Tan Americans

Residents of color

"In 1999, I began researching the families of color who resided in Clinton County.
The Clinton County, New York Census between 1790 to 1900 was implemented to gather the names of these families.
Other documents were searched as well such as marriage records, deeds and probate (wills).
Even though some of the families of color descended from the slaves brought to Clinton County by the land proprietors,
other families of color where born free.
There were intermarriages between English, Canadian and Native Americans.
The families researched were Clark, Crabtree, Curtain, Elliott, Haines, Freeman, Lewis, Soper, Tankard, and Wheeler.
"Tan Americans of Clinton County, New York" has been compiled for other family historians who are searching for their ancestors
and may have difficulty locating their ancestor. If you would like more information feel free to contact me at:
Guadalupe Vanderhorst-Rodriguez Author "Tan Americans of Clinton County, New York" Inwood