man, he played the trombone in the Excelsior Band of Lowell.

The family of Arthur Vinal was also very elite. He was a wealthy landlord, but a bit tight with his money. We've been told that he walked the railroad tracks in Lowell, picking up coal for his furnace. He had a daughter, Marion, born to Georgeanna Anderson, a singer and dancer on the steamboat, "Katahdin". He did not marry Georgeanna but took his daughter to raise. When Marion was five, he married Fannie E. Dunham, and they later had a daughter, Hazel Leona.

Marion, a telephone operator, had been in love with a man who went off to the gold fields in California, and asked her to wait for him. However, she did not wait. She was told that Charlie Winters was a good catch, so, she married him on May 17of 1904. At this time he resided at 658 Broadway in Lowell.

From the Lowell Morning Citizen, Wednesday 18 May 1904 Mr. Charles B. Winters and Miss Marion K. Vinal were united in marriage last evening at 8 o'clock at the residence of Rev. Smith Thomas Ford, DD, 187 Nesmith St. Miss Cora E. Hutchinson attended the bride, and Mr. Harry C. Briggs was best man.
Mr. and Mrs. Winters received many handsome and useful presents, among them being a set of sterling silver spoons from the local telephone exchange where the bride was formerly employed.
Mr. and Mrs. Winters left on the train for a brief wedding trip and on their return will reside at 206 Wilder St., where they will be at home to friends after July 1.

Later, sometime after their son Paul was born in 1906 in Lowell, they moved to Manchester, NH where Charles was Paymaster in the Stark Mills and also worked in the Amoskeag Mills. They lived at 760 Beech St., in Manchester. Later they lived in Arlington.

Charles B. was very active in the Masons in Lowell, a member of the William North Lodge taking the 7th and 8th degrees in 1915. He eventually became a 33rd degree Mason in Lowell. He stayed with the Lowell lodge, even after he had moved to Manchester.

During the Depression, when the Amoskeag Mills were failing, Charles used $60,000 of his own money to try to save his company. When the mills failed, Charles and Marion lost everything, including their home. They were taken in by Charles sister, Kittie Annette Winters Drake.

Charles Winters moved to Westwood from Lowell in 1934 and became the accountant for the Gay Farm and the W.Cameron Forbes orchards. He was also treasurer of his church, the Islington Community Church in Westwood, MA.

Charles was working for the Forbes Family on Nashon Island when he had a heart attack at his desk. He was transported to Falmouth, where he died on January 24, 1961. Charles and Marion are buried in Westwood Cemetery, Westwood, MA. with their son, Robert.

Paul Vinal Winters was born on September 8, 1906 in Lowell, MA. He married Emma Whittemore and had two daughters, Marcia Ann and Beryl Clay. He married second Jennie Ada Badger (born July 23, 1922), daughter of Knight Abbott Badger and Flora Helen Boughton. They had six children: Peter Charles, Susan Flora, Sheryl Ann, Paul Stevan, Kathryn Joanne and Jane Abbott. Paul was a noted Boston and Vermont artist. He died on December 2, 1971 at home in Shady Rill, Middlesex, Vermont, was cremated, and was buried in the woods in Shady Rill, Middlesex, Vermont.

Robert Lincoln Winters was born on September 18, 1922. He attended Northeastern University and served in World War II. He suffered "shell shock" (PTSS) in the Battle of the Bulge and was a mentally disabled veteran all of his life. He died on February 3, 1996.

9)Emmett Harold was born in 1883, married Georgena Hardie (daughter of George N. Hardie and Martha Price of North Adams) on April 12, 1902, had two children: 1)Emmett Theodore, a Lowell Dentist, who supposedly was keeper of the original family heirloom Bible; and 2)Anna May Belle Winters. In the 1920 census, Georgena, Emmett T. and Anna lived on Claire St. in Lowell. Emmett T. is listed as a Salesman in a Tea Store.

