St Andrew's Cemetery - New Berlin - Section L

St Andrew's Cemetery - New Berlin
Section L

* Section L is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the very top of the hill on the Western side of the cemetery.

* To reach the monument, enter the cemetery from South Main Street, follow the access road up the hill toward the vault, bear right past the vault and then left up the hill. Look for a grassy path to the left just before the large REED monument on your left. Follow this path (probably walking at this point) all the way up the hill through Section K. The monument is on the very top of the hill and has a good view east toward the rest of the cemetery.
* Each row is one side of the monument, starting on the South side and continuing counter-clockwise.

 L 01 Angell, William H                                                       
      Agard, George                                                           
      Burch, Isaac B (Lt)                                                     
      Briggs, Walter LaF                                                      
      Buchanan, Chester L                                                     
      Bennett, Henry Jr                                                       
      Burrell, Andrew J                                                       
      Burlingame, Delevan                                                     
      Babcock, Frank                                                          
      Bunt, John                                                              
      Cook, Chester                                                           
      Champlin, William                                                       
      Edwards, Leonard                                                        
      Field, Charles F                                                        
      Ferguson, George                                                        
      Gage, Luther                                                            
 L 02 Haight, Smith                                                           
          Erected May 30, 1877, died for their country
      Howard, Jarvis                                                          
      Harkins, John                                                           
      Houghtailing, Chapman                                                   
      Jacobs, George E                                                        
      Jackson, Everett D                                                      
      Jackson, Wallace                                                        
      Kinney, Morrell                                                         
      Lull, Morris J                                                          
      Lull, Galen                                                             
      Medbury, Clinton H                                                      
      Marks, Henry                                                            
      Marks, Charles D                                                        
      Putnam, Daniel W                                                        
      Porter, David                                                           
      Peck, Francis M                                                         
 L 03 Pickens, Henry                                                          
      Reed, James                                                             
      Roberts, Grace W                                                        
      Robinson, Jacob                                                         
      Reddington, Lewis                                                       
      Sherburne, Lafayette                                                    
      Scott, Stephen C                                                        
      Thurber, William D (Lt)                                                 
      Tew, Louis Edwin                                                        
      Tallman, John C                                                         
      Thatcher, Edwin                                                         
      Vanvalkenburgh, Cornelius                                               
      Wales, James J                                                          
      Wiswell, Thomas                                                         
      Woodmansie, James E                                                     
      Winsor, Samuel                                                          
 L 04 Deming, Aden                                                            
      Hall, charles W                                                         
      Carpenter, Matthew L                                                    
      Miller, John E                                                          
      Ellis, Adieus                                                           
      Harrington, Henry                                                       
      Gibson, Edwin O                                                         
      Sawtelle, Edwin                                                         
      White, Austin                                                           
      Sexton, Samuel                                                          
      Chase, Horace                                                           
      Potter, C William                                                       
      White, Charles T                                                        
      Reed, John                                                              
      Bowen, Charles H                                                        
      Andrews, Elioah J?                                                      

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