1)Emmett Theodore, born July 8, 1902, married Selma L. Ristan. He changed his family name to Winter. They had one son, Theodore Herman, born October 18, 1934. He married Grace Finnichiaro.

2) Anna May Belle, born May 19, 1906, married Albert William Nelson.

From the Lowell Sun, Thursday, October 28, 1915: Emmett H. Winters, formerly of Lowell, died suddenly yesterday at the Homeopathic hospital, Boston, aged 32 years. He leaves his wife, Ena, one son, Emmett T., and a daughter, Anna, of West Somerville, two sisters, Mrs. C.W. Drake of West Somerville, Mrs. H.N. Rock of Lowell; his father, Amos W. of Lowell, and two brothers, Edgar A. of Lawrence and Charles B. of Lowell. Deceased was a member of Admiral Farragut camp, Sons of Veterans of this city.

Emmett's death certificate says he died of Peritonitis after a duodenal ulcer.

Georgena died on September 23, 1956 at the home of her daughter Mrs. A.W. Wilson. 52 Upham St. The family was Methodist and belonged to the Highland Union Methodist Church. Emmett and Georgena are buried in Edson Cemetery.

Anna married Albert Nelson, son of William and Lucie Shaw Nelson. They lived at 52 Upham St. in Lowell. Mr. Nelson was an electrician for the Boston and Maine Railroad for 44 years. He died on January 6, 1976. He belonged to St. Anne's Episcopal Church of Lowell.

10)Maude Lane, born in Mooers, NY, who died ten days short of ten years, on August 17, 1896. Cause of death was listed as tonsillitis. She was nine years, eleven months and 20 days. She died at the home of her parents, 4 Sargent St. She was a member of the First Baptist Sunday School. (Lowell Courier Citizen, Tues. Aug. 18, 1896) She is buried in Edson Cemetery in Lowell. From the Lowell Courier Citizen, August 20, 1896; The funeral of Maud L. Winters took place yesterday afternoon at her home in Sargent Street. Rev. Mr. Lockhart conducted the services and a quartet sang appropriate music. The bearers were J.N. Marshall, Harry Hinkley, Fred Wooldridge, Johnson H. Green. Undertaker Weinbeck had charge of the funeral arrangements and the burial was in the Edson cemetery.


3)Elias Bull
4) Charles H. Bull, born about 1855, Elizabethtown, NY., married on January 12, 1899 in Lowell, MA., to Mary Elizabeth Fitzgerald of Mill Village, Nova Scotia at the Immaculate Conception Church. She had been the proprietress of the boarding house at 27 Kirk Street Charles was a carpenter employed by C.W. Greenlaw. Their first residence was 32 Second St. (see Matrimonial News, Lowell Courier Citizen, Friday, January 13, 1899)

He died December 8, 1925 at his home in Elsmere, Dracut, MA. Bearers were four of his wife's nephews, J.R. and Arthur J. Harrington, Gerald Zwicker and Pearl Kinney . He is buried in the Bull family plot in Edson Cemetery in Lowell. (Lowell Courier Citizen, Friday, December 11, 1929.)

Mary died on October 1, 1937 in Dracut. She lived at Kenwood, Dracut at that time. Bearers were Russell M. Harrington, Robert J. Harrington, J.D. Ismond and Pearl Kinney. (see Obit Lowell Courier Citizen, Saturday, October 2, 1937.and funeral write-up, Lowell Courier Citizen, Monday, October 4, 1937). She is buried in her family's lot in St. Patrick's Cemetery.

Charles H. Bull signed and witnesses pension application for his brother-in-law, Amos Winters.

Charles and Mary had at least five children:

1). Charles H. Bull, born February 1885
2) Norman F. Bull, born September 1888, m. Bertha, son Francis Bull, b. 1815
3) Edwin W. Bull, born February 12, 1901, Lowell, died April 5, 1901, Lowell
4) son (according to census)
5) daughter (according to census)

5)Mary Eliza Bull, born about 1858 in Elizabethtown, NY. About 1877 married Richard Kinney. She died June 10, 1933 at her home on Myrtle St. in Billerica, Middlesex, MA. Bearers at her funeral were Edgar A. Winters, Charles B. Winters (nephew), Elmer R. Tilton (son-in-law), and Sidney C. Brissett (nephew-in-law, see WINTERS). She was a member of the Worthen Street Methodist Church in Lowell, and after it closed joined the Congregational Church of Billerica. She is buried in Edson Cemetery in Lowell. (See The Lowell Sun, June 10, 1933, Funeral Notice).

Child: Son: Pearl R. Kinney, born about 1880 in Mooers Forks, NY, married. November 7, 1900 in Dunstable, MA., to Lotta L. Grosvenor, b. 1879, MA. by the Reverend Linwood Hartwell. His cousin, Charles B. Winters was his best man. His cousin Ruth L. Winters attended the bride. (see WINTERS). Mrs. Rhoda Grosvenor, age 84 attended the ceremony at the home of the bride's parents in Dunstable. (See Lowell Mail, Nov. 8, 1900. He worked in the carpet mills and was a teamster. She worked in a department store. In 1904 they lived at 210 Cross Street in Lowell, where they lost their two year old son. In 1920 they lived in Billerica. He died February 25, 1966 in Wilbraham, MA., age 86. He was buried at Edson Cemetery in Lowell.(See Obit, The Lowell Sun, Feb. 26, 1966.)


a) Simpson Claude, b. April 5, 1902 in Lowell, d. August 28, 1904, Lowell of meningitis. Bearers were Emmett Winters, Charles Winters, Bert Evans and Mr. Brissett. Buriel was in Edson Cemetery. (The Lowell Sun, August 3, 1904)
b). Louisa L., born September 13, 1903 in Lowell, m. abt 1931 to Elmer R. Tilton; Child: L. Irva Tilton
c).Doris G., b. abt. 1910, MA.,
d) Ruth G., b. abt. 1913, MA
e) Ellen R.
f) Allen , b. abt 1916, MA,
g)Harry R. , b. abt 1918, MA. Died after 1949.

6) Eliza Anna Bull, born about 1861, probably Elizabethtown, NY. About 1880 married Arnold B. Winters in New York. He was born May 3, 1860, Mooers, NY, son of James E. Winters (see HISTORY OF THE WINTERS FAMILY). She died on October 10, 1922, Lowell, MA. He died June 4, 1916 in Lowell.

His obituary in the Lowell Courier Citizen, June 6, 1916, reads. "Arnold B. Winters, age 56 years, one month, an officer at the Lowell Jail for 15 years died suddenly yesterday at his home 18 Bond St. as the result of a shock. Deceased leaves besides his wife, Eliza A., one son, Claude A. of Springfield Ohio, and a daughter, Mrs. Beulah C. Brissett of this city. He was a member of the Passaconaway Tribe of Redmen."

Children of Arnold and Eliza

a)Ruth L. Winters, born in September of 1881 in Mooers Forks, NY, married George A. Evans on March 19, 1901 in Lowell, MA. She worked in hosiery and he worked as a clerk. He was the son of Albert A. Evans, well-known veterinary surgeon and horseman. They lived at 212 Cross St. with her parents for a while. She died before 1916.
b) Claude A. Winters, born June 1884, Mooers Forks, NY
c) Beulah C., born in November 1886 in Mooers Forks, NY. Married Sidney Carroll Brissett on September 27, 1905 in Lowell, MA. She died about 1970 in Chelmsford, MA.. Children: 1) Marion E. Brissett, born November 16, 1906 in Lowell, MA. 2) Earl A. Brissett, born about 1906, Lowell, MA.

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Compiled by: Susan Flora Winters Smith (Paul, Charles, Amos, John). 115 Brainard Road, Enfield, CT., 06082. (860-745-9719). Email



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